A Tale of Deception to upend Democracy in Sri Lanka
Posted on September 8th, 2015

Sri Lanka Patriot

There are many people who are now second guessing President Mahinda Rajapakse and saying he should have removed the 13A, he should not have had elections when he did, he should have turned to the West instead of China etc. His hands were tied in many ways. India would have not allowed him to remove the 13A easily. China helped Sri Lanka a great deal both monetarily and also by supporting Sri Lanka in the UN and also by supplying us with necessary arms during the war on LTTE terrorists. See http://www.adaderana.lk/news/32247/couldnt-win-the-war-without-chinas-help-sf

It is very easy to say President Mahinda Rajapakse should not have had elections. People have such short memories. There was a lot of foreign money flooding into Sri Lanka. There was a lot of pressure on him from the West on War crimes through UNHRC. Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranaiyake had 10 accounts which she was rotating with $ coming in to the accounts which she would transfer to another bank account  on the day the those particular accounts would be scrutinized by the Central Bank. Finally she got caught and MR sent the papers about her misdeeds to the Parliament. After due process Parliament decided to impeach her and brought a motion to remove her from office. See http://www.lankaweb.com/ews/items/2015/03/03/removal-of-a-chief-justice-from-office/.

Then there was the case of Maithripala’s son who was questioned by the police for having bundles of foreign currencies at his girl friend’s house. See http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=116619  and also http://www.dailynews.lk/?q=police-legal/daham-sirisenas-girl-friend-mother-allegedly-remove-currency-note-bundles

The Commonwealth Conference in Sri Lanka last year opened the eyes of all since UK PM David Cameron broke all protocol and went to the North to meet with the Tamil leaders on his own. He met with Vigneswaran and also Sampanthan. Similarly, the US Embassy people were regularly going to the North. Therefore all the indications were there that the West, meaning UK, USA and India seemed all too interested in the North, and paid no heed to GoSL.  MR realized that he was up against huge forces who wished to take over Sri Lanka. Under the circumstances he did the best thing he could which was to have elections to either strengthen his hand or retire to Medamulana.

The elections were cheated in January 2015, as has been pointed out by Dilrook Kanangara and Ajit Randeniya. See http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/02/01/astronomical-increase-in-number-of-voters-2010-vs-2015-in-tamil-areas-how-is-it-possible/  and also  http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/07/01/2014-electoral-roll-was-rigged/

In addition so many untruths were said against MR and his family and government in all the media, and on the platforms, which MR and others did not even bother to repudiate. It was as if he had given up and wanted to retire.

After a cheated election where MY3 ‘won’, President Mahinda Rajapakse did nothing on these reports and retired to Medamulana. Obviously he did not want to meet the same fate suffered by all those leaders toppled by the West.

However then something very unexpected which has not happened anywhere in the world happened. Hordes of people began coming to MR’s house and crying and begging him to come back to politics. When the famous Nugegoda meeting took off then the UPFA group who led the “bring back Mahinda” movement were energized and it really appeared that there was a good chance for MR to win. He would have won too had not MY3 stabbed MR in the back for the second time by announcing that he will not appoint MR to Prime Minister post two days before the election. He further cut the ground under the UPFA by preventing meetings of the party by a court injunction and also by sacking the General Secretaries of UPFA & SLFP, and 13 others on the eve of the election. All this was done because according to his own admittance he had got intelligence reports that UPFA will win 113 seats. When the leader of the party acts against his own party what chances does Democracy have in any country ? All his actions were against Election laws and also the party Constitutions and Sri Lanka Govt. Constitution I believe. In spite of his actions against UPFA they got 95 seats which is very creditable. See http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/08/25/i-wrote-that-letters-sacked-secretaries-because-i-received-intelligence-reports-that-upfa-is-on-the-verge-of-winning-president-%E0%B6%BD%E0%B7%92%E0%B6%BA%E0%B7%94%E0%B6%B8%E0%B7%8A-%E0%B6%BD/

Similar cheating of elections has taken place in the so called ‘Democratic West’. The people have to be always vigilant and be on guard against dictatorships and erosion of freedoms. Freedom is not Free and constant vigilance is the price to be paid for it.

