Silence breaks my heart MR.PRESIDENT
Posted on September 11th, 2015

Ranjit Wickremeratne

I am a voter with a broken heart because of ungrateful people whom I have to live with in this cruel society. I never ever thought in my life time that Prabakaran could be defeated because of many countries involved and helped Prabakaran and his ruthless murderous organization with money and weapons to eliminate the Sinhala race. Thanks to you Sir for ending the cruel war which killed and maimed thousands of our innocent souls in my homeland. You never thought of Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims separately but as a whole nation and stopped the bloodshed  without any help from outside forces. We greatly appreciate your service to the nation during and after the war with great respect. You gave the strength and will power to our wounded war heroes and looked after them well for the amazement of many people around the world. It was great to be freed from barbarian LTTE killers. I was abroad at that victorious day when you landed and kissed our Sinhala soil after the elimination of LTTE vicious,ruthless murderers outfit. It was a day to remember. All celebrated as one nation and I was very proud to be a Sri Lankan and enjoyed the happy moments with my colleagues and others who some were even non Sri Lankans. You closed the war chapter in 2009 and started to build our beautiful nation with a vision. Mahinda is a name no one can forget so easily.

I was watching the progress with great enthusiasm and pride how our little nation got build up little by little after thirty years of destruction. You had a great vision and love for my country. You had that charisma which other leaders lack in their human body. You walked with the ordinary people in this country. You didn’t waste your time inside an Air Conditioned room but went round the country to see with your own eyes the progress and talked to the ordinary people. You carried children in your arms and showed love to them.You build Buddhist temples,Mosques,churches like Sinhala kings in the olden days. You did so many good things which no one can erase it although the current Govt traitors were trying to put their name on it. You build parks for the people to relax and have fun,you build schools for the children to learn more about the current world affairs etc and move forward,build Airports for easy transport inside and outside,Harbors for cargo,fishing etc,play grounds to the International standard and made our country beautiful for all races to live in harmony and in peace. What more you need? You showed us how to lead a country with pride. We thank you for all that Mr.President but unfortunately for your bad time and mine you took a very wrong decision to have early Presidential election before two years of your time in office and that’s the reason my heart is broken today. If you didn’t took that bold decision we wouldn’t be in this position suffering and living like second class citizens because of our stupid treacherous current leaders . You should have listened to the patriots and specially your family circle who advised not to do so as I was aware. That decision of yours changed the whole system and we as a nation and as citizens suffer today more than anytime in the past. Do not repeat the same mistakes again my dear Mr.President.

Through an International coup a traitor was born to lead our country. He was a man who was with you for so many years. He left you after having B’Fast with you in your own home. That very moment you should have investigated how it happened as many knew it was a coup orchestrated by outsiders and insiders together but you didn’t do anything. Police found lots of foreign money at Ratmalana but never heard anything after that. Foreign Embassies were involved and foreigners were visiting our land on daily basis to do what no one knew or investigated. They moved freely and visited the North and East to make movies against our homeland to show to the world and some talked about the murderer Parbakaran openly and attended their ceremonies in the North and had discussions with them freely without any interference from our law and order personal or the Govt. Foreign and local traitors had a free hand to work against you with all their might and they succeeded very easily. Our Sinhala stupids believed in their fairy-tale stories and unbelievable lies and made the back stabber traitor the President of my country by a small margin in the Presidential elections. It was unbearable and a dark day for us in our history. The traitors won while the leader who brought us freedom,peace,love and harmony lost. How much we cried,how many homes were in the dark on that day,how many were weeping openly because of a gentle man who lost the battle against a coward and a traitor.
We appreciate how you handled everything after that moment. You showed the world how Democracy works in my land.Your leadership qualities were great and many of the young Parliamentarians  have many things to learn from you Sir. We have never seen before what we saw after an election.People young and old in thousands flocked to greet their loving leader  at his home at Medamulana. I am one of them. No words to explain except tears on the eyes of millions who voted for you. We failed to convince the people the truth. Money and lies won the battle. Saddest day in my life was the election night. I have never seen older people men and woman even children cry openly like the way they cried after the election.All was because of you Sir.The name Mahinda is  very much close to our hearts and it won’t fade away so easily.

After you retire to your home, people never allowed you to stay idle but tried to pull you back to lead us again in the General election and you accept it after very long discussions and debates with some very good personalities ,patriots,family friends,politicians and your family circle. They all succeeded in getting you back to the political stage somehow but you never learned to understand the real friend and an enemy after all what happened through out the past years and days. We thought you planned well in your comeback trail with other patriot leaders Wimal,Wasu,Dinesh and Gamampila who did an immense service to bring you back to the stage. They are the true patriots in this country.They never left you but some cowards did and they enjoy their lives win or lose joining this treacherous Govt of traitors. Anyhow you faced the election and lost again for the second time after all the lies,mudslinging, harassment,Intimidation etc but upto some extent we are happy of the outcome of the election results. I am 100% sure it was rigged as many pundits have shown after the election. Now my question is for you Sir “Why don’t you leave the S.L.F.P and form a new party? Why are you staying on with the man who has done immense damage to your unblemished record and for yourself? Why are you become a servant of these evil clique? Millions in this country has accepted you as their sole leader who only can save my Motherland. We need you more than any other time Mr.President.You cannot look behind and leave us now.We are in great danger although our ordinary people do not understand because of one sided information they receive through Media and T.V.channels. Tamils and Muslims are day dreaming about their dreamlands and the International community and the Indians cunningly planning with our Sinhala traitors how to accommodate their wishes and make them happy. This is the time we think of you our great leader who said once to the International community to mind their own business when they came to interfere in our affairs during war time. We need a strong leader with love to our Motherland not a puppet of anyone. You are the most popular and favorite leader we have today therefore please leave S.L.F.P. and the wicked gang of two Sira and Choura Regina as soon as possible for the good of the nation and it’s people. This is the demand of the people who voted for you so do not delay your decision and make us cry again dear MR.President Mahinda Rajapaksa our hero.

