Maithri, Mahinda agree to meet.
Posted on April 22nd, 2015

Noor Nizam. SLFP Stalwart since 1969, former SLFP District Organizer – Trincomalee District & Convener “THE MUSLIM VOICE”

As a Sri Lankam Muslim Community member and a stalwart of the party since 1969 til now and “TEAM MEMBER” of HE. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s presidential team of 2010 and 2015, I wish to make these comments in respect to the above recent TV news.

The best political move taken by the Present President and present leader of the SLFP and the Former President and former Leader of the SLFP and presently Adviser of the SLFP to safeguard the unity of the SLFP and to defend our “MAATHUROOBIMIYA” from the conspiracies of opportunistic political forces from within and outside the country, especially from those within the party (SLFP). Unity will be strength and will lead the SLFP to victory. The party has to be careful about unscrupulous political characters who have cling ed to the SLFP recently after jumping from the CWC, the UNP and other groups and then left the Mahinda group to join the MY3 group for personal benefits and gains, especially from the Muslim community, when reconsidering allocating seats to contest the next “Yahapalanaya” general elections. We witnessed such a political character in today’s Ad Derena – “Wadapitiya” political programme trying to show the viewers that he is an SLFP pioneer and longstanding stalwart seriously defending the SLFP under MY3 against Minister of Justice – Wijeydasa Rajapaksa.

Noor Nizam.

SLFP Stalwart since 1969, former SLFP District Organizer – Trincomalee District & Convener “THE MUSLIM VOICE”

3 Responses to “Maithri, Mahinda agree to meet.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with the LAST sentence. He is the CONDUIT between Endian RAW, Aluthkade bar, supreme court and parliament. Now he threatens the speaker too!!

    Don’t be fooled by the Maru Sira – MR meeting. Already MR’s brother BR is in jail for nothing while Arjun Maha-hora-hendran is free. Today the SHAM court working under instructions from cheap justice will hear GR and possibly jail him too. USING this as a THREAT, Maru Sira will force MR to agree to him at the meeting. This is the plan. It must fail.

  2. ranjit Says:

    If any leader comes to power do not believe in Muslims or the Tamils. They both have different agendas.They do not think as Sri Lankans but think first of their own self and their communities. They both jump like frogs when ever the tide changes. These are hypocrits with no love to their Motherland. I hope MR will learn a lesson and keep them in distance if he get a chance to lead again.

    MR should not trust MY3 for a second because a traitor is a traitor always. He left after eating Hoppers and became the President with the foreign assistance and no one should believe this puppet again. His whole family is made of gangsters with bad reputations. You cannot compare his family to MR’s family because MR’s family has done immense service to the country as politicians while this guy’s family were all thieves. MR must not bow down to threats. He should stand tall and try to make him understand that what he did in the first place was wrong and not acceptable to our principles.

  3. nilwala Says:

    Pres. Sirisena will have some serious explaining to do regarding his participation in a conspiracy involving foreign elements that resulted in betrayal of the SLFP and indeed of the people of the country. Clearly they are meeting now for the sake of the country. Let us see how MY3 who will go down in history as “Maithri the Betrayer” has to say in order vindicate himself and to reinstate some trust, both from MR and the many many thousands who have turned up at the MR rallies.

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