United We Stand…….. සැම සහජාතක සිංහලයෙක්ම බෙල්ලන්විලට රැස් වූ වගයි
Posted on March 29th, 2015

Mahinda News

Without allowing history to repeat itself, we must draw lessons from history and bear in mind that like in the past vested interests will never give up their efforts to destabilize our nation through intrigue. For them creating dissent is by far the most successful way to achieve their goal. Therefore the political leaders of the government and the opposition together with the military leaders of this country must realize that united we will be able to defeat such disruptive forces powered by vested interests and that divided we will fall prey to their designs.


14 Responses to “United We Stand…….. සැම සහජාතක සිංහලයෙක්ම බෙල්ලන්විලට රැස් වූ වගයි”

  1. Geeth Says:

    Did you see this? Do you see an end of the road?

    Let us put it in different way Lorenzo. It is not an end of the road but a blockade on the highway. Let us demolish this blockade and open the highway.

  2. helaya Says:

    I watched the video. Awesome. MR. President please be careful. Yahapath Palanaya jokers may want to get rid of you. Please have youth brigade surround you. We cant loose you NOW. May the triple Gems bless you

  3. Indrajith Says:

    Surely this video will send shock waves through Western capitals!

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Yes it is awesome and it is in COLOMBO DISTRICT!

    But can people power remove this blockade? NO. There are 4 pillars.

    1. president
    2. parliament
    3. courts
    4. people

    3 out of 4 are controlled by the govt.

    IF going down the path of people power, getting the JVP on MR’s side is important. JVP can start CRIPPLING STRIKES of the public sector. Their promised salary increase was NOT given still. STRIKE.

    But it is much easier using my method. It MUST be done BEFORE passing the 19 amendment.

    “Yahapath Palanaya jokers may want to get rid of you. Please have youth brigade surround you. We cant loose you NOW.”

    Turn the table on the hunters. Let the hunter become the HUNTED.

  5. Geeth Says:

    Having a clear majority in the parliament is more than enough for now. If MR can secure 2/3 by having trust of other parties and bringing them into a coalition, then it would be better. But it is not that necessary at this moment. At this point all what we need is to upset what is in place. And we want people’s voice heard in the house loud and clear. Then the next step can be to dominate the house.

    However, the executive branch and the judiciary can be handled by the parliament eventually. People will be with MR and the numbers are growing.

    By the way, the boys are getting old and corrupt. You know Lorenzo; many honest ones get corrupt when they reach 40s. Think about you. (Kidding) Especially Anura looks like a thief now. However, we don’t understand and it is not clear what is the exact national policy of JVP. It seems they don’t have any policy at all, other than hatred and vengeance. The good old days of JVP are gone. Now it is almost a spent force. But that doesn’t mean that they cannot come back. Let us wait and see what they got in there to offer for the nation, and if the people can see some value in it, that might be the point for a new alliance.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Hold on. Don’t jump across time frames.

    “However, the executive branch and the judiciary can be handled by the parliament eventually.”

    We are NOT there yet. That will happen AFTER MR becomes PM or president. So don’t rely on it YET.

    I have some years to reach 40 as I was born exactly * weeks after BLACK JULY. I was called BLACK JULIUS by some relatives (also due to my color).

    Yes. JVP is AIMLESS just swinging from side to side.

    Given the THREATS SL is facing drastic action must be taken SOON. Shadows of Rosmead place, Polhengoda, Armour Street. Guess what. The bandit queen of DEATH was SOMEHOW connected (not involved) in all these! Whatever she touches turns into DEATH. Even her last full year of rule had the DEADLIEST natural disaster SL ever had killing 50,000 people!

  7. Christie Says:

    Namaste: “vested interests “; are Indian imperialists’ interprets. Jai Hind

  8. Dilrook Says:

    Hundreds of thousands of residents of the north and the east casting two votes each at the presidential election is the main reason for Sirisena’s victory. It must be either prevented or replicated in other areas to anul the unfair advantage it creates. Although some in the Mahinda group (notably Prof. Nalin de Silva) have acknowledged it, they are reluctant to act.

    They will make a significant change to the outcome of the general election too by voting for TNA, SLMC and CWC in the north, east and upcountry and voting for UNP elsewhere.

    This is very similar to cheating at the A/L exam by Tamils from the north, east and Colombo to gain entry to taxpayer funded universities after diluting standardisation by successive governments. An ethnicity based standardisation scheme will fix it easily.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with all Dllrook states above.

