Reconciliation  with whom………
Posted on May 25th, 2015

By Charles.S.Perera

Reconciliation ?

 With whom ? 

 With the Tamils

 But the Tamils do not want reconciliation…they want separation !!!

 There was a time  when terrorism was at its heights  that the hated Eric Solheim was here, and  USA and the International Community was highly interested in bringing about a political solution between the Tamil Terrorists and the Government of Sri Lanka. USA Ambassador Robert O’Blake  and the Norwegian  worm Eric Solheim swore that there was no military solution to the terrorist problem and the only solution was a political settlement. Our governments followed their better judgement and went every where the terrorists asked them to arrange peace talks with the government.

Nothing came of the arranged peace talks except terrorists going on a buying spree of modern arms  and other military necessities to enhance their military power. At home in Sri Lanka the terrorists exploded claymore bombs to mark the end of each peace talk killing as many innocent people as they could. The terrorists did not end their comedy of accepting peace talks and abruptly ending them  with an  explosion of a killer bomb some where in Sri Lanka, until Sri Lanka resolutely decided to end the comedy by taking up the military solution  opposed to by the USA and the International Community and finally ended terrorism at Nandikadal on 18 May 2009-the Victory Day.

If we had listened to the Norwegian worm, the USA Ambassador O’Blake or the International Community we would have still been saddled with the killer armies of the terrorist, with their regular bomb explosions and the atrocious  deaths of many innocent men, women, and children, not to speak of the  Ministers, MPs, Military and Army Officials.

That would have been all because no foreigner could understand the mind set of the Asians, and even less than that of the Asian terrorists. They  try to understand situations in our countries from their cultural experience looking through their own point of view and they get  a completely lopsided and  a distorted view.  But they are White and refuse to accept that reality as they think that they are the ones who have solutions to all political problems where ever they are.

Now the terrorism is over in Sri Lanka and our country wanted to build peace in the country , go ahead with the much neglected development and reconcile the communities our way.

But  still the White West, instead of giving credit to Sri Lanka Armed Forces, for the great exemplary  military fete of elimination of terrorism single handed  ever accomplished by any other nation, despite their ill conceived advice of a political solution wants to demean that great accomplishment .

That shows that they had right along the period they were  seeking a political settlement their own agenda about the settlement of terrorism by giving the terrorists what they were trying to achieve –a territorial separation.

Hence after the elimination of the terrorism in Sri Lanka , the USA and the International Community comes looking for errors committed in the course of the elimination of  terrorism merely to find fault and find  a means to  revamp their earlier agenda of  helping the terrorist to territorially  divide Sri Lanka.  They are doing so raising human rights violation and war crimes as an arm.

In that absurd,  might is right concept of the White International Community, they are now calling for reconciliation with the Tamil Community,.  They have  caste their die with the Tamil Diaspora, and the TNA, as representing the  terrorist  they were then enamoured with to use as their cats paw to serve their own agenda.

First the reconciliation  the USA with the rest of their Western allies and their  dependent countries are demanding through the UN Human Rights Council is as absurd as the political settlement with the terrorists once they proposed to the Government of Sri Lanka.

To force it to happen they are accusing the Sri Lanka armed forces as having violated human rights and committed war crimes during the last phase of the terrorist war.

USA should very well know being the world known violators of human rights and war crimes –having ample experience of it in Iraq, Afghanistan,  killing civilians with Drone bomb attacks in border villages of Pakistan, and in numerous such acts in  other  theatres of their wars, that in the elimination of terrorists  where terrorists shoot to kill any thing that moves and the army shooting with caution  trying to avoid civilians  there may be incidents that boarder violations of human rights  or even war crimes , but those are unfortunately inevitable in the greater need of the elimination of ruthless terrorism.

Avoiding such incidents may have left the terrorists unscathed to continue their disastrous terrorist march.

