Sri Lanka’s My3 palanaya Bilingual Policy – A Warning
Posted on March 30th, 2015

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Ottawa . Ontario  . Canada

28 March 2015

Your Excellency  Maithripala Sirisena
President of Sri Lanka
Presidential Secretariat
Galle Face
Colombo 1, Sri Lanka

Copy to
Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka

Your Excellency:

Sri Lanka’s  My3 palanaya Bilingual Policy – A Warning

I feel honoured to take this opportunity to write you as a concerned Sri Lankan Sinhalese-Canadian, now domiciled in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, to express a warning on your government’s bilingual policy.

It is unequivocally apparent that according to your government’s good governance ‘Reconciliation’ policy, that it has made you bend your back to satisfy the Tamil community, especially those in the North and East.  This is a community who for over 131 years lived as the ‘privileged’ Minority overriding the ‘wronged’ Sinhalese Majority in every sphere of life, enjoying the privileges that came with divide-and-rule policy of the British colonial masters.  And not once saying, This is not right, we shouldn’t be doing this to our Sinhalese brothers and sisters”.

With your good governance ‘reconciliation’ policy, I have the gut feeling that the majority Sinhalese community is getting the short end of the stick, even though the Sinhalese too have their own aspirations and not too different from the Tamils.

Trying to right what you think has been wronged and now working towards ‘reconciliation’ with the Tamil community; I hope your knife will cut both ways as does mine.   It is time that your government recognize that ‘reconciliation’ with the minority Tamil community is a two way street, and that it is impossible to clap with one hand, and that it takes two to Tango.

Adopting a bilingual policy –  Sinhalese spoken by the majority community, and Tamil spoken by the minority community, and having granted the Tamil community to sing the National Anthem in Tamil which was originally sung in Sinhalese, let you be warned that such a policy has created problems in Canada who quite proudly, yet disingenuously  will tell you, follow our Canadian bilingual policy of our two solitudes, Anglophones and Francophones as ours is a success story.”   And I tell you and the Canadian government, Oh No, not so!”  And that’s a lie which is not worth two prairie straws waving in the chilling wind or two masala wade’s sizzling in a pan of hot cooking oil.

Your Excellency,, watch out for this possibility happening in the North, as I have heard Chief Minister Wigneswaran loud and clearly, and I do not trust this man who breathes the words even in his dreams –it is all about us…us…us… Tamils,  and not  about you…you… you… Sinhalese”.

Here is a Canadian Fact that the Canadian Mission in Colombo may not admit nor relate to you and so be warned!

Your Excellency, can you believe that there is segregation in Canada, a creation by their bilingual policy?  What…this must be a joke!”, you might say.   And I tell you, No actually, it isn’t!”

This is happening in the Province of New Brunswick in the east of Canada, the only officially bilingual province.  This province has sanctioned the policy of segregation in the name of bilingualism, English and French.

Here is their philosophy and logic.  The French speaking children are so fragile” in their struggle to retain their French language and culture that any contact with English speaking children is considered bad.   If by chance they might get assimilated, that’s considered unconstitutional and against their charter rights”, according to the Provincial government under Brian Gallant.  So there you are and be warned,  Your Excellency, of such an eventuality happening in Sri Lanka, and you as the Head of your island nation will live with guilt for the rest of your life and cursed by your peoples and  by the next generation and the next.

The  Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (part of the very flawed 1982 Constitution), is invoked as the reason why French-speaking children must not travel in the same school buses as English-speaking children.   Never mind that it will cost more to have half-empty school buses going the same direction.  It does seem that segregation is more important and entrenched in their bilingual policy.  It does seem that to preserve the French language and their culture is more important and should over ride economics of New Brunswick.   This bilingual bus spat comes just as the Province of New Brunswick is planning drastic cuts to education to patch a $500-million hole in its budget, which could mean laying off teachers.

There was a time when segregation” was a bad word.  It kept races apart by denying one group access to public services.  And now it is apparently to be promoted because the all powerful” English language might contaminate the vey fragile French language!!   Ha! This is happening in a cultured Canada. Can you believe it!

Your Excellency, so be WARNED!

If you ask me, What makes you think that we in Sri Lanka will take that route?”  My response is:

You cannot ignore the fact that you are dealing with a Tamil community who are maestros of ethnic cleansing.  That they kicked out 27,000 Sinhalese terrorizing them from the North between 1971 and 1981 where they lived for generations;

You cannot ignore the fact that this is the community that stoned and chased 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers from the Jaffna campus in 1977, who were brought south in buses escorted by the army and police;

You cannot ignore the fact that this is the community that gave 100,000 Muslims 24 hours to get out of the North in 1990,  making Uganda’s Idi Amin look like an angel.  He at least gave the Ugandan-Indians three months to get out.

You cannot ignore the fact that you are dealing with a Chief Minister Wigneswaran, a member of the elitist ‘privileged’ Tamil minority, who was educated at Royal College, the University of Ceylon and Ceylon Law College,  and ended up as a Supreme Court Judge, who told the world  a few weeks ago that his Tamil community was subjected to genocide” since independence, and you were soft on this guy with a dangerous looking red-third-eye between his two eye-brows, and did not rap his knuckles’. Why?

So, tread softly on your bilingual policy, and watch out for what is happening in Canada.  It doesn’t look good.   Sri Lanka is too precious to go that route, and the 21 million Sinhalese community is a  pristine treasure in the world, while the Tamils have their 70 million brothers and sisters waiting  to embrace them just 24 salt water miles away.

