India Will Pay a Heavy Price for Hegemony in Indian Ocean Region
Posted on April 19th, 2015

Dilrook Kannangara

When a Chinese submarine docked in Colombo for supplies, India was needlessly worried. In retaliation India regime changed the Rajapaksa administration installing a puppet regime. This follows India applying the Monroe Doctrine to dominate the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). To assist in its empire building work, India has bought an outdated Soviet aircraft carrier, modernising its military, importing weapons in record numbers and expanding its above surface and below surface military platforms in the ocean. In addition India is building choke points in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and, in Sri Lanka to harass and pressure Chinese commercial shipping. However, this needless military expansion is doing India more damage than good.

India is Isolated with No Land Based Trade Routes

China is building a landmark railway link to Europe and Africa which will be completed in three (3) years. This railway which comprises three different links will dramatically change trade with Europe. It cuts down transport time and cost by 55%. It opens up Central Asia which offers tremendous potential. It will complement China’s sea based Silk Road. As expansionist India militarises the peaceful Indian Ocean Region with military ambitions, other countries will join in to spoil it for all. Which nation will suffer most? India, because it has to totally depend on the Indian Ocean to get its exports to their destinations and bring in vital imports including crude oil. China can seamlessly operate.

India’s two largest state economies are Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, both coastal states relying heavily on import and export industries. If the Indian Ocean Region is militarised which complicates its security status, these economies will collapse. It may possibly lead to India’s much anticipated disintegration.

Pakistan Rapidly Expanding Military Power

After years of no real progress Pakistan has found new funding sources to ensure its security and the security of its vital allies. Iran’s expanding nuclear energy program has sent chills down the spine of Saudi leaders. Unable to start its own nuclear weapons program, Saudi relies on Pakistani nuclear power for defence. Therefore it is in Saudi’s best interests to ensure Pakistan maintains a strong nuclear deterrent which can be used to protect Saudi interests too without the nasty effects that come with it. This is a relationship India fears but is unable to influence.

Buoyant by foreign support, Pakistan rapidly expands its nuclear and oceanic weapons platforms. Large submarine fleet expansion is a key development. If India wants to play hard ball in the IOR, it must be ready for competition making this more difficult. With Chinese assistance Pakistan develops its Gwardar port at the Strategic Strait of Hormuz. Pakistani oceanic vessels will match Indian vessels forcing India to take on both Pakistan and China. It is a competition India cannot win.

Waning Russia – India’s All Weather Defence Partner

India survived for close to 70 long years thanks to unconditional support from the Soviet Union and Russia. Highly lethal weapons and their world class technology found their way to India cheaply and at times free. It was a tremendous boon for a poor nation like India. However, Russia’s conventional weapons industry has lost its glamour. Now it is nothing more than ordinary and certainly not world class. China has rapidly caught on. To face this expanding deficiency, India has to rely on western weapons which are at least ten times more expensive than Russian weapons. Unlike generous Russia, India is not getting technology transfer from western nations.

India’s gradual rapprochement with the west has Russia doubting Indian intentions. As a result Russia is now reaching out to Pakistan and China which it shunned until now due to Indian requests.

Panic Stricken India Making Wrong Choices

Panic is taking its toll on India. Its panicky decisions make it worse for India. Out of panic India installed a puppet regime in Sri Lanka, tries to interfere in Nepal, Maldives and Myanmar. Unknown to Indian think tanks, this is driving more and more nations against it. Other powerful Asian nations with commercial interests in mind are now forced to look at the military option to contain India.

Indian interference in Vietnam against China is causing it more harm than good. Tit for tat manoeuvres against China will not take India anywhere as its economy is barely one fourth of China’s.

Indian policy makers must realise panic driven strategies and hegemony make more enemies and no friends. Inevitable disintegration of India is a certainty which can be averted only by focusing on its poor which is the world’s largest. Playing second fiddle to USA is not going to save India as Pakistan learnt the hard way in its war against India.

