End of an epoch towards fear and uncertainty.
Posted on January 19th, 2015



A period smitten by an unfathomable human savagery by a group of Tamil terrorists ended with the emergence of a National Sinhala Buddhist leader without an equal in the past before 2005  nor at least for a few decades to come  in the future.


That great national leader of great significance to Sri Lanka is Mahinda Rajapakse. He will remain so what ever his enemies with unclean hands  and poisonous mouths are all out to implicate him for falsely invented crimes to make him unpopular amoung the people and perhaps take away his civic rights.


Since the beginning of the Independence moment in Sri Lanka there had been traitors amoung the Sinhala political leaders, each hatching conspiracies against  rival leaders to take their place. Baron Jayatilleke they say should have been the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka but it is said that when Sri Lanka was being considered by the Colonial  rulers for  Independence,  they demanded the Sri Lankan National leaders  to recommend one amoung them to be sent to India as the High Commissioner.


Sir D.B.Jayatilleke was the senior amoung them who would have been made the Prime Minister by the Colonial rulers. However, a group led by D.S.Senanayake who knew what was likely to happen  had proposed to the Colonial government that D.B.Jayatilleke  should be sent as the High Commissioner as  it was a prestigious position and the most senior among them should be given the priviledge of representing Sri Lanka-then Ceylon jn India. D.B.Jayatilleke heart broken when he learnt of the treachery had  died in the plane which was taking him to Sri Lanka.


Therefore, it seems that back stabbing and throat cutting had been from the beginning  in the blood of  some of the Sri Lankan politicians. Therefore  the back stabbing of the great Sinhala National leader  of our time Mahinda Rajapakse  by Maitripala Sirisena the General Secretary of the SLFP is not surprising.


But what is surprising is despite the most traitorous act committed against his own leader, Sirisena has the temerity to  construe Buddhist teachings to “glorify” his misdeed.  He says that he gave up without holding onto things and therefore  got what he has as a result. (meaning he has given up being the General Secretary of the SLFP and got in return the office of the President of Sri Lanka)


“Giving up” in Buddhist terms is to be generous  without holding onto things  through attachment (tanha). But in reality Maitripala  was the worst individual with blind desire for power, who did not hesitate to stab his Leader in the back to take his place, falling into the trap laid by the worst enemies of the Nation. True to the tradition of treacherous politicians Maitripala Sirisena the President of Sri Lanka today  will for ever remain  a symbol of the politicians of that past.


The President Maitripala Sirisena can now rejoice in his triumph, but he cannot however much he tries escape from  the historic betrayal with which he is marked for life.  Soon he will find that the ill gained “Crown”  on his head will be too heavy for him to wear.


The Tamils of Sri Lanka  most ungrateful people as they are, despite their release within four years after the election of the President Mahinda Rajapakse in 2005 from their  suffering  and utter desperation under terrorism for thirty  years voted massively this year against their saviour  to elect the unknown Mr. Maitripala Sirisena.


Perhaps the Tamils who inflict suffering on themselves  in the worship of their gods, cherished that intense suffering they went through when the North and East was under the control of terrorists, and their massive vote against the President Mahinda Rajapakse was for the elimination of terrorism under which they enjoyed  that mystic offer of suffering. In which case we hope that the Tamil diaspora and the TNA may let loose now what they lost under President Mahinda Rajapakse, with the auspicious of the new regime.


The Muslims  well known for acting according to the  way their fez cap turns were no better, with their habit of extracting the  best from one; and then  turn to another when they have hope of getting  more from that other. The Muslims stand aside when others risk their lives, to gain from their efforts  without making any sacrifice themselves. The Muslims with the Tamils voted massively en block along with the Catholics to the opposition common candidate trusting to get what their leaders demanded in secret agreements, and see the defeat of Mahinda Rajapakse despite his contribution to modernise the North and East


This time the Sinhala Buddhists failed in their duty, allowing the minorities to appoint a presidential candidate favourable to them , rejecting a Sinhala Buddhist National leader who did  not budge an inch to give into separatist politics.


The new political epoch that began with the defeat of the President Mahinda Rajapakse  has shown the colour under which it would rein.  The victors begin first by vilification, accusations, and  demonising the leaders they vanquished . No proof is needed for vengeance.


In law a person is innocent until proved guilty, but today under the maitri yugaya  they accuse the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government for  all types of  imagined acts of corruption and a planned   military take over.


The supporters of the  Government of  Mithripala-Ranil-Chandrika have pasted slogans to hail the dawn of  a Regime of  love after a Regime of hatred ( vairee palaneyen  Maitri palanayakata)  But the Regime of hatred as labelled  by the  supporters of the President Maitripla Sirisena ,  triumphed against the terrorists, demanding sternly the foreign governments  to keep away from interfering. President Mahinda Rajapakse brought to the people of Sri Lanka the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim peace and security above everything else.


This regime of hatred as the Mailtripala supporters call it, did not stop after eliminating the terrorist, but continued to develop the  country to make it a  middle income country, carried out  unprecedented infra structure development,  provided  facilities for education, transport , communication, health and agriculture within a short period of four years  after elimination of terrorism.


More significantly in contrast to the regime of love of Maitripala-Ranil and Chandrika which has turned out to be a regime of revenge , the regime of hatred of yesterday did not seek to take revenge from the opposition political parties.  The Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse did not  investigate the  high handed activities of the UNP Government under JR who forced the MPs to vote to include the 13A into the Sri Lanka Constitution.


The Government of the president Mahinda Rajapakse  did not investigate  into Ranasinghe Premadasa’s  involvement in the organisation of torture camps where many a thousand of youth were murdered, and the  presentation of arms and ammunition to terrorists.  Nor did the  Regime of the President  Mahinda Rajapakse  seek to investigate into the involvement of  Ranil Wickramasinghe in Batalanda torture camps, or investigate the involvement of Anura Dissanayake, Handunetty  and the rest of the JVP in the murders and assassinations carried out by them.