Reconciliation the West demands  is again like their demand  that Sri Lanka should come to a political settlement  with the terrorist and not resort to a military solution.   This demand fro reconciliation  is also through the inability of the West to understand  the ground situation in Sri Lanka  getting a lopsided view  in looking at our problem from their point of view.

Reconciliation needs two communities willing to reconcile.  The Sinhala Community poses no problem vis a vis  a reconciliation with the Tamil Community.  They the Sinhala 75 percent of the population  are extending their hands of fraternity to the 13 percent of the Tamils to join with them to build a  united Sri Lanka together.  But it is the Tamils who refuse to take the extended Sinhala hand of friendship demanding more political devolution and political rights.

The USA and the West are only asking the Sinhala to reconcile with the Tamils , and the Sinhala are willing, therefore the USA and the West have to speak to the Tamils and tell them that it is  they who should  take the extended hand of reconciliation of the Sinhala.

The USA should open its eyes and see who is at fault making things difficult for a realistic reconciliation of the Sinhala and Tamil Communities. The Tamil people have not been denied any thing that is enjoyed by the Sinhala, but the Tamils are hoodwinking  to make the USA and the West believe that Sinhala are the one’s who refuse reconciliation.

The fact that the USA and the West should understand is that the Tamils  led by the TNA and the Tamil Diaspora  do not want to reconcile with the Sinhala but instead they want  separation , and have their own Tamil state.   If the USA and the West have something more than a peanut in their brains  will understand that it is the Tamils that make reconciliation  impossible with their separatist ideology.

Therefore it is time that they the USA and the West drop their vendetta against Sri Lanka moving resolutions for violation of human rights and war crimes , and demand the Tamils drop their separatist political ideology and pave way for  the Sinhala and Tamil Communities work together to build a united Nation of Sri Lankans.

This the USA and the West can do unless they have their own Agenda behind their demand for reconciliation with the threat of a resolution before the UNHuman Rights Council for violation of human rights and war crimes during the final phase of the terrorist war.

The war against terrorism  was a greater challenge for Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces. They  did  their  best to avoid collateral damages to the minimum.  That war had been fought  and ended nearly six years ago and its time that the USA and the West grow up further in their political maturity to understand that  Sri Lanka should be left alone to solve its problems between the Communities  their way without  foreign interference which only make the situation tense and difficult.

The situation to day is more complicated with the USA-West sponsored regime change and a West friendly  government in place in Sri Lanka  making reconciliation  a step nearer to a separation.

25 Responses to “Reconciliation  with whom………”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    That is right.


    War should not have spared TNA leaders. That is the problem.

  2. Ben Silva Says:

    Well said Charles

  3. Independent Says:

    We have a “Reconciliation Commission” member as the “governor ” of the North. Whilst all three words in inverted commas are “THE PROBLEM”, let us bring back the man who introduced these words back to power !
    This stupid commission is the main disaster !

  4. stanley perera Says:

    For generations to come Tamils will never be Sri Lankan Tamils. They Tamils of Tamil Nadu. b There is no point is Southern politicians talking of reconcilliation as the Tamil people in the North are only interested in the seperatism. BR spent Rs.250,000 per Tamil family in the re-settling after the war. Only a handfull of them supported the move. Gas cookers, bicycles and releasing their land completely neglecting the displaced Sinhalese and Muslims. These people have no magic word of “THANK YOU”. In that the Tamil politicians are the biggest empediment. No matter what DD did a lot to Tamils. Still he is not fully recognised by the Tamils in the North. The main reason is the Seperatism they are harping on.

  5. Independent Says:

    Magic word shall be “enforcement”, nothing more, nothing less.
    Enforcement shall be to all parties, all persons, all misters, all officials, all police, all aramids forces personnel, all judges, Prime Minister and more importantly the President.
    This is the a thing that can be done. All other words not applicable as cannot be done without personal opinions.
    If this is done, all cries for genocide, rape, killing, white vans, thuggery, discrimination will stop. No other country in the world will be able to accuse us.
    For the LTTE , what is the magic word ?

