Sinhalese are the real Minority  in Sri Lanka: 76million Tamils against 14.8million Sinhalese  
Posted on March 4th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

The international community has made a tremendous blunder in ascertaining the aggrieved party. For too long the Tamils have succeeded to project themselves as the aggrieved minority when in reality there is need to take stock of the entire Tamil populace as against a very miniscule number of Sinhalese who have only Sri Lanka to claim as their own. It is time that the world relooked at who the aggrieved party is considering that the slogans self-determination, homeland invariably apply and become relevant to the Sinhalese while the same slogans are relevant to Tamils and their homeland in Tamil Nadu.

The genesis of the Tamil problem finds its origins to India where as far back as the 1920s attempts had been made to separate from a nation that colonial British cobbled together to christen India. The Dravidian movement diluted to turn itself into a Tamil movement attempting to break away from India on the premise that there was no India and Tamils did not wish to live under Hindi rule.

There is sufficient proof and evidence available to confirm that India imported the Tamil struggle to Sri Lanka going so far as to even arm, train and fund Sri Lankan Tamils in order to transfer India’s head ache to Sri Lanka. India was more than willing to allow Tamil Nadu politicos to demand Eelam in Sri Lanka so long as it did not make its way to India.

India’s investment lasted 30 years and caused tremendous damage to Sri Lanka in terms of deaths, destruction and economic disintegration of a country that had done no harm to India. Needless to say, what we need to realize is that the entire Eelam exercise has been choreographed to perfection over the years interchanging leadership roles. Today, Eelam is a quest between India and the West. Just as the West have found it easier to hire Islamic fundamentalists bred by their Islamic allies, are more than happy to outsource to India what the West intends to do because eventually the West will anyway balkanize India.

The Tamil militants that India handled have over time fallen under the control of the Christian West through NGOs/INGOs, the Church hierarchy and Evangelical groups as well as Western Governments who took over LTTE to manoeuvre according to their agendas using the Diaspora networks that were grazing on their shores. This should explain why despite a UN ban no action has been taken against the 16 organizations and 424 individuals declared as terrorist fronts by the Sri Lankan Government in April 2014.


Negating myths that the Sinhalese descend from Prince Vijaya is the fact that there is sufficient proof of humans living in Sri Lanka 34,000 years ago. The world’s oldest anatomically modern man (Balangoda man) was found in Sri Lanka which means Sinhalese (unique to Sri Lanka) must have a strong genetic connection indigenously. The Sinhalese as a community is far distinct than the South Indians.

The Sinhalese identity is based on its distinct language, historical heritage and religion. Nowhere else other than in Sri Lanka, is the Sinhala language found. The Sinhalese are known as ‘Hela’ tracing their origins to the meaning ‘Lion People’. The nation was known as Sinhale and it was with the Sinhale Nation that the British signed the Udarata Givisuma (Kandyan Convention) in 1815 where the nation was ceded to the British.

The recorded history of the Sinhalese is chronicled in the Mahavamsa written in Pali around 4th century CE and the Culavamsa. The marvels of the Sinhala kings and their man-made irrigation systems, rivers etc have not been given due credit and international recognition. The man-made hydraulic technology is unique to the Sinhala people and has yet to receiving the international distinction due. The ancient tanks, systematic ponds with fountain moats and irrigational reservoirs like Kawdulla, Kandalama, Parakrama Samudra have not been matched by modern technology still. The traditional osariya and national dress are distinct to only the Sinhalese. The Sinhalese culture is unique dating over 2600 years held together through the State patronage given to Theravada Buddhism by over 180 Sinhala Kings that ruled the nation following the concepts of dasa raja dharma. Another marvel has been the ancient Sinhalese stone sculpture and inscriptions found throughout Sri Lanka from North to South, East to West. There are numerous traditional Sinhala instruments found nowhere other than in Sri Lanka as well. The architectural skills of the Sinhalese found throughout the remains of ancient Kingdoms is found nowhere else in the world.

Even in the realm of performing arts/dance Sinhalese have shown great distinction – Kandyan dance, Pahatharata dance, Sabaragamuwa dances are all exclusive to the Sinhalese. Even in the martial arts, the Sinhalese have made a distinction in the angampora combat techniques. We should also not forget the Sinhala medicine started during the great Hela king Ravana, medicines which are accompanied by Buddhist chantings (pirith). In fact the Mahavansa records of Ayurveda hospitals establish with documentary evidence that there had been institutions dedicated to take care of the sick in Sri Lanka before such were established in any other part of the world.

