Episode five of the conspiracy of unholy alliance (CBK,RW, UNP,JVP,JHU, RAW, CIA & LTTE)
Posted on February 1st, 2015

By mahinda

The hidden agenda of the Sirisena-Ranil govt. continues with endless mudslinging at former president, his brothers with the view to kill them politically for the obvious reason of fear that they will be a threat to the new stake holders who have accessed the govt. and the license to rob from left and right to quell their hunger and thirst of twenty years in opposition.

Sirisena keep visiting temples to hood wink monks while the plans are being prepared to cut of the Buddhism from the constitution according to the latest statement made by the utter chatter box the dentist Rajitha Senaratne. He has now been appointed as the loudspeaker of the govt.

Media enjoys greatest freedom now, all state officials are banned from issuing any statement to media without the approval from respective secretaries. All media are no under tight control of the UNP mafia advised by RAW. The ARMY spokesman position to be abolished and no one will know hereafter as to what the hell happened to the ARMY!

Nest the mafia will curtail or cut off Face book and other social media including Internet, knowing well that same media that helped them spread fallacies during the election campaign for their political supremacy would boomerang on them and their sins will also be exposed when the social media is the most powerful and fastest medium today.

The provision included in our constitution on Fortifying and developing Buddhism was not even touched by the dictator president J.R.J. who architecture the present 1978 constitution when it was amended, neither British who conquered the Kandyan kingdom in 1815 touched the position of Buddhism knowing it will be a fatal mistake.

CBK has uttered few days ago in talks with Jihadist Rauff Hakkim saying Let Gnanasaara (BBS Gen. Secretary. Ven; Galagodatthe Gnanasaara Thero;) be out until general elections” means that they have a sinister plan to ban all patriotic and Buddhist leaders and activists and arrest them to deter any up rise against the govt.’s anti Buddhist, Anti patriotic policy.

The dilemma the Sinhela Buddhist people who trusted my3 and voted to him is that they have to keep their mouths shut until their neck is severed sooner.

Ranil had stated to an Indian TV (NDTV) that he is in full agreement to separate the country. Rajitha Seneratne has promised to Muslims in Beruwala on 19th Jan. that the constitution will be amended to remove the declaration of prominence to Buddhism and make all religions same in Sri Lanka.

Same day evening, after usual sip the Whisky madam had said Let Gananasara be out until the election” addressing a monk just as she addresses one of her users.

Sinhelas must realize the victory of Sirisena is not yours who jumped for it, but this is the victory of Tamils and Muslims who were ever waiting to grab the opportunity by ballet not the bullet.

All including Sirisena had been bribed to the sky when they finalized the agreements in Singapore well ahead of election and all discussion were made via satellite phones for maximum secrecy between Sirisena, Man-gala and CBK as to how to launch the conspiracy.

As an appetizer, the govt. will hood wink the Sinhela public by marginal reduction of foods, petrol and gas while all being done to give away the North and East to Ealaam under the non negotiable agreement they have reached for months.

In order to keep people in darkness without knowing the security situation in the country, the govt. had abolished the position Military spokesman from today. Also they have imposed another rule that no govt. official issue statements to media without the approval of govt. This is the precursor to the all out media censorship to come ahead!

Day by day the cabinet being increased and now its 57 all together. Hurahh……………………….. Century up in two weeks.

There is no doubt a new country out of this country in another 86 days from today as promised by Sirisena in his election manifest and the end of Sinhela Buddhists, be ready for the final closure of your coffin!  

4 Responses to “Episode five of the conspiracy of unholy alliance (CBK,RW, UNP,JVP,JHU, RAW, CIA & LTTE)”

  1. Wickrama Says:

    Time to form a “GERRY RAWLINGS” brigade.


    Mahinda, I have a problem with your article, did you know This is the second time I see JRJ brought to the debate, but every one forgot that ELECTION COMMISSIONER PUNK stopped the computer and modified the results three times to come up with 70% Kilolinochchi results. President Obama called him directly make him get 70% for Killinochchii. If you want then, write an article, publish it on LANKAWEB requesting it. I will even give person who paid Champika’s Divorce settlement.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Wake up Buddhists.Wake up Sinhalese before the Tamils,Wahabis and Christians swallow the land we cherished for two thousand six hundred years. It’s not a joke. These traitors will do anything to keep the power. This time they have a full backing of Americans and the west and also the Indians and Tamil Diaspora. I do not know who will lead us against this coup plotters but there should be someone before it’s too late.

    Rajithaya and Awamangalaya are the two mouth piece for this new illegal Govt and they will not stop canvassing for western stooges unless someone stop them in their tracks.It’s a do or die game again for Sinhalese Buddhists. All Patriots must join hands with each and every group who are against this evil Govt of MY3’Ranil’/Choura Regina. Enough of their lies let’s get together and build a force to take them out immediately before they break our country in to pieces. We cannot stay idle while they discuss and plan to destroy our country. They get money and the backing from the western Govts and India and it will be very easy for them to navigate the ship as they wish if we don’t take action now. Have to break this cycle of terror by this Govt. They act like thugs beating innocent people and take them out by force in some instances. They bring fear to the society by blocking all news from Opposition and from around the country including North and East. They have already brainwashed the poor by reducing some food items and they will try to give some more concessions here and there and get the vote somehow in the next General election. Be aware of the danger ahead my dear Sinhalese. Do not trust MY3 like Mahinda. He is a American paid spy. Go to the mirror and ask by yourself “Mirror,Mirror who is better Mahinda or three Villains (MY3/Ranil/Chandrika).

  4. NAK Says:

    Let us not make a mistake, My3 is a UNP President. It was wrong to give him the SLFP and it was wrong for him to take it. let alone demand it.
    They know that they can not win the next election but with a fine and nice set up where UNP too could creep in to the government.
    So far,they have only mentioned about a deputy prime minister from the loosing side. When the time is right they will demand to be included in the cabinet as well and the President being a refugee in UNP, will have to accede.
    Yes, they are sh*t scared of Mahinda and probably the only man who can scuttle their sinister agenda.

    All the signs are that we are heading towards another catastrohpy, unless this plan is derailed at is infantcy.

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