Tamil civilian rapes in North Sri Lanka : 18 by Sri Lanka Armed Forces, what about 4000 by Indian Peace Keepers?
Posted on September 1st, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

Garth Pritchard, a Canadian filmmaker who accompanied the forensic team to Kosovo said this was a massacre that never happened….I was standing there when the forensic teams were telling Louise Arbor there were no 200,000 bodies and she didn’t want to know”. Louis Arbor was the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, she was part of the ‘mass grave’ lie. Her successor is Navi Pillay and she is happy to continue the mass lies. Sri Lanka is the target and every effort is being taken to co-link rapes with the Sri Lankan military presence in the North but we are ready to take on the lies.

To Western Governments and the UN and a handful of selected heads working in cohorts with the West’s imperial agenda, Sri Lanka’s problems revolve around ONLY Tamils or Muslims. Not a single issue suffered by the Sinhalese have ever gained any international attention. Presently, these heads are going to great lengths to showcase a link with rapes to the presence of the Sri Lankan military in order to use that as an example to push for an international demand to remove Sri Lankan troops from the North.

If we are to address the question of rape directly, let us first look at some numbers and then draw conclusions based on these numbers.

Between January 2007 to November 2013, 8528 rapes have taken place throughout Sri Lanka

During war = January 2007 to May 2009

Post-war = May 2009 to November 2013

Breaking this further into during war and post war the statistics reveal:

Rape during war = 2816 (4055 accused)

Rape post war = 5712 (8174 accused)

The immediate response would be to conclude that all these rapes refer to the North.

However, in North Sri Lanka rape during and after war = 127 (during war) and 377 (post war) (total cases of 504). Other sexual offences = 6 (during war) / 84 (post war)

In East Sri Lanka rape during and after war = 124 (during war) and 418 (post war) (total cases 542)

The Western Province with a population of 5.8million, rape figures are 510 (during war) & 988 (post war) (total case of 1498)

Yet, why is the emphasis always only on North Sri Lanka? The cases of rape are highest in the Western province with 18% while North Sri Lanka it is just 6%.

Be that as it may given that the entire rape scenario is being used to discredit and prove links to rape in the North with military presence so as to generate enough international condemnation, we think that it is time to expose the lies before Sri Lanka ends up victims of West/UN mass lies.

The North cases of 504 rapes and 90 sexual offences totals 594

Of these 594 cases 18 have been attributed to the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

The 18 accused from the Armed Forces have names/ their ages are known and full details of them are available with the Armed Forces. What needs to be said is the 18 cases of rape within a span of 7 years CANNOT constitute mass rape or showcase orders of rape by the military upon Tamil civilians as attempts are being made to prove.

What about the 576 rapes (excluding the 18)? Were these not committed by Tamils upon Tamils?

This next brings us to the subject of the Indian Peace Keeping Force arriving in Sri Lanka in July 1987 and greeted with garlands by the Tamil people. That honeymoon did not last for long as a series of incidents record the horrific 3 ½ year Indian barbarism in Sri Lanka upon the Tamil people whom Indian Prime Minister claims India wishes to treat with dignity and respect.

Over 4000 cases of rape are recorded by none other than the LTTE themselves and with the recent appointment of the Presidential Commission on the missing there are Tamils now coming forward to lodge their complaints and Indian war crimes in Sri Lanka are also getting lodged.

For Navi Pillay and the rest of the coterie of humanitarian organizations and their paid workers their statements and workshop propaganda are selective to say the least. Is there some silent understanding that Indian War crimes in particular to the period of Indian troops in Sri Lanka would be kept under the carpet?

Why have none of these entities including the Human Rights head brought up the need to investigate Indian war crimes in Sri Lanka? The Jaffna hospital massacre of even Tamil doctors, unarmed too, the Velvetiturai massacre of unarmed civilians and 4000 rapes that even Human Rights Watch recorded at the time cannot have been isolated cases in just 3 ½ years.