Let’s hope that you will not have to deal with the likes of the  1965 incident at Montgomery, Alabama’s,  a Rosa Parks like defiance incident  down the road, of a Podi Appuhamy and  a Sudhu Manike refusing to go to the back of the bus plying North along A9, because Sellamuttu, the Tamil bus conductor and Thangavelu, the bus driver, wanted them to do so, in a Tamil crowded bus.  And all hell will grumble then with anger spewing fire.

And remember Your Excellency, that  Asoka Weerasinghe of Ottawa, Canada, warned you of what might happen and  that he was almost a soothsayer as has been in the past on this Tamil Eelam file.

Yours sincerely,

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)


53 Responses to “Sri Lanka’s My3 palanaya Bilingual Policy – A Warning”

  1. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you for the very timely warning to the ‘Yahapalanaya’ Guru and all others – Sinhalayas please NOTE who are generally sleepwalking with their eyes closed and their ears plugged and oblivious to the impending dangers, until disaster actually hits them – S de Silva – London

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Asoka.


    More facts :

    The present new illegal govt is moving so rapidly in the wrong direction, it has the country off balance.

    India is divided linguistically. This is something the Tamils understand better than the Sinhala people. The Indian states adjoining Tamil Nadu do not allow the proliferation of the Tamil language in their states. That is understood and accepted by all there. TN does not allow other languages to spread either. Mr Sirisena, our ill informed President, should try to go and spread the Sinhala language in Tamil Nadu !

    Also, there is no need for so much Tamil labor in Lanka as in the old times of the British Raj and post Independence tea market. Tea plucking can be done with machines now as done in India, China, S. Africa, Japan etc. The tea market is down anyway and is not such an important foreign exchange earner.

    It is essential that Sri Lanka is kept whole and wholesome through language. Sinhala and English (world language) as a link language are sufficient. It will also stop illegal migrants into Lanka.

    Now that Mr Modi is to have 100 Smart Cities in India, including Tamil Nadu, Tamil folk of any caste will be well off/better off, there.

    On another related matter :

    All the ideas on what MR should do in the future for Lanka are well and good. But, do people consider the fact that there is still a War Crimes charge from the UNHRC against Mahinda Rajapakse, his govt and the armed forces of Lanka ? That has to be removed first if he is come forward. What are the educated folk and other concerned people doing about that ?

    The present new illegal govt does not make matters easy for MR & his family and past govt either, as this new govt brings in false charges against them all on a daily basis.

    Judging from recent events, I am beginning to think that the new illegal govt is bringing the country’s ECONOMY & FINANCIAL sectors DOWN for reasons best known to them. Possible end game is too horrific to write down ….

  3. douglas Says:

    Dear Asoka: I always have my gratitude for the valiant effort you take to preserve the identity and the rights of the Sinhala community of this country. In reading through this contribution above, I have some questions to clarify. In the recent efforts, starting from the time our Ex President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse established that “Reconciliation Commission, we have been engaged in studying various aspects relating to this “Reconciliation” subject, in that, the subject of Language of the two communities, viz. Sihala and Tamil has come up for consideration. Perhaps, you would know that both these languages, viz. Sinhala & Tamil have been ACCEPTED by STATUTE as “Official Languages” of the country; just as much as English and French are in your country – Canada. Our studies show that a citizen who wishes to enter the Government Service, viz. Federal Service has to posses competency in both of those languages, as otherwise, he/she cannot secure a Federal Government job. That Federal Government job is the most sought after out of all the jobs available. Is that correct? If that is correct in your country, why not we follow the same rule in our country and what is wrong with it? Does that undermine the status of our citizens comprising of Sinhala, Tamils etc?. Also a study group here, after studying varying job postings, have found out that, some of the high paying and otherwise compensated (perks) jobs do demand competency in both the English and ,French languages. Isn’t that the situation in your country? Also, in another study, it has been found that heavily populated “Provinces” where predominantly English speaking people live, the educational authorities have set up a system to make available facilities for the students to learn French by setting up a system called “French “Immersion” schools and study programmes to help them to qualify for wide range of employment opportunities throughout the country. What is wrong with such a system being introduced to our country? Do our Sinhala or Tamil population (student population) stagnate by confining to their own linguistic heritages and compartmentalize ourselves to ethnic divide? Where our future heading in that route? Isn’t it simply “Separation”?. Will we ever head towards that “Reconciliation” the ex President started during his tenure of office?

    We have given consideration to another aspect of this “Reconciliation” that you have not talked of, and, that is, the “POLICING”. This subject too has emerged very prominently in the “Devolution” claimed under 13th Amendment. A short study of this subject of “POLICING” in various countries has shown us that “One Among The Best” in the world is that of Canada, by way of “RATINGS”. That study (preliminary) shows that there are three “TIERS” in your “Policing System” viz. Federal, Provincial and Municipal that have received high commendations from around the world as “Most People Friendly and Service Oriented”. Since you too are involved on this subject of “Reconciliation”, by going to the extent of attending the hearings of that Commission set up by our Ex President, Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse, I thought it appropriate to invite your thoughts on that subject too for our benefit.

  4. L Perera Says:

    After almost 70 years since gaining independence the politicians (of all hues) don’t seem to have got the system right and are demonstrating a penchant for self destruction.