MY3 is one of the worst politicians I have seen in my life. He back stabbed MR twice, then went against his own party, created a National Govt with UNP by forcing the SLFP to sign the MOU by appointing his own henchmen as General Secretaries after sacking the people who had been Gazetted by the Election Commissioner. He has broken the law in many many ways both morally and legally. In addition during an interview with the Election Commissioner it has been proven that the UNP could not have got so many votes in a normal way. See http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/08/30/%E0%B6%B8%E0%B6%B1%E0%B7%9C-%E0%B6%B8%E0%B7%90%E0%B6%AD%E0%B7%92%E0%B7%80%E0%B6%BB%E0%B6%AB-%E0%B6%9A%E0%B7%9C%E0%B6%B8%E0%B7%83%E0%B7%8F%E0%B6%BB%E0%B7%92%E0%B7%83%E0%B7%8A%E0%B6%AD%E0%B7%94%E0%B6%B8/

After the very close election he brought in people who had been rejected by the people into the National List making a mockery of Democracy. He completely ignored the National List which had been Gazetted by the Election Commissioner. See http://www.slguardian.org/national-list-appointments-outside-the-gazetted-list-is-a-deceitful-act/. He has become quite a dictator in the 6 months he has been in power. May be shaking the Queen’s ungloved hand has gone to his head. What will 5 years do to him? He seems to have gone bonkers.

In my personal opinion if MY3 has an iota of decency left he should remove himself as leader of UPFA and let the party appoint its own officers and leader and allow it to function as the opposition. The SLFP can become a separate party under his leadership. Those want to remain with him can remain and the others can leave and join UPFA. I must emphasize that I am not sure if that is what UPFA wants. I am just voicing my own sense of frustration at his actions.

He has done the same thing that JR did in 1987 when he asked for the letters resignation from all the MP’s to pass the 13A through the Parliament. I hope MY3 is not planning to give a Federal State in the same manner to the Tamils using JR’s strong arm tactics. We must not forget that nearly 50,000 JVP Sinhala youth died in the resulting uprising against 13A. If that happens the Tamil leaders will get what they have always wanted from 1940’s. Heaven help Sri Lanka if that happens.

13 Responses to “A Tale of Deception to upend Democracy in Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Had MR SCRAPPED 13 amendment when he had MORE than 2/3 he is still in power for the 3rd term.

    We wanted MR to SCRAP 13 amendment to WIN the election. It was for MR’s OWN good and for the good of the country.

    Then we don’t have to face this nonsense we face today.

    Maru Sira has NO decency whatsoever. He will NOT leave the SLFP alone.

    HAD we NOT changed the SLFP constitution in 2006 June 30 making the president of the country (IF FROM SLFP) the president of the SLFP, then MR would still be the UPFA and SLFP leader.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Vigneswaran, “Chief Minister of the NPC”, is now MORE EELAMIST than the TNA! This man, who prospered MIGHTILY on the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka with the support of SINHALA people, and is father-in-law to TWO Sinhala men, is a GREATER TRAITOR to his Motherland than the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA, the LTTE Proxy Party!

    If this is so, CAN we trust any Tamils to serve in the TOP ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS in Sri Lanka? They are ALL SEPARATISTS! Tamils like Kadirgamar … husband to a SINHALA lady …. are now NON-EXISTENT … a RARE endangered species!

    This INABILITY to TRUST Tamils, that Tail people seem to AGGRAVATE EVERYDAY with their Anti-National TREASONOUS pronouncements and actions is the REASON WHY Sri Lanka can NEVER DEVOLVE POWER to the Provinces, or ANY OTHER SUB-NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE ENTITY in the FORESEEABLE FUTURE.

    It is ALSO the REASON WHY Sri Lanka cannot afford to leave the Power to Govern the Nation in the hands of the UNPatriotic Party aided, abetted and PROPPED UP by Anti-National Minorties who have NEVER LOVED or FOUGHT TO DEFEND our Motherland.

    Open your EYES …. O Patriotic Sons and Daughters of Mother Lanka …. UNITE and JOIN HANDS, and WORK TOGETHER to RECOVER the REINS of POWER through PEACEFUL & NON-VIOLENT LEGAL MEANS to STOP the Nation from SLIDING into the HANDS of Sri Lanka’s ENEMIES and being converted into a DIVIDED PATCHWORK of warring Communal Apartheid Bantustans! ACT FAST, ACT NOW!

    The FIRST Step should be for the DISSENTING UPFA and SLFP MPs to CREATE a NEW OPPOSITION Party to WREST BACK the Opposition Leadership in Parliament from the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA and PREVENT the NEW CONSTITUTION proposed by the Yamappalanaya Government that wil guarantee the DISINTEGRATION of our Motherland!