22 Responses to “India Will Pay a Heavy Price for Hegemony in Indian Ocean Region”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    GOOD article.

    “India’s two largest state economies are Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu”

    NOT TRUE. TN is only the FOURTH LARGEST state economy in Endia. UP and AP have larger economies than TN.

  2. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Bharat Samraj will pay a price? but we have been paying since 1796 to Bharat. At last I am very pleased to see people are realizing what Bharat Samraj and their Colonial Parasites have done to us and others in their colonies. Jai Hind

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    Timely researched article Dilrook. Weldone,

    Now China is going to develop Pakistani ports to dock Chinese Subs because SL do not allow due to Indian pressure. More areas of India is now exposed to Chinese Submarine routes. India supposed to be the spiritual center of the planet earth.

    Their current think tank and RAW are trying to change India’s historical and future role which will not help them in the long run. They will learn a bitter lesson by arming themselves with so much of war material and by spending so much wealth on weapons while millions of Indians are starving. They must first realize that no one wants a part of India, except for the Kashmir issue with Pakistan.

    India’s wealth earned from remittances by Indians overseas is now pumped to US for buying weapons… smart part of CIA to come out of deficit while so many Indians have no basic toilet facilities…

  4. AnuD Says:

    Some of the statements are not true.

    china is catching up militarily. Still Russia is helping china to reach that. Militarily, russia still has the upper hand. Even because of the new cold war, Russia is not developing new weapons. Instead, they increase the accuracy of the existing weapons.

    Now only India is thinking to develop and manufacture defensive weapons on their own.

  5. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Hiranthe, Indian Empire gets more money from the US than what US gets from Indian Empire. You and others would not believe this. Indian Empire mainly buys technology and parts. Jai Hind

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    Already the West have given a ‘dead rope’ to India predicting that India’s economy will be bigger than that of China. This have sunk into the already swollen headed Indian nuts. This will be their undoing – just as much as what happened to Soviet Russia that went into military competition with the US and lost. There is much more to do inside the poverty stricken nation than trying to be the regional bully. With India as the ‘big brother’ no neighbouring country has prospered. In fact India’s only ambition is to keep her neighbours at the same poverty level as herself or below. Take a poll and it will reveal how much India is hated in South Asia and elsewhere.

    India’s smelly presence only a stone throws away from the Palk Straits has been Sri Lanka’s misfortune from time immemorial!

  7. Dilrook Says:


    Latest State GDP figures officially released show Tamil Nadu to be the second largest state economy in India. This was predicted by us about a year ago based on growth rates. Just for the record, if past five years’ growth rates continue the trend, Tamil Nadu will overtake Maharashtra as India’s largest state economy within 5 to 8 years. The ability of Tamil Nadu to manipulate the Sri Lankan economy through local Tamils will accelerate this trend.

    It will have amplified bad influence on Sri Lanka as Tamil Nadu will have the biggest economic clout and say in Indian affairs.

  8. ranjit Says:

    What ever said and done about MR he did a balancing act on everything whether in foreign policy or local issues with so many parties which had different views but now we have to live as slaves under the pressure of Bully boy India and the western billy boys. As Sri lankans we need to be united and change this system if we have to live as a free nation.

    Although Indians do not have proper toilets or anything to eat, they like to show off and think that they are the mightiest because of their big population second to China. They are not strong enough to win a war with China. We saw how they fought with terrorists in Bombay,How they tackled LTTE in the North,How they fought in the Kargil battle with Pakistan etc. As a Sri Lankan I hate the Indians from a long time because I cannot forget so easily what they did to our Motherland introducing terrorism,Financed and arming to kill our citizens. Their leaders paid the price for the crimes against humanity and if anyone tries to harm us they too will face the same fate for sure. Dirty India hands off our Motherland.

