I can now recognise honest and dishonest people – Rajapaksa
Posted on March 22nd, 2015

Lets all of us pray this bunch of Yaha Palana Rogues are chased out soon and MR returns to power…


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    At last!

    When we told MR who his REAL friends and enemies are his henchmen branded us as TRAITORS, part of an international conspiracy.

    Now MR reaches out to us again!! Good.

    But I see MR falling from ONE group of FOXES to another. I say VASU and DAYAN J are foxes in sheep clothing planted by Endia to see what MR is up to and STOP him from scrapping 13 amendment.

    Here is a story. My friend obeys his mother on all matters. Choosing his wife is mother’s job. The result – the poor boy is still single. I told him the BIGGEST OBSTACLE to his success in marriage is his beloved mother!! He was not happy. He started calling me a sinner!! I told him if he is serious about getting laid, marry a woman of his choice and produce his mother’s grandchildren and THEN approach his mother. At last he did it after he was 45 years old! Since then his mother has NOT spoken to him but he is a happy man.

    DROP them MR and you will win.

    So dear MR choose between us and Dayan (13 amendment guru) and Vasu (13 amendment made cheap minister LTTE Viggie’s in law).

    As long as you keep dating 13 amendment pimps, we will NOT support you. I hope LW will NOT delete this because this is the wish of ALL patriots.

    Lets save MR from 13 amendment PIMPS.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    I can now recognise honest and dishonest people – Rajapaksa- every thing ok Sir can you recognis yuorself honest or dishonest yourself !
    can you understand 13 plus = 13 + 0.000001 (or more) .

  3. Christie Says:

    Namaste: In 2005 Indian Empire got Mahinda in. I hope it will be repeated by Sirisena and Ranil and Chandrika with their National Government. But it may be hard to do it now as Indian Imperialists have already learned a lesson. Jai Hind.

  4. nilwala Says:

    Now that a National Govt is what the the Yahapalanas are attempting to create, it is clear that they have no new ideas….they will recycle the same old wine in the same old bottles and try to persuade the country that both wine and bottles are new. Will the people of Sri Lanka buy it?
    Mahinda Rajapakse, whose commitment to this country has been ably demonstrated is the only hope left for the nation.
    Hopefully the people of this country are more savvy than this current motley crew of politicians and the strategists elsewhere who dreamed up this plot as we slowly but surely become the laughing stock of the world. Will this failed experiment in what is being marketed by the international media as Democracy in which groups replace the individual leave the country so damaged.and fractured that like the proverbial Humpty Dumpty it can never be put together again?
    Time of course will tell…

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