    TNA Central Committee likely to discuss anti-party stance of Northern Province CM

    Sept 08, Colombo: The Central Committee of Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is likely to discuss the anti-party stance of the Chief Minister of the Northern Province C.V. Wigneswaran at its meeting on 11 September.

    Wigneswaran, according to the TNA leadership, has taken an anti-party stance in the run up to the August 17, Sri Lankan parliamentary elections, New Indian Express reports.

    Senior leader of TNA, Mavai Senathiraja has said that although the formal agenda does not say that the committee will discuss Wigneswaran’s conduct, if the issue is raised the committee will discuss it.

    “If any member raises the issue we will state our view. There is no plan, as such, to discuss disciplinary action against him,” Senathirajah said.

    “Wigneswaran had forgotten that he got elected as a TNA candidate, and issued a statement saying he would be neutral in the election. On top of that, he laid out criteria for voting which clearly indicated that he was pushing the case of a rival party,” Senathirajah recalled.

    The Chief Minister issuing a statement in July said that it would be wrong for him to be seen at any political meeting of the TNA candidates though it was they who elected him.

    Wigneswaran had urged Tamils to vote for candidates who would fight for self-determination and who would not sell themselves to the powers-that-be in Colombo, thus touting the radical line of the Tamil National Peoples’ Front (TNPF) led by Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam.

    According to a senior TNA leader, the party lost three of the 20 seats it expected to win, because of Wigneswaran’s utterances.

    The Northern Provincial Council led by the Chief Minister unanimously called for an international probe into the alleged war crimes committed during the war while the TNA said there is no need for an international tribunal.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:


    Thank you very much for the sorely needed support!

    So far there are only a HANDFUL of the regular bloggers here at LankaWeb who have taken the trouble to hold this EELAMIST AGITATOR responsible


    It is as if most LankaWeb readers have NO LONG TERM MEMORY of what people have said, or the analytical skills to compare and contrast what

    they have said in the past against what theey are saying now, or the moral courage to say ENOUGH-is-ENOUGH and hold people RESPONSIBLE for what

    they have said and done!

    Some say, it does not matter what bloggers say, let everyone say what they please, let us maintain the peace and decorum of the website, and let

    the EELAMISTS run riot here without challenge. If that is the case, then let us all GIVE UP and GO HOME, and leave these ENEMIES to complete

    their campaign of misinformation and destruction of our Motherland in the fond hope that somehow they will throw us a bone to gnaw on, when we

    abjectly serve their beck and call.

    We are all well aware that the SUSTAINED campaign of disinformation and misdirection is what brought down the UPFA/MR GoSL PRIMARILY by

    CONNING a sufficient number of SINHALA BUDDHISTS to vote for the Yamapalanaya JUNTA to supplement its GUARANTEED support from Anti-National


    Therefore, whatever we do COLLECTIVELY to CONFRONT & DEBUNK this Foreign Funded & Orchestrated move to CONFUSE & DESTROY the Patriotic

    Forces through DIVIDE & RULE strategies is CRITICAL to the SURVIVAL and PROGRESS of our People and our Motherland.

    I HATE having to waste my precious time pursuing EELAMIST propagandists individually, as I do Facebook LORENZO, but in the absence of others

    willing to bear that unpleasant burden, I have to do it.

    I am NOT ONE of those lily-livered cowards who run when the BASIC INTERESTS of my People and my Motherland are THREATENED by Big-Mouthed Devious

    EELAMISTS at our own Patriotic Blogs! EVERYTHING I say about Facebook LORENZO is based on FACTS which the long time bloggers at LankaWeb are

    well aware of, by chapter and verse. If they have forgotten, they only have to research the archives of LankaWeb.

    I dearly wish these long time bloggers would help me MORE to confront this UNMITIGATED EVIL infecting LankaWeb, instead of sitting supinely

    on their collective butts preserving their own narrow interests, while SRi Lanka goes down in flames!

    I say AGAIN …. Where Art Thou …. Patriots of Lanka …. grating coconuts at home???

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    GOOD GOD! If the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA are “Moderates” then the “Radicals” HEADED by that ARCH TRAITOR Wigneswaran must be BLOODY AWFUL! Let the Radicals come …. we KNOW how to DEAL with them!

    EVERY DAY, in EVERY WAY, the Tamil People are SHOWING that they have LEARNED NOTHING from the last three DECADES of VIOLENCE and DESTRUCTION!