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Mr. Weerasinghe, I really admire your hard hitting articles. However you have made a fundamental mistake in calling the Tamils the minority. They are the MAJORITY in the region. We are a MINORITY in a sea of Tamils burgeoning in Tamil Nadu as well as abroad. The Tamils in Sri Lanka talk of the Tamil Nation. The Tamil Nation is in Tamil Nadu not in Sri Lanka. They speak the language of Tamil Nadu, they watch films from Tamil Nadu, they go to Tamil Nadu to do their shopping, and like some Tamil king pins are supposed to have done have their mistresses in Tamil Nadu who they visit when they wish to disport them selves! There are 72 million Tamils 12 miles away compared to the 14 million Sinhalese. It is high time our leaders realized this and started telling the world the truth about the Sri Lanka Tamils. What a hoax they have been perpetrating all these years. Please see the link attached.

    They have their Global Tamil Forum which is including Tamils from all over the world which means Tamils from Tamil Nadu, Malaysia, Fiji, South Africa, Europe, Australia, Canada and of course Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese are miniscule in number and we are unfortunately only 12 miles away. If that is so how should a majority treat the minority race in the region. Should they bully them and force their language and culture on the minority. The way I see it the Tamils are welcome to stay and live in Sri Lanka as a minority among the majority of Sinhalese. However if they feel they must have their culture in a separate state then they have the option to go to Tamil Nadu which is their rightful home land.. So much strife and blood shed could have been avoided if they did that.

  6. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Asoka for a timely and bold article. Some Sri Lankans have a funny definition of racism which only finds what is perfect for other countries racist in the Lankan context. At the same time, real racism in Sri Lanka – Tamil racism with exclusive race-centred politics – gets away.

    Most countries with sustainable domestic peace and ethnic diversity at the same time have only one official language – USA, UK, Australia and Malaysia to name a few. If Sri Lanka is serious about sustainable peace and unity it must have only one official language, Sinhala. Tamil is not an official language even in India where 85% of world Tamils reside. Malaysia with a larger Tamil population than Sri Lanka does not recognise Tamil as an official language.

    Tamil was made an official language by the illegally imposed 13A in 1987. War and violence increased after that.

    By popularising Tamil language Sri Lanka becomes the target of Tamil separatism. As Sri Lanka is the only country recognising Tamil as an official language among the top 3 Tamil populations in the world, it becomes the main target of Tamil nationalism. Sirisena government is laying the foundation for Tamil Elam, literally.

    Sri Lanka will be the extension of Tamil Nadu if Tamil language is widely used in the island. Coupled with ethnicity based power devolution (another recommendation of the LLRC), it creates a lethal concoction for disintegration.

    Tamil must not be recognised as an official or national language. It must be awarded the status of a regional language in the north and the east only. Sinhala shall be the only official and national language while recognising English as a business and link language.

    It is absurd to think bilingualism creates reconciliation or integration. On the contrary it creates division. If a Sinhala man meets a Tamil man, how many languages they need to communicate? Just one, not two. Reconciliation can be achieved by teaching Sinhala to Tamils who aren’t fluent in Sinhala. This percentage is less than 8% as almost all Muslims, upcountry Tamils and Colombo Tamils are already fluent in Sinhala.

    If betraying the Sinhala identity of Sri Lanka is reconciliation, we could have easily reconciled with the LTTE without going to war.

    Muslims have been the most peaceful community in Sri Lanka. They are fluent in Sinhala language. In a very years’ Muslims will be the single largest minority of the nation. If they can do it, there is no reason why Tamils cannot work in Sinhala. Hundreds of thousands of Tamils in France have learnt French without a complaint. If so why can’t they learn Sinhala?

    By popularising the Tamil language, Sirisena is ridiculing the great policies of the SLFP and SWRD Bandaranaike. As an avowed promoter of Bandaranaike policies, he should not be doing so.

    Canada (the second largest country on earth) and Sri Lanka are not comparable due to their size and history. However, Sri Lanka can learn from Canada not to have two official/national languages. Singapore and Sri Lanka are also not comparable due to size, the ethnic make up and the absence of a native language unique to Singapore. However, Singapore carefully manages its ethnic composition to ensure its Chinese majority has the numerical superiority in all its administrative divisions. Since Independence, the Chinese majority percentage has grown significantly at the expense of others.

  7. Sarath W Says:

    Oh gosh Asoka, we all know you are right. But what can our poor MY3 do? He has sold his heart and soul to the Indian emperor and the west and USA and has become their puppet. If he changes course he will be exposed for betraying his master and the country for god knows what. His only hope is MR will come back with a 2/3 majority and kick out this corrupt traitors.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    From the Indian (therefore Tamil Nadu Tamils) point of view and also local Lankan Tamils point of view, LANGUAGE is a weapon. Most Sinhala leaders are not aware of this. Mr Sirisena has been caught in a trap by tamil Leaders, Tamil Diasora and west (UK in particular that has to contend with their nasty Tamil group there).

    Dilrook says here : “Tamil was made an official language by the illegally imposed 13A in 1987. War and violence increased after that”. So the 13-A must go, one way or another.

    I must add that what gave power to Tamil leaders was the trumped up 1983 Riots. Whilst giving power to Tamil leaders locally to make demands, India took the opportunity to impose her will on Lanka through the 13-A. Also the Riots enabled the Tamil Diaspora to be born with widespread lobby ability with western politicos (money & vote).

