What is Justice?
Posted on September 29th, 2015

Chandrasena Pandithage

What are some of the benefits that a country derives from being a member of United Nations Organization?

The answer is “What is the United Nations? The United Nations – also the UN is an international organization formed in 1945 to promote international peace, security and cooperation among member nations. The United Nations comprises of independent countries from all over the world.”

The United Nation Organization’s Human Right Commissioner presented the Human Right violation report against Sri  Lanka. We thought that the UN Human Right Commissioner’s intention is to cover up whole war time incidents and prepare human right violation report. Unfortunately the Human Right Commissioner and his team were not interested to go through whole war time activities. The war started on 17th of September 1972 and it ran up to the 18th May 2009. This presented human right violation report is a tail end report on that war. The invited three distinguished experts focused to investigate only for the period that start from year 2002 to year 2011.  We don’t treat the presented report as a Human Right violation report; It is a real  LTTE carders and leaders postmortem report.

This report cleared the way to understand the UN’s global policy very clearly.The report says “the special team was established by the former High Commissioner Navi Pillay.” At this point We have right to oppose on High Commissioner Navi Pillay’s involvement on this issue. Why do we oppose her role on here? Who is Navi Pillay? She used to say proudly ” I am Tamil”  The Tamil High Commissioner established a team to investigate on Tamil terrorists’ deaths. It was a funny trick and disclose the reality of established Human Right Commission’s intended duty.

We were the victims of terrorism; not the UN Human Right Commissioner or the invited three distinguished experts.The Victims feelings can not see anyone else in the world. We have very strong feelings against terrorism at the same way we do have great bond with our war heroes. Specially President Mahinda Rajapaksa is not a single person to our nation anymore. Nowadays he is the power of the nation and people are ready to stand with him under any circumstances. The established team, fully ignored the investigation on real war crimes and the whole war time activities.The United Nation organization, United State of America and European Union use to mention LTTE as a world leading giant ruthless terrorist organization. It was crushed within four years time and established peace in whole country under President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s leadership. Who got the benefit of peace?. Whole Sri Lankans get that benefit, including Tamils and Muslims. What’s really happened to Tamils were lived in northern pat of Sri Lanka. They were liberated and stopped the Gypsy type lives style.  The cyanide capsule were removed from their necks. The child soldiers were released and  give them an opportunity to start schooling and special attention were given to them. After thirty years, the electricity started to run to dark side of country. From our side we call them as human right protection not human right violations. During war time at least ten people lost their lives daily. Since 2009 May 18th we couldn’t here any single incident and if we calculate properly; we had five years period with peace and it saved more that 18,000 human lives.

The United Nations Organization was established to build up peaceful environment globally. Nowadays the terrorism is disturbing to achieve that goal. Instead of peaceful globe, we are having a burning countries and refugee crisis all over.Terrorism is one of the main reason for all these crisis. Defeating terrorism is not a Human right violation or war crime. War is a crime and the terrorism is also a crime. United Nations Organization must investigate the pattern of whole Sri Lankan war from beginning to end. Because this war is a very special war and contained a lot of universal truth with it.This war should have been investigated since 17th September to 18th May 2009 to get essence of war.

What was the specialty of 17th September 1972. That day was given an alarm of LTTE terrorism. A bomb was exploded in a carnival at Jaffna town and stopped the Tamils’ enjoyments at once. Tamils planted a bomb against Tamils. Why? What was the reason for that attack? Those are the very fist questions to be answered and  the Human Right Commissioner and his team should start their investigation from that point; At this point; Who did violate Tamils rights? Who did violate human rights? The answer is very clear.

Since then; well planed agendas worked inside the Tamil community and started to disable Tamil society, Peaceful Jaffna  town slowly turned in to ghost town. Bombs were exploded, Tamil political leaders were targeted to kill. Most of Tamil leaders and Tamils flowed in to majority Sinhalese area for protection. The protections were given by the Sinhalese society. Year 1975 July 27 Velupillai Prabhakaran reached to their first target and killed Jaffna Mayor Alfred Doraiappa using his own gun. The destruction of Tamil society were started by Velupillai Prabakan with unknown forces. Most important thing is  the unknown forces. Who were they? That is the question to be answered. We are asking that question from the Commissioner of Human Rights again and again; Who are they? They are the real Human Right violators on this issue. if you have real pain on human right violations here.
Find them and punish them.

The society needed the justice on Mayor Alfred Dureiappa’s assassination. That was the first chance, the government got to crush the babyish Tamil terrorism and it’s leaders, Anyhow the first human right violation appeared from the government side , the justice had been thrown away. The green light was given to the Tamil terrorism. After that the terrorist groups worked freely and start to carry on fund raising for their activities. Robberies were organized, Banks were broken, Monies were flown  to terrorists organizations.

Year 1977 a new government was established. and Tamil leaders and parties started to work as leading opposition. The unknown forces carried out their plans as usually. These forces, worked inside Sinhalese Community, and inside the government as well as  Tamil community. These days suddenly appeared a new Sinhalese extremist group, it’s operations was done by Minister Mr. Ciril  Mathew. From the other corner Minister  Mr. R. Premadasa, started verbal attacks on Indian leadership.