The language of the Sinhalese is Sinhala also known as ‘helabasa’ it varies in its written and spoken formats. Again what needs to be reiterated that despite Tamil remaining the same throughout all regions of the world where Tamils reside, the Sinhala language is found and spoken only in Sri Lanka.

In short what needs to be said is that the only unique ethnic group in Sri Lanka is the Sinhale people. Sinhala language is spoken only in Sri Lanka and the distinct cultural, traditional, historical, military and religious identity are all embedded into the Sinhale people. Genetically both Sinhalese and Tamils differ. Tamils of Sri Lanka are virtually identical with those in Tamil Nadu (which Tamil separatists do not wish to promote for it will dent their separatist moves). Yet when Sri Lankan and Tamil Nadu Tamils share the same genetic, linguistic, traditional religious and customary sameness invariably their Homeland is Tamil Nadu. What is even more intriguing and relevant to the argument that Tamils are NOT a distinct race in Sri Lanka is that they would have had different genetic structures if they did come a very long time ago (which they don’t).

There is no evidence of the Sinhalese and Tamils at odds against each other though various invasions from South India have taken place. South Indians chose not to return while throughout colonial rule South Indian laborers were transported as slave workers to Ceylon and other parts of the world. Despite the affinity and genetic links Sri Lanka’s Tamils find it difficult to mix with Tamil Nadu Tamils though for political gains the amities prevail.

Nevertheless, the Eelam project ironically is one which is neither meant for Tamil Hindus or Sri Lanka’s Tamils. It is high time this reality is accepted. In not doing so Tamil Hindus are creating a very vulnerable situation for the entire country.

It is now time for people to think inward. In realizing that Eelam is not meant for Tamil Hindus or Sri Lanka’s Tamils, Sri Lanka’s Tamil should realize they cannot bargain with a country and risk losing it. Much of that fault lies with the colonial rulers who realized that to reign over the indigenous natives they needed to adopt policies that would keep people divided. Thus, they made use of castes, created positions that divided people socially and economically, the Sinhalese who were once all Buddhists were converted to create Sinhala Christians/Catholics and now Evangelicals and other cults. They did the same to the Tamils and with these religious entities finding their head quarters outside of the nation it has become easier to influence them using their faith.

The Education system was designed in such a way to remove any patriotic sentiments among the natives. This was initially done by denying education unless natives converted and gave up their religion and their language. The colonials created through the education, social and economic systems plenty of brown sahibs who were shown through education that the real culture was not their native culture but that which was foreign to them. Post-independent governments have not realized the crucial need to incorporate among the early learners the patriotic sentiments for it is only the feeling of wanting to protect one’s nation that will find people defending the nation. The funds and research being drawn up to denationalize people are penetrating into the fabric of third world society and it is only a handful of people who realize what the gameplan is all about. Even the learned who have sought education abroad, who are employed in foreign establishments and working on orders of foreign establishments will never take the cudgels against their paymasters.

What needs to be reiterated is that this island nation is one nation and it is no one’s right to divide or separate it. If people find it difficult to live no one keeps anybody by force and there are enough of avenues to leave the nation and live elsewhere. Dividing and separating territories does not provide any solution to problems that are in the minds of people. Their ailment is in the mind and that is what needs to be changed. Carving territory is no solution.

For far too long the world too many distortions have been promoted through well-funded campaigns. The 14.8milion Sinhalese have ONLY Sri Lanka as their homeland. Tamils find roots to a homeland in Tamil Nadu where the first self-determination bid kickstarted in the early 1920s. The Sinhalese 14.8m are a miniscule number against 76million world Tamils of whom 72million Tamils live in Tamil Nadu alone.

The separatist chants presently resurrected as a result of a weak government has got India actively involved in realizing their dream of annexing Sri Lanka to its territory. If this happens through various initiatives already in place – false ‘refugee’ claims, inundating Indians through open visa schemes, trade agreements that are beneficial only to India, illegal immigrant influx, Indian intelligence operating throughout the island, bogus Indian businesses and Indians marrying and settling down and using film and other perks to mentally align the communities towards India, will all eventually result in an extinction of the Sinhala race/ethnic group altogether and possibly the extinction even of the Sinhala language. These factors need to be seriously addressed and if there are international entities geared to address threats to ethnic races/distinct languages, cultures etc it is the Sinhala race that needs to be given due attention, assistance and empathy which has been lacking all these years.

