Nugegoda Man has laid the egg, but would the bird hatch of a different breed?????
Posted on February 23rd, 2015


No way! Preventing this is the exact duty of Nugegoda Man; to be precise, preventing the repetition of hoodwinking and bypassing historical aspirations of the Sri Lankan people is the responsibility of Nugegoda Man.

That is the reason why I want Lanka Web contributors to stop quarrelling and use their strongest abilities to educate the electorate to demand the politicians to hatch the bird of the breed that we all aspire to see emerging out of the egg.

Of course it is loud and clear, and nonnegotiable!!! 13th is out!

The collapse of the old ‘regime’ was the consequence of many factors. Reducing this tragedy into mere a backstabbing scenario is actually designed just to prevent understanding the realities and true gravity of the current political quagmire. It even prevents us learning critical lessons of past mistakes. Therefore, it is clear; misinterpretation of events, and misguiding masses by focusing the spot light away from central issues is definitely an RAW agenda.

Nugegoda Man represents an ideology. He is an idealist, aspirant, a hopeful and a revolutionary. He sets standards, put forth the political ideals and then invites a leader he believes that has the mettle to deliver them. For Nugegoda Man’s calculations, Mahinda Rajapaksha is the man of that mettle. He knows the wounded is more determined to do what’s to be done. Nugegoda Man knows the strengths and weaknesses of MR, therefore ready to forget and forgive the mistakes of the past.

MR may have had long-term plans to develop Hambantota to make it the capital of Sri Lanka eventually. But it is a dream can only be realized at a mammoth expense of the millions of apolitical citizens of Sri Lanka- the wild life. Don’t they have rights to exist?

Therefore, I beg Nugegoda Man to say it louder to move the capitol of Sri Lanka to TRINCO.” One stone, three birds!

  1. Getting the administration out of the den of the worst of the canine, the Colonial wolves, the colonially bequeathed power base of the Anglophone Colombian dominance; and establishing a new political culture in national politics. Yet making sure that the current parliament at Jayawardhanepura a museum of the bitter memories of western/Indian colonialism.
  2. Demolishing the Elam dream permanently.
  3. Beginning the daybreak in every morning looking into rising sun, connecting with the EAST, the future of the world; China, Japan, Pacific Ocean and the west coast of USA.

NUGEGODA MAN is not proud, but humble and smart. He is not one of those people who have a high-sounding phrase ready for every occasion; but instead, a man who can talk the talk and walk the walk. Above all, he is not a patriot who rattles his sabre, shouts and hurls himself forward into the thickest of the battle with his eyes shut. He knows that is not what we should call Hela-Courage!” He knows that is mere the courage of the drunk who has gained courage drinking alcohol to the extent of losing control of one’s faculties and behavior. 

But sitting under the symbol of banyan tree (Nuga tree) Nugegoda Man is a vigilant visionary never touch the saber unless it is inevitable. He is not a man considering politics as a kitchen affair, driving away all alleged cats and rats. But he is a man who can bring all disparities and differences under one single political umbrella and triumphantly march the entire force into victory.

20 Responses to “Nugegoda Man has laid the egg, but would the bird hatch of a different breed?????”

  1. Independent Says:

    Nugegoda Men cannot be trusted, even worse than UNP men on certain aspects. This has to accepted first, apologised to the nation in order to move forward.
    Before making demands to them this primary demand will show how brave they are or what kind of cowards they are.

  2. Independent Says:

    How can we trust these Nugegoda Men to look after our country

    Update: Former Sri Lankan minister’s wife remanded, banned from traveling abroad
    Mon, Feb 23, 2015, 09:12 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Feb 23, Colombo: A Sri Lankan court today ordered to remand the wife of former minister Wimal Weerawansa and banned her from traveling abroad.

    Kaduwela Magistrate Court today ordered to remand Shashi Weerawansa until February 25 after visiting the private hospital in Malabe where Shashi Weerawansa was hospitalized.

    The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of police last night arrested Shashi Weerawansa for allegedly possessing two passports obtained on forged documents.

    Meanwhile, the Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya issued an order banning Mrs. Weerawansa from traveling overseas.

    The CID told the court that the suspect has planned to flee the country, and requested the court to impound her passport.

    Sashi Weerawansa is alleged to have obtained diplomatic and general passports by submitting birth certificates with forged names and dates of birth. She had applied for a diplomatic passport in 2010 by submitting false personal information which was different to what appears in her previous normal passport that expired on May 24, 2009.

    The CID informed the court that former Controller General of Department of Immigration and Emigration Chulananda Perera testified that he issued the passport on a written request made by the former minister.

    However, it has been reported that the relevant documents compiled at the Persons Registration Department have gone missing.

