Re-Writing History – the Mangala-Kerry  Recension
Posted on May 3rd, 2015

R Chandrasoma

A strange and doctored  reading of the history of the recent past is being ‘manufactured’ by the new political actors who currently occupy centre-stage following the historic defeat of MR. According to this new ‘recension’ or ‘editing’ the removal of MR was much more than a political shift to the right – it marked the end of a lawless and tyrannical regime that made our country a ‘pariah state’ in the eyes of the ‘civilized’ community of nations. The ‘Sirisena-Wickramasingh Political Duo’ ably assisted by ‘champions of freedom’ across the world pulled us from the edge of a yawning  abyss that a decade of MR governance (or its mischievous opposite) had led us to. This ‘deconstruction of history’ has not fooled the people of Sri Lanka who are well accustomed to the  vapourings of political ‘gas bags’ of all kinds. However, this foolery becomes malignant when our Foreign Minister no less – the redoubtable Mr Mangala Samaweera – whispers this rubbish into the eager ears of such eminent persons as Mr John Kerry of the US Political Establishment, the New Gun-Ho Prime Minister of India (Modi) and the arch enemies of Sinhala Nationalism in the British Governing Establishment.

It is a lamentable  feature of newly-elected governents in Sri Lanka to rubbish the defeated party and to boast of impending millennial achievements under the new dispensation. When the Sirisena-Wickamasingha leadership took control, they had a problem – they won not because of the failiures of the past but on account of a hate-wave against MR in which disaffected minorities and jealous elites played a big part. Above all,the American-Indian Grand Coalition against Independent Sri Lanka made a free aand fair election impossible. Given this unsavoury political background, history had to be re—written where a decade of mighty achievments  was made nought by an official ‘fiat’ of the  new rulers who had a great fear of political backsliding. Thus the historic defeat of Prabhakaran  became a non- event and the re-building of Sri Lanka a deceit. It is with this background that Mr John Kerry addressed a defeated nation – with a concocted history authored by Mangala Samaraweera as his chief inspiration. That no person of authority challenged this inspired fiction betrays a decadence of spirit and of true nationalism that is most saddening.

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    Who are those “civilized” community of nations? Are they the nations who want to destroy Sri Lanka for eliminating their beloved LTTE supporters who vote for their politicians and donate money for theit parties? Look at their record. They went and destroyed Iraq, Libya and now trying their best to destroy Syria and Iran as well. Their police shoot the blacks and get away with cold blooded murder. Some went and invaded poor countries and robbed whatever little resources they had. One went and bombed Japan and Vietnam and killed millions of innocent civilians. It is a shame our gutless, spineless leader is sucking up to these forces to save his arse to protect his dirty deal with Ranil and Chandrika on behalf these “so called” civilised nations.

  2. Christie Says:

    Namaste: US dancing to the tune of Sitar. Modi has done the job with Chandrika and we got Indian Governor Chandrika, Kankani Ranil and Coolie Sirisena. Jai Hind

  3. nilwala Says:

    Clearly a revisionist history is on the cards and it will be written a la CBK’s reconciliatory concepts. No doubt the Sinhala people will be presented as being the “uncivilized” vs. the “civilized” West and their proteges, often the so=called MINORITIES, even though these minorities are actually MAJORITIES with their hubs elsewhere in the world, and which extend tentacular support in terms of money and international strength.

    The pity is that the United Nations wherein all nations big or small were supposed to be represented as equals, has descended to becoming a bully at the behest of the post-WWII and still current Western global powers of which the US is at the helm and calls the UN’s shots.

    With the RW/CBK/MS team in place, the respect given to small/less developed nations will go on the back burner, as Sri Lanka prostrates itself on bended knee to being accepted by the Western coterie. And it will be at a price….there will go ALL of the NON-ALIGNED!!

  4. ranjit Says:

    American,European,Indian and British dogs who were not welcomed or entertained by MR now comes here to teach us democracy on behalf of the MS/CBK & Ranil trio who was brought to power by those evil Mafia countries.

    We will have to face a big,big trouble in the future if we allow these power hungry UNP idiots to run the country the way they do now. Americans has never done anything good to any country in the world. To sell their arms and equipment they will go to extreme low level and cunningly orchestrate coups and other things to make small countries suffer and bring misery to their peoples. Our Sinhala idiots welcome them like Gods and lick their asses to please them because they are sure of the visa and entry to those countries as saviors of democracy if they were rejected by the people of Sri Lanka in the next General elections. MS/CBK/RANIL must be defeated at all cost if not very sorry Sri Lanka.

  5. Jag Says:

    ”Americans has never done anything good to any country in the world. To sell their arms and equipment they will go to extreme low level and cunningly orchestrate coups and other things to make small countries suffer and bring misery to their peoples.”

    Above is the absolute truth. Mother Lanka is weeping. She is so unfortunate, these absolutely crooked politicians never allow an educated distinguished scholar to take up this post. How on earth a lingerie tailor manage the country’s external affairs..?? isn’t this the biggest joke in the whole world.??

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Being friendly with past Colonisers is all well and good, but being subjugated is another matter. Staying Non-aligned and free of big time wars, staying balanced in the economy and human welfare too, are the challenges we face. ALL leaders, especially the Sinhala leaders must get together toward such a life supportive goal for ALL in Lanka. I am sure India will agree to such thinking – mutual survival for the entire region.

    The danger is that India is clumsy at being the “regional boss” and tends to turn Westward Ho ! overmuch for support ??

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Negative effects for the Colonised countries :

    Negative effects include:

    * the breaking down of the indigenous culture and, in some cases, the complete loss of indigenous languages

    * the physical harm of the local population and the exploitation of the local population and resources

    * Another effect which is still disabling once-colonised countries today, was the manner in which Europeans introduced their ruling system and then left this system when they withdrew, but not having empowered the local people to be able to run this ruling system.

    * slavery was introduced in the American colonies

    * the introduction of non-native flora and fauna, all of which has a devastating effect on the native species, in many cases leading to extinction of native species

    * introduction of diseases to the native people, who have no resistance to such diseases as measles, smallpox and even influenza

    * genocide of entire races (e.g. pure-blooded Tasmanian Aborigines)

    * bringing non-local people from abroad as indentured labor, thus destabilising local population percentages and ruling through the ‘divide & rule’ principle practiced even today in ex-colonises

    * loss of self respect and self confidence in the masses of the colonised countries

    * People of Colonised Countries run the risk of being treated as goods to be used and/or discarded at will. That is, NO human rights.

  8. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    The bottom-line is John Kerry and the US defense/intelligence establishment does not care who the leader of Sri Lanka is as long as they are on-board with US efforts around the world to contain China. The autocrat/corruption MR thing would be completely ignored if MR did the US China Containment dance that they wanted him to do.

    The problem for the US is China Containment is NOT in the best long term interest of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka loses everything if they drop their relationship with China in favor of the US. China puts up 7 dollars for every dollar the US puts up for economic development, and does not attach the “internal meddling” strings to their money like the US does.

    Chinese tourism will continue to grow, while US tourists will be hard to convince to take the typically very short US vacation (7-10 days) half way around the world to Sri Lanka, when they have the Carribean Islands in their own backyard. The US tourist is also more into the drunken party scene, which is not compatible with Sri Lankan culture.

    Ranil and Managala are simply not facing the reality that the US cannot be considered an ‘equal’ partner to China, and must take a backseat role if they are take any role at all.

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