The Sinhala race/ethnic group are the real minority in Sri Lanka despite being the majority in term of population.

14.8m Sinhalese against 76million world Tamils and 16.9billion Muslims.

These statistics are what should wake up people.

Shenali D Waduge




First national flag of Sinhale Nation


King Dutugemunu’s flag

43 Responses to “Sinhalese are the real Minority  in Sri Lanka: 76million Tamils against 14.8million Sinhalese  ”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    First national flag of Sinhale Nation- King Dutugemunu’s flag- Please do not lie this is last Hela Demilaya King of Mother Lanka flag !!!

    why this kolaveri machang ???

  2. Christie Says:

    Tamils are the only super humans in the world. They claim they have been living in the island for thousands of years. But they forget they are away from similar people across the sea which is the same as between France and England. The fact is these people came as administrators Sepoys and coolies under the British guns. As British have already abolished slavery by the time Indians were party to the Empire be they Tamils, Sikhs, Guajaratis (famous Indian colonial parasite) or any other Indian. There were few Tamils who came under Dutch. The Sinhalese never let Tamils settle and have their own kingdom in the island. Jai Hind.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    mother Lanka is 15 miles from Kachchatheevu & 20 miles from Neduntheevu & 30 miles from Jalpanaya
    but you saying Tamil only came to mother lanka 200 years age (British time) & also Eela raj -Dudugamu fights 106 BC according to mahavamsa

    Please check you head at Angoda machang

  4. ranjit Says:

    Why 14.8 million Sinhalese cannot understand the danger we will face if we allow the current Yahapalana Govt to carry on their sinister motives aligned with the west & the Indians. We saw once what they did to Sinhalese and Sinhala nation. They ignored the Sinhalese and almost gave half of the country to the Tamil separatists with the help of some western Govts. Sinhalese didn’t learn a lesson from last time and they gave the power again to the same traitors who were involved with Tamil separatists. One leader allowed Indian forces to come and murder our Sri Lankan citizens. Another one said the terrorists were his brothers and gave money & Equipment to fight against our own people. Another with the help of the white man gave half of the country in writing to Tamil terrorists. Thanks to one man who took a bold decision to wipe out terrorists and terrorism completely from the Sri Lankan soil. Ten years we lived a proud life as a Sri Lankan and not a single bomb was exploded anywhere in this land but now we live in fear again as we are not sure of tomorrow because of these traitors who have come back to haunt us with their evil plans to destroy the Sinhalese and the Sinhala nation.

    14.8 Million do not have a place to call home except this small island and they should get united to keep it safe from foreign invaders. We cannot allow our Motherland to break in to pieces. We must think of our future generation and put aside all the differences to fight the enemy together if not we will lose everything we won all these years. Wake up Sinhalaya before it’s too late. Don’t believe in power hungry shit politicians who will make our life miserable think independently as a Sinhalese how to save our Motherland from evil traitors within and from outside. Time has come to act so think wisely and do your part accordingly if you want to save our land,culture and the religion.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Sinhalese should realize they are a MINORITY in the region and BAND TOGETHER against Endian and Arabic invaders. There is a VERY FEW Tamil and Muslim pro-SL group. It is VERY VERY SMALL.

    BUT this should not be used to bring back MR as he is. MR must REFORM HIMSELF before coming back.

  6. L Perera Says:

    In addition to the above woes that Sri Lanka faces, the IMF has in dicated that the 4.5 billion loan ,sought by the current government will not be granted. Who suffers most if there is a downturn in the economy? The Sinhalese marority

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Shenali, for your valuable contributions articulating feelings of the most people in Lanka.

    Wherever minority groups make majority groups feel insecure, there is trouble. This leads to the ‘divide & rule’ the old Brit weapon of the Brit Empire.

    To counter this feeling in Lanka, best thing to do is to :

    1. Remove the 13-A.
    2. Remove the Tamil language as a National/Official language. No need to depend on Tamil illegal labor anymore as tea plucking can be done using tea plucking machines as done in S. Africa, India, China, Japan etc. China produces cheap tea plucking machines which are easy to use and cost effective.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz

    1. Remove the 13-A.
    2. Remove the Tamil language as a National/Official language.
    if These two happen that will be end of United mother Lanka forever ie two country Bhuddish Sinhala Lanka & Saiva TE( Indian law applicable- like another India state).

    looks like end of 2020( MS’s teams end) this become reality unless any miracle happen in Mother Lanka.

