Are you a Buddhist Mr. Karu Jayasuriya?
Posted on February 1st, 2015

percy silva – a disgusted Buddhist.

Dear Hon. Mr. Jayasuriya

I am writing this to you because of the dangerous predicament that has befallen our nation. The UNP stalwarts seem to only see green and power… they are deaf, dumb and blind to everything collapsing before their eyes.

As a Buddhist with a family that are likely to be future leaders are you not bothered that the moment the historical place for Buddhism is nicely shifted and omitted we have lost our nation and Joseph Vaz the Saint wins the day.

We were all shocked to see the release of the portfolios with the Christian Affairs ministry getting 3rd place while you being a senior member of the party found yourself right at the bottom.

Have you not noticed that Buddha Sasana ministry has been replaced with Buddhist affairs.. this is constitutionally incorrect and needs to be immediately rectified and highlighted….

When Christians and Islam take over Sri Lanka do you seriously believe there would be any place for Buddhists even those that are falling before these two Abrahamic religions?

Do you not have any morals and integrity to realize this danger? In your last years of life should you not leave having done the Sinhala Buddhist race proud instead of handing over what our people fought and sacrificed their lives for.

You have much to think about… this country is slowly but surely falling into the grasp of western powers and people like you are not just watching it happen but are facilitating the hand over by your silence. There is doubt that you can find a single Buddhist in the present Govt except those that pay lip service and run to temples to appease the wrong they have done by offering donations… it is not in their blood to realize that Muslims wont defend them, Christians wont defend them… but stupid Buddhists defend and deny their own people just to get praise and accolades from others who do so with ulterior motives. Former President paid dearly for this exercise.

We can preach to you until the cows come home but you need to sit back and realize what is happening because you know that the green man represents Christianity and not Buddhism…. are you going to let the Buddhist side down or are you going to return the Buddha Sassana status to this ministry… just like former President paid for his sins in inviting the Pope and kissing his hand thereby facilitating a spy and a missionary to become a saint in Sri Lanka, the karma is behind you too… now former President must be repenting but his punishment came with vengeance… the karmic sins are coming behind our politicians…do the right thing that is all that our ancestors ask of you.

percy silva – a disgusted Buddhist.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Fate of history had given you a European name, is it karma or your good fortune? Why bring a religion conflict and does it matter if one is a Buddhist, Christian or what ever. Taking a religion seriously could leave a country to destruction. Can’t you see what the Muslims doing to themselves when their religion get out of control, where they are willing to burn a person alive?
    If religions can do this then we can do without it.Advice likes of Karu J not to be dishonest, not to be corrupt, listen to the people that elected them, serve the people and be accountable.
    Does it matter what religion he serve and while you play to their religious rituals they runaway with our hard earned money to secular countries who care two hoots for a religion and happily ever after.

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