Let’s save mother Lanka
Posted on February 4th, 2015

Mrs Kumari Samarasinghe 

Dear Editor, Lankaweb

I have been watching the 2015 Sri Lankan Presidential elections and how the previous President was defeated with a chain of lies and a coalition that never could work together.  Now that the new man is in power, SL has become a comedy act.  I think it is high time (because if we wait for the 100 days, it could be too late) the Sri Lankans who love their mother land have a forum to show their support.  The new government’s actions bring to my mind the mantra Wimal Weerawansa was saying all along.  Asthaavara, Araajika leading to Aakramanaya by the west.  The 25% retrospective tax on companies is paving the way for Asthaavara.  Not that the current regime was not aware of the repercussions of such a stupid tax on the businesses.  The purpose of the tax is mainly to frustrate the business community.  There will be many more to come brining disintegration to the doorstep.  

I live in England and have voted to support the Palestinian state hood, save the planet earth etc. Etc…  Therefore, I like the idea of somebody launching a web site to keep SL united and get people to vote online.  We could have a question like Do you want to maintain the territorial integrity of the mother land” if so please vote. 

The website should be in all three languages, we need all communities to unite, and it should not be a Sinhala Buddhist only.  We need to garner support from Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Buddhist, Christians, Hindus, Blues, Greens, Reds, and Yellows, people living in the South, North, East, West and Central.  At the height of the Final War SL Defence launched a very informative and an un-biased web site, which I later learnt was viewed by more people than all the other news media.  Also Occupy Wall Street campaign has a good web site with a provision for people to donate money. 

Can you please give some thoughts and get an independent panel to work on this?  We need to register it and set up a bank account for future so that donations can be accepted.  We could also publicise any demonstrations etc taking place in Sri Lanka.  It is best to pay the staff, so that the progress will be quicker.   

My worry is for the announced general election, My3, Chandrika and Ranil will preside over the nomination lists and will not allow any patriotic politician to stand for elections from either SLFP or UNP.  The set of jokers who get elected will raise their hand to any resolution that comes before them.  If that happens we will never be able to reclaim the country.

Until a website is set up, please organise to get an online voting campaign going.

Thank you

Mrs Kumari Samarasinghe 

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  1. Cerberus Says:

    Excellent idea. Unfortunately the number of people with computers in Sri Lanka would be very limited. Mahinda foresaw this problem and tried to give a computer to every child. He was trying to set up computer centers for each province. In USA in spite of all the technology the people are so ignorant. Unless people make an effort to educate themselves on everything including politics I see no hope. At the end of the day we have to realize we have to all live together. By trying to play out each other has the minorities are doing will not help in the long run. It is due to the sacrifices made by over 30,000 soldiers 99% Sinhalese that today there is peace in the country. If the minorities do not realize this and want to take over the country for their benefit then there will be chaos.

  2. lokubanda Says:

    It’s a consolation to see there are people who see beyond salary increases and reduction in prices of essentials. The revengeful rulers starting from the very top downwards convey a strong message to the voters each time they open their mouths. Any wrong-doing by the previous regime is yet to be proven, despite claiming that they possess documentary evidence. Seems like reality will dawn on many Sri Lankans sooner than expected. Long live our motherland!

  3. Independent Says:

    Mr. Banda,
    You said “It’s a consolation to see there are people who see beyond salary increases ” – yes. Ex president is the one increase salaries . People thought beyond that and defeated him. People will defeat these lot too, if they start stealing money and giving Tamil Ealam.

  4. lokubanda Says:

    Let’s hope so, Independent.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “Therefore, I like the idea of somebody launching a web site to keep SL united and get people to vote online. We could have a question like Do you want to maintain the territorial integrity of the mother land” if so please vote.”


    Tamil diaspora + SL Tamils + Tamil Nadu Tamils have more computers with internet connections than pro-SL people around the world. So it will be AGAINST us.

