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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Even as Ruinous Ranil PROMISES EELAM to the Eelamists, he PROMISES to DEFEND & PROTECT the Nation to the VOTERS!


    The Ruinous Ranil WE KNOW … has NEVER PROTECTED our Motherland from its SEPARATIST enemiess!

    The Ruinous Ranil WE KNOW … MOCKED INCESSANTLY the War of National Liberation waged to VICTORY by the MR/UPFA GoSL not too long ago!

    The Ruinous Ranil WE KNOW … has PROMISED the EELAMSTS Police and Land Powers, to implement 13A to the fullest, and to REMOVE the ARMED FORCES from the former Battlegrounds of the NORTH and EAST which were RESCUED and REINTEGRATED into our UNITARY Nation at the COST of TENS OF THOUSANDS OF LIVES of our HONORED DEAD soldiers, sailors, airmen and police!

    EMBA SINHALAYENI ….. EXPEL this Anti-National LIAR & TRAITOR and his GREEDY WOLF PACK from POWER on August 17, 2015!,/b>

    LET him WALLOW in the MUD of HIS OWN LIES!

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    And HERE is his LATEST LIE: A lukewarm PROMISE to DEFEND & PROTECT our Motherland …. to HIDE his RECORD and ATTRACT Votes! Bloody Hypocrite!

    Ruinous Ranil can FOOL SOME of the Voters SOME of the time, but he CANNOT FOOL ALL of the Voters ALL of the time. His PRECIPITOUS FALL, earned through TREACHERY towards his people, into the DEEPEST DEPTHS of DESPAIR will come on August 17, 2015!

    Sri Lankan PM assures national security under a future UNP government

    Aug 07, Colombo: Sri Lankan Prime Minister and leader of the ruling United National Party (UNP), Ranil Wickremesinghe has assured the people of Sri Lanka not to fear over a resurgence of the former Tamil Tiger rebel movement as the country would be safeguarded with an excellent defense minister under a future UNP government.

    Speaking at an election rally in Kurunegala Thursday evening, Wickremesinghe said that the defense minister under a future UNP government will be President Maithripala Sirisena, who is the commander-in-chief.

    He said the people should not worry about the resurgence of LTTE, since if the UNP wins the parliamentary elections on August 17 national security would continue to be new government’s main focus.

    The Prime Minister recalled that the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa claimed that he eliminated the terrorism but now says the LTTE is reviving. He asked how that can be possible if the LTTE was eliminated.

    Speaking at a rally in Hiriyala Friday, the Prime Minister said he had visited places all over the country and met people of all social status before preparing his party’s policy manifesto which outlines the development plan within the next 60 months.

  3. Kumari Says:

    My concern is with the rest of the UNP. Why are they still backing Ranil? Are they sleep walking? I think all UNP candidates are more worried about their personal glory and to hell with the country.

    It is high time the voters woke up to the reality.

  4. Kumari Says:

    My concern is with the rest of the UNP. Why are they still backing Ranil? Are they sleep walking? I think all UNP candidates are more worried about their personal glory and to hell with the country.

    It is high time the voters woke up to the reality.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Hindu newspaper has its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
    It’s one big happy family : Lanka & TN leaders !

  6. kavdayako Says:

    Is it possible for some one to give the url link to the issue of the Hindu Newspaper carrying this story?
    I haven’t been able to find it.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    Here is the link.


    It was published in January 2015.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    GREEN UNP is like the green NORTHERN IRELAND. There is a battle between Catholics and other Christians within!!

    There is a BIG hidden battle within the UNP between the CATHOLIC SECT and the EVANGELICAL SECT – the 2 most pwoerful sects of the UNP.

    Catholic sect – Run-nil, Joseph Michael Perera, John Amaratunga, Karuppaih, Charmpaka, Gonshot, etc.
    Evangelical sect – Sajith, Rosy, Eran, etc.

    UNP MINORITIES – Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims – are DIVIDED.

    The Buddhist minority of the UNP prefer the EVANGELICAL SECT while the Hindu and Muslim minorities prefer the CATHOLIC SECT.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    There is ONE reason, and ONE reason ONLY, why Sri Lankan Tamil Eelamists, representing a minute fraction of Sri Lanka’s population unlike in other countries with larger Tamil minority populations, are emboldened and DARE to persist in demanding a SEPARATE State.

    That REASON is: the PROXIMITY of 65 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu, and the support they receive from Tamil Nadu, and an Indian Union BLACKMAILED by Tamil Nadu.

    One PROBLEM is the STEADY INFLUX of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka, even in during the war years.

    CONSIDER that the most recent CENSUS in Sri Lanka shows that, despite the legal and illegal emigration of over 1.5 million FAKE Sri Lankan Tamil “refugees” from Sri Lanka to foreign countries in the last 30 years, the number of Tamils currently resident in Sri Lana has INCREASED above the number in the last CENSUS!

    HOW CAN THIS BE ….. EXCEPT through REPLACING the Sri Lankan Tamils who were deiberately EXPORTED to form the TAX BASE for the LTTE’s separatist WAR, they were more than 1:1 replaced by Kallathonis brought in from Tamil Nadu, working hand-in-glove with the Racist Demagogues like Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, and other who held the reigns of power in Tamil Nadu.

    Did you wonder why a certain segment of Tamils held fast Prabhakaran accompanying him to the last stand in Puthirrikuddupu? They MUST HAVE BEEN who FEARED DEPORTATION from Sri Lanka if they were identified as Kallathonis living where they had NO RIGHT to be.

    This is the GREATEST SCAM perpetrated on the Sri Lankan Nation, that has been THRUST BELOW the BELOW the PUBLIC’s EYS, and carefully hidden under LAYERS of “Compassion” towards war victims, “Reconliation”, missing birth and familyiberately destroyed during the war years, and new ones issued in the place of those who have escaped abroad as FAKE refugees to Western countries.

    THIS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION SCAM which REPOPULATED the North and East of Sri Lanka with Indian Tamils posing as long time Sri Lankans using the fake IDs of the dear departed, is ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS WHY Sri Lanka MUST NEVER GIVE UP control of its coastal borders to Tamils, and NEVER DEVOLVE POLICE and LAND Powers to them, for they are DELIBERATELY IMPORTING INdian Tamils to take posession of the land and CHANGE THE DEMOGRAPHICS of SRi Lanka!

    This is why IT IS IMPERATIVE that Sinhalese be settled in the North and East and the DEVOLUTION be ENDED forthwith, and the 13th Amendment scrapped to BOOT!

    Let the HISTORY of the FIRST IMPORTATION of over 1.5 million Indian Tamils by the BRITISH to work the coffee and tea estates in OCCUPIED Sri Lanka, and the SECOND IMPORTATION of 1.5 million Indian Tamils in the last 30 years by the TAMIL SEPARATISTS to replace Sri Lankan Tamils sent abroad, NEVER BE FORGOTTEN or ALLOWED to be REPEATED!

    As we see, EVERY DAY in EVERY WAY the TNA and Tamil Eelamist Diaspora is trying to get the OPPORTUNITY to OUST the GoSL from the North and the East, acquire Land and Police powers, to CONTINUE the task begun under Prabhakaran to repopulate the area with Indian Tamils and PERMANENTLY change the DEMOGRAPHICS of Sri Lanka in their favor! This PLOT to change the DEMOGRAPHICS is at the HEART of the DEMANDS for DEVOLUTION by the Tamil leaders!

    This is CRITICAL to the SURVIVAL of Sri Lanka as the HOMELAND of its MAJORITY Sinhala population …. who have NO OTHER HOME …NONE …. in this entire world!

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