  6. asoka2468 Says:

    Tamils love to worship whites. They treat whites like gods. So the whites throw a bone from time to time for the suckers to chew on. Modern day slaves…Even now they have peace and there is no violence but they are still not happy. Forget happy can the tamils just move on please? Looks like a pretty unhappy race…

  7. stanley perera Says:

    Lorenzo, if the TNA was finished off, our politicians will have no nothing to go on. That is why the leaders spared the lives of TNA.

  8. Sirih Says:

    Amazing that, colonial slaves are asking separate country….

  9. Kumari Says:

    Even if all the Tamils were eliminated, our Sinhalese suckers will ask for a separate state for non-existing Tamils. Here the biggest problem are the Sinhalese, they came to power by spreading lies about Rajapakse’s and now dance according to the enemies of the country. Under Rajapakse’s all communities benefited, the only perceived issue was corruption.

    Now how many problems are we facing? FCID to lock up political enemies, the biggest robber of all time Arjuna Mahendran (their appointee) is allowed to carry on regardless, the Unitary status of the country is threatened with separation, No low and order, economic activity at a stand still or slowed down, tampering of the judiciary (Ravi Karunaratne cleared and the woman judge takes retirement the day after giving the verdict). The US, West and India are deciding for the country and our jokers are holding positions to carry out orders of our enemies.

  10. Kumari Says:

    One thing the ordinary SL should understand is the West’s interest (channelled through India or Sub-contracted to India) is not the well being of the ordinary man or woman. Their only interest is to maintain the status quo and rob/grab all the natural resources of the country for their benefit. They create wars and help both sides to make money while the fighters, victims, leaders of these countries all become victims of the game.

    The power they grabbed (because My3 become president to make RW PM though that is not according to our constitution) will not be given to another easily. They will postpone elections, will introduce Emergency Rule by creating chaos in the country and do not care destroying the country so that we become beggers and suckers. It would be more difficult to get rid of RW than military defeat of the LTTE.

    The West is behind all terrorist organisations in the world, even for a moment don’t think our LTTE were smart to win the hearts of the west. Actually, they are the idiots, they themselves don’t know why the west recognise them. Look at Al-Quida (no bin Laden still they thrive), now ISIS (I hear they have web site/s where the fighting on the ground is shown daily). LTTE is West’s tool not only to submit SL but very soon India too.

  11. Christie Says:

    මේ ලිපියත් ඉතින් බටහිරට කෙලින එකවිතරයි දන්නෙ. රෙද්ද අස්සෙ ඉන්න ඉන්දියානු ජඩවාදයා පේන්නෙ නැහ. උත්තර ලියන අයත් බටහිරයො ඉන්දියාවට කෙලියි කියල අඬනව. සින්හල අපි කාට කියන්නද?

    Writer does not mention India. West is in the hands of India. Indian in the US have lots of money and political clout. Norway got a lot of Indian money before its North Sea Oil. UK is in the hands of Indians. Indian Empire is doing this to us like it is doing the same thing to other Indian colonies. How many whites are left in the island?

  12. charithsls Says:

    The first thing is to put these Tamils in their right place;LTTE propaganda that is still being carried on is to project Sri Lanka is theirs or their forefathers. In this instance, how nice to read a British politician (who mistook Ranil as a Tamil) is publicly telling ”His name’s Jayawardena and I’m told that name is a Tamil name. Well the Tamils were Indians which went to Sri Lanka to take it over and they got their asses kicked. So he comes here, ponces off us.” He has told the gospel truth which should be given the widest publicity in no uncertain terms.

  13. Charles Says:

    Of course India from the very beginning of Nheru’s rule had expansionist intentions vis a vis Sri Lanka . Indra Ghandhi followed up with RAW charged with the training of the Sri Lanka Tamil youth as terrorists which was the beginning of the India sponsered Sri Lanka Tamil sessionist movement. Through out the terrorism the role India played was against the Government of Sri Lanka. India refused transport to the seiged Sri Lanka Soldiers, and it was thanks to Pakistan providing arms that saved our soldiers. Even the USA resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC was supported by India . India was all out to destabilise Sri Lanka and allow the terrorists to set up their Eelam. No Sri Lankan can forget the Indian role against Sri Lanka. Allowing India to have a Visa Office in Jaffna was the worst thing to have been done. The RAW must be in charge of that office and carrying out their anti Sri Lanka activites from there.

