New York Times article – Humiliating Sri Lanka’s National Flag
Posted on February 1st, 2015

Shenali Waduge

New York Times article ‘Helping Sri Lanka’s New Democracy’ by biased writer Ryan Goodman has humiliated Sri Lanka’s National Flag… placing a yankee carrying an American flag riding the lion (Sinhala race). If this is some sort of message the US is trying to convey… it is good for the Sri Lankan people to ask themselves whether they wish to have the Americans riding on them!

Humiliating the National Flag is a penal code offence.
Will the new Sri Lankan Government outsourced its role from the elected President take action at least issue a statement denouncing this act?


10 Responses to “New York Times article – Humiliating Sri Lanka’s National Flag”

  1. AnuD Says:

    Americans think they are the greatest.

    I am pretty sure, Genghis Khan, Roman empire, Ottoman empire, Persia, Great Britain.. and many more would have thought the same way.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Shenali as always!!

    The illustration tells the story. They got their Regime Change project successful without a bullet being fired, different to Arab Spring. Arab Spring is good for uneducated Arabs. They tried it in SL 3 or 4 times but failed. JVP did a hard effort but could not complete the project because we have the people with highest literacy rate in the region. They cannot be fooled easily. They need to be given a different tablet.
    Finally CIA, or RAW or whatever came up with the right mix and right approach on Corruption and Yahapalanaya theme. That will hit hard any educated heart and they succeeded. Anura Kumara and the clan executed it so well. Patali and Ratana wahanse did the icing and decorations. The media and the people with rogue interests can create or destroy anybody’s image by propaganda. They made the public believe that MR is the most corrupt politician in the history of the country. They killed his image much better than SWRD was killed by a bullet.

    Now the US will rule openly. Biswal is already in SL.

    As a long term strategy, they are planning to prosecute Gota being a US Citizen thinking it will weaken MR’s coming back.

    If US do that, it will be a big mistake. This article attached to SW article says
    “As a citizen, Mr Rajapaksa can be held liable under the War Crimes Act of 1996…..”..

    I strongly feel that they are already on the path. Fredrica Janz has given a talk in Oslo, mainly blaming Gota for everything.

    This Sunday Leader is the paper who wants to get rid of Gota from the early days of the war, bringing all sorts of bribery thing on Mig deal.

    Although people in SL are enjoying the new low cost of living and having a good temporary live, forgetting who saved them, at least the Sri Lankans who live in foreign countries should be vigilant and make sure such thing will not succeed. Otherwise by the time our sleeping Sinhala’s wake up, Gota will be already in Hague and then they will start taking revenge from innocent Tamils living among them, who do not want any Peelam. This will drag the country for many 100 years back again.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Wake up Sinhalese.Do not dream only your food plate.Dream of your land of birth and how to save it from the evil Trio MY3/Ranil/Chandrika. They came to power with the help of this evil America as you can see and read in this article. Thank you Shenali as always you bring something special for us to read.

    The whole world is against this evil monster America.They destroyed many peaceful countries around the world. They rob openly the natural wealth of countries and help terrorists groups with money and arms. No one to question them because they are the only mighty super power in the world. Now their eyes are here in our country. They planned a coup and brought back their Tie Coat man as head of the Govt. They spend millions on to this dirty game of theirs. Their main aim is to destroy the Rajapksa’s because he never bow down to this monster at any time. Rajapksa’s brought Peace and Prosperity to our country after a bloody war of thirty years. They worked for the people of Sri Lanka not for these white pigs. He was admired by many leaders around the world not like this Tie Coat traitor Ranil the gayboy. People must read this article and see what the Americans have done to our flag. It’s not a small offense to ignore.This illegal Govt must act immediately and do something about it if not they will do as they did to other countries around the world.

    People should wake up before it’s too late. This is the time to fight for our country and the freedom. We cannot allow few politicians to play with our country’s sovereignty and freedom. The country is more important than feeding your stomach at this critical moment. We are going to face the same scenario like in 83-2009 if we do not act wisely and courageously. S.L.F.P should take the lead without MY3 the traitor who is collaborating with UNP with the advise from Americans. We should fight Independently without any current Govt supporters on our side. All patriots must stand together as one and prepare to fight the evil as soon as possible.

  4. nilwala Says:

    Hiranthe and Ranjit are absolutely correct in all their comments.

    The Yahapalana politicians are leading the country up the garden path with soothing statements about a national government with Pres. Sirisena still leading the SLFP. It is the SLFP party Constitution that has permitted this exercise and the party membership does not seem to understand the full implications of what is going on These reassurances by the President are meaningless and he does not seem to realise the gravity of what he has stepped into. The reentry of the LTTE via the US/UK with the public blinded and unseeing of the blatant violation of democratic principles that is going on apace, with especially the majority Sinhala people being hoodwinked through false assurances of “freedom of speech” and “good governance” into ceding this country once more to the Western colonials….
    It is 1815 being re-enacted before our very eyes. The traitors are at it again….

