Sri Lanka – Another pawn in the CIA/MI6 Gameplan
Posted on April 7th, 2015

Deepika Perera

During the period leading up to the last Presidential elections in Sri Lanka, many people were cynical when told that the CIA & the MI6 were orchestrating a ‘regime change’ to oust President Rajapaksa from power. In fact, the troika consisting of President Sirisena, Chandrika and Ranil publicly stated during the election campaign that there was no foreign involvement at all.

Rajapaksa recently publicly declared that his removal was orchestrated by RAW, CIA and the MI6. It seems highly unlikely that he would have made such a controversial statement unless he had strong evidence to back it up..

Irrespective of what evidence Rajapaksa has any logically thinking person can see a very clear pattern of activities undertaken by the Anglo-American Empire both here in Sri Lanka and in other countries. What has worked very successfully for the CIA/MI6 in the recent times is painting the populist leaders who do not toe their line as corrupt dictators. In fact the corruption is the buzz word. It worked flawlessly in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and is being carried out against Russia at the moment.

While everyone loves corruption free societies ordinary people fail to grasp two key issues. Firstly, corruption is rampant in the US/UK and most other Western countries who have put themselves on the ‘squeaky clean’ pedestal – all one need to do is a bit of research on US/UK involvement in financial, resources markets – remember the GFC, Global Financial Crisis? How can the US Government run by some key administrators who were responsible for murdering their own populist President can claim to be corruption free?

Secondly, those who are installed to ‘clean up’ the so called corruption are equally corrupt compared to those who were disposed of – just read up about the new democratic societies we now have in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and, yes, in Sri Lanka.

It is hard to understand how people in Sri Lanka swallowed the bait that a change of guard could materialise a corruption free society. One could understand if this corruption-free slogan was sold by a new dynamic young political party – but no, they were the same old people who managed to enrich their own during the time when they were in power and who were convicted of involvement in corrupt deals. This was of course the effect of brilliant propaganda work undertaken by the Empire.

During the election campaign the scene was set to overthrow Rajapaksa by ballot or by force. If Rajapaksa won the ballot or if the margin was slim, of course the plan was to get people to come on to the street just like the so-called Arab Spring ‘uprisings’. In fact, this was rehearsed just prior to the election when the then opposition staged a show of people power in Colombo – this was a subtle hint to Rajapaksa of what might happen if he stays in power after the election.

A lot of people may have breathed a sigh of relief when the election and the aftermath turned out to be violent free. In fact, it was touted as a living example of a vibrant democracy. But will Sri Lanka live happily ever after? No she won’t, judging by the events around the world.

It is fairly clear that the Anglo-American Empire has a very clear cut strategy these days. Unlike during the past, the current strategy appears to be a ‘scorched earth’ policy with regards to domination. This would mean the Empire would do whatever it is needed to destroy the entire social fabric including infrastructure to bring those nations into subjugation. Doubters are requested to read literature on this topic which is widely available on the Internet.

So, why has this scenario not materialized in Sri Lanka thus far? This is about to happen. However, before going into the details of the CIA/MI6 Gameplan for Sri Lanka it is worth considering why the Empire has such a strong interest in the politics of Sri Lanka.

Over the last 60 – 70 years, and perhaps even longer than this, the US Foreign Policy has been entirely driven by two core values – creation of wealth for the Empire and safeguarding the sources of that wealth; nothing more or nothing less. All successive US Administrations have followed this policy religiously and all other statements, whether they were public or confidential, were just to cover the nakedness of these objectives. So, human rights, democracy and freedom of speech bandwagons are deliberately undertaken to distract the masses, whether they are in the US or elsewhere.

If one were to analyse the reasons for US involvement in so many countries around the world, one can only come to a coherent explanation by following the money trail.

So, why Sri Lanka then? It is obvious there is nothing significant for the Empire to gain by controlling the politics of Sri Lanka. Some think it is for the purpose of controlling Trincomalee harbour but this is sheer fantasy. Why would the Empire bother about a puny harbour in Sri Lanka when they have a massive base in the island of Diego Garcia? Interestingly, Diego Garcia was acquired from British after the latter agreed to ‘sanitise the island of its inhabitants’ so that the Empire can use it without prying eyes! Sri Lanka has no petroleum resources or any rare minerals of any significant quantities to affect the international markets and prices. Why then?

The only reason why the Empire is interested in Sri Lanka is that it is an ideal staging ground to ‘Balkanize’ India. Unlike Sri Lanka, India is an emerging giant market both in terms of resources and human power. Exactly like in former Yugoslavia, breaking up India in to individual nations gives the Empire full control of that gigantic market. By controlling India, the Empire can kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, it will directly control Indian Market and secondly the Empire gets one step closer to its arch rival, China.

So, why Sri Lanka? one may still ask. This is where they can use the LTTE as cats’ paws. The Empire realises that Tamil Nationalism is an important resource they have not tapped into. Because of the scattered nature of Tamils around the world, it is very easy to drum up their nationalistic feelings which are lying dormant in the real Tamil Homeland, Tamil Nadu. If one cares to look into the recent political animosity between Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu politicians, one can see how effectively this strategy has been implemented so far.