    The Canadian bilingual status was born of a different set of events. French Canada was there first. Canada was ceded to Britain after France lost one of her numerous European wars to Britain. The English language arrived there later. Canada is a huge country. The west of Canada, British Columbia, is Brit as the name implies whilst the eastern end is mostly French. Even the capital Ottawa is inclined toward the French language.

    Sri Lankan history is different. The Sinhala language has ALWAYS held first place with no contenders except English which is a world language now and widely accepted for commerce and communication purposes. I am compelled to state that the Tamil language has no such value in Lanka particularly as Tamil labor is not important to Lanka after Independence with tea prices falling and use of tea plucking machines which are far more efficient.

    Tamil folk have Tamil Nadu. Sinhala folk have only Lanka. Please do not divide Lanka via languages.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    “Tamil was made an official language by the illegally imposed 13A in 1987- Wrong Tamil official language nothing to do with 13A

    In 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka, – Tamil is official Language !!!
    According to Chapter IV of the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka, the Sinhala and Tamil languages are both official and national languages of the country. This constitution was amended in 1987.[12][13]

    Tamil folk have Tamil Nadu Yes agreed but We Hela Demilaya have only one country that is Mother Lanka !!!

    United Mother Lanka for all us !!!

  10. LankanDon Says:

    Thanks Asoka. Sinhala educated My3 will not understand what you have written. Someone will translate your letter and put his own interpretation and make it milder to suit “Yahapalanaya”.

    We now have 2 official languages and we can’t change that, but we should not have 2 national anthems.

    I don’t think MR will get 2/3 majority unless he says that he will get rid of the 13th amendment and bring in a bill of rights where all citizens have equal rights, irrespective of ethnicity, caste, religion or gender. Then, no one can can complain of discrimination or being treated as 2nd class citizens. He should also promise to appoint an independent anti-discrimination commission to deal with any discrimination. He should also shun the corrupt people who surrounded him and those who changed sides,as well as, the 2 Silvas (especially that serpent Mervin)

  11. dingiri bandara Says:

    I believe that all Sinhalese need to learn all three languages Sinhalese, English and Tamil,not because the Tamils or anyone else wants it but for their own benefit. It will make it possible for them to know what is going around them and in the world.
    I also believe that it was not a very smart idea to have a Tamil version of the national anthem.this will not stop the Eelamist from seeking separate state. They need to abandon that ambition. As long as that ambition exists, there will be no real peace despite in how many languages the national anthem is sung.
    There already exists a Tamil state in Tamil Nadu in India. I am sure their Tamil brothers and sisters will welcome with open arms.
    In how many languages is the Indian national anthem is sung.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    we should not have 2 national anthems- We only have One anthem sang in two different language ( both have word by word same meaning )

    Namo, Namo Thaye, Nam Sri Lanka ….
    Namo Namo Matha, Apey Sri Lanka…..

    LankanDon , why this kolavri machang (machchan) ?

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    Sung National anthem in Tamil & full implementation of 13A & 16A is defied of separation !!!
    MS should order to sung National anthem in Tamil ONLY in NEP schools & All Govt offices every day to avoid separation !!!

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    A Bill of Rights after removal of the 13-A, is a very good idea.

    dingiri bandara,

    Learning Tamil for ‘eavesdropping’ purposes may not be necessary after 13-A is removed.


    A point I would like to bring out is that Canada is far, far away from the two mother countries where the French & English languages originated. This is in contrast to Tamil language and Lanka, as Tamil Nadu the place of origin of the Tamil language, is only 12 nautical miles from North Lanka which is the separatist area for Tamils. Ethiriveerasingham proved this point by swimming across the Palk Sts. This is why Tamil illegal migrants find it so easy to cross the Palk Sts. Even P’karan had said that about two thirds of his LTTE army were illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu. In contrast, the Dover Sts that separate Britain & France, poses difficulties for crossing with its rough, cold sea, unlike the relatively friendly Palk Sts. Britain is not over run with illegal migrants from France ! Britain looks after her coastlines unlike Lanka under the present regime. Lanka should imitate Britain re all Security measures.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S.: After all, the new illegal regime is falling all over trying to please Britain. The best compliment is imitation ! Imitate the Brits in ALL SECURITY MEASURES.

  16. douglas Says:

    LankanDon: According to your comment: “Sinhala educated My3 will not understand what you have written”. So only an English educated President Sri Lanka can have. What a “Dingbat” you are?

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    “I must add that what gave power to Tamil leaders was the trumped up 1983 Riots. Whilst giving power to Tamil leaders locally to make demands, India took the opportunity to impose her will on Lanka through the 13-A. Also the Riots enabled the Tamil Diaspora to be born with widespread lobby ability with western politicos (money & vote).”


    Moral or immoral, truth is truth.

    1. Tamil leaders CALMED DOWN after the riot. Before that Tamil leaders were VERY POWERFUL. Remember CHELVA, AMIRTHALINGAM, HIS WIFE, VADAKUNDI RESOLUTION? After the riot NONE of that happened!!

    2. Endia imposed her will LONG before the riot in 1977. Endia opposed a PRO-US party winning the election in 1977 and helped LTTE. By 1983 LTTE was a FULLY GROWN terrorist group!!

    3. VERY FEW Tamils went to western countries after 1983. MOST of them went in 1990-1995 period when Jaffna was under LTTE. Life was HORRIBLE. It was like STONE AGE.