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Shenali, thank you for defending our honor since those who are supposed to are asleep. In 1815 Sri Lanka was conquered by the British due to the disunity among the Sinhala leaders. See the details.

    One hundred years later in 1915 they imprisoned the Sinhala leaders and killed Henry Pedris who was a brilliant young man. See the details

    Now another hundred year later in 2015 they have done a coup and taken over the leadership of the country with a bunch of puppets in front. History has repeated it self every 100 years.

    So sad that our people can be fooled so easily by platitudes. The politicians who should be taking action against the insult to Sri Lanka are impotent against US and UK since they got help from them to come in to power.

  6. Nimal Says:

    This was one of the saddest moment of the British history of the island where Governor Charmers made mistakes ignoring the concerns of the majority.We are happy that great people like DS,EW P and Wickramasinghe took great risks to get to GB to bring the injustice to the attention of the British. That sacrifice brought changers in our favour and must accept that there are ups and downs in our lives, just as lord Buddha had stated, everything is cyclical.
    Matters were solved amicably with the new governor Anderson and the people thereafter and the likes of DS did live a life of Colombians to their death, the only logical way.
    World is moving on and we must move on with it but some want to pedal backwards to medieval times that will never happen, so dream on.
    There are up and down with the relations with US and the world doesn’t appreciate the way US is moving about, yet US is the elephant in the room and there will be moments, when the world will face great disasters, unknown Nazi like nations, we could rely on them. We want US to be Strong and just. Latter quality is still remote when they seems to be gun loving, trigger happy and their cops behave like idiots, and their politicians are utterly ignorant of the world outside and allowing their security agencies to do what they like. I wouldn’t want to live in US, yet.

  7. Ratanapala Says:

    Fact of the matter is it depicts where exactly the Americans are now in Sri Lanka. The traitors all got together did exactly the US bidding. Gamarala hasn’t got a clue to what is happening around him. For him every day is a new beginning. He is waiting to sign anything that is laid in front of him.

    Does he know that Avamangala is off turning upside down everything that Sri Lanka tried to prevent from happening – Division of Sri Lanka, formation of an Eelam with undefined borders and eventually balkanisation of India.

    Our motherland is more important than Yahapalanaya, Human Rights or Democracy!

  8. Independent Says:


    When you wrote “LOVE LETTERS” those Tamil Nadu jokers got angry and started saying Ado Yako to us and made a hell of big noise. Our government need not have to start complaining about a article in a news paper owned by private individuals/shareholders.
    But as individuals and organisations we should definitely lodge strong protests. That is what a lot of people doing now and you too. So, thank you very much.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear LankaWeb Moderator,

    My heartfelt thanks! You have again DONE THE RIGHT THING discharging your DUTY to defend and protect our Motherland!

    I have worn your shoes as a moderator in the past, and have been forced to take SIMILAR ACTION to protect those things we hold dear, by denying a platform for those who wish to undermine and destroy our country.

    Some NAIVELY THINK that FREE SPEECH is an unlimited right to run amok exploiting the very system that enables those freedoms, to DESTROY it.

    It is not so. In every DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY there are RULES OF THE ROAD that must be OBSERVED. Those rules are set by those who wield power, usually lawmakers representing the democratic majority. Those who violate those rules suffer the consequences. There is always a conflict between FREE SPEECH and NATIONAL SECURITY with the pendulum swinging to and fro in favor of one or the other. In the USA, the Sedition Act of old, the more recent Patriot Act, and the latest legislation on the monitoring of phone calls and internet content and indicate the PRIORITY that Americans, quite rightly, place on National Security in the interest of National Survival. So must the Patriotic sons and daughters of Sri Lanka protect their Motherland.

    LankaWeb, from its very INCEPTION, was concerned with the defense and protection of our Motherland. Accordingly, to that end, it has a DUTY to discharge by preventing the use of its website for the purposes INIMICAL to the VERY SURVIVAL of Sri Lanka as a Sovereign Unitary Nation; the ONLY homeland of the Sinhala people.

    The ENEMIES of Sri Lanka throw “Free Speech”, “Democracy”, “Human Rights” and “Buddhist Values” in our face to RENDER US DEFENCELESS against their onslaught, while they exploit those very values to destroy the system that gives them those freedoms. We MUST NOT ALLOW THAT by falling prey to those Siren Songs!