Nor did the government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse seek to investigate sale of public enterprises to private companies or individuals and other fraudulant activities of Ravi Karunnayake.  The case against Ravi Karunanayake for terrorist money laundering is pending,


The government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse  was  not demanding investigations into  Karu Jayasuriy’s illegal contracts signed with Agrakko Ltd in 2000 when he was a Ministers of the Government of Ranil Wickramasinghe , nor did the government investigated into the Water’s edge land deal of Chandrika  Kumaratunga.


More serious  were Ranil Wickramasinghe’s  raid on the Millennium house, and his signing the CFA with the terrorist leader Prabhakaran.  On the latter issue of the signing of the CFA, Chandrika Kumaratunga is answerable to the people for not having stopped it using her  executive powers.


If Maitripala Sirisena’s yahapalanaya  or good governance has any meaning  he has to more seriously consider all past crimes and frauds committed by the previous governments and Presidents which are far more serious than the false accusations being levelled at the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his entourage.


The Chief Prosecutor of  the Government of Maitripala Sirisena is  Champika Ranawaka who assisted by  JVP  notorious for their  criminal activities.  Champika Ranawaka who said he knew  of the coal deal pointed out by Pavitra Wanniaratchi in the Parliament, did not say why he failed to include it  in his book  giving details of corruption in the  Electricity Board.


This new government of President Maitripala Sirisena hailed as a regime of good governance and love has turned out to be a machine churning out hatred seeking to take revenge from the President Mahinda Rajapakse.  However, it appears that the President Maitripala Sirisena has become a  sort of a “prisoner”  of those who came together to put up a Common opposition Presidential Candidate  against the President Mahinda Rajapakse.


President  Maithripala Sirisena is  neither able to use his executive powers  nor is he able to impose his Presidential authority on the members of his cabinet, who speak out to display their venomous hatred.  The 100 day Cabinet consists of persons burning  with anger and none of them seem to have done any work so far to carry forward development  work of the country, engaging  themselves more on issuing vituperations  on every aspect of  the governance under President Mahinda Rajapakse as if  he has done nothing progressive to Sri Lanka since his election in 2005.


Accusing President Mahinda Rajapakse against his family involvement in the Government Chandrika Kumaratunga seems to be promoting her son Vimutti to bring him into politics from the Gampaha electorate.


The UNP which accused the previous government for controlling the media is today not only controlling the media but also the police and the Army, and planning to take over the Judiciary by bringing back the once impeached CJ Shirani Bandaranayake.


It is unfortunate for the President Maitripala Sirisena that his Prime Minister and the majority of the members of his cabinet are  from the UNP as  what they promote is not a Maitri palanaya  but a vindictive bhishana palanaya putting their goons on the road protesting against taking into his cabinet former members of the government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse. Mangala Samaraweera  has nothing but hatred in his veins and accuses the President Mahinda Rajapakse for planning a military plot.


Never in the political history of Sri Lanka since 1948 a UNP government has brought progress  and  security to the country.  It  would be therefore  beneficial to the country and the people if sanity is made to prevail by the President Maitripala Sirisena by speaking out to put some order into the present behaviour of his Ministers.


If there had been frauds, misappropriations and even attempts for a military take over, those allegations  should be  properly investigated without crying out from house tops the suspicions of such activities without any proof; and before the appropriate authorities have investigated into them.

31 Responses to “End of an epoch towards fear and uncertainty.”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Charles thanks for your article. Once in a way we see fearless individuals put out their hearts out to explain some important matters which sometimes some do not know. “Great national leader of great significance to Sri Lanka is Mahinda Rajapksa” is true to the word. This Corruption blame game is a coup orchestrated by the arch enemies of ours within and outside. This coup was planned in 2012 as per Rajitha the Dentist. Before long we can see how the Yahapalanaya works.While Sinhala stupids kill each other the Tamils & Muslims prepare and planning how to build their new Kingdoms in the North and East. Once a upon a time Prabakaran the world famous murderer told that Sinhalese will forget everything within one or two weeks. He was correct.

    Our Modayas forgot every good thing what this great leader did to this country. The corruption is a world phenomenon not only in Sri Lanka.If someone found guilty they can punish he or she without shouting and running after them like hound dogs. Very shameful to see the Yahapalana Gestapos running like devils to catch the thieves as if they are saints. Those who run to catch thieves were the most corrupted individuals in the previous UNP Govt like Ravi,Rajitha,Sajith and so on. People knows about them very well and I hope they will give a good answer in the coming General elections within three months. Now they are there by chance not by the people’s choice. So let’s hope everything will be o.k. after the General elections.

    Now this new Govt has removed all restrictions from North and East. Anyone can go to North or East as of now. These stupids doesn’t know the danger we will face if you allow our enemies to walk freely in those areas. It happened before and it can happen again that’s why Gota stopped some individuals going there and also some materials which can be used for bomb making etc. LTTE and Diaspora waiting for a chance to come back. ISIS is all over the world and they spread their killing machines everywhere. So we should not take any chances and give room for those terrorists to creep in to our land. Gota is the right man to protect our land not those traitors who are more sympathetic to Western cowboys and Diaspora.

    Millions were spent by these western Govts to topple our great leader.No one can deny that.It’s a fact. They gave the support openly and they succeeded. Let all of these traitors enjoy this three months as they please and then we can show them that their party will be over soon by rejecting them thru the ballot.

  2. Nanda Says:

    There is nothing fearless about this article.
    Under My3 Palanaya Charles is guaranteed that he will not be killed, unlike previous government.
    Furthermore is very safe in a western country, even under Rajapaksas.