One may recall that a few years ago, Hilary Clinton as the Secretary of the State paid an official visit to Tamil Nadu – this was an unprecedented move and perhaps never in the history of the US, a Secretary of the State had made an official visit to a State within an independent nation. Of course there were many colourful US personnel, like former Sri Lanka Ambassador, Robert O’Blake who visited Tamil Nadu on many occasions.

So the longer term US strategy is to Balkanize mother India using the already well established LTTE machinery – and, yes, what happens in Sri Lanka will be put down as just co-lateral damage.

Now, where does the Gameplan for Sri Lanka fit in?

One most likely scenario is getting the current US/UK backed Government to rollback all military involvement in the North of Sri Lanka to back to what it was 30 years ago in the guise of supporting reconciliation, harmony and civil administrations. Essentially, this is to disarm Sri Lankan military with regards to the North and the East. This is already happening in a rapid way. In addition to that the proxy agents of the CIA/MI6, most of the NGOs, are now allowed free access to these areas. They will serve dual purposes. Firstly to convert as many Hindus as possible to Christianity and secondly to serve as agents to report on the ‘injustices’ and ‘human rights violations’ occurring on the ground – the purpose of the latter, of course is to use such propaganda to justify R2P (Responsibility to Protect, aka Need for subjugation) and to justify separation of the country. Interestingly, a very senior Sri Lankan diplomat, Tamara Kunanayakam, recently publicly claimed that ‘the United States has no genuine interest in accountability or reconciliation in Sri Lanka, but is seeking a strategic military base in Asia’.

The second core element of the CIA/MI6 strategy is to split the Sinhala vote bank and set them up against each other. To this effect, they will want to do everything possible to remove Rajapaksa from the political scene. Some of the steps have already been taken by way of getting him to relinquish party leadership. There will be more to come by way of framing Rajapaksa and his brothers for corruption or if that is not possible dragging him to the ICC in the Hague. Let’s not just kid ourselves, despite the strong loyal local backing Slobodan Milosovich had, ultimately he was taken to the Hague – so what stops the Empire doing the same to Rajapaksa? The only thing that will stop them is if resurgence of Rajapaksa can be used to unsettle the political climate of Sri Lanka. Ask yourself, why was the Human Rights Commision report deferred for 6 months? It is just a trump card kept in reserve for the opportune moment.

All this is likely to come to a head at the next general elections. While there appears to be a strong support for a comeback from Rajapaksa this in itself might play into the hands of the Empire.

Given the demographics of voting at the last election it is clear that any opposition that Rajapaksa may be able to garner will be at best, marginal – ie it is unlikely that he will ever get 90% of the Sinhala vote at the next election so whether he wins or looses it will be by a narrow margin. This is exactly what CIA/MI6 would like to see happen.

When the winner, irrespective of who it is, wins by a small margin, the next card up their sleeve can be played – bring the people on to the streets to protest against irregularities of the election. This is where now famous (or rather infamous) colour revolutions come into play. Fortunately for the Sri Lanka people, the Empire did not have to use this card at the last election as majority people were duped by the ‘corruption’ propaganda blitz but it was just a small reprieve.

The current government is setting up the infrastructure so that the CIA/MI6 can carry out their dirty work efficiently. Recently, the Government announced the creation of wireless hotspots around the country. This is a Government which criticised the previous one for spending money on road infrastructure and the popular saying those days was, ‘What is the purpose of building roads? Surely they are not edible’ – meaning building roads will not solve the problem of hunger. However, no one questions whether wifi is going to solve the hunger of the people. It certainly will solve the hunger of the Empire to subjugate less fortunate people around the world.

The CIA/MI6 involvement will instigate violence and mayhem in the country and livelihood and infrastructure will be destroyed. As in so many other countries Sri Lanka or her people will not be spared.

Violence will erupt all over the island and then the Tigers will move in. They will say ‘we cannot go on any longer, so please HELP’ and there will be ‘generous’ onlookers (well looked after by the LTTE all this time) who will come to their help and this time it will be for the last time, with the birth of Eelam. Prabakaran will celebrate in his grave and it will create ripples of Tamil nationalistic euphoria right across Tamil Nadu. And the Empire will be gleaming with such an outcome. Hopefully, by this time India will get the message but even for India the wakeup call will come just a bit too late. Some Indian states like Tamil Nadu will cede from the Central Government and the Empire will be the first to recognize them as separate nations.

Back in Colombo things will be out of control and it will become clear that someone has to fix up the mess. But wait….the Empire has the right person to fix this mess. Guess who? You are right; it will be the Field Marshall Fonseka who will be called upon to control the rest of what is left of Sri Lanka. The good old Field Marshall was supported to the hilt by the CIA/MI6 and it was a well known secret that even Rajapaksa was held to ransom by demanding Fonseka’s release by the US. After all, the Empire has always had a soft spot for strong military personnel like Pinochet, Shah of Iran, Zia Ul Haq, Saddam Hussein etc. FM Fonseka fits the bill quite well and holds a US green card as well – could not ask for a better person.

