Gazette the 20th amendment – CaFFE urges
Posted on June 7th, 2015

Executive Diretor – CaFFE

Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) has urged the government to approve the 20th amendment at the coming Cabinet meeting and to publish it via a gazette as soon as possible.

A minority of MPs are attempting to derail the 20A which would change our political culture which has been degraded by the preferential voting system. Most of these MPs are those accused of corruption and will not be those who can enter parliament winning an electorate. Those MPs were also behind the prevention of appointing members to the Constitutional Council and brought in amendments to weaken 19A.

The same MPs are attempting to quickly dissolve the parliament by bringing in a no confidence motion against Hon. Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe. The MPs who propagated the motion want to prevent the appointment of the CC and the establishment of independent commissions and to prevent electoral reforms. In addition they want to prevent the Right To Information Act and National Audit Bill.

This can be prevented by continuous commitment by the President, Prime Minister and the Government to create a change in the political culture. By making the necessary amendment to 20A at the coming Cabinet meeting and publishing it will defeat the attempts of these MPs. It is only after gazetting the 20A that people can express their opinion on the amendments as well as people can seek the opinion f the Supreme Court.

CaFFE believes that this no confidence motion against the Prime Minister, based on false facts, can be defeated if the President and Prime Minster believes in the people.

Keerthi Tennakoon,

Executive Diretor – CaFFE

7th June 2015

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  1. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    Who is CaFFE? Where do they get most of their money from?

    It turns out that CaFFE is associated with Center for Human Rights NGO, which is associated with the Peace Direct NGO run by UK and American people. The work history of the director of Peace Direct – Ruairi Nolan (this is a white guy from Oxford so don’t be fooled by the name) – shows a UN connection.

    It is a fair bet since CaFFE was very vocal in its opposition to Mahinda in the January 8th election, that this NGO is a front for the US/UK/UN people who have been trying to control Sri Lanka for their own purposes. Given the layers of NGOs that they hide behind, it seems to be the MO of the “controlling NGO” (Peace Direct) to use ‘local front’ brown faces to hide the white guys pulling the strings.

    None of these NGOs should be allowed to dominate the discussion in the media without disclosing where they get their money from, as this is how the electorate was fooled in January – hiding behind an innocuous sounding NGO name (“free and fair elections”) that really is a front for foreigners from former colonist countries who want to control Sri Lanka.

    The substance of the CaFFe article above is factually false (no surprise) and is trying to associate a no confidence vote against Ranil with the 20th Amendment (the same crap Ranil is trying to do). The article also falsely implies that a no confidence vote against Ranil MUST lead to a dissolution of Parliament.

    The no confidence vote against Ranil is concerning his GROSS INCOMPETENCE as Prime Minister, not the merits of the 20th Amendment. This incompetence includes pissing off Sri Lanka’s largest economic development partner (China) on behalf of the US without the US putting up a dime to compensate Sri Lanka for the loss in development dollars, shutting down all of the Chinese-funded infrastructure projects that are needed to make Sri Lanka a Chinese offshore manufacturing center so it can grow beyond the garment industry and accelerate its economic development, wasting all of the foreign reserves defending the rupee that is about to collapse, completely politicizing the law enforcement in Sri Lanka so it is pre-occupied with investigating political opponents of Ranil and the UNP rather that investigating ALL crime regardless of party affiliation, and the completely politicizing so-called ‘independent’ commissions by stacking them with UNP/Ranil loyalists to extend Ranil’s power in Sri Lanka once he is booted from power.

  2. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Hi CaFFE what about the 13A. Are you blind?

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