SRI LANKA: Anthony Kingsley- arrested, assaulted, threatened with torture
Posted on September 8th, 2015


Dear Friends,

According to information received by the Asian Human Rights Commission, Mr. Anthony Kingsley, a casual labourer living in Hantana Estate, Kandy had been arrested by police officers attached to the Crime Branch of the Kandy Headquarters Police Station. This took place during a church procession in full view of the public. He was then threatened with torture. Realising that he was going to be taken away to a police torture chamber, he tried to commit suicide. Later that evening, he was granted bail. Presently Kingsley is in fear of further intimidation and is seeking protection for his life.


Anthony Kingsley (25), a casual labourer, was living with his mother, brother, sister and younger brother at Hantana Estate, Kandy. Kingsley and his friends accepted a contract to transport a machine belonging to Derena TV channel to the peak of Hantana mountain. The machine was heavy, so the group decided to end their contract. They informed the owner and were paid for a job half completed.

After 3 months the owner complained to the Kandy Headquarters Police Station that some parts of the machine were stolen. On 25 January 2015, at 1:30pm, Kandy police officers along with the owner, during a church feast of Hantana came and arrested, Mr. Benedict, a friend of Kingsley, who helped him to work on his contract.

Benedict escaped from the police after he was taken to the station and they were looking for him. At 3.30 pm they saw Anthony Kingsley and immediately arrested him before a huge crowd. He was handcuffed and made to walk to the police station in the public streets while thousands of people were looking on.

At the police station, he was slapped, assaulted and stripped naked. After a body search he was kept in police custody until evening. Kingsley tried to commit suicide for fear that he would be taken to another place and tortured. He was severely shamed due to publicly exhibiting him after his arrest. Fearing that he would commit suicide, he was given bail and released the same night. Kingsley was summoned to the police station on 28th January 2015. His statement was recorded that day. Kingsley was told that he would be called to the Kandy Magistrate’s Court. He denies all allegations and further states that he was subjected to torture and inhuman treatment as he was paraded in the streets of Kandy in handcuffs. His rights were denied.

Kingsley, who was illegally arrested, assaulted and publicly insulted without any evidence on a false charge of alleged theft, is now living in fear of his life and has left his home as a result.


Please request the authorities to take disciplinary action against those police officers responsible for the, arbitrary arrest, assault and abuse meted out to Kingsley without any evidence or investigation. Request the National Police Commissioner and the Inspector General of Police to conduct an investigation into the actions of the police officers and the supervising OIC for his failure to administer his duties properly. Please call on the relevant authorities to provide adequate protection, relief, and justice to Anthony Kingsley, who lives in fear of further intimidation and threats from the police.

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    Hi Asian Human Rights Commission.

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    Who are the people who run your origination?

    Has this guy robbed someone and then attacked the police officers?

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