    We thought Modi may change but he is made of the same ilk. Mody is a stooge of the USA and the West.

  14. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    What Charles missed in this article is the USA really does not care about the Tamils or the people of Sri Lanka, and want separate governed territory for their own ‘China Containment’ purposes. After separation, they want to set up a military presence in the North and East to counter China’s influence in the region. For this plan to work, they need to piggyback off the old colonist divisions created by the British, and this is the ONLY reason they are siding with the Tamils.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Metteyya B & Charles have valid points.

    In that case, the N&E becomes a highly militarised Israel type of place ?
    Alternately, N&E will be another S’pore/Hong Kong type of place a la Brit Empire mode ?

    Either way, Tamil folk of Dalit origin (some 15 Nillion of themi in Tamil Nadu)will be brought in hoardes to N&E Lanka as an initial Fed state where monies come from Mother Lanka and purposes/goals come from other places ? That will be only an initial stage I operation.

    India has also had to counter Tamil Nadu Separatist ideas that have gone on for a long time. Lanka has been a sitting duck for Tamil leaders separatist programs. Currently India is running with China & Russia for economic purposes.

    Given the current situation Lanka is caught up in, it is all the more reason for Lanka to remove the Tamil language as a National/Official language. Anyone can continue to speak/write in Tamil etc. but it till will not be a National/Official language. This is fair enough as Security Issues are at stake as well as the Integrity of the country.

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:




  17. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:


    I am not sure Modi is a stooge of the USA, as it may well be the case that he is doing a “Singapore” on the US by taking their technology and investments while still building a much stronger economic relationship with China. Singapore is one of the few countries that have roughly an equal trade balance with China in that they export to China about the same amount that they import from them. China would not allow this to happen unless they know that the ethnic Chinese that really run Singapore are solidly in the China camp.

    The key thing to watch with Modi is on the military relationship front. If he accepts China’s offer to form a military partnership after settling the minor border disputes, then all bets are off concerning whether he is a stooge of the US. If I were China, I would actually maker this an offer – we will give you much greater access to Chinese consumers so you have roughly equal balance of trade with China in exchange for deeper military ties and forgoing the USA military overtures. The US can’t match this given China’s much bigger 1 billion person market size, so the US is forced to do China Containment from Australia, South Korea, and Japan, which allows South Asia to completely unite and form the largest trading bloc in the world.

    I agree with you that the pro-US elements in RAW are problematic, but there is also a very large group within RAW that understands that the geopolitics are shifting, and that India’s best long-term interest is to unite with China rather than continue old divisions that were set up by the US and the British.

  18. Cerberus Says:

    Mr. Perera,

    I agree with you on the points you have made. I also agree with Metteyya_Brahmana and Fran Diaz. We need to as a Nation recognize what MR and GR did for the country. Right now all the players are getting ready for the partitioning of Sri Lanka. I think it will happen very suddenly and if there is a uprising which is exactly what RW and MY3 want to declare emergency and impose fascist rule. They will then attack the right thinking people to demoralize the Sinhalese. Look at the scenario.

    (1) I think Central Bank appointment of Arjun Mahendran was done by RW to destabilize the economy by stunts such as the Bond scam. He is supposed to have links to Raj Rajaratnam who is in jail for insider trading. If insider trading is proven then Mahendran will also end up in jail. I reserve judgement till Mahendran is taken to courts and proven guilty.

    (2) I read in the news that the economic activity is stalled in Sri Lanka. All the projects which had been initiated by MR have been paused. Why?