  9. Charles Says:

    Right along since Independence it had been a case of trying to satisfy the Tamils. The Tamils broke away from the Ceylon National Congress , not wanting to be called a minority. Sri Lanka really lost its identity when the Sinhala leaders ceded the country to the British in 1815. Since then the Sinhala were treated as non existence . The Independence was a dependent dominion status held by the black sahibs of the UNP. UNleaders then as they are today, had no idea what to do with Sri Lanka without the colonial rulers, West and USA. They even mutilated the lion flag of Sri Lanka by adding two orange and green stripes

    It was only in 1956 Sri Lanka broke the shackles binding it to the British and the West, to become Independent. It was this Sri Lanka that was recovered by Mahinda Rajapakse removed the cancer of terrorism from which it suffered for thirty years, which is now forgotten in the aftermath of a UNP appointed President Maitripala Sirisena . Now the country and the Sinhala are being sold to India and the West, and the Tamils have become the King Makers. In 50 days after Maitripala Sirisena Sri Lanka is many years behind what it was on the 7 January,2015

  10. Indrajith Says:

    මහනුවර මඟුල් මඩුවේදී අප සිංහලයේ කොඩිය ඔසවන්න හදන විට පොලිසිය පැමිණ ඉවක්‌ බවක්‌ නැතිව පහර දුන්නා
    – සිංහල ජාතික පෙරමුණේ සභාපති මැඬිල්ලේ පඤ්Æලෝක හිමි

    ප්‍රදීප් ප්‍රසන්න සමරකෝන්

    මහනුවර මඟුල් මඩුව අබියස වාරියපොල සුමංගල හාමුදුරුවෝ එසවූ සිංහලයේ කොඩිය වසර 200 ක්‌ පිරෙන වෙලාවේ නැවත සංකේතාත්මකව ඔසවන්න හදපු වෙලාවේ කඩාවැදුණු පොලිස්‌ නිලධාරීන් 100 ක්‌ පමණ දෙනා කිසිම ඉවක්‌ බවක්‌ නැතිව භික්‍ෂුන් වහන්සේලාට පහරදුන් බවත්, මෙම පහරදීම සම්බන්ධයෙන් පොලිස්‌පතිවරයාට ඉදිරියේ දී පැමිණිලි කරන බවත් සිංහල ජාතික පෙරමුණේ සභාපති ශාස්‌ත්‍රපති මැඬිල්ලේ පඤ්Æලෝක හිමිපාණෝ ඊයේ (03 වැනිදා) පස්‌වරුවේ පැවැති මාධ්‍ය සාකච්ඡාවකදී පැවසීය.

    බොරැල්ල, මරදාන පාරේ පිහිටි එම ප්‍රධාන කාර්යාලයේදී පැවැති මාධ්‍ය සාකච්ඡාවේදී උන්වහන්සේ මෙසේද කීහ.

    “උඩරට ගිවිසුමට වසර 200 ක්‌ මාර්තු 02 වැනිදාට පිරුණා. මෙන්න මේ නිසා සිංහල ජාතික පෙරමුණ කොළඹ නිදහස්‌ චතුරස්‍රයේ ඉඳන් මහනුවර දළදා මාළිගාවට රථ පෙරහැරක්‌ ගියා. ඒ ගියේ එදා 1815 දී වාරියපොල සුමංගල හාමුදුරුවෝ ඔසවපු සිංහලයේ කොඩිය සංකේතාත්මකව මොහොතකට ඔසවා තබන්නයි. අපි කොළඹ ඉඳලම සිංහලයේ කොඩි