  9. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Hi Folks things are not the same as you think. Indian Empire has more than three hundred million what you will call middle class in a sort of international norms. There are almost thirty million Indian Colonial Parasites and vermin in the West and in Indian Colonies. Then there are about six hundred million able workers who are prepared to work just for their food. I feel sorry for some of ours who live in the West and their knowledge of India the Indian Empire. Remember there are about three million Indian Colonial Parasites in the Island nation. Jai Hind

  10. Vimutti Says:

    The main problem in India is the US CIA wing of RAW is out of control and pushing its “China is a ‘permanent’ enemy” baloney on the rest of the Indian government.

    There are other elements in RAW that are not buying into this, as well as strong elements within the Indian government and Modi administration. It is too early to tell who is going to win this power struggle, but with China’s 46 BILLION infrastructure deal announced today in Pakistan, I think the US CIA wing of RAW was just dealt a major blow, as China can now bypass the Indian Ocean altogether with a new proposed rail link to Pakistan ports.

  11. Vimutti Says:

    The details of China’s new 46 billion USD infrastructure investment in Pakistan can be found by Googling: “china’s president heads to pakistan with billions in infrastructure aid”.

    Just think, that 46 billion could have been invested in Sri Lanka, and now China is using the money to BYPASS Sri Lanka by routing trade from Europe and the Middle East through a land route from Pakistan ports to China using rail.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Dilroook, for this exposure of facts.
    We wish we knew of the Chinese railroad matter earlier. The sea ports would then have shrunk into proper perspective.

    Two World Wars came out of Europe. Two vast Empires (Rome & British) came out of Europe. Trade was the main item on the Agenda of the British Empire. If China & India both invest and trade with Europe, then the rest of the world or at least the Asian region, will know a relative peace ?

    Tamil Nadu expansion ideas taking place through the Economy: Needs careful watching and monitoring. If Lanka is to maintain her identity, then removal of the Tamil language as a National/Official language should be done.

    Now all the pieces of the jigsaw are in place ?

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    Now all the pieces of the jigsaw are in place ?- So now We-Eelam Tamil can sit & watch
    We-Hela Demilaya do not need ball or goal post any more … Vanthe matharam…….

    No more , Namo Namo Thaye, Nam Oli Sri Lanka ………… & no more Lion or Koddiya flag …..

    all kaputh ???

    what happen to MR 13 plus , ape kiya api enava ???

  14. Kumari Says:

    The US is not a friend of anybody. Modi should have learnt from our Dharmishta JRJ. JR forgot the rest of the world and thought the US will come to his rescue, but when Rijiv Gandhi’s gun boat diplomacy forced the IPKF and the 13A on SL, where was the US? Nowhere. They will do the same to Modi. The white imperialists are giving dead ropes to India, Modi too is swallowing them. Modi must be thinking he did a great favour to the white man by removing MR. United India’s days are numbered. SL is only the stepping stone, their pie is India. If India is balkanised what a lucrative weapons market will that create. American cowboys will sell weapons to all and sundry.

    In a few years time, Indians will realise that Modi was given a golden opportunity to usher a new India but he blew the chance. I only wish, he will not take the whole of SARC countries down with him.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Since World War I times, when the USA got involved in European affairs, the US has always been the champion of European affairs. At the start of WW I, the US avoided getting into European troubles. The US had a war with Britain to gain Independence (1775-1783). But after Nazi Germany sank the British luxury ship the ‘Lusitania’ with American VIPs on board, America joined the WW I (Google ‘Lusitania sinking’ for details) and on to WW II. That is how America became the protector of Europe. The story goes on with many branches added to it …..

  16. Cerberus Says:

    Modi is a real මෝඩයා. He is going all over the world trying to get fuel for Nuclear reactors to generate power. The day the West want they can cut off Nuclear fuel and he will be helpless. He has the whole Deccan desert where he can put in solar power.

    Germany is getting rid of Nuclear power and replacing it with solar and wind power. They are one of the most advanced technologically. They did it very simply. All they did was to offer a guaranteed price for Solar and Wind power to the private sector for each kWH they generate and put in to the grid for 20 years. The private sector did the rest. They hope to be self sufficient by 2040.

