My scientific energy saving idea is not spring chicken and not a scam.
Posted on April 24th, 2015

Dr Hector Perera     London

I know this is spring time and some people might think my SCIENTIFIC ENERGY SAVING COOKING IDEA is spring chicken. I discovered this when I was a University student at Kingston upon Thames. Just imagine to cook, study and sleep in a single room. Would you not think the clothes might have smelled like Tandoori chicken due to deposit of cooking aroma? Then due to thinking in the right direction, I discovered how to save energy then simultaneously to cut down the smell depositing on the clothes. Now I am in a position to let the public know about this discovery.

British election time

This is spring time and the Sinhalese New Year was just last week and the people are still in the holiday mood in Sri Lanka. Over in England, the politicians are worried about the fourth coming general election in early May 2015. The current conservative party promise far too many things, cut down this and that but to give away so many other things so the people get tempted to votes for the party. Then there are other parties, they also promise to do this and that cut this and that and give so many things if they were selected and bring into power in the general election. Unlike in Sri Lanka they hardly hold really massive rallies and speak to the public. Of course there were some occasions but most of the times there are times where they are limited to TV open debates in front of the public. I have nothing against these kinds of practices, in fact we also listen to these TV open debates. The public as well put forward questions to all the political party leaders who stand in front of some TV audience.

TV open debates

Apart from these TV open debates there are other occasions as well they address the public and promise to give this and that cut down this and that provided if they come into power. One thing I can remember is about the University fees then about the gas and electricity prices. I am not here to criticise these comments but to let you know that I am going to promise something about energy saving that is nothing to do with the fourth coming elections.

Energy saving cooking

Let me repeat, I have a scientific technique to cut down the energy wastage in careless cooking. My work is not limited to words only, it’s practical too. Since 2007 I showed this technique to some officials of the sustainable energy authority in Sri Lanka and they accepted it verbally but didn’t get any approved certificate. Still I had the chance to demonstrate the technique in ITN TV for the benefit of the public. One of the programmes called Venessa broadcasted it while two presenters asked some questions from me to help the public understand my energy saving cooking. It didn’t stop there then I had another chat show with TNL TV but no cooking demonstration. Without a real cooking demonstration certain scientific terms involved in the process would not be easily explained. Then again I did another cooking demonstration while explaining the process to ITN TV and that was in April 2013.

Scientific energy saving cooking method was approved

In 2014 May I had the chance to meet the Director General, Director and two other top officials from The Sustainable Energy Authority in Colombo. They personally witnessed my method of cooking at our holiday apartment in Colombo. They accepted the fact that my method of cooking used about 30% energy that means the rest is saved? Yes the answer is, I didn’t use no more than 30% energy. That time I was fortunate to get an approved certificate from The Sustainable Energy Authority for my scientific energy saving cooking.

When I got an appointment from Sirasa TV for a live cooking demonstration, I didn’t have the certificate to show them the approval because I didn’t go to the Sustainable Energy Authority office to collect it. I met the assistant commissioner at the Invention Commission in Colombo and explained about my work then she send a camera crew to record my kind of cooking. Later they added it to their official web site. This Sirasa TV cooking and Sri Lanka Invention Commission’s recorded version are found in the internet.

Increased the challenge to £50,000

Later on I increased my challenged money to £50,000 yes fifty thousand sterling and send letters to three leading energy suppliers in England and informed that if my energy saving idea is disproved by one of their energy saving experts that I would offer that challenged money. I think they must have understood that I would not challenge them unless I am capable of proving my idea.

I even contacted The British Prime Minister, The Mayor of London then the Energy Minister to inform about my energy saving idea but I didn’t get a reasonable reply. My question was not answered but send me letters just thanking me for contacting them. I wrote letters to them than sending emails because they never get to the right person. I wonder whether their secretaries must have thought that those were scams. Even I get a few scam emails saying that I won a few millions of pounds and all they requested was to claim that money after supplying my details. I am used to that kinds of scam emails and I just deleted them similarly when I send these to top politicians that I will offer them £50,000 if they disproved my energy saving idea their secretaries must have thought they were real scams and deleted them.

Our Rt Hon Local MP

Because of the general election, our local Rt Hon MP as well distributed leaflets where they mentioned to contact them if we wanted to get something done. The local MP gave the contact numbers then the emails to contact the MP. Then I send an email with my energy saving idea and stated what it can do then the MP kindly replied within one day.

He got instant reward

Many years ago when Archimedeans discovered the law of floatation what did he do? He didn’t write a letter or send an email to the King or tried to ring him, he didn’t have that much time, even to cover his dignity, he jumped out of the bath and ran off all the way to the palace just as he was born shouting, eureka, eureka”, I discovered I discovered”.  He proved his theory and received an instant recognition. He knew that he was dealing with the King and it was a matter of life or death if he didn’t come out with a solution.

The discoverer was punished than rewarding

There were many discoveries and some of them never recognised even if they were true, instead the people who discovered were punished for no reason. What happened to Galileo? I am sure you all know what happened to him but let me remind it again. He was life imprisoned or house imprisoned for telling the truth according to scientific evidence.  Much later to respect and honour him even the long distant flying objects like satellites were named after him, in a way what a shame!

He was ridiculed

My subject is chemistry and what happened to the person who said that there is a relation between the eighth element of the periodic table and the musical note? He was ridiculed and said that he was mad but much later he was honoured by naming the periodic table of elements as Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements. Why he was ridiculed and insulted for his discovery?

Haber struck the luck

When Haber discovered how to make ammonia by a simple adjustment of the pressure, he struck the luck. His method was witnessed by a leading chemical company and offered a substantial money to get the idea, not only that he was honoured with Nobel Prize as well. His discovery of making ammonia was helpful in the Second World War then to make fertilizers to feed the people with food. His discovery was for war and peace.

All Asians eat rice, do they?

There is a saying that even if one takes a cat to Singapore, it will still scream or would be Meowing” similarly even when any Sri Lanka went to any country, he or she be would still eating rice at least occasionally. My method would be able to save about 60% energy, yes sixty percent wasted in cooking rice, pasta, spaghetti, then cooking curries such as chicken, beef, vegetable and more things.

My challenge is still wide open

Why not any energy authority in England verify my method and find out is this a scam or for real. I am sure no energy giants step forward either to approve or disprove my method because I put £50,000 yes fifty thousand sterling to be offered if it was disproved. If my method was good enough to be demonstrated in ITN TV then in TNL TV and recently in Sirasa TV as well in May 2014, why not it is not good enough to be demonstrated in any TV in England? As I mentioned above I have been in Sri Lanka TVs since 2007 and demonstrated my kind of energy saving cooking. I contacted a few TV channels in England but still didn’t get any positive answer, maybe I didn’t contact the right people. Here you are take my reward, if I was disproved there is a reward but what would I get if I was right?  As I said before, I know this is spring time but my idea is not spring chicken of course it will save 60% energy in cooking certain things as I mentioned above and additionally it stops the chicken cologne depositing while cooking. Your comments are welcomed


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