    In April 2010 CNN asked a question should the international community stop the war in SL. Tamils, etc. voted 75% YES. I used all the computers at home with a macro to delete browsing history and vote again and again “NO” for 10,000 X 4 iterations. Still couldn’t make it shift MUCH.

  6. Independent Says:

    What are you hoping for ? These lot to start stealing too ?

    I am hoping new president will create a new government of all parties taking only good people. I am hoping for REAL Yahapalanaya.

    Even if they could not achieve in 1 year I am ready to give them 4 years with signs appearing within a year or two. At the moment, I accept , there are a lot of traitors out there. But can’t be helped, as they had to get rid of people who were doing daylight robbery of the country, somehow.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Dependent,

    How can the “new president …. create a new government of all parties taking only good people”, when HE HIMSELF is a BACK STABBER in BED with Anti-National DROHIYAS???

    Pray tell me how!

    I also watched CBK in a video interview today, taking SOLE CREDIT for the ELECTION CONSPIRACY as the Grand Puppeteer.

    She says that the SLFP and the UNP will contest the upcoming Parliamentary elections SEPARATELY, and then will JOIN TOGETHER to continue the “Yapalanaya” government.

    The ENSUING INTENECINE STRUGGLE for the Parliamentary Nominations and the Ministerial Portfolios will DESTROY this Jury-Rigged Government “Yahapalanaya” of ASSORTED BACK STABBERS & SHIP JUMPERS for GOOD!

  8. Independent Says:

    Dear Mr. USA,

    I beg you to use words that complement your honourable profession which I share too!

    I believe he is a good man, you don’t. So don’t get angry. This is nature, we cannot go against.

    “She says that the SLFP and the UNP will contest the upcoming Parliamentary elections SEPARATELY, and then will JOIN TOGETHER to continue the “Yapalanaya” government.”

    Yes. That is what I mean. When they go and sell they have to sell good people. But if your boss goes alone, he will use UNP will win and you will have to keep on writing Ayooo Sirisena forever !

    So, please calm down.

  9. ranjit Says:

    Ananda keep on banging on these stupid heads still I do not think that they will wake up and understand the truth.

    Thanks Kumari for your suggestion. It is really good to have one as suggested atleast those who love the Motherland can join hands and fight these cowards who are getting ready to break the land and the unity of the Sinhalese.

    It is suicide if you bring UNP to power again. How can anyone forget what Ranil/Chora did when they were in power? These two have again join hands and that means the second stage of their treachery to the Motherland can be seen within a short period of time.

    Already TNA & Muslims are fighting for East. North has been given already and when Modi visits there, the rest will be done automatically. MR not only stopped the bloodshed and the war,he brought the country to a high level with so many new projects and high economy and new friends all over the world.

    Just look at these gobells who are running behind Americans their saviors. S,L.F.P. should sack MY3 as president of their party and bring back MR because he brought this party to a level they are in today. That woman should be kicked out not only from the party but from the country too for having connections to LTTE Diaspora. She openly condemned our country and now acts like a Governor General of SRI lANKA. They should be treated as traitors to Mother Lanka. Wake up Patriots and do something before it’s too late.

  10. Sarath W Says:

    Independent is not an independent. He is a MR hater and supports and defends a crooked, stupid and incompetent back stabber like MY3 who is out to humiliate and destroy MR with his lies and false accusations. If MY3 is honest and patriotic, he could not
    have team up with traitors like Ranil and Chandrika and use our foreign enemies funds for his campaign. Hope MR has realised by now keeping these stupid, crooks, back stabbers and thugs in the cabinet was his down fall.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    I used all the computers at home with a macro to delete browsing history and vote again and again “NO” for 10,000 X 4 iterations. Still couldn’t make it shift MUCH – So Namathu Vettiyai Nalai Sariththiram Sollum( Our victrory will be in our history)

    Why can not you use all these money & knowledge to our poor SL liveing in mother Lanka, does not matter who they are moddu seena or sakkiliya Thamilar or Soni kakka.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    . We could have a question like Do you want to maintain the territorial integrity of the mother land”
    Mrs Kumari Samarasinghe We already have three states soon one more in Malayaham( Estate Tamils)
    We have United Mother Lanka Now as you are living in UK it similar to UK (England,walss, Scotland, N Iraland)
    We have Saiva TE(NP),Muslim TE(EP), Indians TE(uva P)& Sinha Lanka (other 6 Ps)

    Live &let’s live until Eelam war V !!!