    රැසක්‌ රැගෙන ගියා. දැන් තියෙන ජාතික කොඩිය තමයි ශ්‍රී ලාංකික කොඩිය. අර වාරියපොල සුමංගල හාමුදුරුවෝ එසවූ සිංහලයේ කොඩිය තමයි නියම කොඩිය වෙන්නේ. අපි සිංහලයේ කොඩිවලින් හැම තැනම සරසලා පසුව ගියා වාරියපොල සුමංගල හාමුදුරුවෝ කොඩිය එසවූ මහනුවර මඟුල් මඬුqව අබියසට. එතැනදී අපි මේ සිංහලයේ කොඩිය ඔසවන්න හදනවාත් සමගම එතැනට පොලිස්‌ නිලධාරීන් සියයකට වැඩි ප්‍රමාණයක්‌ කඩාවැදී බොහෝම අශීලාචාර විදිහට හැසිරෙමින් අපේ භික්‌ෂුන් වහන්සේලාට පහරදෙන්න ගත්තා. ඒ වගේම හාමුදුරුවෝ අත්අඩංගුවට ගන්න උත්සාහ ගත්තා. එහිදී උණුසුම් තත්ත්වයක්‌ ඇතිවුණා. එක්‌ හාමුදුරුනමකට තුවාලවෙලා දැන් රෝහලේ. යහපාලන ආණ්‌ඩුව මෙහෙමද හැසිරෙන්නේ…”

    “ජෝන් අමරතුංග යටතේ ඇති පොලිසිය මෙහෙමද හැසිරෙන්නේ. දළදා මාළිගාව කියන්නේ බෞද්ධ ජනතාවගේ මුදුන් මල්කඩවන් තැනක්‌. දැන් පොලිසිය කියනවා අපිට ඇතුළු වෙන්න අවසර නැහැලු. මේක මාර කතාවක්‌නෙ. භික්‍ෂුන් වහන්සේලාට මේකට ඇතුළු වෙන්න අවසර නැත්නම් කාටද අවසර තියෙන්නේ. බෞද්ධ භික්‌ෂුන්ට මේ පහර දුන්නේ සිංහල බෞද්ධ පොලිස්‌ නිලධාරීන්. ඉතිං මේ පොලිස්‌ නිලධාරීන්ව මෙහෙය වූවේ යහපාලනයයි. මේවා නින්දිත වැඩ. මේ නිසා අපි ඉදිරියේ දී මේ පොලිස්‌ නිලධාරීන් සම්බන්ධයෙන් පොලිස්‌පතිතුමාට පැමිණිලි කරනවා…”

    “දැන් මේ ජාතියේ කොඩිය සංකේතාත්මකව මොහොතකට වාරියපොල සුමංගල හාමුදුරුවෝ සිහි කරමින් ඔසවන්න හදනකොට පොලිසියේ නිලධාරීන් අපිට පහර දෙනවා. නමුත් අර උතුරේÊඊළාම් කොඩිය ඔසවනකොට එක පොලිස්‌ නිලධාරියෙක්‌ නැහැ. ඒ අය අත්අඩංගුවට ගන්න. වීඩියෝ කරන්නවත් කෙනෙක්‌ නැහැ…”

  11. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Quoting the article:
    “The international community has made a tremendous blunder in ascertaining the aggrieved party. For too long the Tamils have succeeded to project themselves as the aggrieved minority when in reality there is need to take stock of the entire Tamil populace as against a very miniscule number of Sinhalese who have only Sri Lanka to claim as their own. It is time that the world relooked at who the aggrieved party is considering that the slogans self-determination, homeland invariably apply and become relevant to the Sinhalese while the same slogans are relevant to Tamils and their homeland in Tamil Nadu.”

    the “NEBULOUS” World WILL NOT recognize the Singhalese as the victims. why? because they have not before, during and after the war. the WORLD as is written will TAKE THE OPINION OF THE MAJORITY AND THEY ARE THE TAMILS

    India sees Sri Lanka as a nation “within her sphere of control”. IT IS ONLY TRUE FOR PENINSULA INDIA. IT IS MORE TRUE WHEN IT COMES TO TAMIL NADU.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar,

    United Lanka with 13-A & Tamil language in place ? That is what is there now. One war is over with LTTE with 13-A and Tamil language in place. Waiting for more of the same or do we change for the better for all ?

  13. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One more issue’

    People like SA Kumar to the Tamils in Sri Lanka and India to India now want the Singhalese and the Singhalese Nationalists to ‘accept’ this coup de ta where Rajapakse has been summarily ousted. why? because



    Give one example. No one dares insult Islam for the consequence could be fatal. Islam has now held the world in fear. Not Europe, not the US, and not anywhere else in the world. they are hated for it but also feared.



