New Government ant-Buddhist thugs led by Ranjan Ramanayake threatens Taiwan sponsored Buddhist meditation centre
Posted on February 11th, 2015

Yahapalanaya News

A group of Christian thugs led by another Christian Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake raided a Buddhist meditation centre owned by a well know Buddhist monk in Taiwan Ven Bodhagama Chandima at Imbulgoda, Kadawatha recently. Ven Bodhagama Chandima  is a well know Buddhist activist both in Sri Lanka and inTaiwan. He has also built a temple in Manel watta which was owned by wife of former president J.R. Jayawardene.

The Deputy Minister of Social Services, Welfare and Livestock, Ranjan Ramanayake himself  a Christian raided this centre pretending that the luxury meditation centre was built by Rajapakse family to be used exclusively by  Rajapaksase.

Contrary to Ranjan Ramanayke’s claim Ven Bodhagama Chandima has brought funds from Taiwanese Buddhists to build this modern meditation centre worth over Rs. 1000 million to be used both by local as well foreign devotees.

The building of this facility has also been promoted by Mahinda Rajapakse just as any other Buddhist meditation centres and temples in Sri Lanka which normally get presidential blessings.  But this facility has never been used by the Rajapaksase family. First Ranjan Ramanayake accused Ven Dhammaloka for  building this temple for Mahinda Rajapakse but later Ven Dhammaloka issued a statement denying it.

Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake along with his goons accompanied by the local Police has raided a super luxury meditation centre, despite the resident monk who is the administrator of the meditation centre dismissed the claims made by the Deputy Minister and insisted that the premises are being constructed by him and has no link to the Rajapaksase.
Minister Ramanayake speaking to Daily Mirror said he accompanied a team of journalists from a private media institution who had received news of the luxury meditation centre located in Imbulgoda, Kadawatha, as they had not been allowed to enter the premises earlier.

No expenses had been spared in planning and constructing this meditation centre that is spread over eight acres. It is fully-fledged complete with ebony furnishings, a massive library, Italian bathroom fittings and a helipad,” he said suggesting that all Buddhist temples should, now on, get prior planning and construction permission from the Yahapalanaya government in which  most of the ministers and deputies are non-Buddhists.

Ramanayake says up until January 8, a team of over 60 army personnel had been stationed in and around the centre to provide security but added that on the day of the raid, only three of them were stationed.

According to him, the premises are believed to have been the abode of King Walagamba but that does not mean that government thugs can forcefully enter a well-respected meditation centre in the country in which 70% of the population are Buddhists.
Independent observers believe that the present government is deliberately agitating for an unnecessary religious confrontation, among otherwise calm and peaceful Buddhist majority in Sri Lanka.

Super luxury meditation center found: Ranjan

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15 Responses to “New Government ant-Buddhist thugs led by Ranjan Ramanayake threatens Taiwan sponsored Buddhist meditation centre”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Recently there has been a spate of news articles of Western tourists desecrating extremely holy Hindu/Buddhist sites. The major one being Angkor Vat. That Temple is the national and spiritual center of Cambodia. A nation that in the 20th century was victim to one of the worst horrors perpetrated on mankind.

    Cambodia lost a quarter of her population under the Khmer Rouge. Pol Pot was educated in France, bringing with him a radical warped sense of nationalism that destroyed so many of his country men. Now from that very nation tourists posing nude in the world’s largest religious building (once a Hindu Temple, now a Buddhist temple) and the spiritual sustenance of millions of Cambodians still bearing the wounds from the 1970’s

    This has been repeated in Sri Lanka. The wanton disrespect shown by Christians on non Christian holy places in the home nation is a betrayal of their own sense of justice. When so many French were killed for portraying Mohammed in a Satire the world rallied around them in Paris. But just a few weeks later news across the world carries French tourists blatantly insulting Buddhism

    When I was a child in St. Peters college I used to be quite alarmed at the vitriol shown by my Catechism teacher against Buddhism and any other faith in Sri Lanka. In that same class room were also Buddhist and Hindu boys sent by their parents to a prestigious school, but who had to endure the scorn and bigotry of this teacher. It is not surprising to read that these Christian thugs would treat the main faith of Sri Lanka in such a shoddy manner.

