Why has the GOSL not translated the Geneva Resolution to Sinhala?
Posted on September 29th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

The West has helped deliver democracy to Sri Lanka via its new found partner in the present government. What is puzzling is the manner in which the GOSL has agreed to become co-partner of the resolution. The question is on what grounds has the GOSL agreed to co-sponsor the resolution and more importantly why has the Sri Lankan public not being kept abreast of the contents of the resolution. Only a handful of people in Sri Lanka can read, write and understand English and even out of this number the majority are clueless about the ramifications of the contents. When the majority of the populace speak and understand only Sinhala, has the GOSL translated the Geneva Resolution into Sinhala and afforded time and opportunity for the Sinhala readers & lawyers to study and make their arguments before the GOSL agreed to co-sponsor the resolution. Moreover has the Attorney General given his verdict after studying the Resolution and suggested the stand the Government should take. If the AG has not been consulted these leave scope for legal actions for the public.

What is very clear from the manner that the UN has been hounding Sri Lanka is that they are making a very shoddy attempt to cover up what they know to be legally flawed arguments against a UN member state. Just because the country has wimps in governance at all levels to argue the country’s case in defense that cannot give the baton to the UN to use its immunity to the level of impunity that it is doing.

We are now faced with a situation where those in power and officials too meek to say otherwise are likely to allow a sovereign nation’s judicial system and penal codes to be changed just because the laws in place are not agreeable to the agendas that are being carved out. This is a very serious situation and it is time the ordinary public understood the seriousness. Much of their inability to comprehend the situation is because the GOSL has failed to or is purposely denying them the right to information and the right to the freedom of thought that requires proper facts presented to them. The Sinhala speaking public do not know what the English-worded contents of the Geneva Resolution are and the onus is on the GOSL to immediately have the Resolution translated and demand time from the UNHRC till the People of Sri Lanka read the contents and they are given time to make their observations clear.

An article by attorney Dharshan Weerasekera outlines in brief the extent of the illegalities taking place right before our eyes and much to the ignorance of a government who seems to be oblivious to the eventual outcome.

All that needs to be said is that after much rigmarole the UNHRC pushed the necessity for an international investigation and a 3 member panel was appointed but they seem to have not found or been able to present hard evidence with proof to claim war crimes were committed. It is because of this inability that they are moving to phase two of using an inept and subservient government to push for another money wasting Truth Commission when we know that all other Truth Commissions ended up a bloody failure with those involved getting richer only! Obviously the Truth Commissions are likely to be used as a carrot and stick to keep the Rajapakse’s in tow with a clear message ‘you step out of line, we will pull out evidence and lock you up for good’. Now is this the way democracy is to function? Well by the manner things are happening it looks to be.

The case filed recently by Dr. Gunadasa Amaasekera against the illegalities committed by the UN will needless to say end up with the judge claiming it has no jurisdiction on account of the UN’s blanket immunity. But where does that leave a plaintiff with a right to know whether the UN has knowingly committed illegalities or not? We cant expect any reprieve from the UN system for the UN’s appointed lawyers will undoubtedly declare without blinking an eye that no illegalities were committed.

However ever since the doctrine of R2P was passed and military intervention on the guise of humanitarian intervention became the norm, the UN has being used as an imperial tool to invade and occupy nations and the UN and its officials have been simply puppets endorsing what the interventionists demand of them and the nations that do not tow the line are hounded with UNHRC Inquisitions as we see taking place through successive illegal resolutions from 2012, 2013, & 2014…. Other than showing an edited film by a man who seems to think he’s human rights gift from heaven there is nothing to showcase that war crimes as per UN’s own definitions have been committed. Instead we end up having to go along with teary-western government funded media blitz that go to town showcasing footage given by the enemy and that ends up hard evidence against a sovereign state.

For those of us who have kept abreast of the UN illegalities and the biased manner with which the UN officials, foreign governments, envoys and supposed to be unbiased agencies have functioned, the next question is where can we go to address these illegalities and precedents that are being created which will next be directed at other nations after having tested out on Sri Lanka?

Shenali D Waduge




7 Responses to “Why has the GOSL not translated the Geneva Resolution to Sinhala?”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Shenali is right.

    We have nowhere to go. This whole episode has been crafted very well.

    Now that GOSL is a partner of the US resolution, our genuine friendly countries who helped us all the way, without expecting any return, such as Russia, China, Pakistan, Cuba etc are totally helpless. They have been backstabbed by GOSL. This is another great betrayal which will go to the world history.

    This whole drama has been masterminded by clever thinking. Although the UNHCR report is full of lies and blatant lies…. no one will come to defend Sri Lanka since Sri Lanka itself is telling yes to the proposals.

    It says truth will prevail. But when?? Is it after the damage is done??

    When 22 military officers are prosecuted according to this UNHCR plan, no other defence personal will come forward to defend Mother Lanka any more.

    This will pave the way for great autonomy to LieTTE.

