Posted on February 22nd, 2015


In March of 2010 I said,

Sri Lanka is at historical crossroads; and has reached to a critical juncture in her entire history of two and a half millennia. Opening up a new politico-economic and a military chapter, radically severing the dependency on the west, Sri Lanka has taken a far-reaching twist in the course of its history toward a new destiny. Sri Lanka had no alternatives or no return; its merciless adversaries had cornered her to the wall. But she struck back from dustbin of the history to the center page.  However, let the history decide many things we witness today.”

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But however the events in recent history have proved that the stage for this epochal moment I anticipated was not rested in 2010, but in 2015- half a decade later. The emergence of Nugegoda Man has marked that epochal moment of the history of Sri Lanka.

One of the greatest legends and chronicles of the island nation says that a great prince by the name DIYASENA will be born 2500 years after the birth of Lord Buddha to save the nation from its enemies, preserve culture and the religion of the nation. No doubt, people must be wondering if this ‘Nugegoda Man’ is their legendary hero Diyasena they expected to arrive after two millennia, who comes without their anticipation, to save the nation from its abysmal political mess, which is now sliding down into complete obliteration and ruin.

Therefore, it is a historical necessity and obligation to register Nugegoda movement as a new political organization, by the exact name NUGEGODA MAN” (Thanks to H.L. D. Mahindapala for coining this equally poetic name for this history making movement)

Nugegoda Man (NM) must open headquarters and regional offices immediately in the same manner like revolutionary parties do, for example like the way Paris-Commune or the Bolsheviks did. This politically innovative activist group, NUGEGODA MAN must be an umbrella for all party members to come and join and work for the national cause it stands for.

Individuals who support the cause of NM with necessary credentials, must establish a TV channel and a newspaper. The activists must canvas and sell newspapers and media communiqués in every town and village like Gandhians did in India and Calvinists did in reformation and must establish direct eye-to-eye contact with people.

All grassroots level SLFP supporters, MEP and JNP even UNP supporters must be called to rally around it. They must call other political party members to join it to repeal 13th and take every necessary actions to bring permanent peace to our motherland. Provincial council members and Pradesheeya Sabha members of all parties must comprehensively be briefed of the cause and must be mobilized. Nugegoda Man must work for a common political cause and others must be able to see the difference between NUGEGODA MAN and other existing political parties.

However, NM needs to establish some modern means of communication with people in order to counter balance the media monopoly that Ranil clan enjoys now. One way to shatter this media field-day of Ranil is to call for a boycott of major newspapers and news channels that which publish unsubstantiated allegations singing hosannas for Runil and his forty thieves.

Regardless, MR must have had established some TV channels and newspapers coaxing some of his friends when he was in power. Regrettably his advisers must have been busy with other things so they have forgotten the essentials of politics in the similar manner they had neglected many other vital things. But Ranil had his channels and newspapers to cry for his mumbo-jumbo even during climax of MR’s time.

However this call to boycott newspapers must begin with the Nugegoda man’s regional meetings that are planning to have; and must loudly declare that in the event of inevitable arrival of Nugegoda man back into the saddle, those who published unsubstantiated allegations in electronic and print media will be dealt accordingly enacting all the laws of the land.

Let NUGEGODA MAN” fulfill the legendary role of PRINCE DIYASENA!


  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: We need someone to stand up to Indian colonialism and imperialism. Mahinda was the man who stood up to the worst ever form of colonialism and imperialism the world ever had. Jai Hind.

  2. Geeth Says:

    I forgot to tell one thing, the symbol of this organization must be a banyan tree with many roots.

  3. Geeth Says:

    Yes it is obvious, Mahinda must lead it.

  4. ranjit Says:

    I sincerely agree with you Geethanjana and I think millions will follow the NUGEGODA MAN as he is the only person people can trust and believe also who has guts to stand up for the evil International community.

    We must thank HDML for giving a name for that uprising on FEB 18th. We should not worry about their lies and mud slinging.We must get united to start this new movement before too late. I hope the organizers of the NUGEGODA MAN movement will organize rallies in every corner of the country to educate the people about the new beginning and the path we are going to take for the future.

    From the day one these Yahapalana thugs came to power I myself stop buying news papers and stop watching any news in any T.V. channel and I think millions are there like me who did the same. I do not want to hear anything what they say because they were traitors in my eyes from a long,long time. They never kept their promises,They never cared about the country,They never cared about the people.They were always wanted to make the Americans and the west happy by doing things that majority doesn’t approve.

    I remember when I was small there was one tiny plastic glass in the market and when you pour water in to it you can see the picture of S.W.R.D. on the bottom and people used to call him DIYASENA at that time. I hope same like Diyasena our Lion of Hambantota will rise up from the ashes and lead us again to save our Motherland from these local traitors and from International terrorists America and the west.