Will these ever be on the agenda of the UN head or its human rights head – we think not, like Louise Arbor insisted on mass graves in Yugoslavia, Navi Pillay insists of rape by Sri Lankan military and mass graves too… so these are now best practice tactics being recycled upon countries that are being targeted and the UN has a super blueprint to showcase the lies as truth.

Nevertheless, we are not prepared to continue with the lies that have led to whole countries being devastated and ruined because officials of the UN were complicit in the crimes of the big power nations out to loot and plunder Third World again or take over nations in a bid to circle the emerging super powers who are a threat to their dominance.

All that Sri Lanka needs to say is that we defeated terrorists, their cruelty and evil are known only by those who lived and suffered throughout Sri Lanka. LTTE prevailed throughout the island not just in the North. The people who suffered are not only Tamils, why is this continued insistence to portray Tamils as the only victims. In terms of reciprocity, the Sinhalese have extended enough olive branches bringing many legislative changes that no other nation with just 10% of a minority population would be given. How many of the Tamils have openly thanked and wished to start life afresh, how many Arun Thambimuttu’s are there amongst the Tamils who openly canvasses for a country that needs to move on and allow time to heal without wishing to go behind bogus Truth Commissions that are really out to take over the domestic mechanisms under the UN so that the powerful nations can through the UN puppets run the world.

Why would the UN conveniently omit any references to India’s crimes in Sri Lanka. 18 cases of rape against 4000 (which the LTTE has documented) are proof that a systematic crime was committed in Sri Lanka. Why is the Chief Minister of the North and the TNA not bringing up the need to investigate these if as they say they are so concerned about the Tamils?

Shenali D Waduge

24 Responses to “Tamil civilian rapes in North Sri Lanka : 18 by Sri Lanka Armed Forces, what about 4000 by Indian Peace Keepers?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    On top of these NGOs also committed rape of Tamil women in tens of thousands. This was how LTTE won over foreign NGOs.


    This is proof.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some Tamil women had white skinned infants ….. we saw the photos ourselves of these Tamil women carrying white skinned infants who looked like European kids, during and after the war with the LTTE.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz, I highly respect your writing .
    Please DO NOT comments this very sensitive matter .

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    This Machiavellian Eelamist Facebook Lorenzo is looking for people to “Investigate These Crooks” he HELPED into power while UNDERMINING the ONLY ONE who had the Motivation and the Power to PREVENT this CROOKERY from beginning….. President Mahinda Rajapaksa!

    Instead, he jumped up and down at LankaWeb, making extensive LISTS of TOTALLY FALSE ACCUSATIONS of corrupt deals under the MR/UPFA GoSL. Now, he wants to “Investigate the New Crooks” as if the Crooked Yamapalanaya government has the Motivation to investigate itself!

    What a BLOODY HYPOCRITE this Blackhearted Eelamist Facebook Lorenzo is!

    This Modaya is still thinks he can convince LankaWeb readers that he is a “Patriot”! What a CONGENITAL SHAMELESS FOOL!

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Facebook LORENZO the TREACHEROUS HYPOCRITE screams that 13A should be REPEALED while he UNDERMINED and HELPED to OUST the one man ….. President Mahinda Rajapaksa …. who led the Patriotic Forces that could DO IT!


    LORENZO KNOWS VERY WELL that REPEALING the 13A is now BEYOND REACH, now that the Yamapalanaya GoSL led by the man Somarama Sirisena that he helped to ride into the Presidency!

    So, LORENZO WRAPS himself in the Lion Flag YELLING “REPEAL the 13th Amendment” and “I am the ONLY ONE who DEMANDS it”, knowing VERY WELL WHAT the rest of us PATRIOTS have long ago realized: that although we Patriots too want the 13A to be REPEALED, that is achievable only with a PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT and a PATRIOTIC POLITICAL PARTY in POWER, which this TREACHEROUS EELAMIST Facebook Lorenzo HELPED TO OUST in his QUEST for his EELAM!

