Good bye “MASTER SIR”  – Tribute to  musician/vocalist  Nimal Mendis ..
Posted on April 19th, 2015

By  Claude A  Fernando ,Brampton ,Canada ,

My memory of musician Nimal Mendis goes back to the seventies when I was a school boy.I heard  a excitable and soothing song  master sir’ of the film named kalu diya dahara” .this  song sung by late Nevile Fernando and  music  and melody created by Nimal Mendis . It was so popular song among the young  generation then  than the film.

More articles were written in print media about this exceptional song ,singer and music director. Song was airing in  SLBC radio frequently .
Nimal mendis was a hidden talented  and creative  musician He was introduced  to the cinema by producer of the film Manik Sandrasagara .The first song Nimal made  for the film still a very  favorite among  present generation too.

Nimal had  marvelous  opportunities  to make music for films named gahanu lamai” ,”ganga addara”  and”ahasin polawata Sitha Devi”  .Songs  Nimal  had  created for those films  were  immortal .  For sure he leaves us an indelible mark in the Sinhala songs  in Sri lanka.

Good bye !! Nimal Mendis

3 Responses to “Good bye “MASTER SIR”  – Tribute to  musician/vocalist  Nimal Mendis ..”

  1. Sampath Says:

    Yes, Neville Fernando sang Master Sir beautifully, later a female singer hijacked the song. She things she owns it

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    NM was much more than a script songwriter for Sinhala movies and what he is remembered for here as there was a wider repertoire with which he could be associated with. He inspired many young pianists of his day
    He was an accomplished pianist and composer and put together songs like Kandyan Express which was really his theme song and was a regular performer on the stage as well as night clubs, of his day.
    Wonder if anyone remembers the stint he did with Mary Marshall on her chart topping song “Kiss Kiss Kiss”. His command of the ivories was simply genius and there is much more he deserves credit for as an avante garde pianist composer of his day where he intermingled jazz with contemporary music and the result was exhilarating.
    “Rest In Peace. Nimal!

  3. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    errata- it was ‘Kisses in the Dark” with Mary Marshall-available on U Tube

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