    Then the situation will be no different to Run-nil’s CFA of 2001. LieTTE will re-group and they will have free hand to do whatever they want. Our army will close their eyes and just wait. Who wants to give their life to a losing cause??
    If patriots come forward and create situations, they will be put behind the bars for creating unnecessary unrest among public. Now the image of Wimal and Udaya in Sri Lanka’s general public is that they are just crying for losing power and truly there is no threat to the nation. They have been permanently labelled as trouble makers… None of the mainstream media exposes the real situation to the public.

    This will mark the beginning of the end of Hela nation.

    Mother Lanka can change her name to Mother Ealam and be happy for ever.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Where are the heroes of coup plotters Sobithaya,Rathanaya,JVP and those NGO’S who barked like crazy dogs to oust Rajapaksa’s? Where are they? Why don’t they come in front of the people and say something? Who is paying these traitors to shut their mouths? What happened to the Sinhala nation?Why everyone is silent when we are going to face another disaster like in 1983?

    Stand up Sinhala Idiots without thinking of yourself or party politics to save the country you were born. Time has come to stand together as one nation. Our current leaders who promised sun and the moon are going to sell our country again same as in 2004 therefore rally behind Patriotic forces to save MOTHERLANKA without any delay. Yankee doodle with our puppet leaders are making a coup against the Sinhalese and Buddhists.They are trying to eliminate the Sinhalese and make our country a colony of Indian parasites. Be awake and be prepared at all times.Don’t allow the evil trio Ran nil/Choura/Sira to play with our lives and the country we call home.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Red Cross was there right through all the operations. Why aren’t they called in as witnesses ? Weren’t there UN Obseervers too ?

    Back to the topic : By not giving the proper Sinhala translation to the public, the Yahap ovt has compromised on the Security issues.

    Next, what about the Bridge – the Yahap govt is further compromising on the Security issues with Ranil’s initial nod for the Bridge. He says it is good for the Economy. Yes, it is good for the Tamil Nadu Economy, and it is good for Tamil Nadu Dalits to cross into Lanka by the millions perhaps.

    Dumb Yahap govt !

    Forget all petty differences and stay together to fight injustices, Sinhala people !

  4. Eusense Says:

    Shenali should not jump the gun. The only thing the US wanted was a regime change because MR did not listen to them. There are million ways to tackle problems if they arise. Let SL start the investigation with some help from the US. Next SL should demand every Tamil diaspora who contributed money to the LTTE should be summoned for cross examination and should be considered accessories to war crimes. Tony Blair, David Cameron, Callum Macrae, Human rights watch groups, British parliamentarians who supported the terror group, Other western countries who protected and supported terrorist, Norwegian politicians, Adele Balasingham, Tamil Nadu politicians and financial institution heads etc. etc. should be summoned and cross examined and investigated for their LTTE connections, funding and their role during the war. Any opposition to such mode of investigation will make way for SL to invalidate the investigation and dissolve the panel.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you for your article.


    Eusense has a point there. But will Yahap comply ?

    We now have an inept and apologetic new Yahap government in power, virtually saying ‘so sorry we got rid of the worst terrorist group that ran amok in Lanka for nearly 30 yrs killing the local Sinhala people and their leaders and Tamil leaders and their people too’.

    The objective here is RECONCILIATION. Might we ask : RECONCILIATION WITH WHOM ?

    * Is it Reconciliation with local Tamil folk ? They are glad that the LTTE is no more and they and their children are safe.
    * Is it Reconciliation with India ? India is glad that the terror group they grew, the LTTE, is no more. The LTTE were an embarrassment for India. LTTE beat the IPKF out of Lanka.
    * Is it Reconciliation with the west ? The west declared together with Russia at the recent UN sessions, that they will remove all terror groups. So they must be glad that the LTTE was removed.

    Those who are displeased with the removal of the LTTE are the remnants of the LTTE and some folk in Tamil Nadu, perhaps. They are heavily outweighed by those who are pleased with the LTTE being removed.

    Anyone watching the scenario unfolding in Lanka will think that the Yahap govt treats the past MR govt and the armed forces as some type of ENEMY it seems, and the REAL ENEMY, the LTTE was some small outfit of rouges – what a farce !! Who needs enemies with the Yahap in power ! Yahap must get their sense of balance in this matter and act FOR the country, not against it.

    Also, Reconciliation must have two parties willing to give and take. With Yahap in power, isn’t it only TAKE from the TNA ?

  6. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Excellent point. That issue of language should have been one of the first issues. The fact it has NOT been translated to Sinhalese shows extreme levels of apathy towards the Sinhalese population, extreme levels of disrespect and disregard by the government in Colombo towards the Sinhalese and one can easily come to the conclusion that this was deliberate to keep the Sinhalese in the dark and ignorant of issue central to their lives.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Investigate LTTE diaspora? No way! LTTE diaspora has takenover the SL economy already!!

    How about Kasippu Joseph and others supporting LTTE?

    There is documented evidence.

    Even MR didn’t investigate them so NO CHANCE these crooks who won the elections with TAMIL votes will do it.

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