    WHO AMONG the Patriots STILL FAILS TO REALIZE this MACHIAVELLIAN STRATEGY of this REPROBATE Facebook LORENZO desperately seeking to stitch together his tattered “Patriotic” sheepskin under which he hopes to engage in more MISCHIEF? Hello …. Any Gullible Lorenzo Fans STILL out there among the Patriots?? Helloooo …….??

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    And HERE is the NEXT STEP by the INCURABLY TREASONOUS Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA towards EELAM!

    The Yamapalanaya Government’s days are NUMBERED when this REALIZATION HITS the MAJORITY COMMUNITY of Sri Lanka flat in the FACE!

    TRAITORS Galore in the UNPatriotic Party can now RUN like HELL, but there is NOWHERE to HIDE in Sri Lanka!

    THIS is the BEGINNING of the END for them!!

    ALL the Sinhala Buddhist MODAYAS who VOTED for the Yamapalanaya can NOW BEAT their CHESTS, CRY themselves HOARSE and HEAD BACK to President Mahinda Rajapaksa … RIGHT NOW!

    Sri Lanka’s Northern Provincial Council unanimously calls for an international tribunal

    Sept 01, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Tamil-controlled Northern Provincial Council (NPC) today unanimously called for an international probe into the alleged war crimes committed towards the end of the war with the LTTE.

    The Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council C.V. Wigneswaran on Tuesday passed a resolution rejecting the domestic process being proposed by the United States and other members of the international community.

    While acknowledging the “long standing efforts” of the United States and India along with the international community in securing justice, the NPC dismissed a domestic mechanism backed by the U.S. as Sri Lanka has had a “long and blighted history of human rights violations’ which according to the NPC amounts to genocide.

    In this context, the NPC, which is controlled by the main Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA), said in its resolution that the trial of the alleged perpetrators should not take place through any mechanism instituted by the Sri Lankan Government as a State also incurs responsibility for the acts of its agents.

    “Under these circumstances, the trial of the perpetrators of international crimes by a domestic mechanism would be a travesty of justice as it would amount to the potentially guilty Government trying its own agents, thereby violating the prohibition in the maxim nemo iudex in sua causa,” the resolution said.

    The NPC resolution alleged that there is well-recorded prejudice among members of the Judiciary against the minorities and emphasized that Sri Lanka’s descent into grave human, political and social rights’ violations was precipitated and reinforced by the failure of key pillars of State.

    “The prolonged decline in the political culture and political will of the State and the failure of key institutions of Justice, law and order, i.e. Judiciary, police and the armed forces, ensured that impunity became the new norm in Sri Lanka. The Tamil community bore the full brunt of this new norm at all levels of its existence,” it said.

    “For these reasons, the Council calls upon the International community to set up an international tribunal to try those alleged to have committed international crimes against the Tamil People in Sri Lanka,” the NPC said.

    “We urge the new leaders of the Sri Lankan government to be courageous enough to work with the International community to set up a credible international mechanism which will deliver justice and put this nation on a path of meaningful reconciliation.”

    The United States last week confirmed that it will sponsor a resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva later this month supporting the Sri Lankan government to conduct its own domestic probe into the alleged war crimes committed during the war with the LTTE.

    The Tamil party has earlier rejected a domestic probe into the alleged war crimes saying that they have no faith in government mechanisms despite assurances given by the government that the domestic probe will meet international standards.

    The Northern Provincial Council said it awaits the report of the OISL of the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights to be released this month which is due to identify the nature of the crimes committed and possibly, the alleged perpetrators.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Not the first time. Earlier NPC passed the genocide resolution against SL.

    So what is at fault here? 13 amendment fools.


    Carefully watch Maru Sira’s reaction. He is LAUGHING ALL THE WAY knowing well someone had dug his own grave giving him the election win in a few months.

    Had we SCRAPPED the 13 amendment nothing like this would have happened. Down with USA!

