Two laws for two people:  Is it the beginning of elimination Sinhala Buddhists from this country
Posted on May 28th, 2015

 Sudath Gunasekara. President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara  28.5.2015.

This Government has arrested 8 prominent Buddhist monks and 19 leading Sinhala Buddhist activists for participating in a demonstration purported to be violating a court order and carrying a traditional lion flag, alleging that they carried  an illegal national flag which in fact is not the national flag stipulated in the constitution. I think all those arrested were Sinhalese Buddhist leaders. I do not know why and to protect and satisfy whom they were arrested and harassed. This could the first time such a large number of Buddhist monks had been publicly humiliate in this country by any Government. I wonder whether this is a sign of things to come in the near future to the Sinhala Buddhist people in this country under the present regime. Perhaps these fools don’t realize the price they may have to pay for such follies.

OK, given that they were arrested for violating a court order and violating sec 6 of the Constitution then one has to ask he Government as to why it doesn’t arrest the Chief Minister NPC and the TNA Mpp and many other big shots who have openly violated the Constitution for about 5 times by now and violating the sixth Amendment.  Why are they dead silent against the crimes committed by Minister Richard Badurdeen by illegally encroaching on crown land in Wilpattu National Park? Why are they deaf, blind and dumb on more serious crimes when they are committed by members of minorities? The answer is simple. They fear the loss of the Tamil and Muslim votes as it forms the bread and butter and breathing of their political survival. How come both the President and the Prime Minister are playing this double game? Is this WHAT THEY CALL Yahapalanaya.

Now look at the following statement made by Wigneswaran and the heinous crimes committed at  Wilpattu by Minister Rishard Badurdeen. Cannot allow Army to rule the Province Chief Minister, Northern Provincial Council (NPC) C. V. Wigneswaran said he cannot accept to allow the Army which had committed war crimes to rule in the province.



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Cannot allow Army to rule the Province

Chief Minister, Northern Provincial Council (NPC) C. V. Wigneswaran said he cannot accept to allow the Army which had committed war crimes to rule in the province.

“No one requested the Army to provide security for us. If somebody did so, he or she must be some collaborator or one who is afraid of the Army or a spy of the Government”, he added.
C.M. Wigneswaran further said the Security Forces should get out from the North. Resources in the North are being robbed and smuggled to other provinces.

“The presence of the Security forces here is drastically affecting the mental peace of our students. Though how much the Army tried to win the hearts and minds of the people, they cannot be accepted within a democratic structure. The Army and the Navy are planted by force among us even after 6 years from the end of the war,” he said.

He further stated that terrible crimes that are taking place currently in the North were unheard before year 2009. These are planned distractions to ensure that the youth should not evolve with freedom related aspirations, they should not transform into hard working people and we have to suspect that somebody is trying to deliberately to misdirect them into a negative direction.
No Sinhalese government is ready to say before the Sinhalese masses, that they should do some good to Tamils. Poison had been fed into minds of Sinhala people to that extent by governments in the past, he said.

He also said the Police and Army are not the same. Police do not depend exclusively on weapons. They had to work with the welfare of the people in their minds. The Army does not have a duty like that.
C. M. Wigneswaran was speaking at the 150th jubilee celebrations and the opening ceremony of a new building at the Inuvil Hindu College, Jaffna.

About whose army is this man talking about. The army there is the Sri Lankan Army as such the government has all the right to keep it there.

I wonder whether he already thinks the NP as a part of South India or whether he has already declared the EELAM like Wardharaja Perumal. I also wonder whether the Government also has conceded to the existence of ELLAM in the north or agreed to its formation in lieu of the votes it got at the last Presidential and the support expected in future elections. If the answer  NO then why don’t the Government either arrest and take appropriate action against these people and do away with the Provincial Council cancer. That will not only release the Government of this headache but it will also save the Government of Billions of rupees which could be used for a better purpose than wasting on these institutions and on parasitic politicians who number around 6 to 7 hundred who enjoy a gala time at public expense only for collecting votes and commissions at grass root level for their masters and patronizers at national level.

The people are gradually realizing now the folly they have done by leaving everything to politicians. People in this country should rise against this system of ‘GOVERNEMENT BY THE POLITICIANS, FOR THE POLITICIANS AND OF THE POLITICIANS’ at least now and resolve to save this 2500 year old Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country, before these treacherous politicians fix the last nail on the coffin.

5 Responses to “Two laws for two people:  Is it the beginning of elimination Sinhala Buddhists from this country”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Indian colonists of the Empire are speaking out. No more Sinhalese chauvinists only Indian colonial parasites have claims to the Island. Jai Hind

  2. ranjit Says:

    This Tamil bastard should be arrested and also the TNA members for doing things against the Govt of Sri Lanka. They were all LTTE terrorist supporters and still they work on their agenda. We the Sinhalese cannot tolerate these kind of actions at all by these Tamil and Muslim pigs who do not understand or respect the majority.

    We have to work together to save our country from all evil hands who are collaborating with the Tamils and Muslims in this country without respecting our laws and culture. Sinhalese be awake and be alert if not no more homeland for us. Do not trust the sweet words of MY3/Ranil/Chandrika three evil stooges of the west and the Indians who will do anything as per their instructions to break the country and to be in power.

  3. jay-ran Says:


  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Lets not forget who made this bloody Tamil separatist the CHIEF MINISTER in 2013. It was MR. He even took oaths in front of MR!!

    FANTASTIC options Sri Lankans have!!

    That is why I say this ROTTEN SYSTEM cannot save SL. A complete change is needed from the military (those who sacrificed 27,000 lives to save SL and those who actually KILLED VP and other terrorists).

  5. ranjit Says:

    A person who say “this is not a Sinhala Buddhist country” should be crucified alive and put in a cage of Hynas to be eaten as breakfast.

    I am very very sad about the situation in the country today. I do not see any future for anyone with these westernized bunch of traitors who Governed the country today. We have a President who does not act like a President.He mind his own business while Ranil the great western God Father acts like Hitler and his henchmen acts like Gestapo. Country’s economy is falling like Niagara falls. Good people are resigning from their posts because of Intimidation and harassment from the Jarapalana hypocrits. Jungle law is prevailing in the country without any respect for human beings. Every individual in this Jarapalanaya working against the Sinhala Buddhists because of the pressure from abroad.Sinhalaya should find a good educated real Sinhalayas who will work sincerely for the country and to it’s people not people who supports themselves and become rich day by day.Do not give the vote to same corrupt politicians. Chose wisely because your future at stake.

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