All change at Central Bank station -Problems at Sri Lanka’s Central Bank
Posted on September 29th, 2015

Courtesy The Sunday Times

As a series of unexpected transfers at Sri Lanka’s Central Bank were effected at the banking regulator causing uncertainty amongst officers on Tuesday, more transfers were likely to be put in place in coming days, informed sources said.

Fifteen senior officers were transferred from their positions, including a few officials who had given evidence before the Parliamentary Committee that probed the bond issue, the sources said. The bank’s information department officials were not available for comment on these developments. With no statement being issued it was unclear whether these were routine transfers or made for another, unexplained purpose.

The uncertainty came amidst another issue on Tuesday when Governor Arjuna Mahendran walked into a supposedly ‘private’ meeting of senior officials including Assistant Governors called to raise concerns about the transfers and the proposed hiring of retired bank officers as consultants. The sources said the Governor was involved in an argument with these officials saying such meetings were not the right approach (in dealing with issues). Those present said in defence that they had a right to discuss these concerns and grievances and this has been a practice in the past.

None of the officers moved to others positions had advance notice of the transfers. The transfer list issued on Friday by A.M.N. Gunawardana, Director/Human Resources is as follows:

1) E.A. Hettiarachchi – Director/ITD as Director/Facilities Management Department;

2) M.I. Sufiyan –Secretary as Director/Northern and Eastern Provinces;

3) Ms. K.M.A.N. Daulagala – Director/SNBFI as Director/North Central and North Western Provinces;

4) U.P. Alawattage – Director as Director/Supervision of Non-Bank Financial Institutions Department;

5) D.M. Rupasinghe – Controller of Exchange as Director/Upcountry;

6) M.J.S. Abeysinghe – Director/CBS as Director/Southern Province;

7) U.H.E. Silva – Director/FMD as Director/Centre for Banking Studies;

8) Ms. Yvette Fernando -Director/BSD as Controller/Exchange Control Department;

9) Ms. C.M.D.N.K. Seneviratne – Superintendent/PDD as Director/Information Technology Department;

10) T.H.B. Sarathchandra – Additional Director/IOD as acting Superintendent/Public Debt Department;

11) Ms. S.H. Gunawardena – Additional Superintendent/CRD as acting Director/Bank Supervision Department;

12) K.H.A.S. Ariyaratna – acting Additional Director/STD as Secretary/Secretariat Department

13) T.D.H. Karunarathne – Additional Superintendent/EPF as Additional Superintendent/Currency Department

14) M.S.K. Dharmawardena – Additional Superintendent/EPF as Additional Director/Regional Development Department; and

15) Dr. M Z M Aazim – Acting Additional Superintendent as Acting Additional Director/Statistics Department. – ENDS –

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5 Responses to “All change at Central Bank station -Problems at Sri Lanka’s Central Bank”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    Revenge breeds revenge.

    Also notice ALL transferred officers are either SINGHALESE OR MUSLIMS. NO TAMILS!! Their vacant positions are filled by TAMILS.

    Central Bank is becoming a TAMIL DIASPORA HUB now with the the governor a TAMIL DIASPORA MEMBER. This is how the LTTE RUMP is taking over the SL economy.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Shame on Yahap !

  3. Cerberus Says:

    ​The economy has been already taken over by Tamils after the Yahapalanaya came into being. My3 is totally subservient to RW. There should be a walk out by all the Central Bank officials and bring the economy to a grinding halt. Then only will RW wake up. He is an absolute dictator and his side kick Arjun Mahendran is no better. How can Arjun prevent people meeting and discussing what is happening when they impose sudden transfers with no notice ? I notice this is one of the tactics used by Yahapalana group. They do sudden changes so that the other side is caught napping and have no time to react. Let us wait and see for how long our people will tolerate all this nonsense. Usually, especially in Sri Lanka, people will talk even MORE when such incidents happen.

    Arjun must realize that the people have not forgotten about the bond scam. Sooner or later there will be an inquiry.

  4. Kumari Says:

    Lorenzo, My line of thinking is not the LTTE diaspora taking over the country but our three blind mice ( namely MS/RW/CBK) doing what ever it takes to hold on to power they grabbed by misleading the voters. Also the current regime wants to make Sri Lanka a very proud FAILED STATE. We have a JANADHIPATHI who does not understand what is meant by JANAYATA ADIPATHI. So what more can you expect?

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    LTTE diaspora is making use of the trio to takeover the economy.

    Already MOST POWRFUL institutions have been taken over by Tamils.


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