  3. stanley perera Says:

    It is better for MR to admit all those corruption and embesselment of the staggering sum of poor tax payers money than and lose his civic rights rather than goin to the Haigh. Sooner the better than worrying for many years begore the commission report. It is also best for MR not to consult astrologers and going to Puttapathy. What good that did to him ? The worst thing in MS government is the elephant in tie and coat and that CBK woman getting involved in the running of the government. So far we can see that CBK woman is steering MS to take revenge from MR. Somebody must put a stop to this. Open your eyes MS, this is your down fall in listening to that woman thief. She must be trying to sell Sri Lankan again while the elephant in tie and coat is trying to sell CWE for song for the second time. Beware MS they are bank robbers, high way robbers in the broad day light, they are capable of selling their grandmothers under wear for five cents. The woman who said she was ashamed to say she is sri lankan what the bloody hell she is doing in my country sri Lanka.

  4. RohanJay Says:

    I like Mahinda Rajapaksha. So I hope these allegations of corruption are proven to be false and Mahinda Rajapaksha’s good name is cleared and cherished for bringing peace and development to Sri Lanka. I sincerely hope in future these allegations are shown to be fabrications. At the moment the people believe MR and many in his family and govt is guilty of vast corruption. Certainly this was perception of great many Sri Lankans which led to his unfortunate election defeat. As I personally thought MR was doing a good job for SL. Would have like him to continue for as long as leader of SL as he wants. It didn’t seem like MR did enough to counter these allegations when he was in power.

  5. ranjit Says:

    You guys can condemned Mahinda to death even but my hero always will be Mahinda Rajapksa nobody else. He brought us Peace. He stopped the killing machine of the devil Prabakaran. He beautify the land. He built roads,Schools,Hospitals,Temples,Rivers,Stopped terrorists coming back etc. Corruption is a different subject. The country’s law will take care of that and if found guilty he or she will be punished. I think all Sri Lankans can be proud of their country because of the changes he brought us withing 4 years. Let’s watch how the Yahapalanaya works.

  6. Nanda Says:

    No. Never I condemn him to death. But if he has stolen huge sums of money, he must return it to the nation and say sorry. That is all. I agree with Stanley on most statements. Revenge is no My3. Mahinda took revenge from CBK. But My3 should show compassion and ignore CBK.

  7. Christie Says:

    The writer has forgotten about Honorable Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranayake.

  8. Christie Says:

    Most of the folks in this forum are not aware of tens of thousand if not hundreds of thousand of people who are going to see Mahinda at Madamulana his home. People travel from far away places in private busses mostly poor people. The Media is silent. People cry and Mahinda ask them not to cry and they cry more. People wait for hours until he returns from Colombo.

  9. mjaya Says:

    To all…. see what is happening in Sri Lanka now…this is in Agalawatta


    The attack took place yesterday. The characters behind it are obvious.

    Good Governance(TM) aka Yahapalanaya(TM)

    All residents and expatriates better see this. It is not an amateur video, it is from a broadcaster.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Vimutti said

    “I don’t know what Ranil means by “greater autonomy” as Tamils can live, work, and buy land ANYWHERE in Sri Lanka.

    This is NOT true for the Sinhalese Buddhists, who are currently prevented from living, working, and buying land in the North and most of the East. So is were concerned about “greater autonomy” it has to addressed to ALL citizens of Sri Lanka, not just the Tamils.

    The Tamils need to show FIRST that they can accept non-Tamils as neighbors in the North and East, and until they do this there can be no action of any sort that reinforces the erroneous notion that the North and East “belong” to Tamils and Muslims. These regions belong to ALL Sri Lankans, just like the rest of the country.”

    Spot On! ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, Vimutti!

    Before the Presidential Election, I was planning to construct a Wind Power Plant in the North West, and a Factory to build those Wind Turbines both for local use and for export in the North West of Sri Lanka.

    I have CANCELLED those plans now because my INVESTMENT would not be safe with the PROMISES of the current GOSL to EMPOWER the Separatists in the North and East of SL, with India voicing “Hossanas”.

    As a SINHALA BUDDHIST, I would be SUMMARILY EJECTED from those properties if the SEPARATISTS come to power! There is NO PLACE FOR ME in 40% of my Motherland!

    Now I am looking for alternative sites in the “Deep South” of Sri Lanka, where my INVESTMENT would be safe from such Racist moves to deny me equal opportunity!

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Charles … Please CONTINUE to tell it like it is!

    UNDETERRED, and UNBENDING, EXPOSE the HAVOC WROUGHT by the PUPPETS of Foreign Regime Change sponsors!

  12. Ananda-USA Says:


    Charles has pointed out that CBK’s son is named Vimutti!!

    Do you have ANY RELATIONSHIP to CBK’s son Vimutti??? I SINCERELY HOPE NOT!

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    STF police deployed to control tension in Agalawatta

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 19, Colombo: The Special Task Force (STF) has been deployed to strengthen security in the Agalawatta area in Matugama as tension between two groups is brewing from Sunday.

    Police Media Spokesperson’s Office said the elite police force has been deployed as a precautionary security measure.

    A tense situation has resulted in the area Sunday afternoon due to a clash between the supporters of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) and the United National Party (UNP) supporters.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Tamil Nadu wants to “REPATRIATE Sri Lankan Tamils” with an AID PACKAGE from Sri Lanka, including “1/2 Acre of Land” in the Wanni!!!

    And so, Tamil “RESETTLEMENT” is to proceed, presumably including Indian Tamils Kallathonis among them, at Sri Lanka’s expense, while Sinhala settlers are BARRED from setlling there!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …… What have you done to our Motherland!

    Aid Package Needed for Refugees to Return to Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 19 (NIE) COLOMBO- S.C.Chandrahasan, head of the Organization for Eelam Refugees� Rehabilitation (OfERR), has been trying to impress upon the Governments of India and Tamil Nadu the need to work out an aid package to motivate Sri Lankan Tamil refugees to return to the island nation.

    On Sunday, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and her Sri Lankan counterpart Mangala Samaraweera, had agreed to start, by the end of January, discussions on the repatriation of Lankan Tamil refugees living in camps in Tamil Nadu.

