Absolutely Nothing Happens If Sri Lanka Disregards UNHRC Report and Dictates
Posted on September 21st, 2015

Dilrook Kannangara

UNHRC report is out. It recommends Sri Lanka comply with its dictates. However, if Sri Lanka refuses to comply with them and disregards all dictates, nothing will happen. UNHRC cannot enforce its decisions as Sri Lanka is not a party to the Rome Statute and doesn’t come under the International Criminal Court.

The UNHRC has handed over a sharp knife to Lanka to commit self-harm. If Lanka refuses to comply, absolutely nothing happens. The matter will be escalated to the UN Security Council where it can be vetoed by China and/or Russia. That would be a massive loss of face for the West and India.

The West and India may impose own trade restrictions or even sanctions on Sri Lanka which is self-defeating. Rescinding trade with India immensely benefits Sri Lanka. All imports from India can be imported from China and Pakistan so there is no impact. Exports to the US and the EU can hurt Sri Lanka unless they can be channelled to the growing Chinese, Latin American and other markets. Sanctions will only push Lanka into the waiting arms of China. In fact, Sri Lanka is one of only a handful of Asian nations where China is not its main trading partner at the moment. USA and India would not want it changed. The net gain on garment and other exports to the US and the EU are minuscule and nothing much will be lost anyway. Knowing these economics, they will not impose sanctions if Lanka failed to comply.

As there are no political or economic impact of noncompliance with UNHRC dictates, why should Sri Lanka bother?

It comes to wrong legal opinion, undue fear of politicians, vested interests and petty politics. The children’s story of the deer and tiger (reproduced below) describes very well the situation.

Driven by fear of concocted war crimes charges, the previous government did heaps of self-harm. LLRC, near-complete implementation of 13A, promise of 13 plus, not resettling Sinhala and Muslim IDPs in Jaffna, continuing with racist south Indian laws like Thesawalamei Law, wasting 90% of borrowed development funds on the north and east, wasting $6.5 million on PR agencies, releasing 11,000 hard-core LTTE terrorists, letting the TNA, ITAK and TULF off the hook for instigating violence and terrorism since the 1940s, allowing a free hand for Arabic institutions to spread in the island and not implementing the provisions of 6A are some examples. Most LLRC recommendations were implemented without any mandate from the people or the parliament to do so. None of the implemented LLRC recommendations has any worth to Sinhala and Muslim people.

All these were done out of fear of concocted war crimes charges when UNHRC could not have harmed Sri Lanka anyway.

These moves were very unpopular among Mahinda’s core voters, which eroded his support among Sinhala voters from 68% in 2010 to 58% by 2015 defeating him at the January election. It was this defeat that has exposed him, Basil and Gotabhaya to possible war crimes charges.

However, it is a different game today. The current UNP regime is driven by vested interests and petty politics to pander into UNHRC dictates. UNP regime change operation was financed by USA, India and Singapore and the UNP leadership feels indebted to them. For this reason, it will also pander into these dictates. Further, it is wary of the popularity of the former defence secretary and the former president. Their fear of war crimes charges is manipulated by the UNP to silence them.

Eventually they will be found guilty of concocted war crimes charges and punished. The regime change operation was heavily supported by Tamils by voting against the former president en masse. If the UNP regime doesn’t punish the Rajapaksas, it will lose the next election for sure as its most faithful Tamil voters will desert it.

Sadly, the nation is held hostage by cowardly politicians who are willing to even divide the nation to save their skin. It has nothing to do with war crimes as none was committed by security forces apart from the ones punished soon after they were detected by the forces themselves.

The story of the deer and the tiger – A deer sought temporary shelter in a tiger’s cave for her young when she heard the approaching tiger. She told her young loudly not to cry as she would feed them tiger meat. Hearing this the tiger feared for its life and ran away. The story continues.

34 Responses to “Absolutely Nothing Happens If Sri Lanka Disregards UNHRC Report and Dictates”

  1. Independent Says:

    “UNP regime change operation was financed by USA, India and Singapore and the UNP leadership feels indebted to them.”