  13. Independent Says:

    No. I don’t hate anyone. I don’t use words like “crook”, “incompetent back stabber” , “stupid” to the democratically elected president of Sri Lanka.
    I support the worthy, I defend the defendable.

    Mr. USA,

    I watched CBK video and learned a lot. It proved what type of a person our ex-president was. How about you, Sir ?

  14. Nimal Says:

    Try and study the way the politicians in Westminster is dealing with the separatists from Scotland, and Ireland where some powers will be given. To me it’s more like handing over a poisonous challis to the separatists like raising their own taxes etc.
    You many also notice the way the people and the state treat people and be accountable to the people. You will also notice that the politicians behave and any one caught out of line either resign or get kicked out.
    Do you have faults like the bad judiciary where court cases goes on for decades some beyond the deaths of the legal owners of homes rented out.
    Dou you also have people transferred from pillar to post, where some are forced to live in three houses where the husband and wives are separated and the young children, due to their education are separated from their parents?
    Do you also have a situation in UK when your parents are hospitalized, you have to find a private maid for the night and another for the day?
    He you ever driven on the roads in SL and did you notice the heavily armed escorts driving madly showing no regards to the other road users? If you had stayed long enough in the island you will notice several security people escorting the mayor of the town and in some case even the councillors. This is all at the expense of the hardworking tax payers and the incomes of the house maids that are constantly abused and even murdered by the regimes in the Middle East.
    Have you not noticed that our politicians con the public pretend to be very religious by doing pujas and tie up pirith nulas from the time they take office.

  15. Nimal Says:

    Sorry before I rechecked above I accidently submitted it.
    Will you accept if David Cameron ever goes form church to church on the day he is the elected MP, people in UK will accept it?
    If you care to come to live in this part of London you may see even the politicians at the higher up walk or take a bus to the Parliament and why is it so different in humble SL?
    Why is that most of our politicians live a double life where they pretend to live a traditional life with their attire for instance, and live a Colombian life out of the country? Do you think the likes of BR is wearing that silly dress in California?
    What to you think if Cameron would wear a kilt and I am sure where he will end up. Do you agree the culture, life styles and lastly the standard of living in UK is much more superior to SL and the reason why you are there?
    I am very well off in UK but I lament for my innocent people left behind and I want them too have a better standard of living, very much like in the West, just like the Colombians where the conniving hypocrites of our politicians would live to live, after stealing from our country.
    They the politicians know what culture is good for them selves, which I think is the Colombian and western culture.
    I have my respect to MR but he is trapped in his own chosen set up still he seems to like the western culture. See his house is named Carlton House,RW belongs to Carlton Club and I was told that former(late) Prez has a house in Carlton Hill in Maia Vale in London. They and others who write crap have a right to a good living in the western countries but why deny this to our humble people? I wonder what’s so big about Carlton? I wish sincerely wish a happy retirement for Mr Rajapakse and he had carved out his place in history for dealing with the bunch of terrorists that bled the country for 3 decades.

  16. lokubanda Says:

    Independent, I believe Ananda from USA is talking sense when he says (quote) “How can the new president …. create a new government of all parties taking only good people”, when HE HIMSELF is a BACK STABBER in BED with Anti-National DROHIYAS???” As we all know, and I personally believe, the present president was very unethical in his action. He made his plans whilst remaining a senior minister in the former government and also as the general secretary of the SLFP where he had access to all the secrets of the former regime. Naturally, he used all these to his advantage, and there is no better word than ‘back-stabbing’ to explain that. Did not he approve of ALL what the former regime did? Did not he speak forcefully in support of them at every opportunity? Remember what he said when the former CJ was being impeached? Then, let’s ask if he too isn’t responsible for any of their misdeeds? The end result was a new government headed by him with so much of relief to so many. But, the END DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS!