  14. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:


  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    Just for the record :

    P’karan himself was a Christian. Also, some 27 Catholic priests emerged with the 300,000 rescued Tamils that P’karan had captured as a human shield. There were some 100 Catholic church buildings in the N&E when the SL Army took over. So we have to conclude that conversions had been going on in those areas.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    One war is over with LTTE with 13-A and Tamil language in place. – wrong VP& co deadly against 13A& Tamil language was official language long time ago (1956 ?)
    do we change for the better for all ? is too late Modi is visiting his new founded Union state TE on 18th

  17. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Since 1956 Banda’s sacred cow dung; Sinhalese were made frogs in a deep well and Tamils and other Indian have managed to brainwash the Sinhalese with false propaganda. Tamils and other Indians in the island are the same as Indians in India and the world over. There are no other group of people in the world who do claim and have the same characters as another group so far away and living separate for so long. It is when transport and communication became more efficient that large numbers of people men and women started to go to other countries in large numbers and continue with their baggage. Examples are the US, Canada, Australia, Fiji, Guyana, Mauritius and Indians in Sri Lanka. Jai Hind

  18. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Hi Shenali you sounds like another lackey of Indian Empire. Majority of Muslims in the island are part Sinhalese and they were attacked by those who live off selling Sinhalese like JHU, BBS and our Bandaranayakes, There are 1.3 billion across the Palk Strait who like to see the Sinhalese disappear from earth like the Indian in Fiji who want native Fijians from the Earth. Jai Hind.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar,

    Your VP & Co were against the 13-A because they wanted Eelam. It is certainly the 13-A that gave ideas for Eelam. So the logical thing to do is to remove the 13-A.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    VP was a HINDU.

    VP’s father, mother, sisters, etc. were ALL HINDUS.

    The TE flag he designed has a HINDU TIGER wearing HINDU VIBUTHI on its forehead!!

    Even the few Christians within the LTTE were HINDUS in practice.

    Kasippu Joseph Goebbels and Jaffna bishop Saundaralingam wear POTTU – a HINDU ritual!!

    Yes there was close to 100 churches but there were 400+ KOVILS in Vanni during LTTE control. There was a kovil attached to every Mahaveer monument. FYI conversions DID NOT take place in the north during LTTE time as they happen AFTER 2010. Now ALL Christian NGOs are trying to capture the north!!

    LTTE was a HINDU sect. That was why HINDUSTAN helped them, armed them and protected them. IF LTTE was a Christian group HINDUSTAN would have seriously crushed it mercilessly.

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    You seem to understand Tamils well.

    SPOT ON.

    Guess what Tamils are again trying to create a RIOT like in 1983 to go to greener pastures in millions.

    Tamils thought when MR loses, their lives will become FANTASTIC. But nothing changed. Now the sea tiger female leader has been arrested, NO removal of HSZs, postponed the war crimes report, etc. Now Tamils are totally disappointed with My3 too. They see no future in SL.

    When MR was president, SL was GRILLED at every UNHRC, etc. meeting. Tamils were ECSTATIC!! Now even that is not happening.

    Tamils will again create another riot, blame it on Sinhalese and go to Canada.

    So Sinhalese should REFRAIN from ANY VISIBLE violence against Tamils. IF they do they fall into their trap!!

    Covert operations are OK.

  22. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    So what is your point Shenali?
    Your math on the tally of Tamils in a general sense is obviously relevant to all Tamils i.e. those in Tamil Nadu anf globally!, numbers which predominantly overwhelm the Sinhalese but what is the relevance to who the grieved party is especially when it applies primarily to Sri Lanka not Tamil Nadu! Are you trying to burn the candle at both ends and appeae Tamils as well as Sinhalese in the same breath with your somewat convoluted logic where you even refute Sinhalese links to Vijaya which may sound mythical to the likes of you and other Tamil sympathisers but the fact of the matter is this is something sacred to the Sinhalese and I wouldn’t really be too insistent on theorising their origins unless your anthropological savvy is spot on which does not seem to be the case. Are you prepared for a barrage of shallenges which could ask the question “what is your inspiration and objective?
    Christie says~ ” Shenali you sounds like another lackey of Indian Empire”.
    Maybe one can add to this and suggest that Shenali sounds like a mouthpiece for the Tamil Nadu Tamils for some confounding reason” whether inadvertently or not despite how veiled her rhetoric is to sound as though she is carrying Sinhalese grievances , when all it appears to be is a cheap shot meant surreptitiously to garner acollades from the Tamils and Tamil sympathisers whilst pulling the wool over Sinhalese eyes!
    Some Tamil sympathisers have already applauded your sentiments in this litany of yours which seems a bit out of line. If you are true to your Sinhalese identity it may be a good idea to change your assumptions to accommodate the better interests of the Sinhalese in Sri lanka and to hell with the so called majority Tamils and their rights whom you seem to have totally misconstrued or misrepresented almost as though you are using the Sinhalese as pawns to prove your lopsided points!

