True results of the 2015 Presidential elections have come out so quickly
Posted on February 1st, 2015

Nimal R

People in Sri Lanka (I mean a minority of the majority), voted for a Yaha Palanayak” (Just Rule). Of course within just a week after the results have been announced, today I saw the two news items appended.

Who funded the change? One main person has already arrived in Sri Lanka as per news item 1. What they expected from funding (Eelam) is in the process of being carved as per the news item 2. The SLFP too has been bought by these separatists and federalists have been appointed as advisors to President. Without a SLFP, the majority will have no strength what so ever to fight the separatists.

Those who have not yet listened to the voice cut revealing the details of the coup, please listen to it through the link below:

In my opinion, the defeat of the majority is worse than the defeat they had in 1815.

Nimal R

News item 1:


News item 2:


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  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Modi congratulated his “vest” in the island even before Mahinda conceded defeat. New Foreign Minister hopped in haste to sit on a new Modi’s Indian toilet and will be followed by the new President soon. Indian vermin from USA is here and Secretary of the Empire Kamalesh is also here. Emperor Modi is coming close to the parliamentary elections of the colony. Jai Hind.

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