The List of Baseless Accusations (BS)
Posted on February 10th, 2015


Some narrow minded stalwarts in the Green Party and the JVP, who always sees crocodiles in the bath tub get agitated when an opposing comment is posted in the FB and they call those BS. But the real BS are given below.

 This is the most corrupted election campaign ever carried out jointly by UNP, JVP, JHU, SLMC, and TNA spear headed by Chandrika (Queen of Thieves) & (Awa) Mangala funded by the Western Embassies to do a regime change.  They used the Goebbels Theory very effectively to spread lies in an organized manner through the Internet, to mislead the general public, and change their mind set. Now all their blatant lies are being exposed. Other than the hardcore UNPrs, JVPrs, Tamils & Muslims who have no concern for the wellbeing of the country and the Sinhalese race, no other people will ever fall for such lies at the next election.

BS1. Gotabaya had over Rs. one billion of Government funds in his personal account and I tranferred it back to the Treasury”. Ravi. The new Defense Secretary says that money was in the account of Defense Ministry administered by a Deputy Secretary and the Chief Accountant of the Ministry and not in anyone’s personal account.

 BS2. Rajapakse ordered a special luxury plane for his personal use and I cancelled it”. Sirisena. Sri Lankan Air lines & Air Bus denies the knowledge of any such order. They say that it is a VIP Kit valued at $18 million, given free to all the Airlines when they order Air Buses, to be used when they want to carry VIP passengers. This Kit can be assembled after removing four rows of seats within 8 hours and dismantled after usage and store for future use.

 BS3 Rajapkse sons imported Lamborghini and Aston Martins for their personnel use”. JVP & JHU. Up to now no such vehicles have been found and now they are searching the wardrobes in houses in and around Medamulana.

,BS4. Army recovered  350 tonnes (350000 kilos) of gold from war zone and given to Rajpakses which has disappeared”. There were only 500,000 people in the war zone at that time, and therefore each person living there has had 700 Grams (Close to one Kilo) of gold in his/her possession. What a Rich area it had been?

 BS5. There are over 3500 files missing at the Treasury” – Ravi. He had been able to go through over 25000 files within a week and has detected 3500 files missing. What a Super Human he is? If we have 10 people like him, Sri Lanka can prune the Government Service at least by 90 % and save billions annually.

 BS6. Six contractors of Northern Highway agreed to reduce the cost by 60 Billion”. Ravi. Part of the funding for this comes from China and he is supposed to have negotiated with the six local sub-contractors, working for the main contractor who got the Tender. It is now obvious that it is the local sub-contractors who have given quotations inflated by 60 Billion, to the main contractor who made the bid. Now Ravi should take action to cancel & blacklist these sub-contractors for this fraudulent act. Looking for more mud to sling at Rajapakses.

 BS7. We have files with enough evidence to prove the corrupt deals by Rajapakses”. JVP & JHU. Ven.Rathana & Ranwake now want people who have any evidence to prove these allegations to come forward. What happened to the evidence they said they already have? Have they misplaced the files?  

 BS8. Rajapakse sons have helicopters & private planes for their use”. They only found an unusable, corroded single-seater plane built by Eng. Ray Wijewardane with a motor cycle engine, that was gifted to Chandran Ratnam the movie maker. This was given by him to one of the Rajapkase sons as a collector’s item.

 BS9.” A billion Rs. super luxury meditation center is being built for the exclusive use of Rajapakse family at Kadawatha”. Gon Ranja alias Matara Sunil. The Chief incumbent of the Meditation center declares that it is built with the donations received by him from the Buddhists living in Sri Lanka and abroad and it has nothing do with Rajpakses, and that this joker had no business to raid a Buddhist temple in search of mud, because he is not a Buddhist.

 BS10. We will cancel the Colombo Port City Project within 24 hours after we come in to power”. Ranil.

Now they say that they are going ahead with this project as they have found the Environment Assessment Report done by the Moratuwa University which had gone missing earlier.

 BS11. A horse from a very special breed was imported from Buckingham Palace, for the exclusive use of Rajapakse sons”. A News item. So far no such horse or even any other evidence related to such an import is found. It is the first time we learnt that Queen Elizabeth is a Horse Dealer.

 BS12. A floating arsenal was brought to Galle harbor to facilitate a coup to prevent Srisena from becoming the President”. It was proved that this ship belonging to a private Security Company, was engaged in a legitimate operation with Cabinet approval and under the supervision of the Sri Lanka Navy to provide security to International Shipping lines for over two years.

 BS13. If we lose the no confidence motion against John Amaratunge, we will dissolve the Government”. Ranil. This motion is a blessing in disguise for him, because he knows very well that they cannot fulfil even half of the promises they said they will do within 100 days. This is also a good excuse for him even to prevent the abolition of, Executive Presidency which he wants very badly.

 BS14.”Bribery Commission is very slow in acting on our complaints against Rajapakses” JVP is weeping. Those complaints only have farts, no shit to extract. Their media circus with piles of files and going to Bribery Commission to mislead the general public is now being exposed.



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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    FULLY AGREE with GR. Hopefully the new govt. will continue with his good work.

    “Getting voted into office or voted out of office is a different matter. Churchill too was voted out of office soon after he won World War II, but that did not mean that the British public did not appreciate the leadership he had provided during the war.”

    Golden words. This is what some FOOLS fail to understand.

  2. Christie Says:

    People do not understand what India is up to. In 1956 election Third Eye attached Sir John Kotalawela with lies worse than these. This government is put in place by India as it did with Rajapaksa in 2005. India made an error and a mess with its terrorist arm was wiped out by Rajapaksaes. @009 it got Sarath Fonseka and lost. This time the daughter of the servant family and the looser of 2005 and a coolie India won but looks like Thirs Eye is having trouble keeping all the coolies doing their job.

