Gestapo Ranil -An Insight into a Dangerously Flawed Mind?
Posted on May 21st, 2015

By Sarojini Dutt

In an incisive analysis of the man who succeeded in dividing the UNP and made it the exclusive preserve of his coterie of similarly inclined persons, an icon of journalism opens our eyes to the recent actions of Gestapo Ranil who is attempting to doom the country too, to a similar fate.

In the event of such an eventuality and given the mental make up of a man who makes no effort to help himself by conducting himself in a manner that would negate reports of a dangerously flawed mind, the prospects portrayed are very frightening; they send shudders down the spines of many, some of whom have been at the receiving end of his reportedly demented conduct, some others who having survived it are now breathing the sweet smell of life and yet others who have witnessed at close quarters his NAZI style of leadership like his performance recently, when in the full glare of  shocked TV viewers around the country, Gestapo Ranil, shaking with rage, yelled at a Member of Parliament to ‘Shut Up’ in the same shameful fashion of how ‘Periya Dorais’ of old would  bark at persons whom they derogatively referred to as ‘Coolies’.

The brilliant analysis by Mr. Mahindapala evokes chilling flashes of the past and begs the question, Are we looking at a psychopathic mind?”

It was in the early 1980s that a convicted murderer and rapist, Gonawela Sunil, serving time in prison was given a Presidential pardon by J R Jayewardene who then went on to make the

murderer- rapist an all island Justice of Peace!!

Sunil from Gonawela who lived in the precincts of Kelaniya was subsequently involved in the orchestrated mayhem of 1983; he was reportedly a mentor of sorts to young Ranil, then the MP for Kelaniya, and on whom Sunil had a magical influence or vice versa. The pretty baby faced killer was untouched by the law.

It was in 1981 that under the Jayewardene government one of the most barbaric and uncivilized acts the country has ever witnessed took place when one of Sri Lanka’s priceless national treasures, the Jaffna library, was burnt down by thugs of the government in the ‘uninterfering’ presence of the civil agency that was required to maintain the ‘Rule of Law’; reportedly, also present at the crime scene was one with an ‘Apple Orchard’ reputation and another who at the time was an ‘Apple Orchard’ crony later to hold a very prestigious post in the Ministry of Defence.

Gestapo Ranil was a Cabinet Minister at the time the Jaffna library was razed to the ground and perforce has to take Cabinet Responsibility for that despicable crime. While the country hungers for justice and demands that those responsible be brought to book the crime remains inadequately investigated for over three decades. This stage managed crime of arson by the government swelled the ranks of the then nascent Tamil terrorist movement.

Also remaining uninvestigated and untried are those responsible for the events of July 1983 when the UNP government, in which Gestapo Ranil was a ranking Cabinet Minister, unleashed thugs on innocent members of the Tamil community living mainly in Colombo.

The terror on the streets lasted for four days before Gestapo Ranil or anyone in the UNP government made any attempt to rein in the marauding UNP thugs; when they did make a feeble effort on TV Gestapo Ranil and his cabinet colleagues suggested that the Tamils deserved what they got!

In the common man’s parlance, the word Batalanda evokes images of Gestapo Ranil or the name of Gestapo Ranil conjures up horrible images of Batalanda. Batalanda was the location where allegedly a near 150000 JVP suspects were murdered at an illegal detention centre during the period 1988 – 1990; amongst those allegedly murdered were over dozen lawyers. There has been a clamour for a full scale inquiry to bring the murderers to book; to date the murderers remain free. The Rule of Law is applied in the breach and the JVP does not appear to show any inclination to seek justice for their murdered fellow travellers

Gestapo Ranil (GR), the man reportedly with a dangerously flawed mind, continues to live a charmed life escaping the long arm of the law:

He comes into an agreement that subverts the constitution, by promising to support a Presidential Candidate only if he, Gestapo Ranil, were made Prime Minister once the candidate he supports wins; it is criminal to attempt to subvert the Constitution and is required to be criminally investigated with the same force as in a military coup d’état; the intent of a military coup d’état is also to gain power by subverting the Constitution. Gestapo Ranil’s appointment as PM for this reason is grounds for challenge in the Supreme Court:

Gestapo Ranil is made Prime Minister although he does not enjoy the confidence of the majority in parliament as is required by the Constitution; this needs to be challenged by a motion of ‘No Confidence’ in Parliament and additionally in the Supreme Court by filing a petition:

When Gestapo Ranil outside court makes disparaging statements on Supreme Court decisions, he was in contempt of the highest Court of the country:

When Gestapo Ranil makes statements about challenging Supreme Court decisions outside the country he is attempting to subvert the country’s Constitution and needs to be criminally investigated immediately. Furthermore he is in contempt of the Supreme Court.

