Are we Inviting Direct International Intervention to make the curtain fall on our nation?
Posted on August 31st, 2015

Dr Sudath Gunasekara, MAHANUWARA, the last capitol of the Sinhale Kingdom


Everything on the political stage appears to be rosy. At least that is how it is displayed by the media for the consumption of the general public. Nisa Bisval the Asst Sec Sate USA comes. No International investigation she says. Tony Blair ex PM Briton follows. He too says he is also with Sri Lanka and spells out seven principles for reconciliation. All this is very fine. Bu I wonder whether  this is part of the back ground music played by politicians to keep the public distracted from the uncertainties and confusions in political issues at Home.  Let us hope it is not so and let us be optimistic as the future is yet to come.

Two weeks have now gone after General Elections without a legitimate Government in this country. All political parties fighting tooth and nail to consolidate their power bases are conspiring day and night against each other squabbling over portfolios and power sharing. None appears to even have a glance at much spoken Yahapalanaya or what happen to the country, the economy and people, if political instability drags on like this, though politicians elected and even defeated have no problem. Leaders of the major parties are trying to push down their own agendas down the throats of others at all cost and get their positions established caring a damn to the Yahapalanaya they spoke of in the past. The Government has almost come to a standstill. Thanks to everybody in the much criticized but well established machinery of public service in this country, up to now, the day to day affairs are moving with no major breakdown.

President Sirisena has so far been successful to cleverly hamstrung Mahinda Rajapaksa, at least temporarily, with the help of Chandrika and Rannil by skillfully taking over everything that is SLFP to his hands, including the Chairmanship of both UPFA and SLFP. Whether they are going to be stronger or   face imminent disintegration and demise under his leadership in the near future is another matter. The present political situation in this country reminds me of the story of the famous Baludane organized by Welivita Saranankara Thera  where most dogs ‘invited’ for the meal were found dead after attacking each other immediately after they were untied to partake the dane.’ Of course it had very little effect on Ven Saranankara though it could be much different in this game.

Sarcasm apart I am seriously perturbed on the current political uncertainties hovering over the Sri Lankan skies as the International Wolves are closely watching the situation impatiently to get at the prey as early as possible. Had you read what Asoka Metha had revealed recently about the joint USA, UK and India and Ranil-Chandrika coup regarding the two year long conspiracy to oust Mahinda Rajapasa and how they have achieved its first stage on Jan 8th 2015, you want be surprised about what is going on behind doors and under the carpet at the moment. We don’t expect them to leave at what they did on Jan 8th.  This is a continuous process of geopolitical manipulation lead by America to gain and built up military control over the Indian Ocean, the future hub of world politics as many political analysts have said. See how they have changed their earlier stance on Sri Lanka overnight after the régime change. Nisa Biswal USA Asst Secretary on south Asian Affairs was here last week as a special envoy of the USA President to congratulate the new regime. She has informed the Government about their decision to drop the earlier resolution and submit another, calling for an internal investigation to UNHRC on alleged human right violation and also gifted US$1 m. assistance to Sampur resettlement programme. Though this new gesture is welcome, I suspect the American intention behind these moves. Isn’t this a part of their long term plan to consolidate their position in the Indian Ocean with a permanent naval base in Trincommallee (the SLFP must not forget it was SWRD who got this place liberated from the British).  She also had discussions with the TNA. But only god knows what she discussed with them.  I am quite positive she must have told them that she will do all what she could both as an agent of America and the West and also as an avowed Indian what the western imperialists could not do for 500 years in a couple of months from now. Also she must have told them that together (US, UK and India) they will stand with them on reconciliation, resettlement of displaced people (of course leaving out Sinhalese) power sharing and self determination leading to complete disintegration of the Sinhala Buddhist State of Sri Lanka.