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Singhala people generally CANNOT think STRATEGICALLY. They think it is GOOD to learn Tamil and allow the Tamil language. LAME!

    AS LONG AS Tamil language is in WIDE USE in SL it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop Tamil Madu illegal immigrants. SL is like TAMIL NADU for them!

    Soon Tamils will OUTNUMBER Singhalese.

  19. Independent Says:

    What Lorenzo saying is correct.
    Today , when a Sri Lankan goes to Jaffna there is no one to speak in the main language. They are like foreigners. So, by right, it is like a separate country. No wonder they ask for serration. Actually , need not go so far even. Pass Polonnaruwa towards Arugam bay or Passikuda – no Sinhala, So many Mosques everywhere, feel like IS and no Sinhala speaking. Therefore these people have a right to ask for separation.
    One by one our fools give in to more and more demand. There is no one than the previous greedy president who had the opportunity to doo something. What did he do ? Same thing scared of India , scared of Europe, scared of USA he supported the minority only while discriminating the Sinhala.

    Now some say he lost because of Tamil and Muslim votes thus proving it did not harm his vote base. Don’t the Sinhalas have a brain to understand that there is no transport available to transport 200,000 voters to the North within hours. Yarl Devi + 20000 cars gone unnoticed ?

    Time to find a new leader and new way of thinking. Why fool the Sinhala majority ? GO and fool India, China, USA, Europe , Singapore, Canada , Australia , IS.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:


    I disagree.

    Though Tamil leaders were vociferous re 50-50 & Federalism for a long time prior to 1983, they became more truly powerful only after 1983. The trumped up Riots gave cause to for almost all Tamils to come together, irrespective of caste issues. Also, it was ONLY AFTER 1983 that the Tamils of Lanka were accepted by the west as REFUGEES, particularly by Canada whose Refugee policy remains the same as after WWII enabling Europeans to flee to Canada. The Riots of 1983 were the turning point for Tamil Separatism – the Beggars Wounds caused by the Riots with added lies and exaggerations, brought in the west as sympathisers who also saw opportunities for themselves. 1983 Riots gave opportunity for Tamils to go to all the western countries, Canada, Britain, EU & USA, and Australia. They later formed the so called Tamil Diaspora still effective to this day. The LTTE terrorism in the North was, of course, added incentive for Tamils to leave Lanka.
    I propose that the LTTE had, sooner or later, blessings from most of the Tamil leaders. As the LTTE was trained in Tamil Nadu during the ultra pro-west JRJ times, we have to assume that India was pro-East at that time (Cold War 1980s).

    Post Cold War (Cold War fiinished in 1991), India turned more openly to the west. The Indian masses were inclined toward Communism (same as JVP) during the Cold War times and the post Independent India had to tussle between the west and Soviet interests.

    During Cold War times (1946-1991), Lanka politics came to a head when ultra pro-west JRJ came into power. That is why the 1983 Riots happened with subsequent arrival of J.N. Dixit (a Chennai born Catholic) as virtual Vice Roi of Lanka imposing the 13-A on the JRJ govt. This piece of legislation was done under Duress (everyone knows that now), and is therefore illegal. It does not reflect the will of the people of Lanka. The Cold War is over and the 13-A must be removed.
    Btw, Mr Dixit died of a heart attack right after the Tsunami of Dec 2004, on learning of the death of P’karan in the Tsunami and sweeping away of the Sea Tiger fleet.

    I have written this piece of information earlier too to the L’web.

    Since Mr Modi will create new hope in India with the 100 new Smart Cities, Tamil people will be better off in Tamil Nadu.
    May it be so for all our sakes.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    PS: The V’kkoddai Resolution was brought to life through the LTTE, wasn’t it ?

  22. Independent Says:

    ” As the LTTE was trained in Tamil Nadu” – No. LTTE were trained first without the knowledge of Tamil Nadu , in other parts of India.

  23. Lorenzo Says:


    “Though Tamil leaders were vociferous re 50-50 & Federalism for a long time prior to 1983, they became more truly powerful only after 1983.”


    The OPPOSITTE happened. After JULY 1983 Tamil leaders became SILENT (comparatively). Look at the Tamil leaders before 1983 and after 1983.

    1. Amirthalingam (and wife) before 1983 – very strong Tamil Elamists. She wanted to swim in the blood of the Singhalese!

    2. Amirthalingam (and wife) after 1983 – rejected violence. Compromised. Eventually killed by the LTTE for being a “supporter of the Singhala govt.”!!

    3. Chelva vs Thiru-Chelva – Chelva was a pre-1983 Tamil leader. EXTREMELY violent and racist. Painted tar on Singhala letters, aroused Tamils to chop the breasts of Singhala women in Jaffna in 1958, passed Vadakundi resolution in 1976.

    4. Thiru-Chelva became the TULF leader in 1989. After A PEACEFUL Amirthaligam was killed. He was even more peaceful!! READY to compromise. LTTE killed him for being a “supporter of the Singhala govt.”!!

    5. Then came Ananda Sakkili. A VERY PEACEFUL and mdoerate Tamil leader. Where are the PONNAMBALAMS, CHELVAS, SUNTHARALINGAMS, ETC.?

    July 1983 killed them all ideologically.