    (3) RW has Paskaralingam as advisor who under President Premadasa is supposed to have made a lot of money. So much so that though he was a Govt. servant he could afford to retire in U.K. in the exclusive St. John’s Wood area. He came back to Sri Lanka as soon as RW became prime minister. Should not the bribery commission investigate how he made so much money?

    (4) Important security zones are being removed from north and east. These are vital to maintain for at least 10 years till the threat of terrorism is completely removed.

    (5) The most important is that Jayalalitha who was sentenced to 10 years was released in a matter of seconds by the appeal court. Does anyone know on what grounds? She was swearing vengeance on Sri Lanka and was very supportive of LTTE. If Tamil Nadu breaks away from India Jayalalitha will invade Sri Lanka. I think Sri Lanka should create a standing army of about 2 million similar to Switzerland who can be called up to duty in a day.

    (6) As indicated by Shenali Waduge ( the West wants Sri Lanka balkanized as they did in Yugoslavia, India, Middle East etc. When Lord Mountbatten drew a line to create Pakistan out of India the net result was that both countries armed them selves to the teeth with Nuclear weapons which were supplied to both countries by the Western powers. All the resources went towards it and to date both countries are in utter poverty though both have state of the art weapons. If the TNA gets an independent state in North and East then they can import Dalits from the pool of 15 million in Tamil Nadu alone. This man power would be very useful for the vested interests to fight all the mini wars going on in the middle east.

    (7) Therefore as I see it all the pieces are in place for the partition. Wigneswarn suddenly started bleating about Genocide of Tamils when it was the LTTE which decimated the villages in the North and East and genocidally wiped out all Sinhalese. The have fed this myth that Tamils need to be liberated, to the Tamil people. Liberated from what? Right now they have more rights than the Sinhalese. They can buy and own land anywhere in the country, while the Sinhalese cannot buy land in North and East due to “Thesavalami” laws. It was the Tamils who benefited the most when Prabahakaran was killed. The Tamil ego may have been hurt but in reality they benefited a lot including the whole of Sri Lanka.

    This is a very dangerous situation for the country. I think the Parliament needs to get rid of RW as soon as possible. The law must take it’s course regarding RW’s illegal actions as PM.

  19. mahesh fernando Says:

    If reconciliation is with Tamil community, it literally means the SL government fought with Tamils, but instead they fought with Tamil terrorists. If Tamils want to connect their race to terrorism, then that is a different business, and it is their [Tamil community’] choice, accepting or not accepting reconciliation.

    During the four decade war Sinhalese and Muslims suffered more than Tamils.

    Mahesh Fernando from CA USA.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe,


    Some internet search gave me this. Apparently this ENDIAN and TAMIL changed his family name in 1983 to save his sorry self.

    This is TERRIBLE!!

    That means the FINANCE MINISTRY, CENTRAL BANK and many more are controlled by RAJ RAJRATNAM’s TAMIL CROOKS.

    This is the last bit of the JIGSAW puzzle I was trying to fix. Thank you.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    “I agree with you that the pro-US elements in RAW are problematic, but there is also a very large group within RAW that understands that the geopolitics are shifting, and that India’s best long-term interest is to unite with China rather than continue old divisions that were set up by the US and the British.”


    Endia is FULLY with USA now. There is NO pro-China group in Endia. China knows this too well. That is why when the Endian and Chinese leaders met, China initiated a confrontation in disputed areas.

    Endia disrupted Chinese PEACEFUL shipping in SL. That also infuriates China. Now the ENDIAN GOVT. in SL suspend Chinese projects!!

    China is now pivoting to Pakistan to surround Endia. Supplying massive amount of jets, submarines, etc. to Pakistan. China understands there is NO POINT in playing peace with Endia. Endia must be broken to pieces.

  22. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    A friend of mine sent this information to me. Truthfully, it was news to me. I have been a frog in the well, for sometime. Ravindran I understand is a relation of Raj. It was on that basis that monies were received. Now Basl is to be controlled by USAID. Well, finally, Sri Lanka will be sold in bits and pieces, as I understand now that Sri Lanka does not belong to the Sinhalese. So informs a Buddhist Priest in the media, that somebody said something to that effect.