    Anyway, if this is true , then as Dilrook said, sit back relax and enjoy life. Nothing will happen. USA will look after us, no matter what we do, how bad our laws, how bad our judges, how bad our police – end of the story. They will cry a bit for human rights , that is all. Rapist has arrived. rape is inevitable, so sit back relax and enjoy.

  2. Independent Says:

    Free cockroach with a Coca Cola!
    – Sep 20, 2015

    The Coca Cola company of the US which polluted the Kelani River with fuel and got the Colombo people to use drinking water with diesel free of charge, has now become generous to give a 500 ml Coca Cola with a free cockroach in the bottle.

    Janaka Pushpakumara, a resident of Wattala is the person who is the recipient of this bottle. Recently, he bought a bottle of Coca Cola and found some unusual object inside the bottle. Upon examination, he found it to be a dead cockroach.

    He informed the Coca Cola agent about this, through the trader from whom he bought the bottle, and after checking the batch number, the company admitted it had been produced by their factory. Also, Coca Cola company has secretly agreed to pay a compensation, with an appeal that the incident should not be known to the media at all.

    It is important as to what the US, which gives tuition to the entire world about food hygiene, thinks this about this incident. Also, the other important factor here is that this bottle being made of plastic, it is evident the Coca Cola company in Sri Lanka is using discarded plastic bottles to refill and sell in the market.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    But this is a ENDIAN govt we have in SL. The TAMIL NADU DICTATORSHIP in Colombo will AGREE to ANYTHING and even OVERDO it.

  4. Ramanie Says:

    Precisely my sentiments Dilrook!

    The SL leaders are paralysed by this fear psychosis. This is similar to the psychosis about the “unwinnable war” that paralysed Sri Lankan leaders for 30 years until we had Messrs Mahinda and Gotabhaya Rajapakse as leaders who dispelled the myth. I guess when you are in the hot seat it is not easy setting aside irrational fear and dealing with these issues but it is a must.

    It is this very fear of being taken to the Hague as a “war criminal” that makes our leaders become saps before the Middle Eastern countries as well; we want the ME vote at the Security Council to “save us from the Hague”. That is possibly why we can not save Wipattu and other natural rain forests from the Wahabi invasion steered by Rishard bathiurdeen. This is why the innocent Sinhala civilians expelled by the LTTE from North can never go home! This is why the disenfranchisement of Sinhalese from the East is happening with impunity and the Govt will not do a thing about it. Now, we have locally passed regulations which prohibit pirith chanting in Mawanella and building Buddha statues in Batticaloa. Minorities can build anything anywhere and scream to Allah even in the middle of an international game of cricket. Appeasement of any aggressive minority will never be a good thing!

    The thing is, even the Saudis and most of the other ME countries did not vote in our favour last time around; and, it did not matter. We are still here! This year also the same routine will take place; as you say they can’t come into Sri Lanka and take the Rajapakses and who ever else the Tamils want hung and take them to the Hague! Everything is impermanent; including the UN resolutions.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Ramanie for elaborating. I also left out how soothsayers profited.

  6. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Dilrook,

    Indeed this Geneva mania is much ado about very little, if not nothing.

    It is TIME that is the healer of the human heart, not commissions and committees. has the famous Truth and Justice Commission of South Africa made the blacks more acceptable to the whites? The answer is NO. Has the much vaunted ‘holier than all’ nation the USA solved its whites-Blacks problems? the gap is not only not bridged but even widening. has the Australian Act of reconciliation with the Aborigines ushered a brighter future for the latter? NO.

    All this is international ‘eye wash’. To ride the moral horse these International Commissions must find horses willing to offer their backs for the show.

    These impositions and bullying tactics of the International Commissions are aimed at the poor or poorer nations. Why do they not go after Russia, China, North Korea??? And what about Israel? Because these countries care two hoots for such dictates.

    Conclusion: to hell with it all. Let us live our lives as best we could. The rest is cinema and entertainment.

