Contradictions on Opinions.
Posted on January 30th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

Re my article –
Did ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa turn Temple Trees into a Dog House?”

Thank you Gentlemen for your opinions. However, whilst disagreeing with my statements,
mario_perera Says: January 28th, 2015 at 8:01 pm
“The truth is that every previous president would have done so if only his or her hands were not tied by international interferences. There were umpteen occasions when the war could have been ended, but India, mainly, stood in the way.”

I presume, that you agree,that, although previous Presidents had the power….. ”
I said……

Neither CBK nor Ranil Wickremasinghe could do bugger-all to bring an end to LTTE Tamil Terrorism which, MR with the support of GR & General (?) Sarath Fonseka concluded in style.”

Therefore, MR did have the guts & courage to move against these giant external influences!!

“Whatever General Fonseka said about CBK, that it was CBK who got down the hardware. Who supplied the hardware? Did any middleman involved made commissions?”

Let us not deviate from Sri Lankan MR to Twin Towers in NY-USA. Two of my close friends perished in that disaster.
You said-; ”
as for Sri Lanka, the armed forces were ready.They had the equipment and the skills. their generals knew what to do. They knew the Jaffna peninsula like the palms of their hands. MR had only to go with the tide.”

Now you agree by default that MR as C-i-C, had the Guts & Leadership to Command the Forces. Thank you, Sir!

Nanda Says:
January 28th, 2015 at 8:16 pm
“Fully agree with Mario. Why a lot of people not aware of this is sheer fear that all others will give ealam”. But the truth is no leader gave Ealam to Tamils.”

True. Nanda. However, No Leader put a Stop to the Bloody War for 30+ years.
And it was MR + GR + SF who pulled the plug.

I am not quite sure to what extent MR – GR – BR – Namal are involved in the current accusations of Fraud-Bribery-Corruption-Mis Management. But, with respect, Sri Lanka as a PROVEN Democracy let us accept the Fact that, “Guilt Has to be Proven in accordance with the Law of Sri Lanka”. Do not let it go down to the levels of Sharia Law, as currently practised by the Islamic Fundamentalists!

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16 Responses to “Contradictions on Opinions.”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Professor; Most of us are looking with the eyes Third British Empire. But in fact when it comes to the British dominions of the Tropics from Fiji to Guyana it is a British-Indian Empire. Then after that; could I say after Hitler’s adventures it became an Indian Empire from Fiji to Guyana. Indian direct interference started with Mohandas Karamchand’s visit in 1927. Then in 1951 Indian imperialists got hold of Oxford educated SWRD Bandaranayake to feed the Sinhalese Sinhala Bhashawa by forming the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.Since then Indian imperialists are on a winning streak until 2005 when it backed Mahinda over Ranil. Mahinda did not become a puppet of the Empire. Now the Imperialists are back in the island’s affairs. What I now see is a the evolving of a new Indian-US Empire. Jai Hind.

  2. NAK Says:

    Already the main operators are here. Hugo swire-arrived, Nisha Biswal-awiating arrival.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Dear Prof.,

    ” However, No Leader put a Stop to the Bloody War for 30+ years.
    And it was MR + GR + SF who pulled the plug.”

    TRUE. But MR+GR was not on to it but preferred to go the same way others went. But MR came to power with others who nagged him so much to allow them to let SF do the job.
    But they then found a new method to cheat people. I am angry that the golden opportunity given to him by those killed soldiers + public was completely wasted by this gang.

  4. cassandra Says:

    I believe Mario Perera (MP) is quite right in stating that “The truth is that every previous president would have done so if only his or her hands were not tied by international interferences. There were umpteen occasions when the war could have been ended, but India, mainly, stood in the way.” I am glad that MP has sought to remind us of this because amidst all the kudos heaped on MR for ending the war, this factor is often overlooked.

    The simple fact is that without external help, especially that of India, it was not possible to defeat the Tigers. Many of us will recall how the Tigers might have been beaten way back in the 1980s if not for intervention by India. As against that, in 2009 there was a new dispensation in New Delhi which far from intervening on behalf of the Tigers was, in India’s own interests, keen to see the demise of the Tigers. Like it or not, you had to have India on side to beat the Tigers; Hard but simple fact.

    If “MR with the support of GR & General (?) Sarath Fonseka concluded (the war) in style” it was also because of the changed circumstances which were more in their favour, and a whole host of other factors.