    Nugegoda Man must come clean to lead us on the new path with a new vision to the country. He should be the voice of us Sinhala Buddhists. There should be one law to the whole country and every single citizen must respect and live according to the rules and regulations of the sovereign nation of Sri Lanka. If anyone talk or work against the constitution should be brought to justice at once. We cannot allow few Tamils & Muslims to hijacked our nation. They have to live like us in any place as Sri Lankans not live like outsiders and demand for separate Tamil & Muslim areas. Nugegoda Man must abolish the 13 without any fear and work for the betterment of the Sinhalese and work to uplift Buddhism as the religion of the Majority. Any leader who comes to govern this country must think first of the Sinhalese people because we Sinhalese have one country to call home and that is Sri Lanka. If any leader work sincerely towards Sinhala nation no need to go after the ungrateful Tamils & Muslims for their vote. They should learn to live harmoniously with the majority Sinhalese without working against it with the collaboration of the west and the Muslim countries.

    Nugegoda Man is the answer to all our problems facing today with these UNP thugs therefore we must get united to bring him back to save us and the country from all evil elements around us.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    But will MR do it? NO!!

    MR has not mentioned 13 amendment in any way.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    REGISTERED AS A NEW POLITICAL ORGANIZATION- You all want MR to retired do not you ???

  7. cwije Says:

    Diyasena cannot be a cardboard Diyasena. Will your Diyasena resettle the Sinhala displaced? Will he remove 13-A? Will he change the election law?
    Or his sons will be back planning to go to moon?

  8. Independent Says:

    Please see what this Bayasena has done.

    Nearly 27,000 acres of private land released

    Almost 50 battalions moved out from North
    February 22, 2015, 10:36 pm

    By Shamindra Ferdinando

    The army has released 26,865 out of 34,561 acres of land held by five security forces commands in the Northern and Eastern Provinces since the conclusion of the war in May 2009 up to Dec. 2013.

    Land has been released in stages with the people living in area covered by Security Forces headquarters, Jaffna being the main beneficiary.

    The releasing of land commenced in late Oct, 2010 in the Jaffna peninsula.

    According to Defence Ministry records, of 33,156 acres held by the Jaffna command, 26,729 acres had been released as at Dec. 2013.

    A senior security official told The Island that security forces commands in Vanni (69 acres), Kilinochchi (632 acres), Mullaitivu (572 acres) and East (132 acres) had held a total of 1,405 acres of land at the end of war, whereas the Jaffna command alone occupied a staggering 33,156 acres.

    Asked whether private land in areas outside the Jaffna command, too, had been released, the official said that as at Dec. 2013, 12 acres of land in Vanni, 71 acres in Kilinochchi, 15 acres in Mullaitivu and 38 acres in East had been released on a staggered basis.

    Army headquarters said troops had given up more land last year in accordance with a plan to gradually release civilian properties.

    A senior official said that the army had been told of the government decision to release 1,000 acres of land currently held by the Jaffna command. As at Dec, 2013, the Jaffna command held 6,427 acres of land.

    The military said that Palaly-Kankesanthurai sector had been gradually expanded over the years to meet the threat posed by the LTTE. In the absence of overland main supply route, five Divisions deployed in the Jaffna peninsula at the height of the war, in addition to the navy, air force and police, relied on sea and air supply lines. All civilian supplies, too, had to be moved by sea, sources said, adding that Jaffna district deployment remained the largest single commitment until the end of the conflict.

    It said with troops gradually giving up private land, there had been significant changes in the deployment pattern of battalions assigned to Jaffna, Vanni, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu commands. At the conclusion of the war in May 2009, there had been 152 battalions assigned for those commands, the military said, adding that deployment was meant to face a possible low intensity hit and run terror campaign. However, as the situation steadily improved, army headquarters reduced the northern deployment by 48 battalions, with more than half the battalions assigned for Mullaitivu command redeployed.

    The LTTE, too, held substantial land particularly in the Vanni east during the conflict, though no one requested the LTTE to give up such land, the military said.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    The legendary Diyasena Kumaraya was there even during JRs time. I remember that well. Not perhaps in an urgent way as now, but pockets of people spoke of that aspect.

    The dragon to be slaughtered is the 13-A. The Diyasena Kumarayas are that entire part of the Lanka Nation that wants the 13-A slaughtered. MR will watch to see how the Nation of Diyasenas will perform ! Indeed, the whole world will likely watch this present day Diyasenas, millions in number, perform !

    If the 13-A is slaughtered, then Lanka would have come go age. Glad Welcome is there from the Universe for such a Lanka. Can We the People, the Diyasenas of modern times, do it ?

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Read as come of age.

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