    Suffering from SUICIDAL MYOPIA and Advaced Memory Loss, they are DETERMINED to COMPLETE the DESTRUCTION of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community that the “Tamil Saviour”, the late unlamented SunGod Velupillai Prabhakaran began and nearly completed.

    They have STILL NOT UNDERSTOOD that WHATEVER HAPPENS … the SINHALA PEOPLE WILL NOT ALLOW the creation of a Tamils-only EELAM in Sri Lanka … NO MATTER WHAT GOVERNMENT currently holds the REINS of POWER! Governments come and go, but the SINHALA PEOPLE are here to stay! It is not the Anti-National Colombians who will make that DECISION but the ordinary Sinhala, mainly Buddhist, people of Sri Lanka who sent their sons and daughters by the THOUSAND to fight and die for their ONLY Motherland!

    The Tamil People SHOULD NOT BE MISLED by the results of the LAST 2 ELECTIONS to put their COLLECTIVE NECK under the Tamil Diaspora’s Guillotine, just as they did RELYING on the ASSURANCES of the SunGod urging Tamil youth to die by the thousands in “Unceasing Waves”.

    REMEMBER that STUPIDITY is defined as repeating the same things and expecting a different result.

    If you can live in AMITY with the Sinhala people in ONE Indivisible Nation, of ONE Inseparable People, sharing ONE Indomitable Destiny, we welcome you with open arms to stay on in Sri Lanka.

    If you CANNOT DO SO, PACK YOUR BAGS NOW FLEE abroad before the NEXT STORM orchestrated by the “Radicals” DESCENDS upon you, to LIVE abroad WITHOUT ANY OF THE UNEQUAL RIGHTS YOU DEMAND In Sri Lanka …. with our HEARTFELT BLESSINGS! Vaya Con Dios!

    Moderates and Radicals Clash in Jaffna Politics

    Sept 08 (NIE) COLOMBO- For the first time after the exit of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) from the Sri Lankan Tamil political scene in May 2009, Jaffna district politics is witnessing a clash between moderates and radicals on the ethnic issue.

    The August 17 Lankan parliamentary elections, and the current session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), have brought the conflict into the open, posing a challenge to the 14-year unbroken dominance of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) over Jaffna politics. Surprisingly, the TNA is facing such a challenge after convincingly winning five out of the seven seats in the Tamil heartland of Jaffna, and after being named the official opposition in the Lankan parliament.

    The challenge comes from both within and outside the TNA. Internally, it is from defeated TNA candidates and the Northern Province Chief Minister, C.V.Wigneswaran. The external challenge comes from the Tamil National Peoples’ Front (TNPF), Tamil civil society, the pro-LTTE Diaspora and the Tamil media.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Let us go to the HEART OF THE PROBLEM – the so called National Question :

    The TAMIL LANGUAGE ACT of 1958 displeased some Buddhist clergy, and therefore that SWRD was killed. Let us bear in mind it that the main accused were Somarama and Buddharakhitha. They were supposed to be Buddhist priests. They both converted to Christianity (I presume for “forgiveness of sins”) before death, one through death penalty and other of natural causes later.

    The ramifications from the TLA of 1958 are enormous, destabilising Sri Lanka on an ongoing basis. Some 15 Million Tamils of Dalit origin in Tamil Nadu see Lanka as a ready made country, it seems. And the Tamils of Lanka also see Tamil Eelam via a Federal State for Tamils too.

    I think it is high time Sri Lanka stopped trying to solve the 3,000 yr old Tamil Dalit Caste problem coming from Tamil Nadu. It is bringing down the country and is an impossible goal that not even the Buddha could resolve.

    The 100 Smart Cities promised by PM Modi in India could probably resolve the Caste problem amicably for Tamil Nadu and rest of India. The west and the rest of the world can participate in the Development aspect of the 100 Smart Cities. Same actions in Lanka will probably save Lanka too.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    The country is in flames thanks to the 13 amendment. Now NPC council directly demands INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS from the UN!! Passed GENOCIDE RESOLUTIONS against SL.

    SL will pay a VERY HEAVY PRICE for not scrapping the 13 amendment when we could.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    DALITS in SL will not go back to Endia. The best hope is they will join Syrian refugees and go to Europe.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    If Tamil folk do not go back to Tamil Nadu, then they had best adapt to the land of Lanka.


    Another comment re CBK and her grave losses of family to political violence :

    For CBK, both her Father and Husband were lost in political violence due to supporting growth of the Tamil language in Sri Lanka.