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  10. Lorenzo Says:


    This is the reason.


    LTTE used them to BRIBE foreign agents. One of them was given 4 – 5 of them from Vanni, Jaffna, Batti. LTTE’s MALATHI and SOTHIYA BRIGADES were in charge of these “foreigner operations”.

    This photo was taken by LTTE MALATHI BRIGADE. It captures the NGO agent with Tamil women. These photos are then used to BLACKMAIL the NGO agent to do what the LTTE wants. This was how LTTE whitewashed its foreign image.

    Truth hurts!

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe
    I do not become the moderator but We- All Mother Lankan have own responsibility when We write any sensitive matters ( woman & children)

    be proud to be mother Lankan !!!

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    THAT IS THE TRUTH.- look at the 4 womans ,are they Mother Lankan? look number plate is that Lankan number plate ?

    Susantha Wijesinghe please spend rest of you life time to write how We both community can live with out a blood drop in OUR Mother Land !!!

    Om Shanthy !!!

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : “Please DO NOT comments this very sensitive matter”.

    Why do you Tamil folk NOT want the truth published ? Tamil folk publish lies about Sri Lankans, especially Sinhala Buddhists, in the international press and that is perfectly acceptable to you. Words like “Genocide’ and ‘Pogroms’ are used to get the sympathy of the international community, We all know perfectly well that the Tamil case is NOT as for the Jewish people in the WWII ! In fact, Lanka is the ONLY country in the world where Tamil people have FLOURISHED over a long period of time, in spite of the Tamil Caste Wars. It is the Tamil Leaders who spoil it all by calling for Separatism, as they want more. It is the Tamil Caste System in Tamil Nadu that is the real problem for Tamil folk. We all know that there are some 15 Million Tamils of Dalit origin in Tamil Nadu, not in Lanka.

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    Two wrongs do not make one right !!!
    two rights make one right .
    let’s make right at the end We all have one Country !!! A Sinhala Theevu ( A Sinhala Island) !

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    Some FACTS :

    (1) How do you propose to “A Sinhala Theevu ( A Sinhala Island) !” when Tamil Leaders still want a ‘Shared sovereignty …. ‘ per Mr Sampanthan’s speech just newly made in Sept 1. My understanding of ‘Shared sovereignty’ means a Federal state for Tamils only.

    (2) It appears to us that Tamil Leaders have always misled the Tamil people of Lanka and Tamil Diaspora especially, particularly the poorer sector of HINDU Tamils (Caste bound and of Tamil Dalit origin from Tamil Nadu, not in Lanka), who get blamed, property lost or killed when a trumped up riot happens as in 1983. We note that NO Catholic or Christian Tamils ever get killed in any trumped up upheaval due to Tamil Leaders calling for Federal State, 50-50, and relentless Separatism. Also, it is the Tamil folk of Dalit origin who are used for all the ‘dirty work’ designed by others, including Tamil Leaders.

    The WRONGS WITHIN THE TAMIL COMMUNITY, PARTICULARLY DUE TO CASTE, everywhere, have crushed all in Sri Lanka continuously since Independence in 1948. Lanka was growing quite well in every sense of the word after the JVP was crushed ruthlessly and turned away from violence. We are quite aware that the JVP had justifiable reason to exist then due to Colonisation of some 500 yrs in Lanka, followed by Cold War politics.

    Our Question is : When will Tamil Leaders stop Tamil Separatism ?

    Please tell us what you have to say on all of the above facts. I have no intent to hurt anyone here – am only looking for permanent solutions and a lasting peace & prosperity for all.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    When will Tamil Leaders stop Tamil Separatism ? is he saying he want TE ??? NO
    Sampanthan says: “Our expectation for a solution to the ethnic problem of the sovereignty of the Tamil people is based on a political structure outside that of a unitary government, in a united Sri Lanka in which Tamil people have all the powers of government needed to live with self respect and self sufficiency.” On the face of it this would seem to be a reiteration of belief in a solution with powers devolved within an undivided Sri Lanka.

