Response to CBK’S recent speech at the Chelvanayagam memorial
Posted on April 27th, 2015


CBK the architect of the political coup that subverted Sri Lanka’s Constitution on 08 Jan 15, as usual is parroting the US line. It was she who spread the slogan that ‘the war is unwinnable’; it was she who castrated the military with her Norwegian’ ‘Sudu Nelum’ street dramas that made it impossible to recruit people to the military; it was she (with RW) who gave financial and political control of the North and the East to the US with her PTOMS.

The US hijacked the Eelam terrorist movement from India when they took control of the LTTE around 1985; the US piggy backed on the LTTE and made their imperial war (to establish a foothold on the island) Sri Lanka’s ethnic war.

It is impossible for the US to restart the proxy war they waged on Sri Lanka for 30 years because their proxy terrorists were decimated and terrorists like Prabhakaran are not born dime a dozen.

Diplomacy is the continuation of war by other means when proxy war is impossible; the objective of diplomacy remains the same and that is what the result of 08 Jan 15 was about..

‘Majoritarian’ rule is a slogan pushed by the US and parroted by CBK, NGOs and others of their ilk.

60% of the Tamil Community is happy to live outside the North and the East with the other communities who in turn are happy to live with their Tamil brothers and sisters.

The US is eager to create conflict so that their Conflict Resoluters can ‘diplomatically’ realise US goals which they lost with the decimation of their proxy terrorists

‘The Durable Peace’ line is a veiled threat. The country does not have to worry about that threat pushed by US through CBK, NGOs and others. There are no proxy Sri Lankan terrorists ‘worthy of their salt,’ The Sri Lankan military will handle them very effectively.

CBK’s stance is understandable; she works with the ultra right of the Western world; she works with the Indonesian Darusman (of ‘Darusman Report on Sri Lanka’ ill fame) in a secretive and exclusive NGO called ‘The Global leadership Foundation’; some of her bedfellows in this organisation of about 38 are Gareth Evans, Thomas Pickering, Chester Crocker, Tom Daschle, Elisabeth Rehn and Javier Solana, the latter being a one time Secretary General of the NATO and High Representative for EU Foreign Policy; the Foundation was founded by apartheidist F W de Klerk and its patron is George H W Bush.

If CBK wins a ‘Nobel Prize for peace she will personally be richer by one Million USD.

The 19th Amendment which will weaken the Sri Lankan State and pushed by CBK must be voted against and CBK should be investigated.

2 Responses to “Response to CBK’S recent speech at the Chelvanayagam memorial”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: US has an interest in Sri Lanka add US has helped us in wiping out the Indian terrorist outfit. CBK is the daughter of SWRD another sucker of Indian Empire. Jai Hind

  2. Ben Silva Says:

    Sinhalese have. Poor memory, poor loyalty and some say poor brains. They also seek nirvana (extinction)

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