  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Americans

    Don’t repeat what you have been doing in Vietnam where you have been supporting a minority Christian government in a Buddhist majority country. In Vietnam Buddhists were discriminated by a handful of Christians for so long until majority Buddhists had to seek help from Communist Vietcong to liberate their country.

    I hope you read this message clearly.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    He is VICIOUS in his attacks against BUDDHISTS. He has to be LEASHED or worse.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Similar temples are constructed elsewhere in the world with the assistance of Buddhists in Taiwan. Taiwanese Buddhists spend generously for their construction. I have seen these temples in New Zealand and in Australia. They are huge complexes enclosing spaces of nearly 10 acres or more.

    As a Sinhala Buddhist I am ashamed that in Buddhist Sri Lanka a holy site has been desecrated by the visit of a Chrisitan rabid dog of the calibre of Ranjan Ramanayake – all under the new Yaha Palanaya. If this person was there at the time of Lord Buddha he would have even come to criticise Jetavanaramaya!

    Before coming to inspect Buddhist places of worship he should start with a visit to the Vatican – a repository of stolen artefacts and a product of slave labour – now a sanctuary for pedophile priests.

    As the country is now under a Christian / Catholic administration we must ask the name sake Buddhist President, the Buddhist General and the Hela Urumaya stalwarts – whether this kind of intrusion is going to be the norm in future Sri Lanka?

    We should wait to hear more about this from any Buddhists left over in Sri Lanka!!!

  5. jay-ran Says:

    Very Good, This is AIYO SIRISENA GOYYA’S YAHAPALANAYA.This brute Sirisena will go to any extent to discredit Buddhism on the pretext of harming M RTHE GREAT HERO WHO SAVED SIRI LANKA FROMTHE MURDERERS TAMIL LTTE!!! Repercussions are inevitablevery soon as this country is been PROTECTED BY LORD VISHNU!

  6. Christie Says:

    Namste: Matara Sunil @ work. Her aunt Chandrika carrying the Indian money bag enough to buy a country. Jai Hind.

  7. Leela Says:

    Ranjan Ramanayake is a Catholic. Weigh protein puffed man enjoy calling himself ‘one-shot’, the screen hero in one of his third rate movies. It is obvious that Ranja has now started to play the roll of a rabid dog like Bakhtiar Khilji, who ransacked Nalanda University and set fire to it in 1193. Idiotic looking Ranja once said he wanted to be the ‘හොරු අල්ලන අැමතිIn the guise of looking for public property misappropriated by the former head of state. Incidently, that Bakhtiar Khilji was a Muslim and a military General of a Turkic king Qutb-ud-din Aybak, who ruled a part of India from Delhi at the time. What matters to us is after the burning of Nalanda monks started to flee India marking the start of the end of Buddhism in the birth place of Buddha.

  8. Leela Says:

    Ranjan Ramanayake is a bigoted Catholic otherwise he wouldn’t have gate crashed a meditation center regardless who use it. Weigh protein puffed idiotic looking man seems to enjoy calling himself ‘one-shot’, the screen hero in one of his third rate movies. It is obvious that Ranja has now started to play the roll of a rabid dog like infamous Bakhtiar Khilji, who ransacked Nalanda University and set fire to it in 1193. Off shot Ranja said openly that he wanted to be the (හොරු අල්ලන අැමති) minister for catching thieves but somehow ended up with a better suited ministry for his character.

    In the guise of looking for public property misappropriated by the former head of state Ranja is clearly following the roll of the yesteryear catechists. I believe that is his real aim like very many Rosess in this government. Incidentally, that Bakhtiar Khilji was a Muslim and a military General of a Turkic king Qutb-ud-din Aybak, who ruled a part of India from Delhi at the time. What matters to us is after the burning of Nalanda monks started to flee India marking the start of the end of Buddhism in the birth place of Buddha. If you’re interested you can read about it that story here:

    For one thing if we do not defeat this ranil/chandrika/sirisena government soon, we are in for a negative growth and an unstable political climate in Sri Lanka.