    Welcoming the decision, Chandrahasan said that OfERR had worked out a time-bound aid package and submitted it to the Governments of India, Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. “It could be the basis of an India-Sri Lanka Agreement on Repatriation and Resettlement,” he told Express.

    It would be easier to work with the new Lankan regime, given the fact that it will not make a fetish of security concerns unlike the Rajapaksa government, Chandrahasan felt. But New Delhi should see to it that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) does not put a spoke in the wheel by propagating the idea that the refugees should be given permanent resident status or citizenship in India, he added.

    “It is important for Lankan Tamils to return to their homeland and reclaim their lost lands and rights there,” Chandrahasan said.

    Aid Package

    To motivate the refugees to return, the Lankan government should give them land and the means to start a livelihood, and India could look after other needs.

    “It should be possible for the Lankan government to give about 20,000 returnee families half an acre each in the Wanni area. India could help them build houses and offer a financial grant to each family for three to six months. The financial part of the aid package will tally with the amount the governments of India and Tamil Nadu are now spending on the refugees,” Chandrahasan said.

    Asked if refugees would opt to go back, he said: ” The 26,000 who came in 2006 will go back because they have not struck roots in Tamil Nadu. Among the rest, the women and youth want to go, but older men find shifting difficult.”

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    ANYTHING that smacks of National Development, especially in Infrastructure Development favored by the previous GOSL, will be DE-EMPHASIZED by the new Maithripalanaya (= Kotipalanaya ) GOSL; so OUT GOES the Deyata Kirula Exhibition!

    What we can expect to see INSTEAD is UNLIMITED ASSISTANCE for the Colombians to send their children abroad for a Foreign Education! To hell with the rural Bhumiputhrayas!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …. What have you done to our Motherland!

    Sri Lanka’s new government to end Deyata Kirula national development exhibition

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 19, Colombo: The new Sri Lankan government has decided to end the Deyata Kirula national development exhibition which coincides with the Independent Day celebrations.

    The government has decided to halt the programme with immediate effect but the development activities that are already in progress, such as construction of buildings will continue, the Minister of Public Administration and Home Affairs Joseph Michael Perera told media.

    Therefore the construction of buildings which have already commenced will continue in the same manner, the government said.

    The 9th Deyata Kirula National Development program this year was planned to be held in Matara.

    The development exhibition, held annually since 2006 to coincide with the Independence Day celebrations, cost billions of rupees.

    The government has received a number of complaints about the program and a report will be compiled Minister Perera said. He added that large scale corruption and financial misdeeds have been reported.

    The previous government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa initiated the Deyata Kirula program with the aim of developing rural areas. However, the critics of the program say it is a colossal waste of public money.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    I have been telling you HOW UNGRATEFUL Tamils are. But you and govt. NEVER listened. Looks what happened!!

    According to new reports, govt. IMPORTED gold by paying the market price to distribute among Tamils as GIFTS for the election!!

    What happened!

    Had MR given that gold to Sinhala poor people likely to vote for My3, he would have WON the election.

  17. AnuD Says:

    The reason for govt control of enterprises is to use the profit to serve people. So, competent people should be appointed. Mahinda Rajapakse appointed incompetent relatives and friends so every enterprise (e.g EDB, Air line, Petroleum corporation) became money losing. So, it is the people who lost.All the billion dollar infrastructure projects could have been done at a cheaper rate. People think that money went to the Swiss bank or in chinese banks such HSBC. Why did we need a Bank of Ceylon branch in Seychelles. Swiss bank reports, besides, recent- fishy financial deposits, there are $ 98 million deposited by sri lankans in their banks.

  18. AnuD Says:

    IS this the way to run a country. This is the Ferdinand Marcos style.

    The Police are yet to determine the fate and whereabouts of some 172 vehicles of the 752 fleet of the presidential secretariat, SSP Ajith Rohana said today.

    The new Presidential Secretary had informed the Police Chief to launch investigations to ascertain the number of vehicles of the secretariat and to find if the vehicles had been misused.

    “The secretariat had received 379 vehicles by Sunday but 172 more vehicles have not been returned yet. Jeeps, cabs and cars were among the fleet of the Secretariat and some of these had been used by special advisors, the clergy and other individuals and also by state institutions,” SSP Rohana said.

    He said a special CID team was probing the fate of the vehicles to determine if they have been misused. Using a state vehicle without permission and enjoying attached privileges such as fuel allowances was a punishable offence under the law, the SSP said.

    He said the police would carry out raids to locate the vehicle if they had to. – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/61613/ate-of-missing-presidential-sec-vehicles#sthash.vARBVDMk.dpuf

  19. Ananda-USA Says:


    Forget about Preaching to Charles how ungrateful Tamils are!


    Hypocrisy ++! ADVISING Patriots STILL!