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Try and study the way the politicians in Westminster is dealing with the separatists from Scotland, and Ireland where some powers will be given.
    This is what We-Tamil was asking since 1948 at last We have now, lost how many thousand Mother Lankan.
    for this our Karma !!! but at last We are United now .

    to maintain the territorial integrity of the mother land Yaldevi to South & Mahaveli to North !

    Long life to United Provincial Council of Mother Lanka !!!

  18. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    LONG, LONG BEFORE THE ELECTION, THERE WAS A SIMILAR CAMPAIGN, PEOPLE COLLECTED MONEY, PRINTED THOUSANDS OF FLYERS ETC. The people who printed flyers were the owners of the Pring Presses, and it was the same people who collected the monies. Just hypothetical;- If a flyer cost Rs5.00 it was accounted at Rs.20.00. The Campaign people stole the monies. Most of the monies were not accounted for. Ultimately a person with VERY HIGH INTEGRITY AND CREDIBILITY WHO HELPED DRAFT THE FLYERS AND ALSO DONATED MONEY, WAS ACCUSED OF CHEATING SOME MONIES. HE DOES NOT WRITE AT ALL TO THE WEB ANYMORE. I KNOW THIS PERSON PERSONALLY, AND HIS FATHER WAS ALSO A PERSON, WHO WAS VERY FAMOUS IN SRI LANKA. This is another opening for some rascals to make money. Let us drop the idea Mrs Kumari.
    Are you any relation of Jaqueline or Michael ? Just nosey. Iam looking for them, my old friends.

  19. Nimal Says:

    Please don’t waste your time and money for any campaigns and events. I too have spent colossal sums and the political scoundrels are still in the country doing nothing for the people.
    there’s a bunch of rascals, probably paid or benefited by the ugly politicians who constantly harp about a culture and a history and even blame the colonials. This kind of thinking leaves us to ISIS types in our country. I see the latter living in UK and promoting jihadist activities in other countries. Tamil diaspora too doing the same and their reckoning will not be far off,when we open the eyes of the ignorant politicans.Unlike the Sinhalese the latter is well organized financially as well as in voter numbers and they will have the attention of the politicians.
    If you want to do something then go there and meet your kin and the people close to them and listen to their suffering and do what you can.
    Stay long enough to feel the pain of the people then one may know the difference. Then will you honestly tell us that the lives of the people is not a bed of roses.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Dependent,

    Please do not beg; I HATE those who BEG for leniency after EARNING the beatings they receive. Another way of putting it is to say, “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

    And KNOW THIS: I ROUTINELY THROW BACK STONES THROWN AT ME. You chose to throw stones at me, so ENJOY the RESPONSE!


    That process of accountability involves STRONG WORDS which I am happy to supply following in the footsteps of Anagarika Dharmapala throughout his careeer, and Ven. Mohottiwatte Gunananda thera who led the Buddhist team in the Panadura Wadaya.

    When GREAT ISSUES are at stake, we must forget LESSER things and RISE to the OCCASION with SWORD in hand. A GREAT SCAM orchestrated by Enemies of Sri Lanka, both local and foreign, was perpetrated on the people of Sri Lanka. This SCAM, that could DESTROY our Motherland, must be EXPOSED as such and REVERSED!

    If you have neither the vision, nor the commitment, to recognize the THREAT THAT HAS ARISEN to our Motherland, that is your folly, not mine, but please don’t dish out palliatives to those who do.

    It is good that you watched the CBK video, but please don’t swallow all of the self-serving stuff she dished out hook, line and sinker. There are at least TWO SIDES to EVERY STORY. You have not heard MR’s side as yet on HER ALLEGATIONS. That’s all they are: UNPROVEN ALLEGATIONS.

    I am surprised you concluded that her ALLEGATIONS “proved what type of a person our ex-president was”! NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH; she is HEAVILY biased and therefore is NOT CREDIBLE.