  3. Christie Says:

    “Third Eye attacked (not attached) Sir John Kotalawela”

  4. nilwala Says:




  5. ranjit Says:

    I used to write about these Golubellas same as you maybe hundred times. You are damn correct and thanks for exposing their(UNP & THE UGLY GANG OF THIEVES) bankrupt policies.

    Every Govt had their ups and downs and they were blamed unnecessarily sometimes. We don’t say the previous Govt was 100% good. They had corrupt guys same as the past Govts including UNP but never harassed and put innocent people behind bars without proof like this Yahapalana Govt. is doing.

    The whole election drama was a coup orchestrated by the western Govt’s and the Indians. we came to know that the voting in North was rigged and there were some killings and intimidation of Opponents by the Govt supporters. This was going on thru out the country from the day one they took over the Govt. All the truth was blocked and we are unable to get correct Info thru the newspapers or T.V except in Forums like this.

    Everybody knows about this Master liar AWAMANGALAYA. In fact UNP once told that they had appointed Awamagalaya only to spread lies. He is the hakarella who said MY3 was just a simple clerk and not fit to be the President of Sri Lanka. Now the Opposition too must go to the bribery commission and file cases against these thieves without any fear for the public to know the real truth. So many corrupt guys out there in the current Govt at the moment and they should be investigated first. CBK,Ranil,Ravi,Sajith,Wijewickrema,Rajitha,Champaka to mention few. We have to investigate war crimes committed by Ranil – Prabakaran duel during the war including Batalanda case and the killing of our heroes in the Inteligence +killing of 700 policemen etc. We should know the truth as voters in this country. The people who loves this country must ask from both sides to give answers to all crimes committed by politicians on both sides if we are going to have Yahapalanaya in this land.

    Only country in the world who actually had Yahapalanaya was South Afrika because when Nelson Mandela the great black peace maker won the elections he never took any revenge from anyone instead he showed Karunawa and Maitriya to his Opponents. There were no backlash of whites at all. In Sri Lanka the other way around,the people who came to power by saying they are going to have a yahaplanaya started to kill innocent people, Harass Opponents, Intimidate the Opposition, terminate people from work, taking over places by force, jail people without proof etc. Truth will prevail at last and these big time liars and cheaters will be exposed and the people of Sri Lanka will give the correct answer to them in the near future.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    One wonders why such aa vicious campaign was set up against the Rajapakse family. What is the reason behind all this blasphemy ?

    Is the REAL reason use of Trinco harbor and surrounds, and the North of Lanka ?
    Perhaps pre-PM Nehru (PM Nehru brought in anti-Secessionist Laws to India) breakaway state Tamil Nadu also involved ?

    Throw out the Falsehoods for what they are.

    Sri Lanka is for Sri Lankans who are true Nationalists. The rest can migrate to their chosen spots abroad.

    ACTIVATE THE 6th Amendment.

  7. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Priya and the other contributors. As commented by Nilwala “THERE MUST BE LEGAL RECOURSE, BUT IN THE MEANTIME, SHOW THEM UP FOR THE LIARS THEY ARE!!” That indeed is the task at Hand. Sue them for all their lies as part of the ‘Yahapalanaya’ But expecting anything on these lines by MY3 and his goons is a miracle – I think this should be done by MR himself! – S de Silva – London

  8. Indrajith Says:

    Well said, Priya. Thank you for writing this interesting article.
    Hope Ex President and his family will take legal action against these ‘King Chethiya’ type lies.
    In the mean time, I am wondering why MR is not framing charges against Aalapaalu Ranawaka
    for publishing the infamous photo MR hugging KP instead of Sir LJP.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Churchill & MR was voted out of office for different reason that is the problem.
    One said zero civilian casualty in the war, Who said that ??? King of Liar who get his saram get wet every March!!!

    Does Churchill wear Saram !!!

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    The lies and exaggerations from the present govt are so ghastly, they would put Hitler’s lie master, Goebbels to shame.

    How low can a group of people fall ?

    Wake us up when the nightmare is over and the dignity of the country is restored. If Change had to happen, be transparent about it, bring it up in Parliament, debate on the issues and Move On, as any Law abiding nation demands.

    Citizens of Lanka who are knowledgable about the Law of the Land ought to take this present lot to Courts and win $$s to upgrade the entire country.

  11. Independent Says:

    President must clarify or apologise for these “BS” or catch the thieves and put in Jail without safeguarding ANYONE in order to win votes in the parliament.

    The main BS is why and how the cabinet of a country carrying out day to day work disappeared overnight ? Even a clerk is required to give 1 month notice when resigning.
    Where is PB Jayasundara who pioneered the big theft according to Champika ? Why isn’t any complain lodged against him ?

  12. Indrajith Says:

    BS15: Before the election Sirisena Hitan said “On the night of 9th January, we’ll close gates of the airport and will not let anyone to leave the country”. The following day he said “Mama kiwwalu airport wahanawa kiyala hitan. Mata mole amaruwak thiyenda epaya ehema kiyanda”

    BS16: Before the election Sirisena Hitan said ‘I’ll not live in the Temple Trees or in the Presidents House but will govern from Polonnaruwa”. Now he says “I’ll live in the Keppetipola Mawatha residence and will govern from there (Colombo)”

  13. NAK Says:

    When the US military was booted out of the Phillipenes,they tried their best to creep in to Trinco but India wouldn’t have none of it.
    Now they are going to be kicked out of Okinawa and Diego Garcia at the same time.
    North eastern Australia has accepted a small part of the Okinawa base but they are now desparate for a replacement for Diego Garcia to cover the Indian ocean and there is no better place than Hambanthota or anywhere northwards from there on the east coast.
    They seem to have worked the Indians this timne around.

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