    Mario Perera

  7. Charles Says:

    The President has not read the 225 page UN Report on Si Lankan War Crimes.Ignorance is bliss. When you do not understand the ramifications involved in a matter and you depend on people who tell half the truth, you presume that there is nothing to worry about a report against the Sovereign State and make irrelevant statements side stepping the dangers involved in the issue. It is like the King who believes that he is wearing an excellent dress because his dress makers told him so, but in reality he is only stark naked.

    A hybrid court proposed by a hybrid UN HR Commissioner is dangerous even to accept in part. It has to be thrown into the dust bin. It has no legal value as the witnesses to the supposed to be facts related are unknown and the names are deliberately kept secret for 22 years or so. The 3000 eye witness accounts may have been written in London by the Tamils of the LTTE front organisations. What is the guarantee they are true eyewitness accounts ? UNHR Commissioner should have refused to accept it, instead of trying to impose it on us.

  8. NAK Says:

    Exactly dilrook,These resolutions and reports emanating fron Geneva are not worth the paper they are written.They are simply a diversions from the main issue.
    The main issue is what is the US’s interest in our country? they want a foot hold for a military base in Sampur in Trincomalee.
    That is why the Eelamists never agreed to any solution with out the east,even with many in the east objecting to it. Otherwise there could have been some kind of a solution if it was for the north alone.
    As Dilrook said, the only out come for rejecting the geneva persuations would have been only US sanctions and they would have slapped us with sanctions in 2007 if that’s what they wanted,they knew that wouldn’t produce the desired result and that’s why they kept on pushing year after year untill they could get the regime changed to that of a complying lot.

    As the first step towards allocating the land required for this military base, 1000ha of land leased by the BoI for an industrial zone was cancelled and distributed among its previous residents.
    next, India kept on dragging the Sampur coal power plant project with unacceptable costs and yesterday a decision has been taek to move the project from Sampur to foul point in Trincomalee relasing another 500ha adjecent to the previous 1000ha.
    In addition the US has begun buying poeple of the area by releasing a grant of US$03mn to relocate the displaced and another similar sum to build shools in the area.

  9. Dilrook Says:

    Mario, an accountability investigation done domestically by locals is a must into the conduct of all parties (security forces, all political establishments involved and political parties, Tamil terrorists, Tamil diaspora, NGOs, foreign governments and others involved).

    There is no denying that. That is the real issue (not reconciliation) which must be addressed to the best of our ability. Then let the matter go to the UN Security Council or wherever as the West and India will be unhappy with the outcome anyway. Even China and Russia will demand an accountability process to veto decisions against Sri Lanka. This was not done.

    Prof. GL Peiris has explained this in detail in his article published today. His last paragraph sums it all.

    The UNHRC report and dictates are not about human rights or war crimes. They are about bullying the nation into committing self harm.

  10. Dilrook Says:

    A live example of the conduct of the western camp and the Russian-China camp can be seen from Syria. After helping FSA (later graduated to IS) and various terrorist groups to disrupt Syria, USA and the EU are in a total mess. However, without helping save the people, they worsen it by bombing civilians out of Syria. Russia made the sensible decision to save the people (particularly the vulnerable people) by helping Assad. Right or wrong, only he can bring back normalcy to that country. Before the US-Saudi operation to overthrow him, Syria was the most civilised nation in the entire Middle East. Not anymore.

    US moves there (and elsewhere) are not about human rights, democracy or good governance. They are about regime change to create a proxy state to be used as an expendable territory against other countries. US-EU-Japan funded UNHRC is doing what it was told. Their report is best disregarded and have an own accountability investigation into all parties to the war.

  11. aloy Says:

    While the UNHCR drama is going on RW has given consent for the construction of a bridge between TN and SL. This I believe is the worst thing a SL leader can do. It seems the work is going to start in three weeks time. Our ancient kings stationed troop at strategic points in the north to prevent the south indians coming over. If they did not do that this land would have ceased to be Sinhala land or ceylon. For whose benefit is this bridge?. Our cricketers cannot even go and play in TN.
    This bridge should be stopped at all cost.

  12. Independent Says:

    Absolutely nothing appended in Jaffna when the little girl SEYA was killed.
    I remember people protested in thousands in everywhere in South when Vithya was killed.
    Reconciliation ?