    She is ONE of the two FAILED LEADERS of Sri Lanka who COLLUDED to OUST, in the words of H.L.D. Mahindapala, the “Greatest Overachiever of Our Time”! We need an IMPARTIAL ASSESSMENT of the FACTS, not only the charges of a VINDICTIVE INSANELY JEALOUS woman!

    You learned by listening to it; I LIVED through all of that and I know what happened by chapter and verse. If anything, it confirmed my view that she is DRIVEN BY JEALOUSY & HATE against MR, and not by the WELFARE of our Motherland.

    In her mind, NO ONE is ALLOWED to DO ANY BETTER than her and gain the GRATITUDE of the nation. In her mind, that is her SOLE BIRTHRIGHT, and no one else is allowed to infringe upon HER preserve.

    To my mind, she did only ONE THING RIGHT during her tenure as PM and President: She dissolved Ranil’s UNP GOSL when Ranil was getting ready to sign an agreement to GIVE the North and East to the LTTE, and implemented Presidential Rule calling for new elections. That is ALL she did that was a TRUE SERVICE to the Nation: There was no liberation and reunification of the nation, no infrastructure development (eg. Expressways and Nulum Pokuna contrary to her claims), no significant progress in education. When she left, bombs were still killing tens of thousands of innocents annually! SHE IS A FAILED POLITICAL LEADER of Sri Lanka bar NONE!

    After she lost her eye in the BOMB BLAST she lost ALL COURAGE, gave up on the WAR, and started to support the Tamil Separatists saying they have “JUST GRIEVANCES”. The Sudu Nelum movement that she initiated drove a stake through the heart of our Armed Forces discouraging them and cutting them off at the knees.

    Although she claimed that much of the North was already liberated under her government, and that only the area around Mullativu remained in LTTE hands, that was an ABSOLUTE LIE. I KNOW EVERYTHING about the war zones of that period; everything except a small portion of land around Jaffna, and all land North of Vavuniya was in LTTE’s hands. Anyone who ffails to appreciate the ENORMITY of THAT LIE ALONE is a CONGENITAL IDIOT!

  21. Independent Says:

    May I respond to your essay address to ADO DEPENDENT , as you appeared to have biasedly watched it.

    I reject all your character assassinations of her. These have been generated in the “angry mind”, let me ignore those.

    But I do agree with you on some points. I have friends who closely associated with her and also with your hero. He was a very high ranking government servant with access to treasury documents. Whether you believe me or not, he never found her worth of “Choura Regina” but found your hero a “Choura Raja” but he was so reluctant to disclose even to me until the lase election.

    You said “…she lost ALL COURAGE, gave up on the WAR ..” not only her, but your hero ( my hero too until recently) too lost a lot of courage and was negotiating with LTTE.

    You somewhat correctly said ” …. that only the area around Mullativu remained in LTTE hands… ABSOLUTE LIE. ”
    I don’t agree on “absolute lie”, but I agree it is not correctly worded.

    In 1986, before arrival of IPKF, our Army was confined to barracks. A young Tamil engineer who was working with me asked us they don’t understand why Army does not come out and finish the LTTE off. Although we had camps, LTTE were ruling huge areas, definitely larger than the areas they controlled in 2002. Later under Janaka Perera the Army liberated Jaffna and beyond but during her time , “unceasing waves” killed 2000 of our children at Elephant Pass. That was her big mistake. Then Jaffna was seized and we all were dead scared around 1999 , surely you remember. But these are not deliberate betrayal of the country.
    Unlike most others I do not belittle efforts of all other presidents too. No one willingly gave in to LTTE. Even though Premadasa supplied arms, one could argue that he wanted to chase IPKF away. In that sense he remains the only betrayer, arguably.

    But what struck me was what she said about ex-president . I tend to believe that now to some extent. There was this story about how My3 changed her mind to let MR run for presidency. There is some inconsistency , but generally I am convinced it was the ex-president who took revenge.

