The Real Enemies of Pakistan
Posted on January 10th, 2015

By Afshain Afzal

Since long Foreign Recruitment Centres” have been established in Afghanistan and Pakistan, through which Asians and Arabs are being offered foreign citizenships. The aim of such a recruitment is that foreign citizens, having dual nationalities will be sent back to the countries of their origin to serve as mercenaries to achieve US’ and other foreign nation’s objectives. Today foreign intelligence agencies and their front offices claim that they have brigades of Pakistanis serving and retired government officers and staff who are working for them. They include bureaucrats, Armed Forces personnel, government employees and others. One wonders, how come we have allowed these people to work for our enemies, adversaries and rivals. When we talk about the writ of the government, it really sounds meaningless that those who are the employees of foreign government are being given red carpet receptions while those are suspected to be extremists or agents are ruthlessly killed.

It is criminal on the part of foreign government and their agencies to employ Pakistani serving and retired officers and staff without seeking permission in writing from Islamabad. We need to impress upon the foreign governments through their embassies and consulates in Pakistan as well as through our representatives in foreign countries about Ex-Government Servants’ Employment with Foreign Governments (Prohibition) Act. We have treaty of extradition with a number of countries of the world and Pakistan must get back its criminals so that exemplary punishment should be awarded to them as they are breaching the security of the country. US plan to recruit soldiers and Marines from Afghanistan and Pakistan has been authenticated by law. In this regard, the Pentagon policy that restricted only those immigrants who were legally residing in the US to be eligible for joining Armed Forces has been overcome by change in US law, which gave Pentagon authority to bring immigrants to the US if it determines it is vital to national security. Pentagon is confident that that it would achieve recruiting goals in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

No doubt, those Pakistanis, Afghans or Arabs willing to work for US interests in lieu of minor attraction like US citizenship can never be loyal to their motherland. They are fifth columnist and enemies in our files but they are being given free hand. They need to be treated as traitors and placed on watch list of wanted persons. Ironically, there are many bureaucrats, Armed Forces personnel, government and other employees who are unaware of the Employment with Foreign Governments (Prohibition) Act and claim that if simply a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is awarded by parent department they may take-up employment anywhere. This is not only disgusting but speaks of casual attitude from ministries, departments and other offices in guiding their employees about the rules under which they are governed.

We still have time to warn beforehand that anyone taking up employment in federal or provincial governments would not be allowed to take up job with foreign government and their agencies. Weak clause such as except with previous permission in writing of the Federal Government…” need to be amended as no sane person would provide a chance to a pensioner, retired officials or an ex-employee to share national secrets with foreign government. Specifically talking about sensitive departments under Ministry of Defence including Armed Forces and other sensitive offices, they cannot be permitted under any condition. The authority giving a NOC to a former government employee for undertaking job with foreign governments and organizations, must be compelled to submit a certificated to Federal Government that employment of the ex-employee with foreign government will in no way compromise classified information and security of Pakistan.

As regard to the Pakistani Armed Forces and other government departments, it is duty of every Pakistani to furnish information to Police about those who are employees of foreign governments in Pakistan and abroad as well as deserters. It is law in Pakistan that Armed Forces personnel who have deserted or joined foreign governments diplomatic or counsellor representatives including their information, public relations, trade or commercial agency, service or foundation established or maintained by any such government or by any person who is a national of foreign country required to be immediately arrested, even by an ordinary citizen of Pakistan. Such individuals are not only criminals in the eyes of law but have breached national trust and are enemies of Pakistan. We need to know our law that any person who apprehends or who furnishes information which leads to the apprehension of a combatant, including a reservist or non-combatant who is in the state of desertion or absent without leave form Army and who does not surrender himself voluntarily will receive a reward.

To this effect a list is also maintained by District Superintendent of Police which can be easily accessed by general public. Penalty is already clear in the law that whoever contravenes the provision of section shall be punishable with the imprisonment for a term that may extend to seven years, or with fine that may extend to fifty thousand rupees or with forfeiture of property, or with any two or more of the said punishments. In the prevailing situation, this act of the National Assembly which received an assent of the President on 7th July, 1966 and was published in the Gazette of Pakistan needs as well as other laws need to be made further rigorous so that no one dare to violate national security by joining files of enemies and rivals. It is high time that we as Pakistani nation should fulfil our national and moral obligation by keeping an eye on our real enemies, who have sold their conscience and joined enemies and foreign adversaries to weaken our country from inside.


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