The UNP’s Trojan Horse strategy will fail dismally
Posted on May 26th, 2015

R Chandrasoma Courtesy Island

In the historic defeat of MR, the strategists of the UNP (backed enthusiastically by an International Cabal of Lanka-haters) had two grand aims – firstly, the destruction of MR and his support base and, secondly, the installation of a compliant puppet-state with that great lover of Western Imperialism – Ranil Wickremesinghe–as the overall boss.

The ensuing political warfare – at least in its initial stages – was publicly paraded as a moral crusade against the rampant evil of corruption with MR condemned as the fountainhead of this pervasive evil. To the great credit of all concerned no blood was shed. In this ‘war’ engineered with great skill by the UNP and its allies the first aim was triumphantly accomplished by the forces led by RW.

A champion of nationalism, the slayer of the Tyrant Prabhakaran and mighty builder in the ancient tradition of SriLanka was brought down by the lies and deceits of a political movement that caught on like an epidemic fever and laid low a once proud and seemingly invincible leadership.

A group of political leaders with no vision except a visceral hatred of MR and a publicly paraded love of the all things Western took over from MR and sought valiantly to consolidate power through tactics reminiscent of the famous Trojan Horse.

What was a naked power-grab was hailed as a sublime victory for justice and good governance (yahapalanaya). This strategy – let us call it Part One – worked wondrously well. A group of about 40 MPs in a House that had at least three times this number of supposedly MR loyalists – wrested power from the majority through the magic of declaring the defeater of MR as the President of the SLFP and thereby annulling all affiliations with the former leader. The new President was A ‘creation’ of the UNP and his politics was Anti-MR while he claimed Leadership of a party that was defeated through his own strange shenanigans.

This high-level farce made RW of the UNP the ALL-Powerful Leader of a Parliament thrown on its back with the Usurper not only calling the shots but also throwing in Jail leading lights of the previous regime. Such extraordinary power-play is necessarily short-lived. RW’s political blitzkrieg entailed a new Parliament with the UNP and its feisty boss as the questionable leader of SriLanka – hence the urgent clamour for fresh elections after the Hundred Day Offensive.

Each day that passes weakens the UNPs political ‘gamesmanship’ – the force of its bogus claims to political ‘cleanliness’. As the MR ‘rump’ in parliament knows this fatal weakness it will do all it can to prevent early elections and Part Two of the Grand Strategy of the UNP will fail dismally. They (the UNP) will be trounced at the next parliamentary election and the mighty interlopers will bite the dust as a fitting finale for an extraordinary – but short-lived – political adventure.

R Chandrasoma

18 Responses to “The UNP’s Trojan Horse strategy will fail dismally”

  1. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    Mahinda and whatever party he uses to contest the next election must put the UNP on the defensive by questioning their loyalty – is your loyalty to the United States that wants to stop our development, divide our country, and exploit our people so they can get richer or is your loyalty to an independent Sri Lanka that is committed to accelerating our economic development, uniting our country, and uplifting all boats, not just the wealthy?

    The UNP is going to continue to try to make the election about corruption, but ‘loyalty to Sri Lanka’ will have a greater sway with the voter.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    I’m not convinced if this will be the case. Voters are not as well informed as us. Going by past elections, at least 15% of voters follow the “current sentiment” and change their preference from the party that lost to the party that won the previous election when there had been a ruling party change. The current sentiment still favours the UNP thanks to its heavy media campaign, fragmented opposition and very weak SLFP leadership of Sirisena.

    Even if UNP fails to win a clear majority (113 seats), the intolerable animosity between the Mahinda group and the Sirisena/Chandrika group means UNP will be able to muster 113+ seats from SLFP sections in parliament. The split in the UNP in 1993 into UNP and DUNF helped the SLFP win the 1994 election.

    Delaying the general election as much as possible is the way to make the UNP unpopular. There is a cat and mouse game going on between pro-Mahinda MPs in parliament and the UNP – to delay the election as much as possible but remove Ranil from the PM post just before dissolution. If elections are not held by September 2015, UNHRC will likely postpone its war crimes report to help the UNP. Releasing the war crimes report before the election is a huge boon to the Mahinda group.

    It should be carefully assessed if Mahinda should contest the upcoming election from a district or enter parliament through the national list. He can contest from a district and still campagin throughout the country. There is no restriction. For the maximum impact, he must contest from Gampaha District leaving his son to focus on Hambantota which he can win easily. Gotabhaya should contest Kurunegala leaving Wimal, Udaya and at least one Gunawardana to contest Colombo. Basil must be kept out.

  3. Kumari Says:

    Dilrook, I agree with your strategy for an MR (or best said “Api Wenuwen Api” win. I am also one of those who wait for that day where Sri Lanka is governed once again for the Sri Lankans.

    The strategy of the ROOKADA government as planned out by external SL haters are not going according to the plan. They put lot of faith in MY3 and CBK, but the jokers have lost control of the SLFP. MY3 even after threatening MPs of not giving nominations, still could not get 19A the way externals wanted. More SLFPers seem to be waiting to leave illegal government. The only pawn appearing to be carrying out his duties regardless is the mentally retarded RW. He has no shame, lost elections 29 times, came to power through the back door, Vasu (a veteran politician) called him in filth but he still carries on regardless.