  13. vyasan Says:

    What has been said in the above is very correct. SL should reject the dictates of other countries, even it come in the form of UNHRC resolution.

    NOTHING WILL HAPPEN that might have an effect on Sri Lanka economically. If Sri Lanka can have survived a 30 year old destruct civil war, it will not be that much hard to survive any possible effects of sanctions by the west, (I don’t think India would consider any sanctions for it’s part a wise thing to do, as they would be the loser in that case) and it can be substituted by countries like China.

    And question of Sri Lanka being isolated?, well better be isolated by the west, than being a slave to and continue to be exploited by them.

  14. ranjit Says:

    Bottom line is to punish Mahinda our great leader nothing else. Just read the comments by this Jarapalanaya gangsters? They are teasing and disrespect Mahinda and Rajapksas for ending the war. If we are together no mother’s son can do anything to our great country but unfortunately we have a bunch of traitors who were managed and Financed by International Mafia. Only thing we can do is to pray for a miracle to happen if not we have to live in fear for another 4-5 years until this Jarapalanaya go to hell. These Yahapalana traitors will not stop until they see Mahinda in gallows. They are trying to bury him alive then only these ungrateful hypocrits can sleep well. They are afraid of this valiant hero of the poor.

    America cannot do anything as long as we have strong friends around the world who supports us sincerely. I cannot imagine what will happen to Sinhala Buddhists if we allow these traitors to go on Governing this blessed island for many years. Already Indian parasites have taken over many places around the country. It was so peaceful and nice before Jan 8th but see now what has happened to our country? They talk of Yahapalanaya and do Jarapalanaya.All these miserable traitors who worked for a change will be punished by nature one way or the other. Now itself they have started killing each other for more power and glory. They abuse each other.Where is the unity they were talking about? Everything is like a Dhal soup. We all pray for their end very quickly. Save my Motherland.

  15. Christie Says:

    I browsed through the Indian Empire sponsored report. There is hardly any reference to the Indian Empire except about the Indian Ocean Tsunami and the Indian Peace Keeping Force. There is no mention about that India was directly involved with the Terrorist. Being an International organization any UN instrument should look in to the involvement of other countries in the internal affairs of the Country.

    I rang few contact numbers in Geneva and they are not prepared to listen to you, they are so busy. They want me to write to them and send them petitions etc. You need lots of money to do that and Indian Empire has a lot and they will get more later when the Sinhalese disappear from the island like in Mauritius etc.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with Charles.


    Questions to ask :

    * How is it that Sri Lanka has ended up in this situation with the UNHRC ?

    * How is it that Sri Lanka ended up with such a large number of Tamil folk from Tamil Nadu must be questioned.

    * Why is the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976 – Eelam using Violence) still not officially revoked ?

    * Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate certify Dalit status, whilst Sri Lanka does not. Do Lanka politicos and our general public know that ?

  17. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    A simple summary of the article

    -Looking back to 2009, the military aspect of ending Eelam did not lead to Tamils accepting an integral Sri Lanka and doing away with Eelam.

    -Eelam itself and the 30 year war waged by the Tamil Tigers is to me, the most militant version of Hinduism. Far more deadlier than the doctrines of the BJP, RSS, and VHP of India, the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the pogrom of the Gujarati Muslims. That militant Hinduism has only deepened with the BJP now in power in New Delhi.

    -If Eelam is ever created, it would be partly due to the actions of the Sirisena coalition, the UNHRC and New Delhi. That nation called “Eelam” would be an exclusively Sri Lankan Hindu Tamil theocracy. It would exclude Tamil Christians. Tamil Muslims. and any kind of Sinhalese. It will be the first true Hindu theocracy in the world.

    -It is clear to me that any body who is involved in the “human rights” issue in Sri Lanka will not take into consideration the Indian politicians who backed the carnage of the Tamil Tigers. People like Karunanidhi will not be brought to any charges, neither will the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF). That is why Rajapakse insisted to the UNHRC that if any investigation into human rights violations were to be done it must include the entire war (as in the Nuremberg trials) and not a segment of it.