As the icon of Sri Lankan journalism brilliantly analysed, Gestapo Ranil created an illegal FCID, a repressive terror machine, through which Gestapo Ranil wearing two hats acts both as Prime Minister and IGP to hunt down and incarcerate political opponents.

Hitler had a deranged and psychopathic personality attributed largely to a complex of inadequacy and personality aberration. Hitler allowed his aberrations and inadequacies to influence his decisions and the tragedy that followed is history. Many attribute Gestapo Ranil’s record 30 odd losses at elections to his personal inadequacies. When pressed for an opinion on Gestapo Ranil’s role in island politics an ardent UNP supporter had this to say, If Hitler was good for Germany then Gestapo Ranil must be good for Sri Lanka.”  Some others who are not so enamoured by Gestapo Ranil said, The man has a dangerous personality flaw and he must be criminally investigated. The FCID must be scrapped immediately.”


14 Responses to “Gestapo Ranil -An Insight into a Dangerously Flawed Mind?”

  1. nilwala Says:

    In addition to the infringement of the rights of the People in the establishment of the FCID…..

    There is also something skewed and weird about the PM RanilW’s suggestion that advice be sought from a Private Commonwealth Agency regarding the recent Supreme Court determination that the case against Gotabhaya Rajapakse be stayed for an interim period. Some point out that seeking such advice/assistance is acceptable since assistance was sought by the GoSL during the Eelam wars. However, while seeking global assistance in the case of a national emergency or disaster, or war for that matter – and many nations including UK( in WWII), and Sri Lanka (Eelam wars) have recd such assistance – is a practice that has been acceptable thus far.

    A regular legal court case is not of that ‘nature’, nor is there any precedence in which such assistance has been sought in the post-independence period when the nation’s Judiciary (i.e., Supreme Court) became the highest court for determination of an outcome in a legal challenge. Is there an example of any nation that has resorted to such advice other than in colonial situations?

    If the SL Constitution had it included as a procedural step, no doubt it would have been warranted, but it would have meant the ceding of judiciary capability and an acceptance of a higher authority which would mean a loss of dignity to a sovereign country.

    The question then arises: Is the PM attempting to make Sri Lanka a test case?

    Furthermore, where could such a hierarchy of judicial/judgmental capability end….Where could one go for example, to challenge an ICC determination for instance?

    Besides, is the privilege go to the Commonwealth group only reserved for when the judgment does not suit a govt., and in other words, does this route become only selectively available to those in high authority? What about the Common Man who is supposed to be as equal as any other in societies such as Sri Lanka.? Would they have the same access to advice??

    Above all, are these legal minds of the Commonwealth Group so surpassing in their brilliance that they are a cut above the existing legal capabilities and frameworks in sovereign countries.
    Is there some attempt being made to establish levels of legal and moral competence where some persons can be considered nearer to the Gods to stand in judgment, one wonders…?

    Is the world of men getting more and more crazy/deranged in the attempt to establish that some are better than others?? MEGALOMANIA?

  2. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Indians and Indian Empire supporters have one basic objective, that is to divide their subjects. Ranil was made the PM by Indian Empire the same Empire that let Mahinda win over him in 2005. Ranil is not mentally ill but he is just another Sinhalese controlled by the Indian Imperialists and the Indian Colonial Parasites of the Island nation. Jai Hind

  3. Christie Says:

    1983 uprising of Sinhalese got nothing to do with the UNP. It is a natural response from the Sinhalese against the Indian imperialist by the killing of un armed Sinhalese.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Stop spreading lies.

    Singhalese DID NOT do any riot in 1983. It was a Tamil – JR – UNP affair. They did the riot and blamed on Singhalese.

  5. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    We can’t just make this about Ranil – it has to be Ranil AND the UNP beneficiaries of his power mongering, narcissistic madness. Otherwise, the UNP will just cut its losses with Ranil but keep alive his seriously flawed “let’s kiss white folks behind and let them rule us” political and economic development philosophy.