  23. Christie Says:

    Namaste; Sinhalese are about fifteen million in the Indian Empire. I leave you to work out how many Indians are there in the Indian Empire including Indians in the West. Jai hind

  24. GamiGreenGlobe Says:

    Very true Shenali .. Being the endangered minority in the region and having the unique philosophical soft religion inherited, the survival of Sinhala Buddhists is in their own hand whereas the world think them as expendable. The unity among the Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka without any political differences will be the only anecdote if we want to come out of this externally orchestrated trap coated so called the democracy ..

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    It is certainly the 13-A that gave ideas for Eelam. – no wrong again Eelam gave idea to 13A .
    if 13A would have been implemented 1987 We won’t have Eelam problm now.
    now 13A implemented now whether we like it or not by Indian Our Eelam day dream is gone for ever.

  26. Independent Says:

    This theory is fully against the knowledge, principles and course of action my Nege-God. This God is multicultural and multi-religious. We can see some protests from the God followers.

    But is obvious from first paragraph what Shenali’s point is. Her point is very valid.
    We are the people who are endangered.
    We are the people who are being discriminated
    We are the people who are losing our only home land because of various Gods.
    Therefore he world should look are us sympathetically as a race being harassed by the majority Tamils.

  27. GamiGreenGlobe Says:

    Sinhala Buddhist in Sri Lanka. One little thing we all should remember is that the emotional vacuum that we all have regarding the island s politics must be filled with the determination and not with the extremism of being hatred towards each other ..

  28. AnuD Says:

    According to SA KUMAR, it is Tamils that decide what Sri lanka should be.

    Why is that ?

    We don’t have patriotic politicians.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    VP was for ANY religion (religion of the day) so long his survival and cause were maintained. At the time of the Tsunami he was a Christian (possibly Catholic). VP was in a church at the time of the Tsunami on the day after X’mas (Boxing Day) and was carried away by the sea waters with Pottu Amman.

    Also hundreds of LTTE wo died had crosses on their graves.

    Most Hindus of Lanka are led by Catholic/Christian churches as they have contact with the west and therefore opportunities. Everyone knows that, so there is no need to gloss over these facts. It is the same for Sinhala/Buddhists.

    No need to camaflouge the the truth of matters and facts any more. Folks know the facts.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with GaminiGG. The vacuum must be filled with positive attributes (my additions) such as self respect, job oriented studies, forward thinking (Move On), trust building, love of one Nation that feeds and nurtures us etc.

  31. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Fran Diaz:
    The issue of Prabhakaran being a Christian is a running theme. A few issues with that you can clarify
    -If Christian what denomination. If he is Catholic he will have a Saint or Apostle or Martyr’s name. He does not. If he is not Catholic then what is his denomination? (what Protestant sect did he belong to? Baptist? Presbytarian? Methodist? Anglican:? etc)
    -Even if he was a Christian his faith is as relevant to the Tamil Tigers as Professor Mclean a white American Scot is to the Singhalese nationalist movement. If you want to label the Tamil Tigers who were Hindu Tamil Terrorists by the perceived faith of their leader then shouldn’t you do the same to an American white Scot who is now one of the founding leaders of the Singhalese Buddhist Nationalist movement?

    Lorenzo: When the Buddhist Sanga is attacked by the current government then they have to be put in place. If this was a Muslim nationalist movement led by Islamic clerics the government would not dare attack the clerics. I am not advocating any attacks on the Tamils but show the power of the Buddhist Singhalese movement against those who question it right in Sri Lanka or if not lose it.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:


    It is common knowledge that VP was a Christian/Catholic whenever he choose to be so, and he certainly was NOT a Hindu as an adult. In fact, there are so many articles in the web confirming this, it is diffiicult to choose which is best. Do please Google the words and see for yourself. Anyway, when someone looks like it, behaves like it, and talks like it, we can safely assume that it is IT. Usually, the word they use for my “it” is “skunk”.

    Prof McLean may be a westernised person with only Eastern genes ! On the internet, how are we to know who is who these days ?? Since Prof McLean writes with knowledge of the west and east, we can conclude that he is well educated and savvy, and means well by Lankans. A generally likeable person there.