    Incidentally, I suggest, Ramanayake reads how a much much more popular actor in Philippine named Joseph Estrada became president and pursued to catch thieves but karma had caught up with him and in the end ended up in jail for stealing $80 million from the government but later on granted pardon by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

  9. Nimal Says:

    I was a bit concern about this set up in Kandy, where they tried to buy my land for further expansion of the already bought meditation centre. Sale was almost be done but the cronies of the politicians entered into the transaction.pehaps through the lawyers that was appointed to formalize the transaction. Instead they were sold some lands at a very high price elsewhere.
    Though a local head priest was involved as mentioned above, the real people with the money is an old Taiwanese couple who owns TV stations etc.
    I think,one of the reasons for creating severe restrictions for a private, honest person to develop any venture in some parts in SL is for the people in power to have a monopoly and do it themselves, thus led to hotels being built here and there and now places of religious interest like the meditation centres.
    My Japanese, Chinese and other foreign relatives were warmly welcomed, initially by the Taiwanese staff who wanted the owners to see us but the local employee seems to have brought some bad blood against real owners and likes of us the public, who were also Chinese and Japanese Buddhists and as days went past the friendly Thawanies left and the public was not allowed with gates locked up except for the busload of Taiwanese that came there occasionally. Sadly I lost a few millions in preparation for the sale of my land and that’s my Karma or Karume. Religion is big business in SL and this a typical effort for the politicians in power to grab a piece of this money making set up. I am glad that they didn’t buy my land as money comes secondary to me though the sum was over a billion RS.
    Please don’t debate over Christians Vs Buddhists and there’s nothing like that here. Just one group Jockeying for financial gain from an unsuspecting Thawaniese couple who has money to burn.

  10. ranjit Says:

    This is not Gestapo Govt but a POL POT in Burma. When did Christians raided a Buddhist holy place in Sri Lanka before? This actor Bastard should be given 1000 lashes and put him in jail like in Saudi Arabia for insulting our most revered religion Buddhism.

    We have allowed every religion to promote their religions freely without any interference from any Govts but this is unforgiven. This should be condemned by every citizen of this country irrespective of any religion. There are so many places like the one we are talking about now around the country.Those places were financed mostly by foreigners who love this country and our religion Buddhism.

    Nobody has the right to go and meddle with Buddhist affairs or religious places. He maybe a Minister but if there is any complain the law will handle not these political scavengers like Ramanayaka. Don’t know whether he remembers how much he spent for the Birthday cake for Anargali? It is shame to have such a rowdie like Ramanayaka in a Cabinet post in this Yahaplanaya Govt in the first place. I hope people in this land will reject people like him in the coming General election. Instead of uniting people this Yahaplana POL POT Govt is dividing and making our land a dangerous place to live. The main objective of this Jarapalanaya is to destroy Rajapksa’s by spreading lies about him and his family. This is the plan of the Americans and the Indians. People of this land must think wisely without believing these stupid lies of the UNP POL POT regime.

  11. SenaD Says:

    These attacks show who really is in charge and under whose direction all these attacks are being carried out.

    It is RW directing the members of his cabinet.

  12. Asanga Says:

    Well what can you expect?? He is after all the minister of ‘Livestock’!! (I know, that’s an insult to all forms of livestock, my apologies to the poor creatures!’)

  13. Nimal Says:

    Lanka web
    You seem to have deleted my comment and I suppose the truth hurts.Moderator’s Reply- Please note that Lankaweb will not be able to entertain any more comments accusing previous government of corruptions, Nepotism and cronyism as these accusations have been properly and legally investigated by the present government. If you have any more information regarding these accusations please forward those to the relevant authority to carry out proper investigations.

  14. Nimal Says:

    Lanka Web
    I doubt that I have knowingly accused the previous government of any corruption on any specific case as I have no first hand evidence and I have related to my own personal experience over this. Media and the webPoliticians must not be allowed by people to put one religious group against another. Moderator Correction in Bold

  15. Nimal Says:

    Lanka Web Thank you for posting my comment. We were very much hurt by that event, so were many patriots who wanted me to reinvest the money elsewhere to give much need jobs in Sl.I seek nothing from SL and I was hoping to get my people here whose numbers are increasing,seeking a faraway place to meditate, as at present they are doing in several houses in small groups in Belgravia.I could only direct them to a such a place without getting myself involved as I am a very busy man with little regards to religious rituals. I believe, keep working is the best medicine for mind and body, which I do, pushing 70s.
    Wish your web will bring peace and happiness to our people as divided country will be a security risk to say the least.

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