    6. In 2001 LTTE appointed Sambanthan as TNA leader with Raviraj. Very decent and less violent Tamils COMPARED to PONNAMBALAMS, CHELVAS, SUNTHARALINGAMS, ETC. He is a racist of course but NOTHING compared to those pre-1983 racists.

    7. After Sambandan the remaining Tamil leaders are less ferocious.

    So you are WRONG Fran. 1983 was a blessing in disguise to tone down Tamil leaders. It made them MORE moderate and MUCH MUCH LESS VIOLENT.

    “The V’kkoddai Resolution was brought to life through the LTTE, wasn’t it ?”

    And when do you think the LTTE was formed? In 1972!! When did LTTE kill the first victim? 1975.

    SO Fran STOP talking nonsense that helps the enemy.

    Tamils didn’t leave SL in drones after 1983. Tamils left SL LONG BEFORE and after. MOST Tamils left SL in the period 1990-1995 when life became impossible in Jaffna, Vanni, etc. as LTTE turned these areas into STONE AGE.

    Even if Tamils had not left SL the west would support them because Tamils were COLONIAL TOOLS since the 17th century. Read history. Dutch, British, etc. took Tamils around the world – Fiji, South Africa, Nigeria, west Indies, SL, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. to USE them as COLONIAL TOOLS against native people.

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    “Mr Dixit died of a heart attack right after the Tsunami of Dec 2004, on learning of the death of P’karan in the Tsunami and sweeping away of the Sea Tiger fleet.”

    VP did NOT die in the tsunami. He was killed in 2009 in battle.

    AGREE the sea tiger fleet was swept away to the sea!! One good thing the tsunami did.

    “Since Mr Modi will create new hope in India with the 100 new Smart Cities, Tamil people will be better off in Tamil Nadu.”

    NO WAY! Modi plans to FLOOD SL with Tamils AND SOUTH ENDIAN MUSLIMS and do what TURKS did to CYPRUS.

    MANY SLs have missed the fact it is not just TAMILS who illegally come to SL every year from TN but also MUSLIMS from TN, Kerala and Maldives.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    You are right. There is NO WAY YARL DEVI could have transported so many. If you check the TRAIN TIMES it is IMPOSSIBLE!!

    But I have to agree that MANY Tamils living in Colombo are registered in two places to vote. I have left SL long ago but my name is STILL in Jaffna and Colombo registers!! Even my dead grand parents’ names are there in Jaffna!! Election workers are all Tamils in the north. They do whatever they want. Colombo has NO control.

    After the army leaves Jaffna, elections will be TOTALLY MANIPULATED in Jaffna and Vanni.

    I too noticed the rise in mosques in the north-north-east part of SL. MASSIVE increase. And PUTTLAM too. Just like Dematakoda-Grandpass-Slave Island-Maligawatte-Dawatagaha-Maradana-Narenpitiya-Jawatta-Dehiwela-Nugegoda the mosque-ito axis.

    Map these suburbs in google earth and see the PATTERN. They live in the BOUNDARY of Tamil areas and Singhala areas AND SPREAD ONLY into Singhala areas.

  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    Tamil leaders of Lanka appeared quieter after 1983 because they were getting down to work with the Tamil Diaspora. There was no need to shout obscene words in Lanka. They were tying up with Tamils abroad and politicos abroad for a ‘sure kill’.

    Some educated Tamils left for the west before 1983, but they left in droves after 1983 into the 1990s. We lived through all this. We are old folk – eye witnesses who have travelled the world over.

  27. Fran Diaz Says:

    A lot of folk know that P’karan (with Pottu Amman) died in the Tsunami. Navy Chief of that time, Daya Sandagiri made a press statement to that effect. The person who was killed at N’kadal Lagoon was a double.

    Let’s stop this exchange. I know the truth of certain events. Only truth sets us free.

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    “A lot of folk know that P’karan (with Pottu Amman) died in the Tsunami. Navy Chief of that time, Daya Sandagiri made a press statement to that effect. The person who was killed at N’kadal Lagoon was a double.”

    This shows your lack of knowledge.

    The point is NOT about JUSTIFYING 1983 but to appreciate the FEW GOOD it created as well as the BAD.

    Another good thing that came out of it was the 6 amendment. JR blamed the riot on TAMIL RACISTS (correct decision) and banned them with 6 amendment. But 13 amendment essentially lifted the ban.

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    The Soviet newspaper that told UTTER LIES is named PRAVDA (meaning TRUTH)!!

    George Owell’s 1984 had something called the TRUTH MINISTRY to tell damn lies!!

    TRUTH is no longer TRUE. You have use the BRAIN to figure out the REAL TRUTH, every time.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:


    One more before I close this thread.

    I am not Justifying 1983 !! Quite the contrary. I am showing how diabolical, deceitful and pre-planned 1983 was. I was giving a possible explanation as to why it happened and how it happened, and the cloaking methods used in Cold War times. I am against all rioting. You on the contrary, appear to glorify rioting and consequences. I happen in believe in negotiated settlements and firm governance, fair by all.

  31. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Both French and British are similar to Tamils in the island. All colonists who came as invaders. The equivalent to non Indians are the Intuits of Canada. They longer have any rights and are disappearing from the Earth the same as the non Indians in the island. Jai Hind

  32. LankanDon Says:

    I see lot of people including Indians and UNP supporters who were instrumental in bringing down the former so called “corrupt Govt” commenting here in droves now, sometimes, misinterpreting what is said. They are, of course, entitled to express their opinion. However, they should refrain from using derogatory words such as “Dingbat”.