    I simply cannot understand why the last cheated elections have not been challenged. The new regime plays a dirty game on all fronts with the whole of Lanka on a daily basis and gets away with it. It appears to me that the rest of the Lankans are driven to being “scared of the west” (implied message is: Ranil/MY3 are the Representatives of the west, let them carry on unchallenged), inept and weakened, calling for MR to come back. Even MR needs better real support to make a come back such as removal of the War Crimes charge.

    What is the Opposition doing to pressure the new illegal govt into the right action, and retracting inimical action on Lanka ?

  10. Nimal Says:

    We tried to reach MR when he was in power through various people, one was that LSSP minister(can’t remember his name) where we had launch with him and RW at the same table at Ruwanwella,year or two ago to invite RW who was with us, for MR to make him the PM or even foreign minster. He knows how talk in a business like fashion with the IC.In short he knows how to put those people in their place, especially in defence of people like GR,if it come to a war crimes inquiry.
    It’s in the island’s interest to work together above party politics to save the country and it’s leaders from international scrutiny.

  11. Marco Says:

    I note from interest that you posted the above comment at Colombo Telegraph and some interesting responses to the same.
    I don’t wish to add any thing further except to say- Comment is free, facts is sacred.

  12. Independent Says:

    “This is very similar to cheating at the A/L exam by Tamils from the north, east and Colombo to gain entry to taxpayer funded universities after diluting standardisation by successive governments. ”

    – also wrong.
    “cheating at the A/L exam by Tamils” is correct and it existed and successful until early 70s ( not during standardisation as stated by Dilrook) until when 80% of engineering students were Tamil. I am sure similar statistics existed for Medicine and other important streams too but I have first hand knowledge on Engineering entrees.

    When a rural Sinhalla student with 2 Cs and 2 simple passes could top the Uni batch with Tamils (having AABB ) this cheating was easily proved. A lot of Tamils struggled in the UNi.

    Double voting may have occurred in very small numbers. But Dilrook’s theory of relativity is foolish.

  13. Dilrook Says:


    I have not commented in Colombo Telegraph. But I like to hear out what others have to say. A certain group of people will deny it for obvious reasons. They have a stake in it as they fully supported Sirisena unconditionally.

    I think this is the dilema the UNP is in. They know these double voting will favour TNA and SLMC in the north and east and Tamil and Muslim candidates of the UNP to the detriment of other preference vote seekers elsewhere. Proposed election reform will turn this threat into an opportunity. A clever plan to make good use of double voting by Tamils and some Muslims without affecting the preference votes and governance battle (to reach 113).

    Unless UNP contests strongly in Jaffna and Batticaloa, the voters’ turnout will drop there from January to June as many Colombo, etc. Tamils would find it unnecessary to caste their votes in Jaffna, etc. as TNA will win easy. If the proposed election changes are made, it will further reduce as TNA victory in all these electorates is certain.


    Aren’t you confirming what I said in the space of university admission? The limiting resource is university opportunities. Cheating prevents others from getting there. That is sufficient damage. Those who got there by cheating, failing in their education is another disaster. If they succeed, that is some concession. Given similar effort and same intellect, there is no reason why ethnic composition is not seen in the university system.

    North and parts of east has a very bad reputation of election cheating. Please read the independent observers report of the 2004 general election. It was not the LTTE per se that cheated but TNA voters. Despite this damning report the election was not declared invalid.

    Mahinda lost mainly due to his disproportionate focus on Tamils after 2010. Sirisena crossed the 50% thanks mainly to election fraud by Tamil and some Muslim voters voting more than once. Very high improvements in the transport infrastructure made it possible which was impossible just five years ago.

    The procedure elsewhere is well established and monitored making it very difficult to register at two electoral districts. Just like the Advanced Level exam invigilation differences between the “north” and the “south”.

  14. Independent Says:

    There is no one in this world who will agree with you more on “Tamil Cheating of Uni” than me. I know this because I have helped some Tamil friends in my own batch in some subjects. They had same AL results as me but unable to grasp some Uni subjects.
    Not only this, some Tamil lecturers cheated Sinhala students and gave the exam questions to Tamils. Some of our Sinhala lectures talk big like Nationalists but never cheated that way.

    I was saying “cheating” was very effective only until early 70’s. What I understood from your statement “…..after diluting standardisation by successive governments” was that you were saying cheating started after “standardisation” by various governments. It is not. Various attempts to stop this cheating diluted the degree of this crime, but not eradicated.

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