  4. mario_perera Says:


    Your otherwise standard Pro-Mahinda comment was marred by a glaring SLIP.

    You said: Vasu (a veteran politician) called him (RW) in filth but ‘he (RW) still carries on regardless.’

    I fail to understand the logic of that phrase. Are we to understand that

    (a) Because Vasu is a ‘veteran politician’ he can blamelessly call a political opponent ‘pakaya’ad get away with it?
    (b) Or do you imply that because RW was called ‘pakaya’ by the ‘veteran politician’ he (RW) must stop ‘carrying on” meaning abdicate his position as parliamentarian and PM?

    You would perhaps have read that Vasu the ‘veteran politician’ took distance from his filthy word ‘Pakaya’ by stating that it was ‘unintentional’.

    What would that mean. I could only assume that according to this foul mouthed ‘veteran politician’, his word ‘pakaya’ oozed out of his guts and slipped through the glaring gaps in his brain.
    You would recall how our Murali’s doosras slipped through the bat and pad of his opponents and struck their middle wicket.

    But in this case the ‘no-ball’ of the ‘veteran politician’ namely the word ‘pakaya’ surged out of his guts, slipped through his brain and splashed all over his own face. He was in cricket parlance OUT ‘HIT WICKET’ or in football parlance, he kicked into his own goal. No reason for someone else to leave the field !!

    Vasu the ‘veteran politician’ is now trying to wipe out the smut that issued from his guts, went through the gaps in his brain, and splashed on his face, using the towel (probably the ‘hotu handkerchief’ from his pocket) called ‘unintentional’.

    Mario Perera

  5. Christie Says:

    We have been divided in to small pieces since 1951. How many parties are among the Sinhalese and how did they vote last time. We have to unite the Sinhalese. We are not Sri Lankans, we are Sinhalese and this country was called Ceylon by the people in the world except India. It is India the Indian Empire who are screwing up. Calling a male pakaya is Sinhala and I don’t think any thing wrong with it. An old film script called Songs of Ceylon shows how beautiful Sinhala is foul mouthed words are best rhyming words in the language of Sinhala. Just compare words of other languages you know in this are with Sinhala and you will be proud of our Sinhala.

  6. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    You don’t have to get so upset when somebody call “Pakaya” to Ranil. If you translate properly “Pakaya” means dickhead in English (Personified meaning of dick in Sinhalese…). I think Ranil deserves to be called Dickhead (a person who is an idiot and shows it all too well) or “Pakaya” in this instant since he refused to accept speaker’s decision on point of order raised by Vasu and kept on asking Vasu to sit down.

  7. douglas Says:

    All the “pakayas” including the named and the caller and a large majority in the present Legislature must be and deserved to be KICKED OUT sooner than later. What a shameful “vagrants” we have elected as Legislators.

    N.B. Please allow my comment to be published. Thank you.

  8. jay-ran Says:

    I take my hats off to yr shor verdict!!!

  9. Independent Says:

    How dare these people defame this honourable man

    Opposition MP says former Sri Lankan President not disqualified from holding office as President
    Wed, May 27, 2015, 12:19 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 26, Colombo: Opposition parliamentarian in Sri Lanka, Vasudeva Nanayakkara says that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa will be the prime minister of the next government.

    He told a news conference that Rajapaksa would not be disqualified from assuming the role of the President under the 19th Amendment in the event of President Maithripala Sirisena was unseated through an impeachment motion.

    Nanayakkara explained that Rajapaksa would serve for a limited period of time in an acting capacity until parliament finds an MP to serve as executive president for the rest of the term in the event President Sirisena was ousted.

  10. Ratanapala Says:

    Whole of Sri Lanka in unison must call the arch traitor Ranil – Dick Head or in proper Sinhalese – PAKAYA. This should from now onwards be his name. Ranil Pa*aya in the same way he called Mahinda R – Hora. Full force of media in all forms should be used to expose the false promises, slander, lies, frauds and other illegal things done just prior to January elections and after.

    The same must be done to Mangala Ponnaya, LTTE Ravi Karunanayagam, Laxman Perera (Kiriella) , Choura Ragina, Naluwa Ranjan Leo Sylvester Alphonsu aka Ramanayake and other UNP traitors. They must be publicly discredited for all the disinformation and for misleading the public and for baseless slander and unprovable allegations. So far they have miserably failed to prove any of the big time allegations let alone minor ones.

    Ranil Ponna Pa*aya should be sent out unceremoniously from the prime ministership with the no confidence motion now in process. He has lied and taken direct action to mislead the parliament and tamper with the parliamentary process in bringing about the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

    If not for the timely action of the SLFP parliamentarians he would have transferred all powers of the Presidency to himself on the guise of diminishing presidential powers.

