Winners, Loosers ,Ungrateful and the United Christian Party
Posted on February 14th, 2015


14 Feb 15

Exactly 200 years since the signing away of the 2600 year old Sinhala  rule in Sri Lanka to the imperialistic powers in 1815, the Sinhale nation managed to repeat that  self defeating, unpatriotic and uncouth  act all over again. Today they stand nose-less having  cut their noses to spite their faces.  Just as much as in 1815 they deposed King Sri Vikrama Rajasinghe a mild mannered king  the builder of the beautiful Kandy Lake, (made a drunkard,  despotic and cruel due to the intrigues of those around him) , on 8 Jan 2015 they deposed another king who too was supposed be despotic and corrupt. In both cases it was those who were close who were used to engineer their downfalls. However in the latter case the accusations are still accusations!

Just as much as it did for Marcos of the Phillipines, Suharto of Indonesia, Mubarak of Egypt and Gadaffi of Libya the family became Mahinda Rajapakse’s bane, undoing and downfall.

At elections the people elect politicians to govern them. They do not elect their wives, sons and daughters nor their friends, well wishers and their kith and kin for that role. However after every election we find this unelected” taking the law into their hands and behaving like royalty.  This happened before Rajapakse regime, during Rajapakse regime and will happen eventually after the Rajapakse regime.

The election was between Rajapakse and Anti-Rajapakse. There were no other contenders. For years on they waited and waited to find a person who could defeat Mahinda Rajapakse at the polls.  They knew convincingly that Don Juan, nor Dona Katarina nor the General could do it. Finally their benefactor the Christian West and ever the enemy India came to their help. They played with numbers, and hatched a plan and created Anti- Rajapakse  or the Podu Apekshakaya and brought him to fight against Mahinda Rajapakse. So the 2015 presidential election in Sri Lanka was between Mahinda Rajapakse and Anti Rajapakse , and Mahinda Rajapakse only by a thin margin . Most of the minority voters who made a difference to the election result did not know at all who Maithripala Sirisena is. Therefore it is safe to assume they all voted for Anti-Rajapakse.

The elections were ‘free and fair” by Sri Lankan standards, thanks to Mahinda Rajapakse  but the winner was a colorless politician,  a yes” man, weak in spirit who spent years in the back alleys of power.  Mahinda Rajapakse gave away the mainly ceremonial position of Prime Minister to a walking mummy” and that was how the poison tree was planted. The spotters did their job well and chose just the correct person to groom – to take over from Anti – Rajapakse and give it a name and a face.  They groomed him well over the last few years for the impending backstabbing. Come the end of 2014 suddenly he came from under the cloak of Anti Rajapakse  to do the act of Brutus and claim the presidency of Sri Lanka. On the 9 Jan 2015 Maithripala Sirisena took his oath as the 6th President of Sri Lanka anointed by  the Tiger Bishop Rayappu Joseph and sworn in under a Tamil Supreme Court Judge.

In May 2009, Mahinda Rajapakse became the un-crowned king of Sri Lanka, having won the unwinnable” 30-year war, destroying the LTTE and their leader – Prabhakaran. His immediate task after winning the Eelam War would have been to consolidate his gains and victory over the LTTE. With all the goodwill of the nation behind him the first task would have been the abrogation of the much hated and maligned 13th Amendment. Though he managed to get the all important 2/3 majority he did not act to do away with this Damocles’ sword over Mother Lanka’s head. This he failed miserably and the left over rump of the LTTE in Sri Lanka and abroad with the assistance from Western Christian powers managed to strike back with lethal venom – having found snake within his own Cabinet.  Charges should have been leveled against the TNA for their role during the terrorist war. It is very likely that, the Catholic Church who plays a pivotal role in Sri Lankan politics dissuaded him from this action.

Famous Shaka Zulu dictum Never leave an enemy behind!” – he did not know. He left snakes to plot his kill thinking he is invincible, head bloated by the public adulation that followed the victory at Nanthi Kadal. Too much Maha Rajano was his undoing. There are many things he would have done if only to show gratefulness to those who made him an Uncrowned King of Sri Lanka. He went to woo his enemies – the Christian Church who worked against his election in 2005 and the minorities, blatantly forgetting and paying only lip service to those who brought him to power and provided all-important manpower and will to finish the unwinnable 30-year war. Uturu Vasanthaya and Nagenahira Navodaya were not replicated in the South! This he neglected with disastrous results.

