No More Powers to Provincial Councils
Posted on January 30th, 2015

‘Sri Lankan Patriot’

There are over 6,000 permanently disabled soldiers have been provided rehabilitation and even houses in some cases. All other forces members who amount to over one lakh? have been re-trained in peacetime tasks such as restoration of roads, bridges, buildings especially in the Northern Province and even in the restoration of canals etc in beautifying Colombo. I would like to ask the new Government, why after thousands and thousands of our forces members sacrificing their lives, are you giving ‘more powers’ to the provincial councils? Sri Lanka is one country and every islander has the right to call Sri Lanka their homeland. The North and East is just as much a Sinhalese Homeland as elsewhere of the country. Therefore the clause in the 13th Amendment to the Constitution which says ‘the North and East is the homeland of the tamil speaking people’ should be scrapped immediately and replaced by ‘North and East is the homeland of all the inhabitants of Sri Lanka’. This is what thousands upon thousands of our forces and civilians sacrificed their lives for. No more powers should be given to the provincial councils and Sinhala, Catholic and Muslim peoples should be settled in both the Northern and Eastern Provinces in large numbers. Only then would the racist tamils give up their unreasonable and outrageous demands for ‘exclusive homelands’ which have no basis in history. Historically the North and East was part of the Rajarata and many a large tanks such as Kanthale Wewa, Buddhist Temples etc. have been built by the Sinhala kings in the North and the East. This proves that the North and East was first and fore mostly inhabited by the Sinhalese uptil the 13th century or so. Therefore the racists TNA should not be given any powers whatsoever and justice should be done by all the islanders of the island of Sri Lanka and power be restored with the Central Government and Provincial Councils provided with only the powers they have today. The tamils should be told that the Sinhalese have inhabited this islands for over 2,600 years and that we have fundamental rights.

Imagine what would happen if we loose the North and the East. Over 28% of the most productive land would be lost as over 66% of the coastline. We will then have to import rice and fish. What about loosing half of our exclusive economic zone which is in the North and the East. What are the repercussions of loosing the Trincomalee Harbour? These are what Eelamists, the US, EU, UK, Canada, India etc. are eying. We should never, ever let the Eelamists or the US, EU, UK, Canada, India etc. get hold of our massive North East. It is not their but ours, i.e. the islanders. Our ancestors have lived in this island for thousands of years and Eelamists should be told in no uncertain terms either live in Sri Lanka as one country or depart to any other land of their choice. No more powers should be given to the provincial councils than at present i.e. January 2015. Eelamists in short need to be told to get lost since they have no exclusive right whatsoever to the North East historically. All they have is a right to share this island with the Sinhalese and others. That is all the rights they are entitled to.

The previous Government expanded our foreign markets, in particular by selling tea to new markets such as Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. These countries are very rich since they have massive amounts of oil or natural gas. So the previous Government was right to expand our foreign markets into these countries. The rabidly right wing UNP Governments think that the world revolves around the US, EU, UK and Canada. They do not realise that the world has changed considerably and that there are newly up and coming countries such as Russia, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, China etc. and that Sri Lanka can indeed do without the US, EU, UK, Canada and India which are trying to create a separate state in Sri Lanka!

The UNP led Governments think that following the US, EU, UK, Canada, India etc. and doing their bid is proper foreign policy. Never mind the fact that the US is eying the Trincomalee Harbour and resources of the North and East such as mineral sands, oil, marine fisheries etc. and thus wants to create Eelam thus depriving the indigenous Sinhalese of the island their rights to a part of the island i.e. the North and the East. The indigenous Sinhalese have lived in this island for over two and a half millennia and our tribal ancestors even more perhaps ten thousand years and much more as attested by numerous archaeological evidence. The US, EU, UK, Canada, India etc. should be told that our sovereignty is absolutely non-negotiable and there are no more ‘political solutions’ to non-existent problems. I hope the new Government has the backbone to say this once and for all on behalf of the Sri Lankan people to this so called ‘international community’. I am sure that the vast majority of countries in the world will applaud us if we did so. Many countries in Asia, Africa, Latin and South America will surely do so. Proper foreign policy is not doing the bid of the US, EU, UK, Canada, India etc. like backboneless invertebrates, but to cultivate friendships with all countries especially Asian Countries and the Non Aligned Movement and to let any imperialists such as the US, EU, UK, Canada etc. know that their plans to dismember Sri Lanka is not welcome in Sri Lanka.


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  1. SA Kumar Says:

    13th Amendment to the Constitution which says ‘the North and East is the homeland of the tamil speaking people’ – law of the land .
    Long life to NP (Saiva TE) & EP (Muslim TE) until Eelam war V .

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