  22. sena Says:

    I like to ask the writer, do following things normally happen (some by you may consider as patriots) in Britain also and face no repercussions?
    A tax officer who went to Matara to check on a tax evader beaten almost to death – no action. A symbolic incidence announcing mere disregard for the whole governing rules and regulations.
    So many cases of colossal swindling of peoples money such as one in petroleum corp which amount to half the annual dollar earning of the country
    A situation where a ordinary woman cannot go to the police and police refusing to record complaints if it is related to someone who is even remotely related to the someone with influence
    Extreme criminal cases go unpunished exception was the murder of a British national and raping a his friend thanks to the involvement of British government at highest level.
    Mere taking of money from state banks which now has amounted to half the annual government expenditure.
    etc. etc.

    These are during past government and the new rulers have their own baggage like Chandrika’s land deals and Ranil’s friend Sunil tapping in to the main supply line of the petroleum corp to set up a gas station and brutal murders (in partnership with Premadsa) of thousands of Sinhala youth.

    On the other hand if some one even verbally threaten you in England you can be quite sure that the police will appear on the seen.
    This is the difference between a developed country and a country that will never develop. Hope patriots of the nature who want to establish social conditions where rule of law and integrity prevail take over

  23. Independent Says:

    One thing you share with our president is the love of the song ” රත්නදීප ජන්මභුමි ලංකාදීප විජයභුමි… මේ අපේ උදාර වු මාතෘභුමියයි”.

  24. Nimal Says:

    ‘On the other hand if some one even verbally threaten you in England you can be quite sure that the police will appear on the seen.
    This is the difference between a developed country and a country that will never develop. Hope patriots of the nature who want to establish social conditions where rule of law and integrity prevail take over’
    This is exactly what I have been advocating for SL.UK is the best example going around of a country with the best honest and a decent system.
    Colonials did a lot for our country and we should not forget that.Only the losers and the insincere that deny that.I daily meet many foreign visitors here in London and they always praise the system here, even the villains who have looted the country sometime and now settled in UK wants the likes of colonials bring civility and good governance to their people back home. Those who write against this are a few who ether support the notorious politicians and benefited from them or those who are not directly in touch with the suffering people in the island.

  25. Ananda-USA Says:


    I want to AGAIN offer Japan and Thailand as two countries that had very sophisticated civilizations of their own, and acquired the technological expertise to match those of the West, WITHOUT having the “dubious enefit” of being COLONIZED BY THEM.

    The United States was probably the FIRST BRITISH Colony to WIN their Independence from Britain in 1776. Despite a Civil War, in which the former Colonial Master threatened to intervene, a century later, the United States has done prettey well after kicking out them out, don’t you think? The USA has had over 200 years to develop independently, and Sri Lanka only 67 years. Give us at least EQUAL TIME to do better using our own wits!

    I also want to point out, that during the 4-5 centuries since Sri Lanka came into contact with Western Colonialists, we are STILL TRYING to overcome the EFFECTS of Colonization, whereas Japan that was NEVER COLONIZED has raced ahead to become a first world nation.

    Furthermore, NONE of the nations that were COLONIZED by Western Nations, and which gained independence after the Colonial Western Nations were SEVERELY WEAKENED by World War II, have yet become First World Nations!

    So, pray tell me … where is this OVERWHELMING BENEFIT of being COLONIZED and EXPLOITED to the MAXIMUM …. to be SEEN in the FORMER COLONIES OF THE DEVELOPING WORLD?

    The Uncle Tom ELITES of these countrieswho allied themselves to, and SLAVISLY SERVED, the White Masters have no doubt BENEFITED ENORMOUSLY from their LAPDOG status, but what about the VAST MAJORITY … the TEEMING MILLIONS … of ordinary citizens who have NOT BENEFITED in EQUAL MEASURE?

    What ABOUT them? Don’t they COUNT in your ASSESSMENT of OVERWHELIMING benefit!

    Your should THINK DEEPER, Dear Nimal, and develop a FAIR & OBJECTIVE BASIS for assessing the BENEFITS of COLONIZATION to the TEEMING MILLIONS who colonized and not the FEW Elites who joined them in the exploitation of their own people!