That is permanent disintegration of this much envied Land of the Sinhalese in to a number of Sinhala,Tamil and Muslim ethnic States eternally fighting among them on boundaries and survival thereafter. This in short is the bottom line of their involvement in Sri Lankan domestic politics. USA will preside over the disintegrated and disunited, multi lingual, multi religious and multiethnic Island of curse created by her thereafter. The fact that Nisa Biswal is both Indian and US makes it even more dangerous.

Meanwhile our erstwhile friend Tony Blair also has visited to convey his love to the President and the Prime Minister for the excellent jobs they have done. No one has any doubt that Blair must have been more than happy to see that the present regime has done all the spade work to complete the conspiracy hatched by his ancestors in Briton and neighbors in Holland and Portugal for 500 years to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country.

Although it is too premature to pass judgments everybody knows that the present My3 plan of UNPGG and SLFP marriage want work for long.  At first they will quarrel over portfolios and other positions and later on power sharing. At the next stage this so-called international community will set Ranil and MS against each other and create a bigger confusion within the country. At the same time they will get Tamils and Muslims also to agitate for self rule and separation. Simultaneously through the US Embassy in Colombo they will get the US $ hunting NGOO, Sival gangs of the Civil Society Organizations and the anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist sections of the Colombo based so called Colombian intellectuals and the frustrated JVP, Colombo based trade unions and the Indian labour force on the plantations organized, and create civil commotion, tension and confusion in the country. The Government will break down and the masses will get on to the streets. Once that is complete they will move a resolution in the UN calling for international Intervention to restore ‘Democracy” declaring Sri Lanka a Failed State.

So finally Sri Lanka will end up as another San Diago Gatia or Okinava Island in the Indian Ocean in world politics. That will make the curtain fall on the 2500 year saga of the Sinhala Buddhist Nation in the world.

Once that operation is complete it will be too late even for India to find out as to what the hell RAW had been doing all the time. Thereafter it will be her security as there want be a Sri Lanka at its southern tip to support her or ask for help.

Then all our so-called Sinhala Buddhist leaders inclusive of the Mahanayaka Theras and Buddhist Associations the Island over who never listened to our warnings or could never understand what patriotic men and women from the days of that great Seer Anagarika Dharmapala were trying to say about this imminent disaster, can wail and repent forever cursing themselves for not protecting their country, nation, and religion, together with all other traitors responsible for this calamity.

In this backdrop I urge all our politicians to give up narrow politics and personal prejudices and put the country before self and everything else on earth and stand together as one force to save the motherland and our heritage.

Will the Four Guardian Gods send someone to save our country in time?

7 Responses to “Are we Inviting Direct International Intervention to make the curtain fall on our nation?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    We will be waiting forever if we rely on politicians.

    ONLY the Four Guardian Gods and human guardian gods can save SL. The SOONER we realize this and GIVE UP on politicians the better.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Facebook LORENZO the TREACHEROUS HYPOCRITE screams that 13A should be REPEALED while he UNDERMINED and HELPED to OUST the one man ….. President Mahinda Rajapaksa …. who led the Patriotic Forces that could DO IT!


    LORENZO KNOWS VERY WELL that REPEALING the 13A is now BEYOND REACH, now that the Yamapalanaya GoSL led by the man Somarama Sirisena that he helped to ride into the Presidency!

    So, LORENZO WRAPS himself in the Lion Flag YELLING “REPEAL the 13th Amendment” and “I am the ONLY ONE who DEMANDS it”, knowing VERY WELL WHAT the rest of us PATRIOTS have long ago realized: that although we Patriots too want the 13A to be REPEALED, that is achievable only with a PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT and a PATRIOTIC POLITICAL PARTY in POWER, which this TREACHEROUS EELAMIST Facebook Lorenzo HELPED TO OUST in his QUEST for his EELAM!

    WHO AMONG the Patriots STILL FAILS TO REALIZE this MACHIAVELLIAN STRATEGY of this REPROBATE Facebook LORENZO desperately seeking to stitch together his tattered “Patriotic” sheepskin under which he hopes to engage in more MISCHIEF? Hello …. Any Gullible Lorenzo Fans STILL out there among the Patriots?? Helloooo …….??

