American Interests in Sri Lanka
Posted on April 6th, 2015

Jay Deshabandu

On the 29th of March in the year 1602, Admiral Spilbergen, a Dutch naval commander using a pretext, approached the King Wimala Dharma in Kandy to help him with repealing Portuguese army from Sri Lanka. The king having had problems from his own sons, welcoming the  naval commander with all due  respect, gave the permission to built a fort for business in seashore. King Wimala Dharma died in 1612, and the treaty between the Sri-lankan  king Senerath, the brother of Wimala Dharma renewed the treaty, once again, giving Dutch to construct a fort in Trincomalee.

History has taught us what happened next. The helper became the next invader.  In the modern age, we will not see an exact repeat of a same thing because history does not repeat itself.

The permission for the Colombo City Project is not the same plan by the Chinese government backed investing company. But, once it is built, the Chinese government can claim to have the right to protect their investors already in business thus controlling that part of the island.

The control is the moralized Christian thought of replacement for physical war and invasion giving an impetus for regime change.

India is rightfully concerned about the project because it has an impact on their control and security in their own backyard.

I hope Vigneswaran can understand the rapacity of American government to have a foothold in the North of Sri-Lanka.  It will definitely use the Sri Lanka’s national issues, to form the pretext that the government is irresponsible, a failed state; and, a dangerous government for its minorities.

The American government has already shown interest in replacing the Sri Lankan government, be it green or blue, using instruments such as R2P at its disposal through the UN bodies which they control.

The parallel this with the history in our country is that Dutch replaced Portuguese, the British replaced Dutch using the R2P principal which was based on absurd reasons.

I hope that Vignesawan , his team, and all Tamils in North as well as all Sinhalese could understand who is controlling who. They all are likely to get peanuts from the American government for the replacement of the control by India and China.

The strongest support they have is the Tamil Diaspora on their land at disposal. The American government, Indian government or the Chinese government really does not care about any national issues in our country!

Creation of the reason for R2P, the pretext, is currently being cooked at UN level bodies.  The Obama administration has already declared that Sri Lank is a failed state.  It will eventually build a much needed base in the strategic location in Jaffna with the use of Diaspora’s agitations.

In the end there will be a puppet Tamil Elam or something less, a UN authority to oversee the Colombo government, as Vigneswarn and TNA call it, and a bunch of slaves in the North that do cheap and substandard work for the US people and their interests.

I just hope that Vigneswaran, TNA, all Tamils, and all Sinhalese understand that they and their cause for grievances are being used for the interest of American government and Indian government.

A broad and balanced approach, without any help from outsiders, can only bring the dignity to people in all works of life in Sri Lanka.

I sincerely hope that Sri Lanka   remain under its own control, the government understand and function in the interest of its people.  All Tamils,  Sinhalese and other minorities in Sri Lanka should wake-up and resolve national issues without being used, avoiding the possibility of living under control of foreign countries.  The constitution should make the rule of the law supreme and promote democracy. People’s representatives should be elected by the people and for the people.

The national list MPs is a joke and it is a threat to democracy.

2 Responses to “American Interests in Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “All Tamils, Sinhalese and other minorities in Sri Lanka should wake-up and resolve national issues without being used, avoiding the possibility of living under control of foreign countries.”


    What is the “national issue” of Singhalese? ONE SL.
    What is the “national issue” of Tamils? Tamil Elam.

    They are contradictory. They CANNOT exist together.

    So Tamils KNOWINGLY support USA and Endia to create Tamil Elam and occupy it (so that the Singhala army cannot take it back).

    Explore more in that historical event. Dutch came to help SL and invaded SL. Who benefitted? TAMILS. Dutch tobacco made Tamil slaves from Kerala into millionairs in Jaffna and turn Singhala KOVIYA and NALAVAR people into SLAVES!

    So don’t expect Tamils to OPPOSE US and Endian designs. Tamils will NOT oppose. Tamils LOVE if USA builds a base in the north.

    There is only one way to STOP USA putting camp in SL. Revive the LTTE which will convince them this is not a safe place.
    This is what Endia did in 1977. Armed the LTTE to fight a war so that American plans to set up camp in TRINCO failed.

    Do you see where I’m getting at? Those who oppose US basing in SL TODAY (China, Russia, Iran, etc.) will finance a terror group in SL to chase them away.

  2. Nimal Says:

    As far as the Yanks are concerned, like me dealing in futures they too are hedging the bets on the 50 billion barrels of oil in the Manner basin.They will keep us in conflict until Middle East run out of oil. They will not care who will control the country, knowing very well that our leaders could do the bidding for them in the future. In the mean time they will keeps the likes of China out.
    If one knew the problems Mrs SWRD had during the elections in 60s where these dark forces campaigned against her saying that the Chinese were about to take over. She lost but the UNP government only lasted 6 months.

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