    He has gone outside due process in appointing a foreigner to the post of Governor of the Central Bank leading to the biggest fraud in post independent Sri Lanka. He should be exposed as a dimwitted fuckwit and a serial looser in politics who has taken the once mighty UNP to become the United Christian Party – an Anti Sri Lanka and Anti Sinhala Buddhist party.

    All Sri Lankan Buddhists who vote for Ponna Ranil Pa*aya and his United Christian Party too are traitors.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    I can see some patriots are getting REALLY agitated over the treason going on. GOOD and BAD.

    Good to keep FILTH out of this website otherwise it will reflect badly. This energy should be used in SOCIAL MEDIA to WHACK the UriNePee hard. That is the UriNePee battle ground and it must be BEATEN in it.

    (Already MR is leading in Facebook and Maru Sira’s likes are FALLING!! So even the social media camp is losing faith in Maru Sira now!!!)

    1. Create MS paint templates, save whacky videos others have created.
    2. USE hard hitting attack points with pics.
    3. SAVE them in your PC.
    4. CREATE a facebook account (by first creating an email account).
    5. POST to facebook own page and more importantly into MARU SIRA’s page, Run-nil’s page, UPFA page, UNP page, etc.
    6. FB will delete your account IF you don’t verify your identity after a few days or months or years.
    7. Continue the process because you have the templates saved in your PC.

    This is the FUTURE of propaganda.

    Channel your anger this way. Maru Sira won the election through facebook and we are going to chase him away through facebook.

  12. mario_perera Says:

    As I understand from the comments:

    the word ‘PAKAYA’ meaning ‘Dickhead (a person who is an idiot and shows it all too well)’,

    it could safely be introduced to the education system, both at higher and secondary level, meaning universities and schools, and. why not even the maternal and Montessori classrooms.

    It would naturally be the most prestigious among words with similar content having being institutionalized in the hallowed institution that is Parliament by the man (‘veteran politician’) who was Minister for Language Education.

    Students and teachers (including undergrads and professors) will relish using this word and vie with each other to give it maximum coverage even while declaring with upturned eyes: ‘VASU TA DEERGA AYU’ or simply ‘AYUBO WEWA, PAKAYA-NENI’.

    To all who do not agree with this comment of mine (Dickheads and persons who are idiots), I would nevertheless politely and respectfully say:

    Mario Perera

  13. Independent Says:

    Thank you Mario. You spoke for me. I was trying various way to get the same message but found impossible to go through the culture created since 2010.

  14. Independent Says:

    I remember the current president was called “m—-r f—-) by someone and it was there for long time even though I said it should be taken out.

  15. douglas Says:

    mario_perera: Very interesting discussion. You heard someone says “PAKAYA” meaning “Dickhead”. A few days back I watched a TV discussion on this word “PAKAYA” explaining the meaning by no lesser person than the ex Minister of Education, Mr. Bandula Gunawardane. He explained it in detail quoting from various scripts and summed up saying that it means “GEDIYA” (FRUIT) and this word “PAKAYA” is being used in different regions to denote different meaning. The summary was that it is not at all a “Bad Word” or “Indecent” word. I tried to get a telephone call across to ask him what the “Female” version of this word “PAKAYA”; but failed. In your interpretation you have correctly added to denote an “honour” by saying “PAKAYA-NENI”. How do we have to say it when it comes to a “FEMALE”? This is very necessary to know, because hereafter when we address the President downwards to Legislators, we can say: “PAKAYA-NENI”; but there are “Female” persons in Parliament and other Institutions. How do we address them?

    To all those who agree with the explanation given by the Ex Minister of Education: SUBA ANAGATHAYAK, PAKAYAS.

    n.b. I am included in the category agreeing with the Ex Minister of Education, as far as the present Legislators are concerned.

  16. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Douglas.

    I was discussing this word (since it came into prominence in no less a place than the Sri Lanka parliament) with a teacher of Sinhala.

    He told me that ‘pakaya’ is a sordid reference to the ‘testicles’ of the person concerned. The testicles, no secret here, is a male’s sperm factory ! So ‘pakaya’ I was told is a vile allusion to a promiscuous and lustful man who sows his seeds to the four winds: the ‘four winds’ naturally being the ‘females of the species’.

    So according to this interpretation ‘pakaya’ cannot be used for the feminine gender.

    We will therefore have to wait for another record shattering debate in the very same parliament between ‘Pakaya-neni Vasu’ and a female parliamentarian on the other side of the divide. Then the ‘veteran politician’ former minister for national languages will answer your dilemma with another breath taking performance.

    Kind regards to you, Douglas


  17. Independent Says:

    Thank you Douglas and Mario for the entertainment ! well done !

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    PAKAYA is an honor to Run-nil. Instead he should have been called a PONNAYA.

    Anyway this Vasu-Run-nil clash is a clash between two FEDERALISTS, 2 anti-SL MPs. IF Vasu was not a PAKAYA, he should not be UNFORTUNATELY connected to that Vigneswaran and to NGO Nimalka Fernando. Throwing stones from a glasshouse.

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