Chemically or mysteriously you are momentarily hypnotised
Posted on April 11th, 2015

Dr Hector Perera London

The word chemistry sounds something mystery that is why sometimes this single word chemistry is written as che-mistry. When a dummy female cockroach is smeared with the synthetic smell of a young virgin female cockroach and placed in the middle of a deadly sticky glue paper, all sexually active male cockroaches get fatally attracted to the dummy. When they tried to get to her they get stuck and more come along to find this fatal attraction. Nice way to catch cockroaches, what do you think?

Borella cinema gallery

It reminds me the gallery rush at Borella cinema. We sometimes witness the gallery rush. The queue and hassle in the gallery queue reminds me how cockroaches get attracted to the dummy female. Some lads climb on to the shoulders of others in the queue then they get pushed forward by the others in the queue. Once they get down, their slippers must have gone missing. Some lads virtually swim over the other’s shoulders to get there first. That used to be typical gallery queue. Similarly some cockroaches walk on the other cockroaches who got glued to the sticky pad. Cockroaches copied the gallery people?

 This reminds me a lot

The subject chemistry is a sort of a mystery subject, one makes things or synthesise in organo-synthetic chemistry things but cannot see the actual molecular structure of a single molecule unless they are analysed by instruments such as proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. A single molecule of an acid, alcohol or an ester cannot be visually seen by the naked eye but a collection of them can be seen, it’s somewhat mystery! In fact I haven’t seen a single hydrogen atom or an oxygen atom but the chemically bonded product water fills even seven seas.

Synthetic Esters

Esters are used in artificial fragrances or scents, as solvents in pharmaceutical industries, as industrial solvents for making fats, cellulose, paints and varnishes and also used in making artificial food flavours that are added into food such as ice cream and sweets. Not only creatures like cockroaches but humans are also attracted to these artificially synthesised chemicals in food. I am sure you know some spices used to make a tasty chicken curry but when it is cooked, the mouth-watering aroma is totally different to individual spices used in the process. This is certainly due to reaction between spices with the chicken.

Valentine day, did you look for

The Ancient Chinese people used incense and flowers to calm the nerves and soothe the body. The chemicals in the scents are thought to have a calming effect on the brain. Now you know why lovers give a single red rose on a valentine day! When the boys kiss the girls on the lips and cheeks, I wonder do they look for any ester smell.

Sinhala achcharu

The sweet smell of ripened fruits such mangos, pineapples, guavas, apples, bananas and other fruits are due to these esters. Often when we buy mangos, first we try and smell or virtually kiss them to see this ester smell because only the ripened ones have this sweet smell. One thing try not to kiss the fruit called Duriyan”, you will run away for miles. Even during this Sinhalese New year one of the unforgettable rice pulling stuff is pickles or achcharu”. This gives the sweet smelling ester due to a large number of esters formed in the mixture.

Esters on the skin

The sweet smelling nail varnish is due to the ester in the nail polish, so esters are quite familiar with our day to day life. Each ester has its unique smell and our minds are clever enough to identify most of these esters, similarly the male cockroaches cleverly understand the smell of young active female cockroaches.
When we spray scents and colognes on to our bodies, certain chemicals in them easily get absorbed into the blood system through the skin because these scents get dissolved in aromatic organic solvents such as in different kinds of alcohols and esters.

Chicken cologne and curry cologne are esters

Often certain sprays and colognes are sprayed under the tender parts of the skin such as under the chin, neck and underarms to keep a fresh smell, to hide the natural body smell. I have observed some Sri Lankan ladies cover up the chicken colognes and curry colognes after cooking with body sprays. We know for fact that certain pain releasing balms and oils get absorbed into the skin so why not these scents and colognes get absorbed into the body?  It has been found out certain chemicals that are used in hypnosis are also added to some of these scents and colognes. I think they are added to trap the customers to persuade to buy them, no matter the price tag, just buy them as they are momentarily hypnotised.

Lunch time walk about

Imagine you walked into a large departmental store during your lunch break to kill off the time or to do some window shopping. Then you think of buying something special to your wife for her birthday or for the fourth coming wedding the anniversary. In very large departmental stores, very often there are plenty of sprays for free testing and the customers keep on spraying to test before they buy. Mind you, the whole area is full of volatile scents and colognes because so many have been trying or testing out, spraying them for free before they buy. All around the counters are full of young lady assistants smartly dressed and ready to serve or to kill your wallet and you cannot make up your mind where to turn. One of the busiest sales times is lunch time; they know these facts and readily waiting to catch the fish with bait, low cut front dresses with short sleeves and enchanting lovely smiles.

Dressed to kill your wallet

When you walk about without a clue, then a young lovely lady assistant, smartly dressed to kill, actually to sell with a touch of eye catching make up and dress code with a broad enchanting smile asks, Can I help you”, then you are already half hypnotised by her charming sight. Yes I am looking for a gift to my…” and you lost your words, Your girlfriend”? The assistant helps to fill in the missing words with a shy expressive face. Then you recollect your mind and say No no to my wife” She comes to assist you and keep on spraying tiny amounts of two or three sprays then comes the, sting”, How about this one”? You get a dash on your hand but you are already full of so many odours but this one has some hypnotic chemicals as well. Your mind boggles, eyes ogles then you ask, How much” but before you ask again, your mind is already made to accept, Fifty five pounds for this small size but for you, I will give you a discount when you buy the special pack, one for the night and evening as well”. Chemically or mysteriously you are momentarily hypnotised, You take the card”, yes please” because you haven’t got enough cash, mind you just came to walk about to kill the lunch time. It reminds me the fate of cockroaches that followed the smell of female cockroaches. Your comments are welcomed

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