    We cannot, for instance, overlook the international assistance SL now received, and that includes the intelligence sharing by the US and India which was crucial in tracking down and sinking the LTTE ships bringing arms. Then there was the changed international attitude, especially that of the US, , post 9/11 in SL’s favour. There were also a host of other factors which made a difference, including one that is not often mentioned – battle fatigue. The campaign of the Tigers was one of the longest – if not the longest – insurgent movements. After something like 30 years, the Tigers were battle weary. Those who had joined the movement as young men filled with ideals and passions were either dead or had grown old, and victory was becoming more and more an elusive dream. The Tigers were running out of fighting men and had even to resort to forcible abduction of children to fill their ranks.
    So, credit for the victory over the Tigers is due to many; to attempt to hold up ONE person as having won the war is simply not right.

    MR gave great leadership at the time and deserves credit for the role he played but we need to keep things in perspective. It seems to me that the credit given to him is disproportionate to the contribution he made; arguably, his brother GR made as important and maybe an even greater contribution towards defeating the Tigers that MR did. But such is the nature of things; MR turned out to be the one who stood to gain the most benefit from the defeat of the Tigers, with many people carrying on as if he – and he alone –was due all the credit.

    Politically, that suited him ideally. And so he sought to dine out on that for as long as possible. The electorate was grateful to MR and returned him to power in 2010. And what was he to give back in return? – Such things like 18A which was for his benefit and his alone, the incarceration of SF and the impeachment of the CJ through processes that were clearly flawed and seemed to deny them both, natural justice. In fact, it was a cruel irony that, in the process of her impeachment, the CJ did not even enjoy the basic rights that common criminals enjoyed in the courts.

    We cannot overlook MR’s contribution to defeating the Tigers. Neither can we overlook his less than impressive record as President over the last five or so years and the many sins of his administration.

  5. Marco Says:

    I’m rather impressed that the Govt takes heed on letters written to them.

    I refer to the BoC branch in Seychelles in a previous thread and I wrote to persons of authority to look into this matter.
    It was a no brainer. Why Seychelles I asked?

    An official audit and investigation process will be initiated to inquire into the non-strategic investments at Seychelles, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said.

    “Seychelles is a country reputed worldwide as a tax haven has a handful of Sri Lankans living there as expatriates. Another issue of concern is to rationalize the reason for an international Branch of a state Bank to be established at Seychelles. Our government will ensure a critical analysis and an in depth evaluation pertaining to the viability of such an operation,” Karunanayake said in his statement to Parliament on Thursday.

    Planning and Economic Affairs Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva earlier told Asian Mirror that there were various ways through which the government could conduct investigations.

    “We can seek the assistance of private auditors and proceed with the matter. At the same time, we can conduct inquires with the help of the Stolen Assets Recovery Programme of the World Bank. The government can assure the public that no one will be able to hide the ‘stolen assets’ in Seychelles and dodge local law enforcement mechanism,” the Deputy Minister said.

    Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, nearly seven months before his exit from office, opened a Sri Lankan High Commission in Seychelles while setting up a branch of the Bank of Ceylon in the island.

    Despite its population which does not exceed 90,000, Mihin Lanka, an airline started under directives from former President Rajapaksa, started a direct flight to the island last year.

  6. Marco Says:

    Mario, Cassandra I share your sentiments.
    I have no doubt that all Sri Lankans are thankful to MR for defeating the LTTE terrorist and he will be remembered in Sri Lankan history for his contribution in bringing about Peace to the country.
    Regrettably, it would get slightly tainted with his record thereafter.

    I have yet to reason why he behaved and governed in the manner he did post 2010. He enjoyed a 2/3rd majority in Parliament yet he tolerated rapists, murders, drug loads and gun totting politicians in his camp. He did’nt have to with the majority he commanded. With respect to corruption, think we all know most if not all Sri Lankan politicians are corrupt but MR took it to higher levels that was never been seen in this country. Pure greed.

    Nepotism- I can understand if they were ably qualified to do the job and did it well. Apart from Gota, who did an excellent job in not only providing leadership to the Defence forces but also the development and beautification schemes, i cannot think of an other from the Rajapakse extended family that have served the Country well. Possibly Basil but lined his pockets at the same time to the detriment of tax payers.

    Law and Order was in shambles. One set of laws for the Rajapakse extended clan and another for the citizens.

    I fail to realise why he did it in this manner when he did’nt have to. Was he really badly advised by “yes” men. Was he not strong enough to say NO. Enough is enough.

  7. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Cassandra,
    Dear Marco,

    If I may give vent to my inner feelings, the principal reason I personally and urgently needed to see change of government, was that I felt diminished as a human being under the MR regime. It was a regime stretched to every conceivable limit by CADS. It was a government by cads for cads, for who else but cads would tolerate cads to such an extent so as to live with them surrounded by them.

    I am happy to now live an important segment of my life in an atmosphere of DECENCY.

