Dangerous Repercussions of the Proposed 19th Amendment
Posted on April 25th, 2015

Jay Deshabandu

It is a pool’s paradise in Sri Lanka that we have more than one candidates within a same party contesting for the presidency. Constitution of Sri Lankan Freedom Party clearly allowed this as Mr. Sirisena became the president of Sri Lanka elected by the people for the people.

President has the power to appoint a prime minister whom he thinks could command the majority of the members of the parliament. But President Sirisena’s appointment to the prime minister’s post was pre-arranged under undisclosed conditions which the people of Sri Lanka have the right to know.

It is even more ridiculous to see that the President Sirsena and many others forwarding a bogus anti democratic 19th amendment for a parliament debate while majority of its members and people are unaware of the contents of the amendment. The timing is so quick!

The proposed 19th amendment provides a clear mandate for the president to choose his own boss-the prime minister who may enter the parliament through the backdoor!  The prime minister under the new amendment appoints ministers to the cabinet; and, the president has no say in these appointments and must act according to the fancies of an unelected  prime minister.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that such a power full executive prime minister is not directly elected by the people and for the people. In the future, if the new amendment get approved it will be very possible that any agent in or outside Sri Lanka can bribe a popular person such as a famous actor to be a pawn in securing the kingship, the executive prime minister who can command the Sri Lankans without being elected but becoming a member of the parliament through the backdoor by means of a party list.

The amendment clearly provides flexibility for a regime change if desired by power full nations such as the West!

Under the 19th amendment, the back door list method even entitles a member of parliament who is not elected by the people for the people to become a member of the executive council which leaves enough room for persons of undesired elements who follow the most dangerous terrorist LTTE leader Prabhakaran to saw seeds of hate and racism and providing a flatform for seggragation.

If the 19th amendment gets approved, in addition to all powerful prime minister, it will also make it possible for a person to become a member of the executive council by creating one man’s party having a signboard with a negligible vote base.

The backdoor list of producing parliament members by a party for a party should be abolished for the 19th amendment to make any sense. In essence, the proposed 19th amendment in its current form is a security threat for the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

I hope that good sense of the members of the parliament would prevail and defeat it at its outset.

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    Jay Deshabandu, The original Jay Deshabandu died in October 2014. Remember the original Deshabandu modified a part of the SL constitution and published it on Lanka web, then he called late JRJ and the team that put to gather the SL constitution a set of idiots. What you have written is stale news. If you need a subject to write, write about the speech CBK gave at the SJV memorial lecture. I dare you but if you do CBK agents will kill you.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Dear Reps do not vote for 19 if you love your Motherland.Defeat it with your full force.If they want anything to pass they must first call for new elections and then who ever wins select a new Prime Minister and then get any law pass after studying the contents very carefully not in a hurry like now.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    The 19-A as it is, together with the Right to Information Bill will spell Fascism for Lanka.

    Defeat the 19-A. It must be altered or removed and new ways found to reduce some of the President’s powers. It is better to give more power to the Parliament than to give more powers to an errant PM appointed by an errant President !
    After all, it is Pres Sirisena (after a cheated electiion) who appointed Ranil as PM, isn’t it ?? !! O tempora !

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