    As usual. Charles gives an excellent picture of what is happening in Sri Lanka today to people living aboard like me, who get updates from KATA_KATHA (E-mails) and web pages. My critique of the article begins with Sir DON BARON JAYATILLAKE. Third paragraph, “Baron Jayatillake should have been the first Prime Minister in the independent Ceylon. We are now talking in an around 1923. Donomore constitution was introduced and a state council was put in place for representatives to be elected from each district. At that time there was no talk of independence, but to introduce the peasants to understand what the ballot box and how to vote in an election. D.S. Senanayaka was far more suitable person than DON BARON because he could identify as a villager, rice farmer. Unlike Sir DON BARON who was a COLOMBO 7, man. (may be he could not speak Sinhala; I do not know) D.S. could address a group of Sinhala (Goviya’s) and ask about their needs. DON BARON ( I cannot find that he was and attorney, may be he had an education in a high class School in Colombo) was elected to the State Council from Colombo and he was not a friendly person to the Sinhala peasantry. At the same time Late Lalith Athulathmudali’s father DON DANIAL ATHULATHMUDALI was elected from AGALAWATHA electorate in western Province. DON DANIAL wanted to build a paved road from Kalawallawa to Kaluthara. Kaluthara was where all the government offices, including law courts were, and where the villages went to get any, legal or work related to their daily life done. After getting all the survey details and the number of bridges and culverts required he gave a presentation to the state council get the funds passed to build this road. (DON DANIAL was a Barrister-at-Law, this carried a big plus with the British) When he was presenting it DON BARON interrupted him many times saying that; there need not be any paved roads to these remote villages because very few motor vehicle use it. Speaker had to intervene to stop both of them calling idiot each other idiot. Eventually the funds were passed and the road built. What Sir DON BARON did not know was fact that the road project was blessed by the Government Agent (GA) an English man and the District Revenue Offices (DRO) an Englishman. (This debate is in the HANSARD if one cares to read it). Why the English man wanted it because they had a RUGBY CLUB IN THEBUWANA, where this road passed. The English wanted fresh beef and vegetables to their club easily transpoted. Today this road connects to the freeway where the travel time to Colombo or Matara is quarter of the time it took 10 years ago. I have now justified that D.S. Senanayke as the first Prime minister of Sri Lanka. Don’t forget he refused to settle Tamils in AMPARA. Here again I disagree with Charles, because there was no back stabbing, because the majority support from the peasantry was for D.S. the British found this out and gave him the PM ship. The problem here is: Charles is originally from Matale and today he lives in Kandy. Unless one is from this area namely, Kaluthara, Agalawattha, Mathugama, Horana, Pibura, Panadura one cannot relate the past to the present that easily. Because of the freeway system now one can travel from Colombo to Aagaloya (Champika’s Ranewak’s birth place) under two hours. So lets help MR and his family get the right treatment and not thrash thrown at them. Charles rightfully suggest it.

  21. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:





  22. Lorenzo Says:

    My Dear Ananda-USA,

    My gratitude and loyalty is to SL, not to MR!

    If you are loyal to a person, you cannot be a patriot. You have to SHIFT your loyalties Ananda-USA to SL.

    From your friend,

  23. Ananda-USA Says:


    On the CONTRARY, your LOYALTY is not to Sri Lanka, but to Tamil EELAM!

    You DEMONSTRATED THAT CLEARLY by DOING YOUR BEST to UNDERMINE and DESTROY the UPFA GOSL that was the only REAL DEFENCE Sri Lanka had against its Separatist and Foreign Enemies.

    Now that PROTECTIVE SHIELD is GONE, and I TREMBLE for Sri Lanka’s SAFETY and SURVIVAL as ONE Nation in the next DECADE!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaaa …. What HAVE YOU DONE to your Motherland! You have DESTROYED the GAINS of the WAR OF LIBERATION from Terror and THROWN Sri Lanka’s CROWN into the GUTTER!

  24. aloy Says:

    SL has a population of 20 million plus. How come we have more than 15 million voters. This means our population is ageing or some other problem. I think these numbers have been cooked up by double entry or some other means. My voter registration list had been delivered to the adjoining house in central Colombo when I was living in my house and I could not trace the person who delivered it elsewhere. So, I had to go to the election office at Rajagiriya and found that it is a big process and I felt some thing was going on. This happened about six months ago. And how come the percentage of voting is so high that it passed 80% which never happened. Also there are over 1.8 million foreign workers who did not vote. They are all of voting age and is more than 12% of voting population. I think this election has been rigged in favour of MR after careful planning over a long period of time. That is the reason why MR’s number was more than that Maithree’s in most Sinhala areas. This would have happened the other way in minority areas such as Jaffna.

  25. Cerberus Says:

    Aloy, I looked at the number of people who had voted in Ada Derana and it is 12, 123, 453. From where did you get 15 million?As Dilrook Kannangara has pointed out the Tamils in Jaffna, Nuwara Eliya etc. appear to have a huge increase in the numbers compared to 2010. It is not so in the other areas. This shows voter fraud by minorities in favor on MY3. Not for MR. The MR vote was more in Sinhala areas is given clearly in the Island article by Neville Ladduwahetty in Island of Jan 19. “Message in 2015 presidential election outcome”. According to him Quote “The Sinhala electorate that voted for President Sirisena did so because of serious lapses during the administration of the former President. On the other hand, the 95% that voted for the former President was also aware of these lapses relating to corruption, nepotism, family involvement in the affairs of the State, permissiveness that affected the rule of law, derogation of democratic practices and restrictions on the media. Despite this awareness the fact that the majority in the 16 Electoral Districts voted for the former President means that to that majority he represented certain intangible values that were nearer and dearer to them mattered more than issues of governance.”

  26. aloy Says:

    15.2m is the total number of registered voters as per news reports elsewhere. If you take out the expatriates (1.8m) only about 8% of the registered voters did not vote. This is incredibly low. I do not believe Ladduwahety’s theory. MR used state resources, money from Samurdi and also thuggery. With all that he failed. GROBR.

  27. Ananda-USA Says:


    Over 1.5 million Tamils left Sri Lanka during the last 30 years, but yet the last post-war census showed that the Tamil population had increased slightly!

    HOW CAN THAT BE, if not by the illegal entry and settling of nearly 1.5 million Indian Tamil Kallathonis in the last 30 years of rule of the North and East by Prabhakaran’s LTTE, when the international border beetween India and Sri Lanka could not be policed???

    During the last 5 years, the UPFA GOSL deported thousands of Indian Tamils illegally working in paddy fields, hawking goods on roads, etc. That was FAR LESS THAN WHAT WAS NEEDED to address the issue.

    Now with the ascent of the anti-national forces to the Governance of our country, the arrival and settling of Kallathonis will become a FLOOD!