    In that same way, the enemies toppled established governments in the Middle East, confusing the people, and transforming those countries into lawless anarchies, condemning their people to death, destruction, homelessness and despair.

    You would think that having suffered through 30 years of such pain ourselves, Sri Lankans would not let our guard down, to let it happen again. Yet, they have recently succeeded beginning that very process in Sri Lanka as well. Before the recent election, we saw a WELL ORCHESTRATED, CONCERTED EFFORT to disseminate REGIME CHANGE Propaganda on the INTERNET and elsewhere, to SOW DISSATISFACTION in the minds of WEAK MINDED GULLIBLE people; an effort that continues to this day.

    I am doing my part towards to stem that Tide of Anti-National Propaganda. I find NO JOY AT ALL in the particular approaches that I have been FORCED to take at LankaWeb in the defense of my Motherland; but as a Patriotic Son of Lanka, I MUST fight FIRE with FIRE.

    Please CONTINUE to Monitor these Anti-National Propaganda activists; and DENY them every opportunity to use LankaWeb as a WEAPON against our Resplendent Motherland.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Dependent,

    Please do not beg; I HATE those who BEG for leniency after EARNING the beatings they receive. Another way of putting it is to say, “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

    And KNOW THIS: I ROUTINELY THROW BACK STONES THROWN AT ME. You chose to throw stones at me, so ENJOY the RESPONSE!


    That process of accountability involves STRONG WORDS which I am happy to supply following in the footsteps of Anagarika Dharmapala throughout his career, and Ven. Mohottiwatte Gunananda thera who led the Buddhist team in the Panadura Wadaya.

    When GREAT ISSUES are at stake, we must forget LESSER things and RISE to the OCCASION with SWORD in hand. A GREAT SCAM orchestrated by Enemies of Sri Lanka, both local and foreign, was perpetrated on the people of Sri Lanka. This SCAM, that could DESTROY our Motherland, must be EXPOSED as such and REVERSED!

    If you have neither the vision, nor the commitment, to recognize the THREAT THAT HAS ARISEN to our Motherland, that is your folly, not mine, but please don’t dish out palliatives to those who do.

    It is good that you watched the CBK video, but please don’t swallow all of the self-serving stuff she dished out hook, line and sinker. There are at least TWO SIDES to EVERY STORY. You have not heard MR’s side as yet on HER ALLEGATIONS. That’s all they are: UNPROVEN ALLEGATIONS.

    I am surprised you concluded that her ALLEGATIONS “proved what type of a person our ex-president was”! NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH; she is HEAVILY biased and therefore is NOT CREDIBLE.

    She is ONE of the two FAILED LEADERS of Sri Lanka who COLLUDED to OUST, in the words of H.L.D. Mahindapala, the “Greatest Overachiever of Our Time”! We need an IMPARTIAL ASSESSMENT of the FACTS, not only the charges of a VINDICTIVE INSANELY JEALOUS woman!

    You learned by listening to it; I LIVED through all of that and I know what happened by chapter and verse. If anything, it confirmed my view that she is DRIVEN BY JEALOUSY & HATE against MR, and not by the WELFARE of our Motherland.

    In her mind, NO ONE is ALLOWED to DO ANY BETTER than her and gain the GRATITUDE of the nation. In her mind, that is her SOLE BIRTHRIGHT, and no one else is allowed to infringe upon HER preserve.

    To my mind, she did only ONE THING RIGHT during her tenure as PM and President: She dissolved Ranil’s UNP GOSL when Ranil was getting ready to sign an agreement to GIVE the North and East to the LTTE, and implemented Presidential Rule calling for new elections. That is ALL she did that was a TRUE SERVICE to the Nation: There was no liberation and reunification of the nation, no infrastructure development (eg. Expressways and Nulum Pokuna contrary to her claims), no significant progress in education. When she left, bombs were still killing tens of thousands of innocents annually! SHE IS A FAILED POLITICAL LEADER of Sri Lanka bar NONE!

    After she lost her eye in the BOMB BLAST she lost ALL COURAGE, gave up on the WAR, and started to support the Tamil Separatists saying they have “JUST GRIEVANCES”. The Sudu Nelum movement that she initiated drove a stake through the heart of our Armed Forces discouraging them and cutting them off at the knees.

    Although she claimed that much of the North was already liberated under her government, and that only the area around Mullativu remained in LTTE hands, that was an ABSOLUTE LIE. I KNOW EVERYTHING about the war zones of that period; everything except a small portion of land around Jaffna, and all land North of Vavuniya was in LTTE’s hands. Anyone who ffails to appreciate the ENORMITY of THAT LIE ALONE is a CONGENITAL IDIOT!

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