  33. Lorenzo Says:


    Those are just RUMOURS. NOT the truth.

    VP was NOT in a church at the time of the tsunami (and didn’t die in the tsunami)!!!

    VERY FEW dead LTTE cadres have crosses in their graves. ALL have a kovil attached to it. Mahaveer remembrance events ALWAYS follow HINDU traditions. You could visit one just to KNOW the truth. NO one will harm you.

    VP was a HINDU and LTTE, TGTE, TE are HINDU organizations. Their flag clearly says so. VP didn’t change his religion. Even LTTE supporting Catholics like bishops Joseph and Saudaralingam are HINDUS INSIDE following Hindu traditions.

    Lakshaman Kadirgamar was a Christian.

  34. Lorenzo Says:


    I don’t rule out violence. But attacks or acts of violence against ANY community is NOT acceptable. TARGETED attacks on KEY SEPARATIST elements is a MUST.

    Govt. should HELP as many Tamils migrate out of SL peacefully. Otherwise they will CREATE riots, etc. to be used as an excuse to get out. And stop illegal immigrants from TN.

  35. Fran Diaz Says:

    Nope. VP was born HIndu. But Christian/Cath later to get sympathy from those countries. The LTTE flag is to get new recruits for their cause. Any flag with Christian/Cath symbols would not do the job.

    VP & P’Amman as well as the huge Sea Tiger perished in the Tsunami. That is why Dixit died of the heart attack right after the Tsunami. His cause was crushed.

    Anyway, I rest my case on this. No more.

  36. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as Sea Tiger units

  37. Lorenzo Says:


    “VP & P’Amman as well as the huge Sea Tiger perished in the Tsunami.”

    What rubbish!!

    Only a rumour.

    VP died in May 2009. Sea tiger leader died in April 2009. Pottu died in May 2009.

    VP remained a HINDU till the day he died. The SL army gave him a respectable HINDU funeral in line with the request of his wife and family.

  38. Hiranthe Says:

    This is a timely declaration Senali. Great work.

    I agree whole heatedly with what “Independent” Says:

    We are the people who are endangered.
    We are the people who are being discriminated
    We are the people who are losing our only home land because of various Gods.
    Therefore he world should look are us sympathetically as a race being harassed by the majority Tamils.

  39. Fran Diaz Says:

    Why are some folk so keen to keep VP a HINDU ?
    Afraid of Buddhist/Hindu friendship that will marginalise Christian/Cathos ???

  40. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some folk want to keep Sinhala/Buddhists friendless and also divide the Sinhala/Buddhists further and further !!! Diabolique !

  41. Lorenzo Says:


    VP was born a HINDU, lived as a HINDU and died as a HINDU.

    In fact VP grabbed the Tamil Elam baton from CHRISTIAN Chelva and gave it to HINDUS (Sambandan).

  42. Independent Says:

    VP was born a HINDU, lived as a LTTer and died as a Jihadist.

  43. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Fran Diaz; Since the end of the war and outside of the LW. Only the Tamils have managed to define that war.

    -the number killed at the end of the war goes from 40 thousand to 120 thousand while the genocidal acts of the Tamil Tigers against the Christian and Muslim Tamils goes unreported. Also the whole scale abduction of Tamil children to serve as child soldiers and unwitting suicide bombers, to the slaughter of Buddhist Priests, so many assassinations, and up to 400 suicide bombings alone have been suppressed.

    To push the Christian aspect of Prabhakaran when he massacred Christian Tamils, has no Christian name, followers are all Hindu. takes orders from Hindu Tamil Nadu to building more Hindu Temples is as relevant as me pointing out a white American who has no stake in the Singhalese Nationalist movement except his own decision to be so (Professor Mclean) who can fold up and come back to the US and be a White Christian American with no one the wiser. That is why I brought up this man. He is now one of the founding members of the Singhalese Nationalist Buddhist movement. I cannot even imagine me as a Sri Lankan American having that much power in any European or US nationalist movement without having my brown but kicked.

    Lorenzo: I rule nothing out. I only consider what would get the nationalist movement the most without it being used against us. If it is making Sri Lanka “more Singhalese” before acts of violence then do so. If violence is unavoidable to the gaol then do so. I am here in the US. those Singhalese Nationalists in Sri Lanka are on the ground. they have to take any act they do with the deliberation of the consequences of it.

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