    Already, Tamil Nadu is demanding the resettlement in Sri Lanka of 26,000 “Sri Lankan Tamil refugees” with an incentive of “1/2 acre of land in the Wanni” to each. That will surely include Indian Tamil spouses and Indian Tamil children, and vast numbers of undiluted Indian Tamil Kallathonis mixed in and hidden in the “refugee” brew!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …. What are you doing to our Motherland???

  28. Ananda-USA Says:

    Let us see how Maithripala Sirisena protects our war heroes from Western and Tamil Diaspora witch-hunts and what he will TRADE in EXCHANGE! Nothing short of Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity I FEAR!

    This will MAKE OR BREAK the new Government!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …. What have you done to our Motherland??

    Helping Sri Lanka’s New Democracy

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 20 (NYT) Sri Lanka’s voters shocked themselves and the world this month by tossing out their president, who crushed the Tamil insurgency in 2009 and then led the country, along with his brother as defense secretary, to the brink of authoritarianism.

    The new president has promised to restore freedom of the press, independence of judges, and the rights of religious and ethnic minorities.
    Democracy advocates, including Secretary of State John Kerry, say this is the country’s most important chance to open a new chapter in more than a decade.

    But the country must make sure that members of the ousted regime do not return to power and that the new government can secure its authority. The United States – and only the United States – can do something to help make that happen.

    The former president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, and his brother, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, aren’t politically dead yet. Critical parliamentary elections are scheduled for April. The new president, Maithripala Sirisena, rode to electoral victory on the back of a diverse group of parties. He must now consolidate his power so that democratic reform can go ahead.

    What can the United States do to help? Mr. Kerry said the United States would take up longstanding human rights concerns with the new government. The State Department has spearheaded the creation of a United Nations investigation into war crimes committed under the Rajapaksa regime during the country’s civil war, which lasted from 1983 to 2009.

    But that inquiry offers both too much and too little at this point. Too much, because pushing for full, sweeping accountability in this fragile moment of transition could destabilize the new government and jeopardize the warming of relations between the United States and Sri Lanka. Too little, because the United Nations investigation doesn’t have any teeth -the panel leading it doesn’t have the powers of a criminal tribunal, and cannot even impose a financial penalty.

    Here is where Washington can play a constructive role.

    Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the former defense secretary, oversaw the Sri Lankan armed forces’ worst atrocities during the final stages of the civil war and, as it happens, he is a naturalized American citizen. (Indeed, he used to live in Los Angeles, where he worked as a computer systems operator at Loyola Law School.)

    As a citizen, Mr. Rajapaksa can be held liable under the War Crimes Act of 1996, which puts war crimes anywhere in the world under the jurisdiction of United States courts if the perpetrator, or the victim, is a United States citizen. Put another way, the United States has a perfect justification to go after Mr. Rajapaksa individually.

    Independent observers have long viewed Gotabaya Rajapaksa as an obstacle, perhaps even more than his brother, to a smooth political transition in Sri Lanka. There is little indication that he will respect the new government, which has opened an investigation to look into widely reported allegations that he and his brother attempted to engineer a military coup to overturn the election results.

    It is in the new government’s interest to move decisively to protect its democratic victory by eliminating the threat of Mr. Rajapaksa’s return to power. That is a distinct possibility if his brother, Mahinda, succeeds in a bid to maintain control over the powerful opposition party.

    That’s why marginalizing Mr. Rajapaksa now is important. The new president, Mr. Sirisena, has signaled that he is open to domestic criminal prosecutions to ward off foreign war crimes trials. And the president’s spokesman has indicated that the government may be willing to prosecute specific war crimes, such as the so-called White Flag incident, in which surrendering Tamil leaders with white flags were allegedly executed by soldiers on the final day of the civil war. That’s a highly significant statement because, as many Sri Lankans know, and as the State Department reported to Congress, the army chief at the time said that Mr. Rajapaksa gave the order �they must all be killed,� and later added that he would be willing to testify in a war crimes trial.

    But proceeding against Mr. Rajapaksa will be politically challenging for the new Sri Lankan government to do on its own. The United States could help by signaling its own interest in opening a criminal case against Mr. Rajapaksa in the event that Sri Lanka doesn’t. That would give the new government both an opportunity and a justification to clean its house. Because of Mr. Rajapaksa’s citizenship, the United States would also be less vulnerable to accusations that it was meddling in the affairs of another nation.

    The Obama administration might even say, in a very public way, that it will decide whether to proceed with its own criminal inquiry after giving Sri Lanka’s new establishment an opportunity to move first. Such signals from the United States could help politically marginalize the Rajapaksas at a critical point in the life of the country. They would also bolster President Sirisena’s efforts to have the country repudiate the past and recognize that its best future lies with his administration. The United States should do its part to bring accountability to Sri Lanka and assist its transition to democracy.

  29. Ananda-USA Says:

    NOW those faithless Sinhala Buddhists who VOTED against MR can CRY A RIVER OF TEARS as their Motherland is SLICED & DICED into ETHNO-RELIGIOUS BANTUSTANS!

    Aiyooooo Sirisenaaaaa …… What have you DONE to our Motherland!

    Will implement 13th Amendment within a unitary state: Ranil

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 21 (Hindu) The Sri Lankan government will implement the 13th Amendment to its Constitution within a unitary state, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has said.

    Implementation of the 13th Amendment — born out of the Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987 — has remained a long-pending demand of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the main party representing the island’s Northern Tamils. The Amendment envisages substantive devolution of political powers to the provinces.

    In his first parliamentary address after assuming charge as Prime Minister — following the Sri Lanka’s January 8 presidential elections — Mr. Wickramasinghe said: “We will implement the 13th Amendment within a unitary state.”

    Given that the TNA backed President Sirisena in the elections, the Northern Tamils — who voted against President Rajapaksa in large numbers — would expect the new government to be sensitive to their demands.
    Civilian Governor

    In a gesture that sections perceive as President Maithripala Sirisena’s willingness to engage with the Tamils’ demands, he recently replaced the former Northern Province Governor, a military man, with a seasoned diplomat.