So, what about the East – really, in this scenario will anyone care?

It is difficult to believe that Sri Lanka will take a different course in the months to come. The only chance would be if Rajapaksa goes for a massive landslide victory but the chances of that happening is rather remote.

There can be only one way out of this nightmare. Unless majority people of Sri Lanka, be they Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim, get together and make a conscious effort to defeat the CIA/MI6 plan which manifests in the form of Good Governance, Reconcilliation, Freedom, Democracy. All communities will bear the pain that is awaiting them unless this multi-faceted monster is slain. In this regard, a hard lesson to be learnt by all three communities is the glaring fact that the ‘peace doves’ from US, UK and Norway failed to come to the assistance of Prabakaran at his time of need despite many promises made earlier. Why would they come to help anyone else now?

One may find it rather amusing that almost the exact Gameplan was successfully implemented by the British in 1815, exactly 200 years ago – the promise of getting rid of a corrupt’ King followed by genocide of natives and looting of country’s precious little wealth.

Brace yourself for the ride, Sri Lanka!

5 Responses to “Sri Lanka – Another pawn in the CIA/MI6 Gameplan”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    USA will NEVER break up Endia.

    Endia is the ONLY HOPE USA has to STOP China. So USA will do EVERYTHING it can to SAVE Endia in one piece so it will be strong.

  2. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Here we go another apologist for the Third Eye (RAW) the most secretive and ruthless intelligence service in the world. Yes I agree with the writer that CIA and M16 have a finger in the pie. Third Eye has all the fingers in the Island’s curry. You talk about 1815 but you should read the history, all the Indian colonial parasites started invading the island since 1790 ties. British could not take the island without the help of Indian Peons (administrators) Coolies and Sepoys (soldiers’ assistances). We are not educated in the recent History and even the events of today and the roles played by the Indian Imperialists and the Indian colonial parasites in the Island. Please think beyond the Western Imperialism. Jai Hind

  3. nilwala Says:

    Between the author’s excellent analysis as to Empire’s machinations and what Christie says about our neighbour’s manipulations is the “GIRAYA” in which Sri Lanka is being led into – a stranglehold through the traitorous UNP to fulfil RW’s own political goals and machinations of annihilating the SLFP and the Buddhist majority culture that dominates the island, with a little help from CBK.
    As I have indicated before in many comments in these threads, there is a deliberate attempt to get the people on the streets in protest which would become the excuse to unleash the elements that have worked so well for the Empire in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine etc. It is a technique that has yielded results for them, they could not care less about destruction of the targeted country or its peoples. This is GLOBAL POWER at work and the many greedy internal groups also hoping to grab some of it, totally without conscience. It has happened centuries before too in this island, and it is happening again.

    What has to be done?? First of all, DO EVERYTHING TO KEEP THE PEOPLE OFF STREET PROTESTS.
    THEY WILL BE MASSACRED. The RW camp will do its best to get them on the street as an excuse for Martial Law.
    QUESTION 1 – Can RW rely on Field Marshall Fonseka to turn the guns on his own people???

    It will indeed be a rocky and painful ride.

  4. Cerberus Says:

    You analysis is very correct. Please read the book “Breaking India” by Rajiv Malhotra. I am giving a brief synopsis of the book below.
    Breaking India
    Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines
    India’s integrity is being undermined by three global networks that have well-established operating bases inside India: (i) Islamic radicalism linked with Pakistan, (ii) Maoists and Marxist radicals supported by China via intermediaries such as Nepal, and (iii) Dravidian and Dalit identity separatism being fostered by the West in the name of human rights. This book focuses on the third: the role of U.S. and European churches, academics, think-tanks, foundations, government and human rights groups in fostering separation of the identities of Dravidian and Dalit communities from the rest of India. The book is the result of five years of research, and uses information obtained in the West about foreign funding of these Indian-based activities. The research tracked the money trails that start out claiming to be for “education,” “human rights,” “empowerment training,” and “leadership training,” but end up in programs designed to produce angry youths who feel disenfranchised from Indian identity.

    The book reveals how outdated racial theories continue to provide academic frameworks and fuel the rhetoric that can trigger civil wars and genocides in developing countries. The Dravidian movement’s 200-year history has such origins. Its latest manifestation is the “Dravidian Christianity” movement that fabricates a political and cultural history to exploit old faultlines. The book explicitly names individuals and institutions, including prominent Western ones and their Indian affiliates. Its goal is to spark an honest debate on the extent to which human rights and other “empowerment” projects are cover-ups for these nefarious activities.

  5. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Hi Cerberus; if anyone is out to break India, I am with them. Does not matter who it is including the British who made this monstrosity India and the Indian Empire. Namaste

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