  3. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Mahinda came in to power in 2005 because the Emperor made an error and backed him instead of Ranil. If he could become the PM this time he will still be the same person who will work for the development of the majority of the down trodden people of the island the Sinhalese. Jai Hind.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:


    You have written a very inspiring piece here. Thank you.

    Please get rid of the 13-A first. Guide the N’goda Man how to do that.

    N’godaMan must go to every grass roots organizations and every other organization possible (State & Private) and through such bodies Petition/push every Law maker in Parliament to get rid of the 13-A first. North and East organizations can join in the South. Have peaceful demonstrations everywhere ! Let everyone have a stake in the Nation’s claim to Freedom ! This is how Democracy works – this is the right way to do it.

    Let’s Move On !

  5. Geeth Says:

    Dear Fran,
    Nugegoda Man must represent the philosophy and ideals for the new beginning of a new nation. It must be the ideology for the politician to follow. Politicians will come and go, but ideologies stay. That is the reason why I think Nugegoda Man must be registered as a political organization and Mahinda must lead it. If Mahinda contests on SLFP ticket, still Nugegoda man must be with him all the way through – like his shadow until he finishes the mission. Next time Nugegoda man should never let charlatans to kidnap Mahinda for ransom.

    Fran, we are having a dialogue again after five years. Isn’t that great my comrade? If you remember, I wrote articles even in Sinhala to tell our politicians, the way things went was wrong, and I knew this regime change was what we are going to get at the end. And also I knew all these colonial parasites would destroy every single triumph MR had achieved after that. For that reason I was dead against with regime change. Although I did not write articles Fran, I contributed through my comments and sent valuable articles of international media that had relevance to SL situation to Lankaweb. The editor knows it.

  6. ranjit Says:

    Independent you are mistaken to describe the fearless foursome as worst than the UNPer’s. They are the ones who really love this country and stood shoulder to shoulder with the war heroes when we needed them. They were not like the Traitors like you and your UNP corrupted thugs. They were heroes too for millions in this country. Nugegoda Man is the first.You will shit in your pants when you see the next one and the next one and the next one………………

    Nobody can forget the Nugegoda Man even Ranil/MY3 regime of corrupt unpopular club of thugs cannot push the Nugegoda Man so easily to a side. They are already shivering after seeing the crowd and slinging mud at it. People knows already about these cowards who are more interested solving the Tamils & Muslim problems than the Sinhala Buddhists. This Christian Govt. with more LTTE sympathizers in it was came to power by a coup orchestrated by the Americans and Indians and these two foreign elements will do everything to keep them going therefore we have to bring the Nugegoda Man to stop their evil plans and get the power back and take the country on a different path which is suitable for the Sinhala Buddhists.

  7. nilwala Says:

    “Independent” is way off in his analysis…. in that he misses the wood for the trees. I agree with Geethanjana that Nugegoda Man has to be kept with MR as the icon to move the nation’s majority into action against an ugly betrayal and the usurpation of power by an unelected group that will do anything to keep itself in power. The stories of corruption that are being used to divert the public’s attention in the name of the Yahapalana’s thirst for revenge are no different to those when the UNP first opened the doors to the free economy with the words “Let the robber barons come”. Mrs. B’s civic rights were targeted. Today, it is the new high to which corruption was taken in view of the much greater economic surge that came with the 2009 post-war demands and the peace dividend, and with the availability of China as the new economic power that could provide for Sri Lanka’s needs in the midst of the West’s economic doldrums since 2008.
    How the unity of the SLFP can be retained and kept whole with the divisive forces within that seem determined to break it apart-nation sacrificed to personal egos and ambitions – should be the goal of the common Sinhala consciousness and responsibility that has grown out of Nugegoda Man. The SLFP/UPFA is the only political grouping that could assure sufficient a victory at the crucial election that lies ahead, with the political strength to protect the future sovereignty and territorial integrity of the island as well as its Independence.

  8. Asanga Says:


    How is ‘Nugegoda Man’ ” Worse than UNP men’ in the example you provided?

    Do you think there aren’t any UNPers and their kith and kin running around with DPL passports that they should not have?

    And why in the name of all that is holy are these Yahapalana guys still nit-picking and going about in witch hunts when they have that ‘100 day deadline’ thing to take care of? Enough already!! Can they actually do something constructive for a change?

    Btw by definition that Mr. Mahindapala had named ‘Nugegoda Man’, its not just the politicians involved in the rally but also the participating crowd who were there either physically, or in spirit.

  9. douglas Says:

    I do not think that this “EGG” will hatch, because it has been “FATHERED” by a “GROUP” of “IMBECILES”. In another aspect; this name given to the egg viz. “NUGEGODA MAN” is the worst that could do to a man who, perhaps could have been brought to “LIFE” once again. Those PANDITHS who gave that name have already “destroyed” the egg.