    It is also learnt that orders have been passed to transfer the Chief Secretary of the Province who was on a collision course with Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran.

    Mr. Wickramasinghe also outlined the newly-formed government’s plan for the first 100 days. The government would set up independent commissions to run the police, the public service, the judiciary and the elections department, he said.

    The new government had presented its 100-day plan ahead of the elections promising a host of measures, including the abolition of executive presidency, which former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s critics saw as being a huge impediment to democracy during his two terms. Mr. Wickramasinghe, appointed Prime Minister by President Sirisena, said the new government would also pass a Right to Information Act.
    Rajapaksa’s home raided

    Meanwhile Sri Lanka’s former President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday asked the new government to stop “revenge”, a day after police raided his country-side home in the southern district of Hambantota.

    “Our family has been in politics since 1931. But never our homes came to be searched. I ask them to stop this political revenge,” local media quoted Mr. Rajapaksa as saying. The police were reportedly looking for a Lamborghini sports car and launched a raid following a court warrant, but the search drew a blank.

  30. Ananda-USA Says:

    ONE MORE “Yahapalanaya” ALLEGATION proved FALSE!

    Aiyooooo Sirisenaaaa …. What are you DOING to our Motherland?
    Police withdraw accusations against floating armoury

    By Harischandra Gunaratna
    January 21, 2015

    The floating armoury MV Mahanuwara detained on Sunday at the Galle Harbour was performing a bonafide operation with Ministry of Defence clearance, but they were trying to ascertain whether all the arms and ammunition found in the vessel were legal and if it contained arms exceeding the amount mentioned in the permit issued to the private company handling the operation, Police Spokesman Ajith Rohana said on Monday.

    At a hurriedly summoned press conference, SSP Ajith Rohana said that there were 3,154 automatic and semi-automatic weapons and 747,000 rounds of ammunition on the floating armoury according to the permit issued by the MoD.

    “This operation had been going for some time handled by the navy and since September 18, 2012 the job had been handed over to a private company with MoD approval, but yet the security for the operation is provided by the Navy,” he said.

    Responding to a query raised by The Island as to how the Galle Habour police was not aware of the operation if it was legal, the senior police officer said with the change of government there had been a communication breakdown between those concerned.

    Asked whether a former Navy Commander had a hand in the private shipping company which handled the operation, the police spokesman said he had not received any news to that effect.

  31. Ananda-USA Says:

    Embala Sinhalayeni! NEVER FORGET the TRAITORS who BETRAYED our Resplendent Motherland to her ENEMIES!

    RESOLVE TODAY, NEVER AGAIN to Desert your PEOPLE and your Motherland!


    200 Years scince that DAY OF INFAMY on March 2, 1815, when our Motherland was BETRAYED to the British,
    I offer the following INDICTMENT of the TRAITORS of 2015:


    Half-a-Jump, Half-a-Jump
    Half-a-Jump, Onward!
    Into the Valley of Treason
    Into the Jaws of Dishonor
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Bribes to the Left of them
    Jobs to the Right of Them
    Power in Front of Them
    Cudgels to the Rear of Them
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Half-a-Jump, Half-a-Jump
    Half-a-Jump, Onward!
    Into the Valley of Tears
    Driven by Nameless Fears
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Jostled from the Left of them
    Jostled from the Right of them
    Massed Asses to the Front of them
    Hoots of Rage to the Rear of them
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    ……..TREASON MOST FOUL!……………….

    “Tamilnet” Reveals Ten Point Accord for Regime Change and Executive Presidency abolition reached in 2013 at Meeting in Singapore Involving Mangala Samaraweera

    January 23, 2015

    The “Tamilnet”website long regarded as the mouthpiece of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)organization has in a news report revealed details of an alleged “understanding”involving among others the current Foreign Affairs minister Mangala Samaraweera and Tamil National Alliance(TNA)national list parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran that was arrived at in Singapore in the year 2013.

    Mangala Samaraweera M.P.

    The “Tamilnet” website claims that the understanding reached in 2013 formulated a conceptual framework on abolishing the executive presidency based on ten basic principles described as the “Singapore principles”. The news report further states that current Presidential adviser Dr.Jayampathy Wickramaratne, Colombo University Law professor VT Thamilmaran and unnamed representatives of the Global Tamil Forum(GTF)along with a lawyer from the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress also participated in the conclave.

    The conference was organized by South Africa and funded by two European countries alleges the “Tamilnet”.

    Quoting an unnamed participant in the meeting the “Tamilnet”says “Mangala Samaraweera came as a ‘beggar’ urging Tamil support for regime change and abolition of the executive presidency. It was 2013,”
    M.A.Sumanthiran M.P

    M.A.Sumanthiran M.P

    The Tamilnet report also outlines the ten « Singapore principles » described as “hitherto unrevealed Singapore Principles of 2013”

    The “Tamilnet” report of 22nd January 2015 is reproduced here in full –

    Singapore Principles of 2013: Tamil polity taken for ride from Oslo to Singapore

    [TamilNet, Thursday, 22 January 2015, 07:19 GMT]

    Right from the Indo-Lanka agreement of 1987 to Oslo Declaration of 2002 and to hitherto unrevealed Singapore Principles of 2013 that brought the Sampanthan polity into a conceptual framework for the recent regime change in Colombo, the external forces seeking to influence the affairs of the island have taken the Eezham Tamils for a ride to confine the Tamil polity into the unitary State of genocidal Sri Lanka without securing any concrete and descriptive guarantee from the Sinhala polity. By its latest move, the ITAK has pushed the Tamils back into the past, Tamil political observers in Jaffna said citing the so-called Singapore Principles from 2013. TamilNet brings out the text of the so-called Singapore Principles for the edification of global Tamils.

    All the clauses of the so-called Singapore principles are non-descriptive with regards to a principled approach in resolving the national question.