    (a) First, SWRD paid with his life over bringing in the Tamil Language (Special Prov) Act of 1958.

    (b) Vijaya Kumaratunge, CBK’s husband supported the 13-A (with the Tamil as Official Language attached to it), and also paid with his life.

    Has CBK realised this ? If so, why does she blame the Sinhala Buddhists for violently opposing such moves ? After all, she is the Leader of the Sinhala/Buddhists first, and next of the minorities of Lanka. But I do sympathise with her on her losses. I think it is best that the concerned parties (however remotely connected with the crime) apologise to her to bring a lasting peace to Lanka citizens.

    I abhor political violence. It is a waste of valuable human lives. Isn’t it time that politicos of Lanka stopped supporting spread of the Tamil language in Lanka as they pay for it dearly with their lives ?

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    No they won’t. They are tasked with turning SL into a part of TAMIL MADU.

    Re: SWORD-B and VK

    Don’t forget the other man – OSSIE (Remember Ossie?) He too died. Killed by the LTTE.

    Why should CBK worry? She SELLS their deaths to do politics!!

    But it gets worse now. NOW NO ONE dies for promoting Tamil Nadu expansionist langauge. That is MUCH WORSE!!

    When a nation’s survival is at stake ANYTHING goes. We cannot pick and choose what is right and what is wrong. ANYTHING that saves the nation is the RIGHT thing.

  10. Cerberus Says:

    Lorenzo, You have said quote “DALITS in SL will not go back to Endia. The best hope is they will join Syrian refugees and go to Europe.” unquote. If you look at history you can see that Tamils will go anywhere it is better for them economically. They have gone all over the world to other countries such as Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, Madagascar, Europe, Canada, Australia to improve their situation. They are never happy anywhere what ever they get, nor are they loyal to any country. They only try to take as much as possible without giving anything back. Look at Sri Lanka which gave them so much how they have treated the country. They will cheat, lie, and do everything against Sri Lanka. Even in Tamil Nadu they were the first people to fight on behalf of British against Mother India. I remember how they used to cheat at the exams even in the University. Some of the Tamil Bank Managers would lend money to Tamils not to Sinhalese. I think if the Devil himself came to some of these Tamils and promised the world to them in exchange for their soul they will gladly do it. Such are some of the Tamil people in my opinion.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    Agree word to word except the last sentence.

    SOME should be replaced with ALMOST ALL.

    It is better IF they leave SL. There is only so much the diaspora can do.

    ALL ACTIVE members of the LTTE diaspora are EDUCATED SKILLED MIGRANTS. Not refugees.

    Tamil REFUGEES don’t get involved in politics. They struggle to make a living by cleaning, sex work, drug dealing, contract killing, etc.

    It is better to purge out these elements than keep them in SL.

    IF not for war, COLOMBO DISTRICT would be TAMIL MAJORITY!!

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    Sri Lanka Tamils should be aware of the fact that if N&E is turned into part of Tamil Nadu, then TN WILL impose their Caste System to the N&E of Lanka. In Tamil Nadu, there are Caste Tamils in far higher number than Tamils of Dalit origin – in proportion of almost 4:1.

    Turning Lanka’s N&E into an extension of Tamil Nadu will be an empty exercise, Tamils of Lanka will sink into the same Caste Systems they ran away from in Tamil Nadu.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    I’m telling the truth here, not what we like to hear.

    There is NO threat of TN imposing its caste system on TE because both follow the SAME caste system ALREADY!!

    Yes Tamils ran away from the horrible caste system in TN but over time (thanks to the generosity of stupid Singhalese) Tamils in SL have become very rich and highly educated. NO ONE wants to brand HIGH CASTE TAMILS into low caste now.

    Even on caste matters MONEY TALKS!!

    Some low caste SL Tamils from Vanni have gone to TN and started businesses. Even BRAHMIN caste people work under them in TN!!

    e.g. MGR was from a very LOW caste family (father high caste but mother low caste making the entire family low caste). They were chased away from their village in Kerala. When they left SL and became popular actors, TN (even Brahmins) started WORSHIPING them!! Money talks, BS walks.

    Tamils on both sides KNOW this very well. That is why they support separation from SL and merging with TN without fear.

    That makes it VERY DIFFICULT to stop this from WITHIN the Tamil community. Blood is thicker than water!

    To STOP this, SL has to act OUTSIDE the Tamil community.

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