    “NUGEGODA MAN” is closer to the “COLOMBIAN” and people will see it that way. It would be an irreparable damage.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Geeth,
    Good to have you back as a writer of full length articles ! I miss your cartoons …..

    Lanka is a kind of Kurukshethra, isn’t it ?

    Thanks for response. I do understand why you stopped writing articles. However, I also understand why MR as Prez HAD TO DO certain things we both did not like. For instance, I am sure purchase of Oil from the Middle East carried certain conditions that MR was forced to adhere to. We are used to talking openly about IMF conditions on loans but what about Oil and the conditions thereto ? The west goes on religio/oil wars with the Middle East but what can small countries do, or even countries like India do to survive the unwelcome attentions of both Middle East and some western countries ? Tamil folk are also fighting their ongoing Caste War in Sri Lanka. They convert to the ‘religion of the day’ seemingly for survival purposes, with hopping from Group to group.

    On the plus side, everyone in Lanka and India both long for peace with honor and dignity, with some material growth. In order to achieve that the 13-A must go. India will not be trusted by Lanka whilst the 13-A is in place. Yes, it was the Congress party that was responsible for a lot of the damage to Lanka. But it all started with the Cold War and India through the Congress Party became the bulwark against the Soviet Union, and the ally for the west. That is how Lanka became so important with her harbors and the sea lanes.

    That is how/why the JVP went Commie and the Lttte got ‘taken over’ by the west and all these Cold War problems came to rest on the door step of little Lanka.

    I am sure you know all this already. I am summerising it all again so that we can Move On from the past, now that Mr Modi is there for the Dalits of Tamil Nadu and some 70 per cent of vast Rajasthan oil is with B. Rex.

    Sri Lanka has paid dearly, losing wealth and her able leaders due to the Cold War and Tamil Caste Wars. It is time to put the past behind and move on.

    Nilwala says to keep the Nugegoda Man alive with MR as the Icon. I do agree with the symbolic significance there.

    To get rid of the 13-A, it must be a mass movement from South to North, West to East, using all organizations and associations possible. Use the UPFA & all associated parties including SLFP as the main vehicle to carry the Nugegoda Man and Icon MR. That way, we keep all our leaders, including MR, Sir Ranil, CBK, Pres Sirisena, Tamil & Muslim leaders alive.

    How do we keep our Brit friends happy ? Methinks that B. Rex is in charge of India / Lanka and not so much B. Rex pet guard doggie across the Pond ! Sir Ranil can use his noggin on that one.

    Much more to write but time and space is limited. Good luck to all !

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    PS – people’s organisations and the trustworthy media have to keep their eyes and ears wide open on ALL deals with foreign countries.

  12. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Nugegoda man worse than UnPatriotic Party! Typical of these traitors.
    Where did they live during hitler prabakaran era? Different planet?
    People were scared to go out to work in case they get blown into pieces by
    hitler prabakaran! Remember?

    Alugosu premadasa and alugosu thambi mudiyanselage jr didn’t hesitate to kill Sinhalese yout.
    But couldn’t find the gun to kill the real terrorists, the ltte.
    Remember goni billa? How they identify JVP youth and kill them. Now these same JVPers
    sleeping with those murderous lot. We are not surprised. Sinhalese traitors everywhere in the country.
    That’s why we are facing the situation of losing the only country we have on this planet.

    Remember how they fought the war? They were signing peace accords, 13, 13A to destroy
    our country, destory Sinhalese, destory Buddhism. Where were these patriots then?
    Remember sending 650 policemen to face prabakaran death squad? What a partiotic party
    this UnPatriotic Party?

    Only things they were good at were corruption, divide the country, killing Sinhalese youth, licking
    western bums. But some Sinhalese think it is fashionable to support this catholic-mussie dominated
    UnPatriotic Party (UNP). Any Sinhalese supporting these traitors can’t be a Sinhalese. Shame on you.

  13. Geeth Says:

    Given the gravity of the problem, the only effective strategy for countering this UNP/JVP and some of SLFP’s political carnival will be “Nugegoda Man’s” coming out of traditional political activities and switching into unconventional activities. Switching to a going door-to-door, village-to-village, and town-to-town like strategy. That is why we need “Nugegoda Man” to act as a different organization as opposed to the party politics of others without being completely depending on schedules of elections. Nugegoda man must be the master who decides the map and the calendar of future elections.

  14. Geeth Says:

    Every person has the right to think, and say what he/she thinks about current issues and events. At times this thinking holds water and sometime not. You have said the “egg” is ‘fathered’ by ‘imbeciles’ but have not specified the names of those imbeciles. Who are they? Dinesh? Wimal? Vasu? Udaya?

    Then you say “NUGEGODA MAN” is closer to Colombo and people will see it that way. Douglas, Nugegoda as a geographical location is of course very close to Colombo. Yes it is only 6 miles away from the biggest colonial symbol of Sri Lanka, the clock tower in the center of Colombo fort. Yet Nugegoda Mana is million miles away from Colombian ideology and different from its political inspirations. It is sad you haven’t seen it in that outlook.