    Douglas, you said “So only an English educated President Sri Lanka can have. What a “Dingbat” you are?” I never meant that Sri Lanka can not or should not have a Sinhala educated President. I only meant that someone will have to translate Asoka’s letter and the person who interprets can put his own spin. Hopefully, he won’t have someone like you as the interpreter!!!

    SA Kumar, You said what is this kolaveri Machang? I don’t know what you mean as I don’t know Tamil. Anyway, I know that most Tamils don’t like equal rights and anti-discrimination legislation as they can’t ask for a separate state or a federal government saying that they are treated as 2nd class citizens.

    No wonder people like Ananda USA are not commenting here any more!

  33. SA Kumar Says:

    why this kolaveri (a polite way of saying why get anger – please google a funny Thanus song )

    Tamils don’t like equal rights and anti-discrimination legislation – wrong mate We-Tamil want to live in United Mother Lanka ( We do not have any other option that is different mater because VP udadda kiya ( gone up)- can you believe I translate Sinhala to you? )

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as “I happen to believe in negotiated settlements …”

  35. Fran Diaz Says:


    Several Language Acts have been passed in Sri Lanka:

    * the Official Language Act No. 33 of 1956 (Ceylon), commonly known as the Sinhala Only Act, passed in Ceylon in 1956 to replacing English with Sinhala as the official language of the country
    * the Tamil Language (Special Provisions) Act No. 28 of 1958 (Ceylon) passed in Ceylon in 1958 allows Tamil in education, public service entrance exams and administration in the Northern and Eastern provinces
    * the Official Languages Act of 1987 (Sri Lanka) passed in Sri Lanka in 1987 to make Tamil an official language of the country
    * the Official Languages Commission Act No. 18 of 1991 (Sri Lanka) passed in Sri Lanka in 1991 to establish the Official Languages Commission of Sri Lanka.


    I am of the opinion that the 1987 Official Languages Act is the ONLY active law re use of Language in Lanka. The 1987 Act is from the 13-A (Indo-Lanka Accord).

    I hope other readers will clarify further.

  36. Marco Says:

    Fran Diaz,
    With respect, i had to chuckle when I read the following:

    “A lot of folk know that P’karan (with Pottu Amman) died in the Tsunami. Navy Chief of that time, Daya Sandagiri made a press statement to that effect. The person who was killed at N’kadal Lagoon was a double.”

    Who are these “lot of folk” know(?) that Prabakaran died in the Tsunami. Which planet are they living in? or more importantly are they gullible enough to believe in such nonsense.

    Are you saying Fran, that we Sri Lankans rejoiced and celebrated on the capture and killing of that maniac at Nandikadal was a fake/ “double” of Prabakaran?

    Wow! We were hoodwinked weren’t we? – or rather some one was!

  37. Lorenzo Says:


    You did NOT justify it. I included that bit to avoid confusion.

    1983 was the natural result of Endia, Cold War, war in SL (started in 1975), Tamils’ need to get out of the country and Tamil racism. There was nothing SL could have done to stop it.

    IF MR wants to win back power he MUST promise to SCRAP 13 amendment.

    13 amendment (Tamil official language) brings 20,000+ Tamil voters from Endia every year. It will ensure MR can NEVER win (unless war starts again when they can’t vote).

  38. Independent Says:

    “IF MR wants to win back power he MUST promise to SCRAP 13 amendment.”

    All these MUSTs and SHOULDs are considered cravings of the patriots. All cravings will end up in suffering. No doubt about that.

    Right now cunning politicians as using slogans to win votes only. After wining votes they will also please India, USA, Europe, Middle East, China. Our craving “13A removal ” will be the last thing in their minds.

    Please let me know if ANYONE made even a simple LIE that he will remove 13A. 13A removal craving is not even among the lies of poly-tics who suck blood.

  39. Fran Diaz Says:


    You are back !

    Well, well, we have your opinion on this matter now.
    Speaking for myself, when I heard of P’karan’s demise (for at that time, I too thought it was the real P’karan), my feeling was one of sheer relief, not one of rejoicing. We don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things (past posts) including this one.
    You are free to believe as you wish – go ahead !

  40. douglas Says:

    LankanDon: Why should someone translate it to the President? Do you try tell us that this President cannot read English and understand the letter? When you said, “someone will translate it, it is his interpretation that will be conveyed” meaning he will “spin” it, what do you expect the reader to understand? That, I consider it a derogatory statement on the capability of the President. Why you want to say “wahen oro” when you can say “ohen waro”.

  41. SA Kumar Says:

    In 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka, – Tamil is official Language !!!
    According to Chapter IV of the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka, the Sinhala and Tamil languages are both official and national languages of the country. This constitution was amended in 1987.[12][13]
    Fran Diaz,
    this act sorted out Tamil is official Language problem , 1987 13A gave Tamil political power to admin NEP ( a way of Federal system similar to Indian union system) thats all.

    so 13A is nothing to do with Tamil is official Language which We already shored out by 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka, – Tamil is official Language.

    Now whether We like it or not 13A will be fully implemented & We all will live in United Mother Lanka until Eelam war V!

  42. Fran Diaz Says:


    Man made Laws can always be undone, whichever country.

  43. Lorenzo Says:


    But patriots should keep hammering it always.

