Ranil Wickremasinghe’s New UNP.
Posted on August 15th, 2015

Dr Chandrika Iriyagolle

The objectives of the founding fathers of the United National Party launched on the 6th September 1946 was to establish national unity through construction.  The subjugation and exploitation of Sri Lanka by the colonial powers was to be replaced by progressive economic and social reforms preserving the Buddhist cultural heritage for the benefit of all Sri Lankans.  This was in order to strike a blow to the foundations of a social hierarchy established benefiting the colonial masters and based on wealth, favouritism and punitive acts against the ‘natives’.  These same colonial powers bestowed great privileges on those that betrayed their own and served the colonial masters faithfully like the Jayawardenas and Bandaranayakes who acted against Sinhalese Buddhists.  They had also adopted the Christian faith of the colonial masters.   However these immoral, unjust and illegal practices were to cease with the birth of the new nation with a patriotic and righteous leadership.  It was a time for rejoicing for the dawning of a new age of just and equitable life for all.
The pre-Jayawardena old Senanayake UNP was committed to protecting the great heritage of our country and advance in every aspect of life beneficial to the nation without infringement on individual liberty.   A just partnership was forged with good will between those who govern and those governed.
The process of effective good governance is dependent on the consent of the governed, with the authority of the government resting with a sovereign people.  Appointments were made on merit rather than personal friendships and party donations.  These fundamental principles underpinned their policies.  This party was led by inspired benevolent leaders collectively creating a strong constructive force that strengthened the foundations of the nation. 
The founding fathers could not foresee the terrible fate that awaited the UNP or the nation.  There emerged a cruel, malevolent predatory leadership that subjugated the nation as the colonial predators did.  The untimely death of our great and beloved iconic Sinhalese Buddhist leader Mr Dudley S. Senanayake paved the way for the Jayawardena Premadasa clan to become the leaders of this great political party.
The Jayawardena Premadasa Wickremasinghe led UNP wiped the benevolent legacy of just rule and created a hostile executive presidency that brought despotism and a reign of terror in Buddhist Lanka.  This new UNP was instrumental in discriminating against the poor and the rural youth all Buddhists, the atrocities committed were worse than in the times of the foreign invaders.  The disintegration of political, social and moral high standards was absolute.  
The dignity and stability of the nation was destroyed.  An evil doctrine was promoted espousing the abuse of power accompanied by unbridled ambition, whilst facilitating the stripping of national resources in order to increase the material gain of the new UNP party faithful.
All opposition was crushed with brutal force whilst a favoured few of all communities profited.  The majority Buddhist Sinhalese suffered in silence. Furthermore the violation of human rights and abuse of power by the administration and law enforcement agencies were accepted as the norm.  The legacy of institutionalised terror is perpetuated.
The new UNP was also responsible for the growth in Tamil terrorism and their crimes against humanity.  During this period (1977-!994) there was no effective counter terrorist mechanism in place.  Also there was no structured protocols for combating the worldwide false propaganda carried out by some  treacherous Tamils living abroad.   Selected Tamils and the Sinhalese insurgents were tortured to death in Buddhist Lanka.   Some Tamil terrorist were entertained in sumptuous five star hotels, some were given money and weapons as stated by witnesses.  It was alleged that the current Tamil Advisor to-Mr  Ranil Wickremasinghe Mr Paskaralingam was given a large sum of money by the Tamil terrorists to be handed to Mr Wickremasinghe, to date there has been no investigations regarding these allegation.
The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna in 1987  having moved away from the Buddhist philosophy just like the new UNP launched a savage insurgency.  The savagery of the response of the security forces is unparalleled in the history of Sri Lanka.  Gestapo-SS style torture chambers were constructed in Buddhist Lanka reflection of the extreme cruelty and barbarism of the new UNP administration.    