  15. Geeth Says:

    Typing error…”Yet Nugegoda Man is million miles away from Colombian ideology and different from its political inspirations.

  16. Geeth Says:

    Nugegoda man is not a person but an idea and Colombo too is an ideology. We wish Nugegoda Man to become the counterweight to challenge Colombian ideology.

    On the other hand, Colombo is not only a geographical space, but also a diabolical ideological space that dominates the very lives of villagers in remote corners of the land. That is the political space where, very often, this Colombian takes decisions to throw sand into the rice of the entire population.

    When we take Colombo as a geographical space, we can see that there are so many different people living there. There are Matara people, Kandyans, Jaffna people, Baticaloa people, up country Tamils, other minority people and foreigners. But in the ideological space of Colombo, the symbolic space that link present time and space into the ignominious colonial past, there are very few, only a minority living there.

    The dweller of this colonially bestowed ideological space is the one we identify as Colombian; and that is the space he is living in. Therefore it is very clear that Colombian is not a dweller but a fanatic dreamer. He is not just an inhabitant but also an active political animal, believing corrupt western policies as the only remedy for our ailments, and a ruthless enforcer of such policies. He is the chosen one by his western/Indian god for implementation of western/Indian policies of civilization, culture, development, war and peace upon us, in the absence of the direct presence of western/Indian god.

    He is also a worshiper, paying homage to all western concepts discarding all local ones. He envisions the world including Sri Lanka through his cultivated “blue” eyes. He is not hesitant to enforce his will and vision through force if needed; no matter how colossal the cost will be, like the lost of young lives in the south in 1989. He is the one who identified the grievances of the youth in the south as terrorism and at the same time, violence in the north as just cause- although both grievances were his own making. (These grievances were the results of Colombian politics of their Tamil version in the north and their Sinhala version in the south) He is the one who thinks Buddhist ideology in politics is an obstacle to liberal democratic progress. He is the one thinks that IMF and World Bank will show us the shortcut to heaven.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    I understand your logic in this matter. Yes, the old parties are bogged down in all sorts of intractable thinking patterns of Colonial and Cold War politics emanating from the West. So I agree with you that Nugegoda Man (NM) must come forward. If games are are thrust upon us, games we must play. Proceed with caution, with UFPA blessings.
    Geeth, design a logo for NM, please.

    How about a motto e.g. Self Reliance, Self Sufficiency’ ? Another one : Maximum good for the Maximum Number.


    The latest ruse is, we hear, are attempts to introduce GM varieties of rice ! Inspired by Ravi K’s last ‘collection tour’ of the west.

    Lanka’s greatest enemies are the conditions tied to loan sharks from foreign lands and conditions on Oil purchases. Both are inimical to the vast majority in Lanka, irrespective of ethnicity.

    If things are being done to reduce populations, it is far better and kinder to use Neem tree (Kohomba) parts such as leaves, to be consumed by both men and women. It is effective, proven effective, for men and women. Free Neem
    Tablets could be made available to one and all.

  18. Geeth Says:

    So GMO is coming Ha? IMF and World Bank are going to have the monopoly in the entire ideology of our development?? GMO is the tool of predatory capitalists- the tool to control the food supply of the global populations. Monsanto is leading the coercion of third-world governments to force GMO into their agriculture using US State Department. Then they will touch the water resources as well. That means the people who voted for regime change have sold their sovereignty and freedom in wholesale? Good for them. However, that is the reason why I believe that the appointments of Finance minister and the Governor of the central bank came from elsewhere. I know how these things work. But people need to do something about it.

    Yes I’ll design the logo. If the politicians do not want to take the NUGEGODA MAN seriously, then let the people to form it as a powerful political force that our politicians wouldn’t dare to oppose.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    Currently in USA there is a movement from grass roots to at least label GM foods. This is blocked by Monsanto. The state of Vermont which has a really fine Senator, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has managed to pass the law requiring labeling of GM foods, but no other State of 50 states have managed to do this, so far. The American people do not know what they are eating.

    The other major food ogre is partially hydrogenated fat that coat arteries leading to major heart disease. Margarine is such a fat. Astra is marg. Marg is used widely in baked foods. The human body does not know how to process artficial fats and such molecules freely float in the blood stream and coat the arteries.

    The other monster is Mercury fillings in teeth. Mercury is not allowed in land fills but used as a tooth filling ! People suffer terribly both mentally and physically due to Mercury poisoning. Please educate the unwary villager and any interested party on this fact.

    Thank you so much for offer to do logo. May the Triple Gem bless you for the good work you do.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    The alternative to Mercury filling is the White Filling with far safer materal.

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