    Lorenzo, can you remember the period that you were named as the Defense Secretary, and I as somebody in some command, as we were promoting “army take-over” for the good of the country. All that is over. We had many pointing guns at us. Where are they Now ???

  23. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    All these things done to get
    more asylum
    more share of the SL cake
    evantually get a separate state.
    Reconcillation is to hoodwink the west!

    They have enjoyed more benefits than the native Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. But always cry national
    question, national question to get more and more. The reason for this is the UnPatritoic Party. They have been
    dividing the Sinhalese since their inception.

    Make matters worse for the Sinhalese they have always
    favoured the minorities for their votes. The treacherous lot in the Unpatriotic Party know there will always
    be enough Sinhalese idiots supporting them. Sinhalese are divided, so the Traitors National Alliance (TNA) & co
    keep chanting this mantra, national question, national question to get more and more and get it.

    National question is actually the Sinhalese having. In their own country they can’t enjoy the benefits. Universities are full
    of tamils and mussies. They become doctors etc. with our free education and then give money to murder the Sinhalese.
    That’s how these ungrateful lot pay back.

    Now the anti Sinhalese, anti buddhist, anti Sri Lankan rampaging catholic traitor
    in chiief rw at the helm they can get more more. We have to thank those stupid Sinhalese idiots who thinks it is fashionable to be supporters of these Unpatriotic Party (UNP).

    Maru (aappa) sira is a puppet and the show is run by traitor-in-chief catholic thug rw. He appointed a rogue to head Central Bank and he immediately robbed the country several thousand billions. Then he imported paskaralingam, another rogue, and put in charge of the finances of the country. Then a guy who has been charged with billions of fraud as finance minister.

    Maru (aappa) sira is this yahapalanaya? We call it yamapalanaya, you feeble puppet without any spine. Shame on you! Look what is happening to our country now? You got rid of the Chinese to please the west and india. We are at the mercy of the west and india who want to break up to please tamil diaspora and to teach China a lesson. Do you understand this simple thing you spineless, brainless traitor?

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe,

    “as we were promoting “army take-over” for the good of the country. All that is over. We had many pointing guns at us. Where are they Now ???”

    Had a MILITARY TAKEOVER happened then NONE of this nonsense would have happened.

    The problem with our patriots is they want BOTH MR (through an election) AND SL. It is NOT VIABLE. We have to pick only ONE of them.

    They argue taking up the 13 amendment issue is BAD for MR!! (Of course it is good for SL.)

    That means we have to PICK between MR, My3-CBK, UNP and SL.

    Viggie took oaths before MR and now he is after POLICE POWERS. Until police powers are given TNA will create violence. Yesterday there was ANOTHER TAMIL RIOT in Palai (Jaffna) when the police shot (only a slight injury was caused) a suspect who tried to escape from police custody.

    SL military saved SL once (2009) now they have to SL again.

  25. Ratanapala Says:

    The spineless lily livered gutter sniper in charge hasn’t got a clue as to the damage he is doing to Mother Lanka just to placate his personal hatred for the Rajapakses. He is jealous that he has no place in the war effort and now wants to degrade the Victory over LTTE terrorism.

    The Western Christian powers are only interested in their own welfare – pivot to India – means they want a foothold right in the middle of the Indian Ocean to control South Asia and the southern sea lanes.

    Jaya Lalitha is back on her Chief Minister post due to American pressure on Modi. Hillary Clinton didn’t call on the old prima donna for nothing if it is not American seal of approval for her role in Tamil Nadu. Old Modi is a thing of the past. The New Modi is an American stooge – he too has got the Maha Raja syndrome and thinks he is the New Maha Raja of India.

    Americans will not allow any rapproachment with China. They want to divide and destroy the world and live to enjoy the what is left! America will soon implode from within!

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