    Why cannot India and even Sri Lanka do the same? All the these leaders in developing countries go for mega projects where they can get cuts. Instead they should just do what Germany did and let the private sector do the projects. All they have to do is to guarantee the price they will pay for the power for a long period.

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    There is NO difference between Endian politicians and RAW. They are one and the same.

    Endia and China can NEVER coexist peacefully.

    That is why Chinese president is making SUPER MASSIVE investments in Pakistan. To BUST Endia big time. My enemy’s enemy is my friend!

    Modi plans to visit China soon. He plans to sort out the SOUTH TIBET problem. Will NOT work because he is a RIOTER and an EXTREMIST. This is just for the show.

  18. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Sinhalese have to give up sucking to Indian Empire. It was no British Empire since late 17th Century; it was British-Indian Empire. Now it is the Indian Empire and we are a Colony. Jai Hind

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    Indian Empire and we are a Colony- every mother lankan knows that but what we have done since 1948 !
    at least now can we sort out in closed door our different between us for ever .

    We-Tamil Sakkiliyar & you Sinhala modayas never learn lets do what we are good at sucking to Indian Empire .

    you are happy We sing Vanthe Matharam ……….. but you won’t let us to sing Namo Namo Thaye , Nam oli pirar sura Nee Nalanghal Navin thara Sri Lanka Namo namo thaye …… What a sad modayas your are ………

  20. Ben Silva Says:

    I also wish that India Pay a Heavy Price for Hegemony. India has made tremendous progress under free market economy, and is on track to become an economic super power. Modi is good with economics and business. India also has made progress in the application of new technology such as software, hardware, nuclear field, space technology etc. It also has better schemes to help the poor and the sick. Lprenzo has done a good analysis of the state of countries that follow Theravada Buddhism and we can clearly see the impact of Buddhism on those countries.. In my view any religion clouds thinking and has to be challenged. I think we can learn from Indians and work with them, but never be their slaves. Unfortunately, we are the slaves of ancient Indian myths, that Indians have dumped. I believe we need a Sinhala National Alliance to protect the Sinhalese from external and Internal threats. Unfortunately LTTE map shows that we are on track to lose our only motherland,UNLESS WE recognize the threats and stop it. Unfortunately we voted out the man who saved us and voted in an Indian puppet.

  21. Hiranthe Says:

    Christie, You are right it is the India who is trying to dominate.

    But it is mostly the Northerners, who are fair skinned and thinking of Aryan origin. These fair skinned brahmins are very proud of them. They don’t like South Indians. They laugh at Tamils calling them Tamiliyans. Similarly to Keralites.

    May be for economic reasons they tolerate as Kerala is generating lot of foreign earning through Middle Eastern jobs and as Dilrook says, Tamilnadu is a bigger economy.

    I think it is good if Kerala, Andra and Tamilnadu separate from Indian empire. Tamilnadu on its own will not be so powerful in manipulating the West against SL

  22. Ratanapala Says:

    Balkanisation of India is not far away. Eelam is only the stepping stone for this enterprise. The visit of Hilary Clinton to meet Jayalalitha showed in what direction the Evil Empire has set her eyes on.

    Mahinda Rajapakse should have listened to Sarath Fonseka and expanded the army after the end of the LTTE war machine, in order to consolidate the victory over the separatists. Sri Lanka only won the battles but not the war for Eelam.

    He was deceived by the Indian High Commissioner who planted the poison seed of enmity between Sarath Fonseka and himself. Mahinda Rajapakse miserable failed to handle that situation. Sri Lanka should should have kept the North and East under military control at least for 10 years. Sri Lanka suffered for 30 years because of the racist tamils. It was Mahinda Rajapakse’s folly to have listened to the smelly Indians.

    He must be now repenting for having being in the lap of Indians and the Vatican. He is now once again doing the temple rounds. I have not seeing any Black or Pink Belts coming to visit him at Tangalle. We sincerely hope that he will have the gratitude not to go on that path again and keep his Catholic wife and the baptised children far away from politics if ever he is to take up politics on the side of the Sinhala Buddhists.

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