    My understanding of ‘Shared sovereignty’ means a Federal state for Tamils only.- Sorry NO
    ‘Shared sovereignty’ means a Federal states of Mother Lanka that is United Mother Lanka on Tamil only TE or Sinhala only Sinhala Lanka .

    Caste bound and of Tamil Dalit origin from Tamil Nadu, not in Lanka – Agreed We Mother Lanka do not have (almost zero%) caste bound because 90% educated (passed GCE O/L).

    permanent solutions and a lasting peace & prosperity for all – We are not very faraway now .

    Separatism dead 1987 When 13A become law of Mother Lanka. only VP carry this dead separation until 2009 at Nanthi Kaddal He handed over to MR(SL Govt) .
    Now right time to bury together . I strongly believed already buried on 8 January 2015.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    So Mr Sampanthan does want two Fed states making one Sovereign state ?

    Does he care a tup about the rest of Lanka, or for that matter about the Fed state for Tamils ? No show of care, so far. Time to freshen up and join up with the rest of Lanka.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thanks for clarity, Lorenzo & Susantha !

    May such horrible times never ever visit our island home.

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    So Mr Sampanthan does want two Fed states making one Sovereign state ? NO
    What Sampanthan , Modi , me & all Your Hela Demila Sakodaraya want exactly like Indian sates (Kerala, Gujarat,TN etc..) no more no less .

    United Mother Lanka !!! United Provincial Council of Sri Lanka (UPCSL) !!!

    Let’s bring Maha velli River to Irana Madu Kulam & settle 100,000 Bhuddist Sinhala Family in Vanni !!!

    Live & let’s live in Chinhala Theevu (Sinhala Desa) Happily for ever !!!

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz

    TNA Tamil party leader Hon Sampanthan becomes opposition leader in Sri Lanka parliament Today !!!

    United Mother Lanka !!! United Provincial Council of Sri Lanka (UPCSL) !!!

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    NO CARE FOR NE or South, Vellala Sampanthan (82 yrs old and still sunk in Caste/Cold War mode) made Opposition Leader, by Colombo-centric UNP leaders !

    Lanka down the drain. It appears that multi thousands died for nothing ?

  22. Fran Diaz Says:


    ” …. want exactly like Indian s(t)ates …” The present arrangements to govern India do NOT work well in India. The Indian Model does not work well for India at all. They have to constantly change the laws. It won’t work in Lanka either, same as the 13-A Indian model forced on Lanka.


    Fools leading fools down a precipice to perish as greedy vultures food
    True, strong souls pull together through times grey bad and golden good
    Brother for brother, sister for sister, stand as one, pilgrims till journeys end
    A message for Lanka so important, shake heaven and earth to send

  23. Cerberus Says:

    Lorenzo, Thank you for bringing out the truth. This clearly shows how deceitful your Vellala leaders are to your own people. They used low caste Tamil women as prostitutes to blackmail NGOs and Norweigians. They used the low caste Tamil men as the LTTE terror brigade to create a separate state. What is the use of a separate state for Tamils? Right now the Tamils are free to live anywhere in the island. However the Sinhalese cannot live in the North and East. The Sri Lanka Govt. has not rehabilitated the 27,000 Sinhalese who were chased out of Jaffna by LTTE. Will these Vellala leaders reimpose the caste system in the Federal State like in Tamil Nadu?Most of the Tamil low caste came over from Tamil Nadu to get away from caste, now Tamils will be back in the same situation with the separate state.

  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    “But Colombo accomplished something that no great power-nor any Middle Eastern country including Israel-was able to. It comprehensively defeated one of the world’s most powerful terrorist armies. “

    While the Brookings Institution article below mentions the ABOVE UNDENIABLE ACHIEVEMENT of Sri Lanka …

    ……..it FAILS to STATE that Sri Lanka ALSO FELL VICTIM to the REGIME CHANGE STRATEGY of the NeoColonialist West that has SOWED CHAOS and REDUCED TO ANARCHY many nations of the developing world (Syria, Lybia, Ukraine, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt …. ad infinitum, ad nauseam) without ANY RECOGNITION by the West of its DESTRUCTIVE ROLE in DESTABILIZING the World.