1.  Tamil terrorism

2.  Sinhalese extremism

3.  Anti- Indian groups

All those groups were controlled by one hidden force.

After completion of the ground preparation for Tamil terrorism; they didn’t get expected support from Tamil community. Most of the Tamils were inside the Sinhalese area and they had very strong bond with Sinhalese. The master plans were started to work, Year 1983 July; 13 Sinhalese soldiers were killed  by Tamil terrorist. That was the first attack on government forces. It was given shock to the  nation. Anti Tamil rumours were flown all over. The foreign agents who worked for the government  did not release the soldiers bodies to their parents. It was planed to bury all the bodied at Boralla cemetery. Hidden forces collected all the army soldiers relatives and friends at one place and use their anger to spark violence against Tamil community lived in Sinhalese areas.Hidden master plans work very well more than 5000 Tamils were killed. Girls were raped, Their properties were looted. Huge refugee crisis were appeared. Tamils were flown to the North- East and the hidden masters’ final target was succeeded. The Terrorist groups’ human resources problem were solved. Opened arms training camps northern part of Si Lanka and in India.

The United Nations Organization stood proudly; but they did not want say any single word against that human disaster in 1983. Now we are asking from United Nation Human Commissioner, Why did not you interfere on that human crisis?  That was the brutal attack ever faced by Tamils here.

Year 1983 July 25th 35 Tamil prisoners were attacked and killed inside the prison. Two days after that another  18 Tamil prisoners were attacked and killed. At that time United State of America, and it’s allies use to say ” We do not interfere, countries” internal affairs”. At the same way UN Human Right Commissioner did not say any single word on those brutal attacks. That was the history.

The recently presented UN High Commissioner’s report mentioned followings.

  1. Unlawful killings
  2. On the basis of the information obtained by OISL, there are reasonable grounds to believe the Sri Lankan security forces and paramilitary groups associated with them were implicated in unlawful killings carried out in a widespread manner against civilians and other protected persons. Tamil politicians, humanitarian workers and journalists were particularly targeted during certain periods, but ordinary civilians were also among the victims. There appears to have been discernible patterns of killings, for instance in the vicinity of security force checkpoints and military bases, and also of individuals while in custody of the security forces. If established before a court of law, these may amount, depending on the circumstances, to war crimes and/or crimes against humanity.
  3. OISL also gathered information that gives reasonable grounds to believe that the LTTE also unlawfully killed Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese civilians perceived to hold sympathies contrary to the LTTE. The LTTE targeted rival Tamil political parties, suspected informers and dissenting Tamils including political figures, public officials and academics, as well as members of rival paramilitary groups. Civilians were among the many killed or injured by LTTE indiscriminate suicide bombings and claymore mine attacks. Depending on the circumstances, if confirmed by a court of law, these may amount to war crimes and or crimes against humanity.
  4. OISL also investigated allegations of extrajudicial executions of identified LTTE cadres and unidentified individuals on or around 18 May 2009, some of who were known to have surrendered to the Sri Lankan military. Although some facts remain to be established, based on witness testimony as well as photographic and video imagery, there appears to be sufficient information in several cases to indicate that they were killed after being taken into custody. Depending on the circumstances, if confirmed by a court of law, many of the cases described in the report may amount to war crimes and/ or crimes against humanity.

Under Unlawful killings  the Human Right Commissioner suppose to mention clear evidence on certain killings. According to this report he is also not sure about what he mention here. Unfortunately the above mentioned 1972-1983 killings are here with full evidence. The question is why they do not want to investigate those killings? Do they think those killings as lawful killings?

Chandrasena Pandithage

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Over 100,000 people (mainly Buddhists) killed by murderous ltte.
    Did those 100,000+ have any human rights at all? No monki boon for them.
    No unhcr, no ohchr. No nothing!

    The reason for that is they were Sinhalese.
    They were Buddhists!
    Sinhalese Buddhists don’t have any human rights!
    That’s the simple truth.
    We have to thank these yama paachanaya traitors for dragging the Sinhalese through this mud!
    And eventual eelam on a plate!

    This isn’t the first time it showed Sinhalse Buddhists have no human rights.
    Unpatriotic party (UNP) killed 60,000+ Buddhists pretending to put an uprising. They were actually
    destroying Buddhist population in the country. Again nobody was punished for those massacres!

    This is the simple truth. If you are a Sinhalese Buddhist in Sri Lanka you have no rights! Nobody cares.
    Not even the rogues you voted for will not help you!

    Tamils want reconciliation. But the Sinhalese have to go on their knees and get punished. But their murderous ltte
    killed Buddhist monks, men, women and children. Destroyed bilions and billions worth of property. Not even in their
    native tn they don’t get this much respect. But to them and the whole world Sinhalese are the most evil people!
    This is the Unpatriotic party’s hand work. Traitors flock together!

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