    -I will say this one more time. Democracy is NOT a panacea to solve all the problems of the world. When the USA created the first modern Democracy in 1776, it has really worked, to some degree, only in some nations, such as the United Kingdom, or a few European nations…. at best. It has NOT worked in India. India is plutocracy (a government run by the elite) and never was a Democracy.

    But that was the basis used to oust Rajapakse. Also keep in mind that during the 30 year war, every single government in Colombo was elected and Colombo fought the Hindu Tamil Tigers under Democratic governance. It did not work then and it will not work now.

    -The only solution for Sri Lanka to stay as an integral nation is to revert back to being a Buddhist theocracy. 2500 years of such governance has proved that Sri Lanka was run well and minorities like the Tamils bowed to that power. The Doctrines of Buddhism allow almost all the aspects of a Democratic nation state, including tolerance of minority rights with a strong sense of a nation. That has been the history of Sri Lanka before the Colonial Age, during which most of the present day problems find root.

    Choices for Sri Lanka when one looks at the rise of Hindu militant nationalism in all her forms:

    -Pretend to be a Democracy and see the birth of Eelam
    -Become a Buddhist Theocracy, which will unite the majority Sinhalese, give the rightful power to the Buddhist Sanga, and end the rise of Hindu militant nationalism in Sri Lanka. it will bring the wrath of many nations. But that is the case even now. How other nations feel should not determine the future of Sri Lanka. That fate is up to her Sinhalese people

    Finally unlike the Sinhalese, the Tamils have a homeland THAT DOES NOT TOLERATE THE SETTLEMENT OF SINHALESE BUDDHIST IN THAT LAND CALLED TAMIL NADU. Keep that in mind.

  18. Independent Says:

    Fully agree with Bernard.
    We started “pretending” after 2009 and 2015 was inevitable. Pretending became real.
    It is because “Buddhism” was under attack by government itself, don’t think it is happening now only.
    All because of UNHCR fear and too much westernisation (worse than now).

  19. Independent Says:

    I hope not. If so, he will be the first one to be hanged by new Alugosuwa.

  20. L Perera Says:

    RW’s recent comment of his mob saving MR from the electric chair is s joke coming from someone who is already in an electric chair.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    “Militant Hinduism” coming from the LTTE (Dalit Tamils) will be tied to Tamil Nadu and that means TN will reimpose the Caste System on any Tamil Eelam in Lanka. The Caste System of TN is the system of social control for some 3,000 yrs. Dalit Tamils : Caste Tamils are in a ratio of 1 : 4 in Tamil Nadu. The larger number in the Caste Sysem always wins.

  22. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Fran Diaz: the Caste system is elitist. it believes that humans are UNEQUAL by the nature of their birth. India has 320 million Pariahs (Dalits), 100 million Adivasi (Tribals) and 180 million Muslims.

    Over 95% of them are extremely poor, extremely disenfranchised and in addition India is home to the world’s largest population of bona fide slaves (15 million out of an estimated world population of 30 million). Please Google that.
    In comparison America’s entire slave period (17th century to the 19th century) totaled around 650 thousand slaves. That makes India the world’s largest slave based society.
    This does not count the long list of horrors the Pariahs are put through. Indians will point to the Chief Minister of Utter Pradesh, Mayawati who is a Pariah. But YOU CANNOT FIND ONE SINGLE PARIAH ACTOR IN ANY INDIAN MOVIE STUDIO, CERTAINLY NOT AMONG THE FAMOUS ACTORS AND ACTRESSES.
    A scene with Aishwara Rai doing a love scene with a Pariah “Actor whose family used to dispose the human waste products of other Hindus would end her career and the Indian audience would get physically sick.

    Hinduism is the ONLY major faith where the Murthi (central idol) gets 3 meals per day, special jewelry and changed, anointed with milk, Honey and other substances each and every day.
    The Akshardam Temple in New Delhi has 20 thousand Murthi who get this royal treatment while millions of Hindus starve. 3 thousand mainly Hindu children DIE EVERY SINGLE DAY due to starvation when India is a major food exporting nation.