    However, SOMETIMES the actions of the West have UNINTENDED DIRECT ADVERSE CONSEQUENCES to itself as the FLOOD of REFUGEES from the nations the West DESTABILIZE begin to invade Europe and America and to change their INTERNAL DEMOGRAPHIES with UNTRUSTED people they would not DREAM OF ALLOWING to cross their borders under normal circumstances.


    Why small states matter in international politics: The case of Sri Lanka

    Sept 03 (Brookings) Sri Lanka occupied little thought throughout the West for much of the period since independence in 1948. In the last few years, however, Sri Lanka began to feature as a country of strategic relevance to great powers, particularly China and the United States.

    Sitting at the center of the Indian Ocean, halfway between China and the key energy resources in the Middle East, Beijing has sought to influence politics on the island. But it has suffered blows this year, with Mahinda Rajapaksa (friendly to Chinese interests) losing the presidency in January and his party losing in recent parliamentary elections to the center-right United National Party. Now, pro-Western Ranil Wickramasinghe holds the position of prime minister.

    But Western policymakers should not take the island state for granted. The larger lesson of Colombo’s shift to the West is that strategic small states like Sri Lanka now have more options and can easily switch sponsors.

    Newly found interest

    In May, John Kerry became the first secretary of state to visit Colombo in over a decade. There have been reports in Sri Lankan media that President Barack Obama has also promised to visit, something more likely given Wickramasinghe’s victory.

    This newfound interest in the island is related to a “first-tier” security challenge for the United States: China. Rajapaksa’s government fell out of favor with Western governments for its activities during the Sri Lankan civil war. Citing non-implementation of good governance regulations, the European Union removed preferential tariff rates for Sri Lanka’s exports, causing thousands of garment factory workers to lose their jobs. Western countries supported war crimes investigations at the U.N. India, under pressure from Tamil Nadu state political parties, denied lethal weaponry to Colombo during the war and leaned on Sri Lanka to concede more legislative autonomy to Tamil-dominated provinces afterwards.

    Unlike in previous decades, however, Colombo had an alternative great power to look to for military technology and investment. Beijing obliged, using its veto -alongside Russia-to defend Sri Lanka at the U.N. Sri Lanka was included as part of a chain of infrastructure projects along China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

    The American and European stand sparked a strong anti-Western public reaction in Sri Lanka, underpinned by existing suspicions of Western support for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and anti-colonial and Cold War sentiment.

    This January, however, Sri Lanka took a 180-degree foreign policy turn. The new president, Maithripala Sirisena, reached out to the West, began governance reforms and signaled a less nationalist approach to Tamil concerns. Sirisena’s first foreign visit was to New Delhi and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi repaid the gesture.

    Strategic importance

    Washington, Delhi, and Beijing have good reason to take an interest. Sri Lanka is at the heart of the world’s busiest sea lanes (more than 80 percent of global seaborne oil trade transits through the Indian Ocean.) The island sits in a region that will form the center of future world politics, strategy, and economics.

    Middle Eastern governments have probably noticed Sri Lanka’s maneuvering between China and the West. Given the recent steps by Gulf States, in particular, to diversify their security partners, they may learn from Sri Lanka’s example of extracting the most from established and rising powers.

    Sri Lanka’s own history of battling non-state actors may also provide lessons for Middle Eastern states facing similar challenges. Some of those states feel hamstrung by the West’s lack of support for (or outright opposition to) their own conflicts with non-state actors. But Colombo accomplished something that no great power-nor any Middle Eastern country including Israel-was able to. It comprehensively defeated one of the world’s most powerful terrorist armies.

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