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Guardian Dieties should first drive a STAKE through the heart of this Eelamist Blackguard … Facebook Lorenzo!

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    REPEALING the 13A is now BEYOND REACH ! you mean untouchable ? got it at last.
    Ananda-USA your friend is after more than Eelam

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    We listened to Mr Sampanthan’s speech in Parliament on the 1st Sept. He is still talking about “shared sovereignty …” – what is this leading to ?
    Are Tamil leaders still stopping a true Reconciliation and Trust building between the two communities ? Will Tamil leaders be out of a job if the People truly reconcile and trust each other ? Why do Tamil leaders consistently ‘divide & rule’ ?

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Will Tamil leaders be out of a job if the People truly reconcile and trust each other ? That what We all Tamil wants .

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    And HERE is the NEXT STEP by the INCURABLY TREASONOUS Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA towards EELAM!

    The Yamapalanaya Government’s days are NUMBERED when this REALIZATION HITS the MAJORITY COMMUNITY of Sri Lanka flat in the FACE!

    TRAITORS Galore in the UNPatriotic Party can now RUN like HELL, but there is NOWHERE to HIDE in Sri Lanka!

    THIS is the BEGINNING of the END for them!!

    ALL the Sinhala Buddhist MODAYAS who VOTED for the Yamapalanaya can NOW BEAT their CHESTS, CRY themselves HOARSE and HEAD BACK to President Mahinda Rajapaksa … RIGHT NOW!

    Sri Lanka’s Northern Provincial Council unanimously calls for an international tribunal

    Sept 01, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Tamil-controlled Northern Provincial Council (NPC) today unanimously called for an international probe into the alleged war crimes committed towards the end of the war with the LTTE.

    The Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council C.V. Wigneswaran on Tuesday passed a resolution rejecting the domestic process being proposed by the United States and other members of the international community.

    While acknowledging the “long standing efforts” of the United States and India along with the international community in securing justice, the NPC dismissed a domestic mechanism backed by the U.S. as Sri Lanka has had a “long and blighted history of human rights violations’ which according to the NPC amounts to genocide.

    In this context, the NPC, which is controlled by the main Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA), said in its resolution that the trial of the alleged perpetrators should not take place through any mechanism instituted by the Sri Lankan Government as a State also incurs responsibility for the acts of its agents.

    “Under these circumstances, the trial of the perpetrators of international crimes by a domestic mechanism would be a travesty of justice as it would amount to the potentially guilty Government trying its own agents, thereby violating the prohibition in the maxim nemo iudex in sua causa,” the resolution said.

    The NPC resolution alleged that there is well-recorded prejudice among members of the Judiciary against the minorities and emphasized that Sri Lanka’s descent into grave human, political and social rights’ violations was precipitated and reinforced by the failure of key pillars of State.

    “The prolonged decline in the political culture and political will of the State and the failure of key institutions of Justice, law and order, i.e. Judiciary, police and the armed forces, ensured that impunity became the new norm in Sri Lanka. The Tamil community bore the full brunt of this new norm at all levels of its existence,” it said.

    “For these reasons, the Council calls upon the International community to set up an international tribunal to try those alleged to have committed international crimes against the Tamil People in Sri Lanka,” the NPC said.

    “We urge the new leaders of the Sri Lankan government to be courageous enough to work with the International community to set up a credible international mechanism which will deliver justice and put this nation on a path of meaningful reconciliation.”

    The United States last week confirmed that it will sponsor a resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva later this month supporting the Sri Lankan government to conduct its own domestic probe into the alleged war crimes committed during the war with the LTTE.

    The Tamil party has earlier rejected a domestic probe into the alleged war crimes saying that they have no faith in government mechanisms despite assurances given by the government that the domestic probe will meet international standards.

    The Northern Provincial Council said it awaits the report of the OISL of the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights to be released this month which is due to identify the nature of the crimes committed and possibly, the alleged perpetrators.

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