Gandara John interviews Citizen Perera
Posted on August 15th, 2015

Gandara John

  1. Why did Sirisena dissolve parliament?

To save Ranil from disgrace and investigation.

  1. What was the disgraceful thing that Ranil did?

That he colluded with Arjuna Mahendran on the Treasury bill scam

  1. Sirisena by saving Ranil was he not harming the country?

Yes he was; to Sirisena Ranil was more important than the country.

  1. Is that Sirisena’s position even today?

Sirisena’s speech and his recent letter is with the aim of helping Ranil.

  1. Does it not mean that Sirisena is openly attempting to ruin the chances of the UPFA candidates standing for election?

Yes, he is trying to ruin the chances of the UPFA candidates standing for election.

  1. Why would Sirisena want to do that?

Sirisena wants the UNP candidates to come into parliament.

  1. Is Sirisena not working against his own party and its candidates?

Of course he is; Ranil must win to implement the plan with the TNA.

  1. What is that plan?

To give to the TNA the gift Ranil had given the LTTE through the CFA, PTOMS and the ISGA and what Mahinda had to take back by force when he defeated the terrorists.

  1. What gifts did Ranil give through the CFA, PTOMS and the ISGA?

1/3rd of the island; 2/3rd of the Sri Lankan coast line and an interim self governing mechanism for ten years

  1. How can it be said that Ranil wants to give back what Sri Lanka won at war?

Read the TNA manifesto and the Hindu news report and see what Sambandan is saying. The TNA is important for Ranil  to come into power as Ranil has to please the US.

  1. Is it true that Ranil has invited US forces to set up a base in Sri Lanka?

It is not known whether Ranil has done so. What is known however is that Ranil has signed an agreement with the US government that US soldiers if accused of committing war crimes in Sri Lanka will not be prosecuted or handed over to the ICC. Why would he do that if US forces are not fighting in Sri Lanka.

  1. How could Ranil do this when he intends prosecuting Sri Lankan soldiers for war crimes in Sri Lankan courts with foreign judges?

It is morally incorrect. Ranil intends to prosecute Sri Lankan soldiers in Sri Lankan courts manned by foreign judges; the courts are described as hybrid courts.

  1. Why is Sirisena permitting all this to happen?

Because Ranil knows Sirisena’s secret he committed when he went abroad in Nov 2014.

  1. What was the secret?

Ranil knows that Sirisena met Arjuna Mahendran and Mahendran knows Sirisena met him.

  1. Is Arjuna Mahendran a powerful figure?

Well, Mahendran is close to Ranil and convicted terrorist financier Raj Rajaratnam who is also very close to Karunanayake; besides with Mahendran’s banking experience he knows and has the clout to make money disappear into secret Swiss and offshore banking accounts.

  1. Is the Central Bank in safe hands?

The Tamil terrorists have today very strong links to the Central Banking system of Sri Lanka and some of them who were put to graze have now been brought in as advisors.

  1. In the backdrop of all this what type of government do we have?

The government describes itself as Yahapalanaya. The people describe it as Yalpalanayam.

  1. It is quite obvious that the people are angry with the government. How can they remedy the situation?

Sirisena has sensed the anger of the people and has a premonition of what the people will do; hence the letter. The people can defeat Ranil, the TNA, the US and Sirisena, all four at once, by simply voting for the UPFA.

One Response to “Gandara John interviews Citizen Perera”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    The UNPatriotic Party says there is NO SECURITY THREAT by the LTTE against Sri Lanka!

    YET, the following Indian Newspaper Report says that the LTTE is STILL supplying arms to Maoist REBELS in India!

    If the LTTE does not plan MILITARY OPERATIONS in Sri Lanka, why are LTTE cadre STILL engaging in LUCRATIVE GUN-RUNNING capabilities, STOCKPILING money from gun-running, and establishing connections with the LARGEST MOST-WIDESPREAD terrorist group …. the Naxalites … in India? Why???

    The UNPatriotic Party CARES NOT for OUR Motherland, or the lives of OUR People, but only for the POWER to LOOT our country for the benefit of their racist and evangelist ANTI-NATIONAL collaborators!

    The STORM CLOUDS for RENEWED WAR in Sri Lanka are GATHERING AGAIN; only a LANDSLIDE VICTORY for the Patriotic Forces of the UPFA/SLFP led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa can STOP IT IN ITS TRACKS!

    EMBA SINHALAYENI ….. the security and prosperity of our Motherland now lies in your hands! Vote Wisely with your HEAD, not only your WALLET! Shedding TEARS of REMORSE later WILL BE OF NO USE WHATEVER!

    Six Sri Lankans Tamils suspected to be LTTE men arrested in Kolkata

    Aug 15, Kolkata: Kolkata special task force on Friday had arrested six Sri Lankan men suspected to be members of the banned terrorist outfit LTTE.

    All the six LTTE men arrested from Chadni Chowk in Kolkata are Sri Lankan Tamils and they have come to Kolkata four days before from Chennai, Times of India reported.

    The police are probing why the six came to Kolkata before the Independent Day celebrations.

    According to the police, two of them – GunaSekharan and BalaSingham are senior leaders of the banned outfit. Police are checking if they came for any operations or for any reconnaissance.

    The police are interrogating them to find if they had links with Maoists, as there are reports that the Maoists are gradually regrouping in Bengal and have plans to start guerilla warfare in Jungalmahal area of Bengal.

    Moreover, the police are also probing if LTTE was supplying arms to the Maoists.

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