In 2009 Sri Lanka ended a 30 year war – an unenviable task, this being the longest war anywhere around the world taking parts of 20th and 21st Century for its conclusion. Elsewhere, the world goes as if the World War II has never ended. Nazis are ridiculed, vilified and hunted. Glorification of the victory over Nazism continues to this day. However in Sri Lanka we are being asked to  let down our guard and dismantle our army posts from the very areas that bred and fostered terrorism only a few years ago.  The very things the world should have been told about our concerns and security were not voiced. Friendly nations were not brought on board sufficiently to back up the Sri Lankan position vis a vis unfinished terrorist threat from the Racist Tamils and from the Jihadists!

Christian West knows its days are numbered as the makers and shakers of the world. In its death throes it is now hatching a plot to destroy everything that is in their path. Their think tanks are busy hatching plans to subjugate the world – as always by unfair means. The latest weapon in the paraphernalia is Regime Change”. The Orange, Pink revolutions and Arab Springs are some of the success” stories.  In their path human misery abounds. They try different techniques in different countries and different cultures. Good governance, human rights and democracy are the much tooted slogans that are bandied– all the while blatantly abusing these very same ideals, around the world. Millions have died and millions are impoverished, disowned and displaced from their homes and land. Victims of bogus Democracy and Human Rights and Good Governance are languishing in refugee camps from Libya to Syria in the Middle East. They will be soon in Sri Lanka too!

It was a win for the Christian West and for their cat’s-paws in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Christians who failed in 1962 Catholic coup have finally won. Grandsons of the coup plotters have jockeyed themselves under Ranil Wickramasinghe to make UNP the United Christian Party. The list of Ministers in the Cabinet, the Ministers, the State Ministers and the Deputy Ministers or anybody who matters in the new administrations makes one think of the Dinh Diem regime in 1960s. Those who wanted to bring the Portuguese to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the despicable Portuguese setting foot on our beloved land  and to commence 500 years of untold miseries and indignities, those who wanted for the un-winnable” war never to end, those who wanted Buddhists establishment to be made history, those who went around the country calling for peace with the LTTE terrorists while our Ranaviruwoes died by the thousands, some in hunger and even thirst, those who made profits by the war, laundered unearned money  are all now running the new administration. They are talking of  Yaha Palanaya – Good Governance while laying the foundations for the creation of Eelam and unending war to make the Sinhala Buddhist nation a vassal state of the greater Tamil Nadu. Knowing the team in charge of the new Sri Lankan administration one can only wish that pigs will fly!

The corruption for which the previous government was accused of does not comprise small takings. Current government should find the Billions they accused of spiriting away. It is just not enough to accuse it is also necessary to follow through and prosecute those who have acted outside the law. So far we have not seen anything of value other than just slander!

The winners the Christians / Catholics, racist Tamils, Islamists! Loosers are the Ranaviruwoes and the Sinhala Buddhists; they have lost big time! United Christian Party is in power!

2 Responses to “Winners, Loosers ,Ungrateful and the United Christian Party”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste; Ratnapla the Sinhala people in the island has a history going back to 40 thousand years or more. You are just another person like most of us brainwashed by the Indian imperialists. Most of the Christians and Muslims of the island are Sinhalese. So please do not attack other Sinhalese like Sinhala Christians and Sinhala Muslims. Please think and read about our history. Jai Hind

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    UnPatriotic Party (UNP) is run by catholics and mussies. They take orders from US, UK, norway, france, etc etc, all catholic countries and dance to their tune. SO THE LAST THING THEY HAVE IN THESE TRAITORS’ MIND IS

    Some stupid, traitor Sinhalese think
    it is fashionable to support this treacherous party. They are digging the grave for the Sinhalese
    in the long run. How can any Sinhalese support this treacherous scum after what they done to
    our country and the Buddhism.

    We are still reeling from thambi mudiyanselage jr scum’s 13 amendment to divide the country to
    give to eelamists. Lk premadasa was an alugusowa who was brutal in killing Sinhalese youth but
    never bothered to kill ltte terrorists. Still some Sinhalese idiots worshiop these traitors. Tamils and mussies
    are laughing at these jokers who are digging their and their dependants graves in the long run.

    These stupid, ungrateful, unpatriotic Sinhalese are a laughing stock. Haven’t you got a drop of Sinhalese
    blood in your veins you stupid stupid stupid idiots?

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