    With kindest regards,

  8. Nanda Says:


    You said “I have no doubt that all Sri Lankans are thankful to MR for defeating the LTTE terrorist “. Unfortunately I hate to say I even lost that feeling because the way this family ripped off poor Sri Lankans, specially Sinhala people. It proves “war to finish off LTTE” was not given leadership with the pure intention of ending the suffering of people or love of the country. It is tainted by excessive greed.
    If not so, that leader will never rip off the country. Take for example the news item,

    Cricket broadcast rights had been the monopoly of state TV Rupavahini until the advent of Carlton Sports Network, owned by Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son Yoshitha.
    Sri Lanka’s new government has slapped a one-time tax of LKR100 crore (about Rs. 47 crore) on the only sports television channel in the country which is owned by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son. ”

    How on this earth this kid could own this fortune earning justly ? This is just ONE.

  9. Marco Says:

    It is a sad day for Sri Lankan (Airlines) for it to merge with (huge) loss making Airline Mihin Air. It will further burden the financial losses and customer service to a once a brilliant and best in class Customer service Airline like Sri Lankan.

    I’m sure many frequent travellers of Sri Lankan Airlines will recall the excellent and friendly service provided by Sri Lankan when it was operated under an operating agreement by Emirates. Yes, losses were made (broke even too)but not huge compared to now and the customer service is appalling with frequent delays and cancellation due to bad aircraft maintenance.
    I would be the first to admit that Emirates had a game plan to secure routes and landing rights (Heathrow T4) by joining up with Sri Lankan which as a fledgling airline in the early 1990 and was finding it difficult to secure routes although it had financial fire power and excellent Management.

    The downfall of Sri Lankan came one December evening in 2007 the holiday high season in full swing, Peter Hill CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines received a late request to clear 35 seats for Mahinda Rajapaksa and his entourage on a flight to Colombo from London, where Mahinda Rajapaksa was watching his son graduate from the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. Peter Hill flatly refused to offload 35 passengers who had booked tickets months in advance for their big holiday. The consequences of honouring that request would have really destroyed everything that he built SriLankan Airlines into; that staff and supporters and customers had come to expect.
    Instead he found 6 passengers (which included Peter & Janaki his wife) to give up their seats in order that the immediate Rajapakse family could travel back to Sri Lanka.
    Rajapakse’s abrupt response was to revoke Peter Hill’s work permit which ultimately resulted in Emirates cancelling its Operating Agreement and the sale of 49% back to the Govt.

    Since then the Airline has not only suffered in service levels but also financially mismanaged.
    We now have Sri Lankan burden with Sajin Vaas’s Mihin Air.

    My immediate thinking was for Mihin Air to cease all operation and hand back the keys to all the Aircrafts under the wet lease. I have subsequently found that all the debt and guarantees are provided by State owned banks.
    So I guess as a damage limitation exercise the only logical option was for Sri Lankan to absorb the loss making Mihin Air and hope for the best.

    Mihin Air is a another classic example of ego driven financial imprudence exercised by Rajapakse and his motley crew.

  10. Nanda Says:

    A leader who has saved a nation, who has developed a country, who has brought prosperity to its citizens will never fear loosing an election after continuing to govern for another two years .
    Two years more to carry on doing good work and win more votes.
    This is good enough proof to any person with a thinking ability beyond emotional feelings to understand the leader and decide how to vote. Sinhala saying “Puhul Hora Karin denei”. Unfortunately nearly half the people of Sri Lanka were unable to notice the stuff on his shoulder .

    Lee Kuan Yews party PAP never lost a single election for 45 years. They never called early elections.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    In Singapore it is FAMILY RULE like MR.

  12. Nanda Says:

    Exactly ! Family rule is OK, my point is if governed without excessive greed, there should have been no urge to call early elections.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Facebook” Lorenzo and his IDIOT LAPDOG Nanda are SUCH HYPOCRITES!

    While MR was President, they PILLORIED him for “Nepotism” and “Family Rule by the Brothers” until the REGIME CHANGE was engineered, but now they are STRATEGICALLY adjusting to a NEW FAMILY RULE and say “Family Rule is OK”!

    Ole! Ole!…. Family Rule is NOW OKAY! … We are Family Oriented People …Families Go Forth and MULTIPLY!


  14. mario_perera Says:

    Nanda says : Mario,

    You said “I have no doubt that all Sri Lankans are thankful to MR for defeating the LTTE terrorist “.


    I N E V E R SAID – “I have no doubt that all Sri Lankans are thankful to MR for defeating the LTTE terrorist “.

    NO NANDA, I NEVER SAID SO !!!!! I Know what I write…

    Kind regards

  15. Nanda Says:

    I am extremely sorry Mario. Yes you did not say that . It was Marco, some typo – I just replied his previous comment. Sorry again.

  16. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Nanda,

    I was not serious, and was only pulling your leg,

    Anyway I agree with your view points,

    Kindest wishes


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