  6. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Sarojini Jaffna Library was burned down by EROS from London. There was a Commission appointed called Sansoni Commission who concluded that Army or any Government agency was not involved in burning down the Jaffna Library. It was burned down to get Sympathy from the US and other Churches and to tell the world that the Sinhalese are an uneducated mob who do not value books and education. Jai Hind

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Since I was a witness to the 1983 Riots :

    In hindsight the Riots were well pre-arranged as proven by election lists carried by heads of gangs. JRJ was ultra pro-west and was forced to ‘give in’ to Riots and he did not declare curfew till the third day of rioting. By then arson, killing and looting had taken place. The whole incident was used to slam the GoSL and the Sinhala people, and since then Tamils left Lanka, close to a million, as ‘refugees’ to the west. These Tamil folk formed the Tamil Diaspora that works against their Motherland, Sri Lanka, to this day. It was because JRJ was ultra pro-west that India trained the LTTE, was it not ? Also, we noted,years later, that the Papal Nuncio in Lanka had been removed a couple weeks after the Riots by the JRJ govt.

    Now with India going with China/Russia for economic purposes, is a similar scenario setting into Lanka politics, this time with RW in place of JRJ ? Another horror story in the making and with even less wisdom ?

    PS: Why doesn’t the new FCIC which is set up to investigate money scams, take up Arjun Mahendran first for the Central Bank scam ?
    * Why have more and more Tamils been allowed to enter Lanka first by abrogation of the Sirima/Shasthri Pact (145,000 Tamils stayed behind breakign the Pact) ;
    * Illegal Migrants, may be many, many, thousands have been allowed to enter Lanka ;
    * Those in Tamil Nadu camps (earlier 60,000, now 100,000 !) now also allowed to re-enter Lanka in groups.
    * Why continue to have the Tamil language as a National/Official language as it attracts more Tamil illegal migrants and is now becoming a Security Issue to have more Tamil folk enter Lanka.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Rebuilding the Jaffna library by GOSL was a FAR MORE FOOLISH decision than Tamil youth deciding to burn it in 1981.

    Now it is used to promote Tamil Elam ideology. It has a small kovil for Thanthai Chelva (who was an Anglican!!).

    When a non-Tamil enters the library Tamils frown at them. The bloody joke is you have to remove footware to enter the library!! What a joke!! I have gone to world’s top libraries and SL’s national library and no need to remove shoes there!!

    “itha onda gaani emathaama budding!!!”

  9. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    All the UnPatriotic Party (UNP) leaders have their own secret mafia. Thambi mudiyanselage jr was an alugosuwa (to the Sinhalese youth only) while showing a dharmista face to society. Then alugosu LK premadasa (again to theSinhalese youth only)
    was breathing down the neck of thambi mudiyanse. He was so scared quickly gave away the reins to LK premadasa.

    Then this gb ranil (again alugosuwa to the Sinhalese youth only, Buddhists of course) showed his colours in Batalanda. Still there are some Sinhalese idiots supporting these low lives who are hell bent in destroying the Sinhalese, Buddishm and Sri Lanka to please the west and india. Haven’t you got any shame you low lives? You are digging the graves for your future generations traitor Sinhalese by supporting these murderous gangs from the Unpatriotic Party!

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    If Lanka, a small Nation, is to survive as an undivided Nation, Lanka Leaders have to guard the coastlines forever as done in Britain. Earlier, Britain too was attacked by various European countries, same as Lanka. Lanka has to follow British guidelines for safeguarding the Nation of Lanka.

    At the same time, Lanka leaders have to phase out the use of Tamil as a National/Official language or else become an appendage of Tamil Nadu, now under Jayalalitha as Chief Minister again.


    Ancient Sinhalaya excellent comment. FRAN DIAZ, Remove Tamil as an official language? You live in a dream world. First get rid of the TAMILS FOR OBAMA group who are in SL for the last 6 months. Fran this will tickle you Obama calls RANIL PUNK ONCE a week from White House. I cannot prove it but if you know any one at Associated Press they can subpoena it and it can be publish it.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    All man made laws can be removed, anywhere.

    Re Pres Obama calling RW and weekly too – hey, wake up and stop hallucinating.


    Fran, thanks for reading my comments.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    It’s good to communicate !
    Hope something of value comes from all these exchanges.

    Best wishes to all.

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