    There will be a book coming out in October written by Mr. Falco titled “India Shattering the Illusion: The Birth of New Nations. From Kashmir to Eelam”. You will be amazed what Modern day India truly is.

  23. Kumari Says:

    Even if the whole world says to do nothing, our hero Ranil will be adamant to follow everything to the letter. This will be supported by the man without a backbone Sirisena.

    The aim of all this is to punish Rajapakse (not only as revenge taking by Sirisena), but by the so called International Community Mafia (played out by the heads of states of these governments) so that no other country ever will resort to sorting out their problems internally. If that is allowed to happen the Arms Industry, the NGO Industry that sell Misery of Others, Tie Coat Special Advisers have no work and no money.

    Rajapakse’s and our valiant forces were correct in eliminating terrorism from our shores, it was good not only to Sinhalese, but also to Tamils and Muslims who were living in fear in these areas. But, it was not good for the foreign funded Tamils living abroad because their livelihoods were dependent on the misery of their brothers and children living in SL. The foreign NGOs and their crocodile tear partners in crime.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka with majority Budddhists (the Buddha was not for the Caste system) have proved to be an embarrassment to India’s ruling classes.

    Why is India NOT a Buddhist country when the founder of Buddhism lived there ? The west admires Buddhism along with Hindu Yoga teachings, so why not go that way ?

    The Indian Caste System prevails with Dalits at the bottom of the social ladder through the Laws of Manu (Hinduism) for some 3,000 yrs, even though various laws have been passed along with a Constitution that attempts to eradicate the system.

    It is quite pointless for India to hammer Sri Lanka in any way. The onus is upon their leaders to deliver justice in a fair manner to their citizens in India.

    Which system will win in India ? The 3,000 yr old, out dated Caste System with the Laws of Manu in place tied to the Hindu religion along with numerous rituals, OR the Four Great Yogas (Yoga means yoke to God/Truth) ?
    Raj Yoga is akin to Buddhism.

    The ball is really in India’s court, and the world is watching.

    Sri Lanka should follow her Constitution and the Law of the Land in a proper way, and remove all parts of it that have been imposed on Lanka under Duress and therefore null and void (the 13-A).

    Anything else will be a “square peg in a round hole”, and will not work. Only a jarring, misshappen product will result with no happiness or harmoney, peace or progress for anyone.

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    – Absolutely nothing appended in Jaffna when the little girl SEYA was killed. – sorry Wrong

    Jaffna Uni students protested ( ok, hundred of them not thousand) & a Civil society also done it ( guess who organise Mrs Ananthy Sasikaran (NPC councilar / former VP’S co Trinco commanders wife) !!!

    United Mother Lanka for all of us ( until Eelam war V)

  26. Indrajith Says:

    Please see Mahinda’s full statement on the UN report copied from Helabima.com.


  27. SA Kumar Says:

    – Absolutely nothing appended in Jaffna when the little girl SEYA was killed. – sorry again wrong

    In EP (Trincomalee) protested ( OK , not hundred only 10 people) & hand over a petition to NPC CM .

  28. Fran Diaz Says:


    Please take your Tamil Dalit Birth Certificate problem to the UNHRC. No need for Eelam war V. Keep Tamil Dalit problems in Tamil Nadu. UNHRC has the clout to solve it, not GoSL.

    Rational thinking helps. No need for hysterics.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    You have stated the facts regarding India and her unfolding daily social tragedy through, as you say, lack of real Democracy. Over populated India has huge numbers of people to export to anywhere in the world. In India, it certainly is elitist/high Caste rule. Tamil Nadu is the same. Caste rule prevails. Democracy is stamped out by the Caste System.

    My question is why is Lanka being made to pay for Tamil Nadu problems ? Since the 1940s, the Separate State for Tamils has been demanded. It has only grown in stages, not diminished, however much is given to this community in Lanka.

    What is the answer ? Is a Buddhist Theocracy possible as in ancient Lanka ? Today’s Lanka is completely different in her religio-social make up after some 500 yrs of Colonisation, Cold War, Globalisation etc.