    Mr M.A. Sumanthiran, the non-elected national list ITAK parliamentarian and Mr V.T. Thamilmaran, the dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Colombo were the Tamil representatives from the island while representatives of the so-called Global Tamil Forum (GTF) were representing the Diaspora Tamils at a meeting in Singapore in 2013 when Dr Jayampathy Wickramaratne came with his proposal points to agree upon a conceptual framework aimed at regime change, the removal of Executive Presidency and other arrangements targeting good governance. Dr Jayampathy Wickramaratne was an adviser to Sri Lanka’s past two Presidents.

    “Mangala Samaraweera came as a ‘beggar’ urging Tamil support for regime change and abolition of the executive presidency. It was 2013,” said one of the participants, reflecting on the Singapore meeting.

    When Tamil aspirations came for discussion, M.A. Sumanthiran wanted to avoid the mentioning of terms such as Nation and Right to Self Determination in the document.

    Only the voice of a human rights defender, a Sinhalese, representing the civil society, was in favour of a formula based on the recognition of nationhood to Tamil people with their traditional homeland in the North-East.

    V.T. Thamilmaran, who was once respected for his principles on Tamil sovereignty, was silent and was talking only about good governance.

    Tamil aspirations went missing in the proposal. Instead, the document was drafted with the intention of being non-descript. But, a consensus was achieved on winning Tamil voters through the TNA for the regime change.

    A lawyer from Sri Lanka Muslim Congress was also represented at the meeting apart from several other representatives.

    The meeting was organised by South Africa and was funded by two European countries.

    The directors of South African ‘In Transformation Initiative’ Roelf Meyer, Ivor Jenkins and Mohammed Bhabha organised the meeting.

    Ironically, the ‘approach’ of the South African outfit, according to its website is “premised on the philosophy that any solution to differences or even conflict must be designed, must evolve, and must be developed and settled domestically; solutions cannot be prescribed from external actors.”

    The ‘Singapore principles’ was giving secondary status to religions other than the Buddhism.

    The 10-points agreed between the Sampanthan polity and the regime changers including the new SL Foreign Minister, Mangala Samaraweera, at Singapore in 2013 follow:

    Singapore Principles

    1. In describing the nature of the State what is important is the substance; the labels are secondary.

    2. The Constitution shall be based on basic constitutional principles and values including sovereignty of the people, participatory democracy and supremacy of the Constitution which shall form an unalterable basic structure.

    3. Power sharing shall be on the basis of self-rule and shared-rule within an undivided Sri Lanka.

    4. The Executive Presidency shall be abolished and the form of government shall be Parliamentary.

    5. The pluralist character of Sri Lankan society as well as identities and aspirations of the constituent peoples of Sri Lanka shall be constitutionally recognised.

    6. There shall be a strong and enforceable Bill of Rights consistent with universally accepted norms and standards.

    7. There shall be a separation of powers and an independence of judiciary which includes a Constitutional Court.

    8. Important institutions shall be independent and accountable. Appointments to these and High Posts shall be through a transparent mechanism that provides for a national consensus, example Constitutional Council.

    9. Institutions of the State shall reflect the pluralist character of Sri Lankan society.

    10. The Republic of Sri Lanka shall be a secular state. The Foremost place to Buddhism and equal status to other religions shall be assured.

    * * *

    The controversial paragraph of the so-called Oslo Declaration of December 2002 follows:
    Responding to a proposal by the leadership of the LTTE, the parties agreed to explore a solution founded on the principle of internal self-determination in areas of historical habitation of the Tamil-speaking peoples, based on a federal structure within a united Sri Lanka. The parties acknowledged that the solution has to be acceptable to all communities. [Related story with full text]

    * * *

    On 11 November 2011, Mr Erik Solheim was claiming that it was the UNP politician Mr Milinda Moragoda and himself, who were behind the drafting of what he termed as ‘Oslo Declaration’ in December 2002, which was signed by Mr Ranil Wickramasinge on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and by Mr Anton Balasingham on behalf of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

    “It was Milinda and myself who wrote that document at the […] restaurant here in Oslo and Balasingham accepted it and he took it to Prabhakaran and Prabhakaran refused. It was not public at that time, but it was clear he was furious because he was reluctant to federalism,” Solheim said during the evaluation of the Norwegian Peace Process [Video evidence].

    Mr Balasingam has recorded his version of the narrative on the subject in his book, “War and Peace: Armed Struggle and Peace Efforts of Liberation Tigers”: “[I]t must be stated that there was not any specific proclamation titled ‘Oslo Declaration’. The decision to explore federalism was included in the record of decisions at the Oslo talks and signed by the chief negotiators of both delegations and the head of the Norwegian facilitating team.” (page 403)

    He further explains LTTE leader’s position that Tamils were prepared to consider favourably a political framework that offers substantial regional autonomy and self-government from the part of the Sinhala side.

    But, failing the delivery of regional self-rule, the position of the LTTE leadership was that the Tamils have no alternative other than evoking the external right to self-determination. In an implied sense, Balasingham explains the objection by the LTTE leader to the exact phrasing of the paragraph in the so-called Oslo Declaration.

    It was after the LTTE submitting the ISGA framework, which stressed the external dimension of the right to self-determination in its preamble and after the publishing of the War and Peace book questioning the ‘Olso Declaration,’ Mr Balasingham was brought back into the negotiations as chief negotiator by the LTTE leadership in 2006 during the Norway facilitated talks between Mahinda Rajapaksa’s GoSL and the LTTE.

    While there was a leadership committed to principled political foundations, the Tamil polity had internal mechanisms to address the external manoeuvrings that sought the Tamils to abandon their principles.

    But, now, the Tamil polity claiming to represent the Eezham Tamils in the homeland has no such fundamental principles or mechanisms.

    The Tamil polity could be course-corrected and brought back to track only through the edification of the masses.


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