    “All cravings will end up in suffering.”

    Absolutely FALSE!

    1. SOME cravings end up in BLISS.

    2. SOME (most I think) end up in MISERY.

    3. BUT despite that we all keep trying to achieve our cravings. We are NOT scared of failure.

    That is how all living beings invent things and evolve – CRAVING, GREED, GREED, GREED.

    GREED is a good thing as long as it is LEGAL. Some people have the CRAVING become a Buddha. VERY GOOD. Mother Theresa CRAVED to help people.

    Independent, you and I CRAVED to bring My3 to power. Today it created you HAPPINESS. For me, MISERY! But for MOST people happiness I think.

  44. SA Kumar Says:

    Man made Laws can always be undone, whichever country.- fully agreed with you our own example Sailsbury constitution which DS let We-Tamil down by undone.

    13A Majority of We-Tamils also do not like it because it stop our TE dream but for United Mother Lanka it is best solution also India (BNP & Congeres) want United Mother Lanka not Unitary or Divided .

    For me if any one want to scrap 13A at this movement have hidden agenda to divide mother lanka eg: our Bugger Tamil Lorenz.

  45. douglas Says:

    Indepedent: Are You alive? Lorenzo says in reply to your statement: “All cravings will end up in suffering” – Absolutely FALSE”. As far as I have learned Gauthama Buddha’s teachings were centered on the “Four Noble Truths” (1) Suffering (2) Cause of Suffering (3) Cessation of Suffering and (4) Way leading to cessation of Suffering. As for No 2 he said root of suffering to lie in CRAVING.

    Now who is correct? : Gauthama Buddha, OR Lorenzo? Hmm…. Is this Abudassa Kaleta Ahana Bana?

  46. Independent Says:

    I am very much alive despite much attempts by M-Dhitti followers to kill me.

    Let Lorenzo have his Dhitti. He will realise that ALL cravings will ends up in suffering soon, when he looses his Buddhahood.

    Lorenzo, you are not the Buddha to read my mind and declare “Today it created you HAPPINESS”.

    I never “craved” for any election result. I “KNEW” that “MR would loose” and just kept telling people why for that “web paapakamma” I was banned. As I did not “crave”, I did not suffer at the election. All those craved suffered.
    I knew that “SOMEONE beating MR at elections” was best for the country that time. It does not mean that I was happy to hand over the country to Runil and CBK.

    Suffering due to craving is felt at the time of carving if you are alert, there is no need to wait for a future day. . Lorenzo may not process sufficient wisdom to understand that.

  47. Lorenzo Says:


    Trying to pit Independent against me!

    Buddhism has its place (must be the state religion / governing philosophy of SL must base on it) but at the same time OTHER theories, philosophies have their place in human life too.

    e.g. Buddhism teaches HOW to lead a HAPPY married life but it doesn’t go down to DETAILS of sexuality. For that you need OTHER theories.

    Don’t turn Buddhism into ISLAM where non believers are infidels (fools) and must be ridiculed, killed, cursed, etc.

  48. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: Thank you. What more to discuss with a person who does not know to spell the name of a person. you yourself exposed very well by that. I know during the past you have done that to many others in this forum and you owe an obligation to the administration of this web. I do not try to associate such persons. I leave you alone. Yet I wish you in “metta” good life. Thank.

  49. Lorenzo Says:

    Wish you the same “metta” good life.

    OVERALL we should STOP being APOLOGISTS for LTTE My3.

    I realize my mistake of supporting this disgusting Tamil racist corrupt Endian LTTE govt. to power. The higher the IQ, the FASTER they realize. Lower the IQ the slower.

  50. SA Kumar Says:

    We all know your IQ !

  51. Independent Says:

    Don’t jump to conclusions. This is only a temporary government. It is not yet LTTE just because few bad decisions here and there. Anyway, some people at least learned a lesson and that is the best for the country.

  52. Fran Diaz Says:

    Bottom line conclusion:

    In Sri Lanka, the Tamil Language must be removed as a National/Official language. Or else Tamil illegal migrants will pour into Lanka as done earlier. Lanka land mass will be divided linguistically as in India. In India all threee states adjoining Tamil Nadu do NOT allow the proliferation of the Tamil language in their states. Tamil Nadu does not allow the proliferation of any other language in TN. Lanka is a small land mass, 25,000 sq miles in all. Most of the Indian states are larger than the WHOLE of Lanka. Lanka too has to think in terms of linguistic divide if Lanka is to survive undivided. These are the ground realities. The writing is on the wall seriously for Lanka – be warned !

    Earlier top foreign exchange earner Tea, is no longer enjoying that top rung. Tea prices have plummeted. It makes sense to use tea plucking machines instead of Tamil (mostly illegal migrants) tea pluckers. Tea plucking machines are cost effective to use. They are used widely in India, China, S. Africa and Japan.
    Foreign sources are watching Lanka to take home slices of it – present weak, illegal govt : what are you doing about all this ?

  53. Marco Says:

    S A Kumar
    would you be referring to the comment made on 13 April 2013 at Lankaweb?

    as follows..

    [I HATE to tell this because I’m NOT (IQ) so low. But since IQ was dragged, let me tell you I with a membership of an elite IQ society (MORE restrictive than Mensa which I think anyone can get in) tell you that BBS is the ONLY REAL protector of Sinhala and Buddhists interests in SL.

    Empty vessels makes the most sound!]

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