Quantitative Analysis/Assessment of General Election Campaign — 2015 (Revised from NAPETS Data)
Posted on July 28th, 2015

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The Original analysis by NAPETS is modified to incorporate presence of international crooks in political parties and previous economic performance . The higher educational qualification has been ignored due to the fact that top entrepreneurs of the world such as Steve Jobs ( Apple computers) and Richard Branson (virgin Atlantic)and also the father of the nation D.S.Senanayake did not have any higher education . So there is no requirement for a politician to have a higher educational qualification.

S/No. Question Max. Score UNP UPFA JVP
1. Leadership Qualities of the Team: Education, professionalism, competency, integrity, knowledgeability, personalities, past performance, deliverability, low wastage 75 20 65 20
2. Recognition,  respect  and confidence shown by other World leaders 50 10 45 5
3. Ability to plan, implement and deliver Items of the election manifesto such as Health, education, employment, agriculture, industrialization, infrastructure development, Social justice, Housing, social services etc. 100 25 85 30
4. Ability to raise loans, funds, grants, aid from friendly countries for development work 100 45 90 25
5. Ability to motivate and increase productivity of the Nation 100 35 75 20
6. Ability to promote Sri Lankan goods and produce abroad including our culture, past glory and Buddhism for world peace 100 30 80 10
7. Ability to improve Agriculture practices using modern technology 75 20 65 10
8. Ability to encourage foreign investments 100 15 90 15
9. Ability to create religious harmony and clean living without corruption, drugs, racketeering, gambling, prostitution etc. 50 0 45 35
10. Ability to increase the living standards of Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka 250 85 225 40
TOTAL 1000 285 865 210













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  1. SA Kumar Says:

    United Mother Lanka (Sinha Lanka , Saiva TE(NP) & Muslim TE ) !!!

    Live & let live until Eelam war V !

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