  30. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Frank Diaz
    The Dravidian movement started in the 1930’s under Periyar Ramasamy and the Justice Party. There was a plan to divide India into
    Dravidistan (Dravida Nadu and other names) would have included the Madras Presidency. Under the British India was administered under 3 presidencies
    The Madras Presidency
    the Bombay Presidency
    the Bengal Presidency (with Sri Lanka administered separately as a Crown Colony).
    It was the first time in Dravidian history that all the lands of the Dravidians were administered under a modern government. Periyar was right in asking “home rule” for the Dravidians in the same light as the Mahatma (For India) and Jinnah (for Pakistan).
    The British, Mahatma and Jinnah initially agreed but at the end only Pakistan and India were formed, the Dravidians were betrayed.
    If you see it that way the terrible face of Tamil Dravidian militant warfare demanding Eelam is a byproduct of it. Unless the Sinhalese Buddhist Sanga fights back it will go on for every single pro Eelam group is now thriving.

  31. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for your clarification.

    I knew that the earlier planned Dravidastan idea was completely squashed by PM Nehru’s Anti-Secessionist Law of 1963, and the Southern Separatist movement led by Tamil Nadu was transferred with intensity from TN to then Ceylon. I have already written that part many times into L’web. You have carried the story further back in time, into the 1930s – thank you.

    Whatever the reason, Sri Lanka cannot afford the Bridge as well as the Separate State, Federal or 13-A plus or whatever else. The Tamil Dalits of TN will be used to flood into Lanka. About a Million Tamils left for the west after the trumped up 1983 Riots (which enabled Tamils to go west as Refugees, which they could not have done without the Riots !). Now in Lanka, the statistics show that the number of Tamils here are about the same as before the 1983 Riots. All this flood of illegal Tamil migrants into Lanka is because it is easy to push the Tamil Dalits OUT of TN – Dalits WANT to leave TN !! With the Tamil Language in place, and benefits of FREE Education and Health Care added on, Sri Lanka is a sitting duck if the Bridge is added on too.

    ***** The TAMIL DALIT issue of TAMIL NADU has to be acknowledged as the main reason for Tamils leaving TN for Sri Lanka mainly and other places and such vehement anger against a country that helped them so much *****

    Sri Lanka should not be made to pay for Tamil added anger for a let down in British India. The UNHRC must to made to know these facts.

    The Sinhala Buddhist Sangha can/must clarify the past and present events to the politicos and public and the danger ahead if not heeded. The BBS & JVP must tie up on this information campaign.

  32. SA Kumar Says:

    Please take your Tamil Dalit Birth Certificate problem to the UNHRC.
    Iyo ……My Chinhala Sakothram Fran Diaz I ( We- Ilankai Thamilar ) do not have any Dalit BR cert problem .

    Our concern in UNHRC only !!!
    how to avoid festival of 1956 to 1983 as you know We lost our Mad man VP who avoid this festival from 1983 to 2009.
    now matter of time this Vesak festival will start soon , Iyo…. Velu where are ???? (Pulammpa vaichchiddan )

  33. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Fran Diaz
    You made a valid point about the connection bridge and illegal Indian Tamils. (I beleive mostly Dalit). :But that is happening even without the bridge so I will assume that with the bridge it will get much worse.

  34. Fran Diaz Says:


    Yes. The Bridge will make matters quite unbearable in Sri Lanka. With the Tamil Language in place in Lanka and the free Education, Health Care, etc. with free housing and land now, it will be the death knell of Lanka.


    Sri Lankans must realise that SRI LANKA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ANOMALIES IN TAMIL NADU (& INDIAN) SOCIO-POLITICS AND ECONOMICS. This fact must be carried as a message to the masses of Lanka by the BBS & the JVP. We hope they are up to it, or are they too bought into silence by Yahap ?

    There has been a massive attempt to take over Lanka as a vent for Tamil Nadu social pressures and TN expansionism, with foreign interests wanting a piece of the pie too. It is high time the problems were exposed and addressed at TN & Delhi govt level. UNHRC can help.

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