Buddhist Lanka was transformed into an island of terror, it is alleged that Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe in support of his uncle president Jaywardena became an active participant in the proceedings and processes of the state terrorism.  Illegal orders given by the government were carried out by the security forces.
 Buddhist Lanka is no more, nor is Sri Lanka the land of the Sinhalese anymore.  Defended and preserved as the traditional homeland of the Sinhalese for over two thousand six hundred years the new UNP managed to demolish the state in a matter of few years due to  many terrible weaknesses of the Sinhalese race.
Death Squads triumphed as Buddhism disappeared from the traditional home of the Sinhalese.
The new UNP kicked out the noble eight fold path of Buddhism  out of Sri Lanka as it introduced the
notorious prevention of terrorism act which enabled the security forces and some new UNP members to dispose of the their opponents and the Sinhalese insurgents without inquests(Rule55).
Mossad the Israel secret service that protects the Jewish community was invited by the anti Buddhist new UNP to brutalize the security forces.  The true nature of the Sinhalese emerged as the Sinhalese security forces carried out illegal orders.  The captured young men and women without proof of guilt were tortured to death, some buried alive it was alleged.  There was no compassion or humanity the world was in a state of shock, what of the Buddhist clergy.  
The death squads highly skilled in torture mechanisms roamed the country side capturing the guilty and the innocent alike and mass murder and torture became a daily occurrence.   Thousands of Young Sinhalese were murdered and disposed of without inquest.  Mass graves were dug and youngsters buried in mass graves, some still alive.  So were the security forces Sinhalese anti- Buddhists?   This question will be asked throughout history.  
The new UNP members allegedly vandalized Buddhist holy places in quest of hidden treasure.  The desecration and destruction carried out surpassed the predatory destructive acts of the foreign invaders, the Portuguese Dutch and the British.
The new UNP promoted under achievement in the Sinhalese, instead of training and educating the masses into a formidable workforce.  A modern slave trade was established sending the non skilled and semi-skilled to the middle East  where   they are humiliated, bullied and sometimes the dead bodies are sent home.
How was Ranil Wickremasinghe’s clan able to transform a peace loving nation to a nation without a conscience?.  He has a formidable trio by his side now Tamil stalwarts Paskaralingham Sambundan and Wigneswaran, there are no Sinhalese comparable trio to match this  force.
Do the Sinhalese have grass included in their diet?  Surely the time has come for the Sinhalese to take the finger off the self destruct button and unite with temporary cessation of hostilities, jealousy and treasonous activities?.
Reasons for the imminent fall of the Sinhalese-A perspective.
Jealousy, unbridled greed, ambition, sadism, treachery.  Lack of integrity, patriotism and humanity.
Leadership mediocrity with a tendency to commit treason
The unity, loyalty and integrity of the Tamil speaking communities.
Examples of Ranil Wickremasinghe’s terrible treachery and misdeeds conveniently forgotten by the Sinhalese
Total Betrayal  and Absolute Treachery to the nation’-Presidential Commission Nov.2003.
Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe was implicated, blamed and held responsible for the betrayal of the Officers of the Army’s top-secret Long The army and police protect Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol(LRRP) in 2002 Athurugiriya  by the Sri Lankan Presidential Commission.   He was the Prime Minister  (Hindustan Times)
Commissions Report 12-04=1998 on Batalanda tore chamber Killings 1987-1992 Under JPW New UNP
administration. Ranl Wickremasinghe was a senior minister allegedly involved with the inhumane illegal
infliction of torture of Buddhist youngsters.
The Sinhalese Buddhist of Sri Lanka are preparing to sacrifice Sri Lanka again to a gift to a traitor with the blessings of President Maithripala Sirisena. This is making a statement that the Sinhalese are dispensable
and do not deserve a home land. Let them be slaves forever.
If the Muslim or Christian youngsters were tortured to death the world would have convulsed and brought the perpetrators to justice. Any other man with self respect and dignity would have left Sri Lanka as Sir John Kotalawela did. Ranil appears to be the darling of all communities.