  26. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Nimal,

    I want to add to my previous CRITICISM of the “BENEFITS OF BEING COLONIZED”.

    There are at least TWO BROAD CATEGORIES of countries that were COLONIZED that we must consider separately.

    1. In the FIRST CATEGORY are countries that were DENSELY POPULATED, with a highly “civilized” societies of their own, strong reliogions capable of mustering resistance to the Colonialists tehologically, politically and sometimes militarily as well. In those countries, although the Colinialists succeeded in conquering them, they were largely UNSUCCESSFUL in either DENUDING the land of its indigenous people, or of ASSIMILATING them completely into their own IMPORTED culture.

    Most colonized countries of Asia, such as Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Indochina, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle Eastern Muslim states, of North Africa, and Equatorial Africa fall into this category. Some countries of South Africa fell prey to the Missionaries of the Colonial invaders, but succeeded in surviving the eradication of their peoples.

    In many of these countries, REVIVALS of the local culture and religions were SPEARHEADED by local political leaders and religious figures to RESIST and TURN BACK the Tide of Europeanization. Today they can all be considered to have RETAINED their “Indigenous Cultures” with a thin layer of European Colonial influence. Today, their populations are largely indigenous and their ECONOMIES largely belong to the DEVELOPING (Second) WORLD and even the UNDEVELOPED (Third) World.

    That thin layer consists of the best features of what they learned from the Colonisers, particularly in organization of national administrations, in modern technology, and in the European Languages that open windows to the external world. That thin layer, however, does not represent benefits that COULD NOT HAVE BEEN ACQUIRED without the EXPLOITATIVE BURDEN of COLONIZATION, as the case of Japan exemplifies.

    2. The SECOND CATEGORY of Colonies consists of those countries in which the indigenous population did not have the STRONG cultures, ORGANIZED religions, or the military strength to survive into a Post-Colonial Era. In these countries, systematic GENOCIDE was carried out against the native population, and LARGELY replaced with European immigrants from the “Mother” countries. Their TEEMING POPULATIONS were LARGELY wiped out; only traces of these once proud peoples exist today in protected areas serving the tourist trade of the Europeans. Today, the populations of these countries are of European extraction, and their ECONOMIES belong to the DEVELOPED (First) WORLD!

    This SECOND CATEGORY of countries, include the United States and Canada (native Americans wiped out and replaced by Europeans and African slaves), Australia (Native “Aborigines” wiped out and replaced by British convicts, and later other European settlers), New Zealand (Maoris wiped out and replaced by Europeans). There are some others as well. These nations are not we normally refer to as COLONIZED NATIONS; they were De-Facto EXTENSIONS of their Colonizing European “Mother” countries.

    The FACT that a FEW countries that WERE NEVER COMPLETELY or PARTIALLY COLONIZED …. such as Japan and Thailand … exist today to GIVE LIE to the NOTION that COLONIZATION is NECESSARY for people to SURVIVE as THRIVE as a FIRST WORLD Nation.

    Finally, the VAST DISPARITY in Development & National Wealth (on a Per Capita Basis) between these CATEGORIES of formerly COLONIZED nations, PROVES two FACTS beyond reasonable doubt:

    A. It is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY to be COLONIZED to rapidly develop and become a FIRST WORLD nation, capable of COMPETING toe-to-toe with Western Colonizing nations.

    B. The HUGE disparity between the TWO CATEGORIES of colonized nations is PROOF that different COLONIAL administrative policies were in play. In the FIRST CATEGORY to ONLY ECONOMICALLY EXPLOIT because inflicting a GENOCIDE proved to be not feasible, and to PREVENT the rise of ECONOMIES capable of COMPETING with the West, and in the SECOND CATEGORY to ELIMINATE the INDIGENOUS people, REPLACE them with immigrants from EUROPEAN countries, and to PROVIDE the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE that would TRANSFORM them into “European” countries lying outside Europe.

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