one last sentence to remind you sincerely that if you do not leave S.L.F.P in the near future do not expect our vote in the coming municipal elections because we cannot trust anyone in the party. If you form a new party with your loyal MP’s then we know they are genuine Mahinda supporters who will be there to serve the people in this country. People like to see Mahinda,Wimal,Wasu,Dinesh,Gamampila combined unity party who will stand with ordinary people to counter any threat to our homeland. Do not take any traitor who left you and joined UNP Govt or faithful to Sira or Choura the two wicked souls in this land of paradise. Make young die hard supporters of yours like Prasanna Ranatunga, Roshan,Namal and others to become leaders in the future. Move away from corrupt people,drug lords,pretenders and thugs and make a clean party to face any election in the future. Don’t stay in silence.It breaks our hearts. We need you to save our Motherland from foreign and local conspirators and traitors. May Triple Gem be upon you and the Sinhala nation S R I L A N K A.

Give us hope for a better future. Make the nation smile again.

Ranjit Wickremeratne

9 Responses to “Silence breaks my heart MR.PRESIDENT”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Why is he not doing it?

    There must be some reason.

  2. dhane Says:

    Before elections Naline Silva repeatedly warn MR & others NOT to contest S.L.F.P. Naline exactly predicted what MS is going to do before & after election. SM is most unpredictable remote control character. If MR & Others contested in different platform political situation would have been totally different in SL.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    Well-done Ranjith, You have written what’s in our hearts.

    I think MR should keep low until the UNHCR drama is over till the end of September without highlighting that he is still around. All those foreign agents are in fear of him coming back to power. They are happy if he is suppressed by their golayas Run-nil and Maru Sira. so be it!! Let them be happy and leave him alone.

    Afterwards.. may be in early November he should take the action which all the patriots were looking for. until then.. he should better take a good rest what he deserves and watch the Yama Palanaya drama.

    He should seriously listen to genuine patriots like Prof; Nalin and Dayan for strategic decisions consulted with Wimal, Udaya and the team. They can read the today’s game properly. He should also read Lanka Web to get more refined thinking from heaps of patriots from every corner of the world. It is a good resource center.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Although a domestic investigation is good, the entire justice system in Sri Lanka is politicised. Therefore, we cannot expect any justice from it. The President and the Prime Minister manipulate the CID, FCID, the courts, the Bribery and Corruption Commission, presidential commissions, etc.

    The fate of the domestic investigation under this government will be no different. They are using blackmail to silence the former president and the former defence secretary. This may explain why they maintain silence, don’t challenge the appointment of the TNA leader as opposition leader, don’t challenge the large cabinet and the fate of other election promises and form into a new political party which is a dire need.

    However, after getting to maintain silence on these issues (that can seriously jeopardise the government) at this crucial stage of forming and establishing a government, the ruling trio will eventually punish the Rajapaksas anyway. Their conduct sufficiently proves it.

  5. ranjit Says:

    When we have two dictators controlled by Americans,west and the Indian parasites we cannot expect anything democratic from these snakes. Choura is the most vicious human soul we have today in this political drama. She is a one eyed villain who will not sleep until she send Mahinda to gallows. Nature will punish these evil souls for their crimes against our Sinhala people and the Sri Lankan nation. Your own country should be first than anything in this world.There is no life without a country to call home.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    The PSEUDO War Crimes charge is the main reason for all the present day troubles and deceptions.

    After the trumped up 1983 Riots where about a Million Tamils went Westward Ho ! all things started being done against Lanka.

    To date the 1983 Riots remain shrouded in mystery.

  7. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Mr. Wickremeratne, I know exactly how you feel since I feel the same. There are probably 4.2 million people or more who feel the same since the election appears to have been cheated as in January. However for the time being there is nothing much we can do. Please read the article:

    May be a new leader may have to emerge to take the place of President Mahinda Rajapakse. Let us be patient and see what unfolds.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    To date the 1983 Riots remain shrouded in mystery- No one charged to day ???

  9. poltilak Says:

    The so called purified democracy does’n exist in any part of the world. I feel sorry about our future generation of Sinhala Buddhists as the result of betrayal executed by MS-Ranil combination. I had been a moral supporter of SLFP for the last 40 years and I will never support them for the rest of my life. They are betrayers I wish that a new alliance would be formed headed by Mahinda for the benefit of roaming and stranded SLFPers.

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