Mahinda will certainly contest, says Weliwita
Posted on June 3rd, 2015


There is no doubt, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa will contest at the forthcoming general election, Rajaapksa’s media coordinator Rohan Weliwita has told the BBC.

He has pointed out that the former President will certainly contest at the election regardless of Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s (SLFP) decision to award nomination to Rajapaksha, or not.

Rajapaksa hopes to contest under the SLFP ticket. If the party refuses to give nomination, the former President will contest under another party,” he said.

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    It is time for the SLFP members to unite and kick Sirisena out from the party leadership to save the country from this illegal government of the traitors.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    All must get together to get rid of the ‘waiter’ Sirisena. Eventually he must be impeached for all the unconstitutional things he has done and sent out in disgrace. He is a stooge of the Christian West and his local handler is Christian Ranil the Traitor. It is time all those who love our Motherland started addressing the voters to do the right thing by voting to get rid of the United Christian Party aka UNP and their supporting political parties including Jathika Hela Urumaya of Ranawaka and Rathana, and the JVP.

    JVP are cunning foxes. They deliberately stood outside of Yahapalanaya administration and only helped them to topple Mahinda Rajapakse. They knew Yahapalanaya will be a disaster and a failure. This way they left they were left free to blame both sides. Now their gambit is to contest under the existing electoral rules and get more seats in the parliament. They have higher ambitions of one day capturing power through the ballot to bring in a commie government. It is up to the voters to roundly defeat them by not giving the min 5% they need to get a seat in the parliament. This lot is so devious. Wherever one sees this lot one can see from their demeanour that they are not genuine. They are not for the unity and territorial integrity of the Motherland.

    Similar thing must be done to all those SLFPers who are aiding and abetting the ‘waiter’. The nation must be educated of their treachery.

  3. Christie Says:

    He is the only Sinhala leader who did not suck to Indian Empire.

  4. Christie Says:

    Correction’ He is the only Sinhala leader who did not suck to Indian Empire since 1956 except for Dudley and part od Sirima.

  5. Kumari Says:

    As a true Buddhist leader, he eradicated fear for all, all 22 million people in the island and developed it for all. I am glad we have a man who is a true world leader, that is why India and the West are desperate to keep him out of politics.

    We have to protect him and his family from these evil conspirators and their local agents.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    We are very glad that former President Mahinda Rajapakse will contest in the forthcoming Elections. Our very best wishes to him and his family. We hope the harrassment of MR, his family and former govt people will now STOP. We are tired of FALSE allegations shaming the entire country !

    If MR is not allowed to contest under teh SLFP and he is forced to contest under the name of another political party, then the SLFP Sirisena wing will lose a large % of votes. The rest of the vote will be split largely for MR’s new party and the rest for the UNP.

    MR has proved to be a Leader who puts the welfare of Sri Lanka first before all other considerations, whilst being fair by all other countries. MR himself never wanted to “break away” from the west. He did his best to please the west, whilst keeping the interests of Lanka first, as a sincere Leader should.

    Jayawewa !

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Think of KALAMA SUTTA.

    OBJECTIVELY, UNP will WIN the election because the SLFP is DIVIDED.

    UNP also has the support of SLMC, CWC and TNA.

    This is what I feared. ALL 3 SLFP leaders Maru Sira, MR and CBK are at fault for DIVIDING the party.

    We can pass blame at each other but the REALITY is the SLFP is DIVIDED and the UNP is NOT, SLMC, CWC, TNA are NOT. Patriotic camp is divided and traitors are not.

    What a sad end to a GREAT party SWRD-B created in 1951 by COMBINING various small groups.

    I know MOST people CANNOT understand this. They take sides and blame either Maru Sira or MR for dividing the party. They forget the FACT that the SLFP is divided and UNP+SLMC+CWC+TNA are NOT.

    There are 22 bonus seats for each district. The SINGLE LARGEST party of each district WINS them. Since SLFP is DIVIDED it cannot win any bonus seat.

    This is why Maru Sira wants to pass 20 amendment but now UNP is NOT supporting Maru Sira to pass 20!!! UNP got 19 amendment passed!!!


    We tend to forget the ballot box stuffing. MR MUST NOT CONTEST ANY election until the old constitution that was changed by the RANIL PUNK and The election department that was changed by OBAMA is Taken out and fresh PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is held. If MR decided to contest, then it should be from KILLINOCHCHI. The only SINHALA LEADER who can speak fluent TAMIL.

  9. NAK Says:

    Sirisena has two choices unless he wants a UNP government elected at the next election. He can force UNP to cooperate with 20A by threatening them with prime ministerial candidacy to Mahinda or he can give it to Mahinda.
    From what we have seen so far he is more interested in setting up of a UNP government than any thing else
    So the obvious and only choice left for the SLFPers is to kick the butt out of My3 from the SLFP.

  10. ranjit Says:

    Kick MY3’s ass out and bring back the hero MR to lead this great party if not NO CHANCE at all for S.L.F.P. From 2005 to 2015 no one intefere in our affairs because the

  11. ranjit Says:

    Kick MY3’s ass out and bring back the hero MR to lead this great party if not NO CHANCE at all for S.L.F.P. From 2005 to 2015 no one interfered in our affairs because the former President stood tall and told interfering hypocrits within and foreign to go and mind their own businesses. Most of the countries around the world was friendly with us except America and the Indian parasites because he never bend like Beckham. MR should be there for another atleast ten years to get our nation back on the road to become wonder of Asia.

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