5 Responses to “Ranil Wickremasinghe’s New UNP.”

  1. mahesh fernando Says:

    “Jayawewa UPFA/SLFP”

    Mahesh Fernando From CA USA

  2. Christie Says:

    ඉන්දියානු ජඩයින්ට සින්හල අපි සක්කිලි (Dalit)යන්ය . උන් එදාත් අදත් අපේ සතුරාය. එක්වන්න මහින්ද වටා රොක්වන්න ඉන්දියානු ජඩයන්ට හා ජඩවාදයට එරෙහිව නැගී සිටින්න

  3. Christie Says:

    For Indian Imperialists we are the Dalits. Indians are our enemies todaya and yesterday. Unite with Mahinda and stand up to Indian Empire and Indian imperialism.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Pol pot ponil is the worst traitor Mother Lanka ever produced.
    He has done it all.

    He signed a pact with the terrorists to divide Sri Lanka.

    He did it again this year to win the election by agreeing with the Traitors Northern Alliance (TNA) and Sri Lanka Multiplying Community (SLMC) to give separate states

    He has been a party to destroy Buddhism in Sri Lanka by killing 60,000 Buddhist youth on the pretext of putting down an insurgency.

    He has used pathalyin to terrorise opposition

    He has done the biggest robbery by breaking into central bank in broad day light to steal over 5000 billion

    He pretends to be a Buddhist to hoodwink the Buddhist voters

    He has pointed finger at others shamelessly to say you are murderers, you are thieves, you are thugs etc. etc. when he is all that.

    He has no shame. He has no principles.

    He still gets away with murder. How?

    Because he is a catholic so all the newspapers and tv channels protect him!

    UNPatritoic party’s (UNP) agenda is to destroy Buddhism in Sri Lanka on the orders of the church and the west.
    They have been doing it since the inception of this traitor party. UNPatriotic party has always been run by catholics. The current incumbent is the worst leader.

    UNPatriotic party (UNP) killed 60,000 Buddhist youth mercilessly on the pretext of putting down an insurgency and in the process destroyed a big chunk of the Buddhist population in the country. But were very reluctant to kill the real terrorists, ltte, because they were mostly catholics. What chance when leading figures of ltte were kasippu joseph, mad dog emmanuel. No chance.

    Tragedy for Buddhism, the Sinhalese and Sri Lanka, is a lot of Sinhalese support this traitors thinking it is fashionable to be seen as traitor party supporters. To make things worse there are a lot of leading Buddhist monks, including malwatte kapuwa and asgiriye kapuwa, dhrohitaya sobithaya, rathanaya etc support these traitors. Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism are doomed if these traitors get into power. We all have seen how much damage they done in just 6 months of YAMA PAACHANAYA.

    All the cabinet big wigs are catholics. Then you have a few toothless Buddhist ministers. Catholic-run UNPatriotic party (UNP) runs so callled Buddhist Sri Lanka.
    catholic pol pot ponil
    catholic karupaiya for the nations finance
    catholic tiger buddy for the central bank
    catholic ponil’s murder buddy john for police
    catholic army chief
    then various catholic ministers and deputy ministers
    then a few toothless token Buddhist ministers like awa mangalaya
    then they have some pathalayin to fear into any Buddhist (like puppet maru sira who is currently under house arrest by police john) who dares to step out of line
    This is how catholic UNPatriotic party (UNP) runs so called Buddhist Sri Lanka.

    They don’t build motorways.
    They don’t win wars.
    They don’t build airports, harbours etc.
    They don’t beautify cities.
    Only things they do are murder, stealing, mayhem, bank robbery, lying, cheating, blaming others.
    The traitors always get away with murder because they are catholics.
    This is so called Buddhist Sri Lanka.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sorry Forgot master traitors another good deed. Sending Millennium city intelligent officers to ltte bullet.
    His CV is full of treachery.

    He is a modern day hitler. But to a lot of traitor Sinhalese who can’t see any further than their nose, he is a hero. He is a tragedy for Sri Lanka, Buddhism and the Sinhalese race. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t see him that way.

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