Are the Indians Framing Lankans to Cover Up Indian War Crimes During the Final Stages of the War?
Posted on October 21st, 2015

 Dilrook Kannangara

Credible accounts of the last stages of the war indicate the presence of Indian troops in Mulaitivu area. Did they eliminate the LTTE hierarchy to cover up their involvement with the terrorist outfit?
Quoted from the Times of India
A PIL filed in the Supreme Court has said Indian military personnel took direct part in the war, and that some were even injured in the battle. A Sikh officer was commanding the forces, it said, citing eyewitness evidence and international probe. Noting that deploying Indian military without parliamentary or presidential nod is illegal, it sought a special tribunal to probe and prosecute persons who were behind the “illegal war”, besides compensation to the immediate families of the victims.
The petition was filed by Delhi-based advocate Ram Sankar, secretary of Delhi Tamil Advocates Association. The petition said Indian Army, Navy and Air Force personnel “were unlawfully sent to Sri Lanka in 2008 and 2009, without declaring an open war or without the sanction of the President of India, who is the supreme commander of the armed forces, and without parliamentary sanction required under Article 246 of the Constitution.
He claimed he visited Sri Lanka several times as part of international humanitarian efforts, talked to asylum seekers who said they have seen a turbaned Indian officer commanding the armed forces that were attacking Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu”.

The Opportunity and the Motive

If true, Indian troops had the opportunity to eliminate the LTTE leadership. As it was operating outside its territory, it would have showed scant disregard of civilian life and property. It is nothing new for Indian troops. When the Indian army was in Sri Lanka (1987-90), it committed horrendous war crimes against (Tamil) civilians. Infrastructure damage caused by Indian troops was unprecedented. Hindu temples, hospitals and even parts of the Jaffna university was subject to bombing. If Indian troops were deployed in the north in 2009, its conduct would not have been different.
Why would India want the LTTE leadership eliminated?
There are many credible reasons. Firstly, it was India that nurtured the LTTE since 1970s. LTTE cadres were trained in Madurai and other places in India before deploying them to Sri Lanka. India provided them weapons and finance too. If LTTE leaders were captured alive, all these would come to the open leading to a UN war crimes investigation on India. Financing (or having financed) terrorism is also an offence under UN resolution 1373. India stood exposed.
Had this come to light India would have lost its purported moral high ground against its biggest rivals – Pakistan (which India accuses of funding terrorism) and Maoist rebels (for which India blames China and Nepal for financing them).
It will also disrupt India’s desire to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council.
Secondly, the elimination of Rajiv Gandhi (1991) stirred up much controversy. Although the LTTE carried out the attack, there is evidence to implicate powerful Indian agencies behind it. Rajiv was instrumental in changing India’s closed economic policies and realigning its Cold War stand to a more pro-US one. Decades of pro-SU (Soviet Union) stance has be ingrained in the Indian defence establishment which resisted against changing it. Chances are that this movement eliminated Rajiv through the LTTE. Interestingly, India rehashed its powerful and independent secret service soon after Rajiv was killed.
Thirdly, as India secretly and unconstitutionally sent troops to Sri Lanka in 2008 to eliminate the LTTE leadership, it was in a mighty hurry to complete the job as delay would have leaked the matter to Tamil Nadu media. Tamils (90% living in Tamil Nadu, India) consider the LTTE to be heroes. If they came to know India’s troop deployment to fight the LTTE, that would have caused a major upheaval in India. To make matters worse, 2009 was an election year in India.
Corroborating Evidence
Indian military officers were deployed since 2007 in Sri Lanka to operate Indian 2D Indra radars. Although these outdated radar failed to detect LTTE light aircraft, Sri Lanka had to rely on them as India blocked Lanka’s attempts to buy a modern 3D Chinese ground and air monitoring radar. Given this low level deployment, there is the possibility of increasing it in 2008 and 2009.
There is evidence India despatched weapons in April 2009 to Sri Lanka. As India was reluctant to provide weapons to Sri Lankan troops, did these weapons go to Indian troops deployed in Sri Lanka?
In 1987, India imposed 13A to the constitution of Sri Lanka. However, 13A could not be implemented in any meaningful way until the LTTE was eliminated. LTTE outright rejected 13A. India was very keen for its implementation as it is tied to Indian hegemonic interests in the region. This was a powerful driving force behind India’s urgency to eliminate the LTTE leadership.
India planned to operationalise its largest nuclear power plant in South India by 2010. With LTTE operating a well resourced sea borne terror outfit (Sea Tigers), India had legitimate concerns about its safety. An attack on the Koodankulam nuclear power plant would have been cataclysmic to India and LTTE possessed the capability to do so. In 1997 and 2009, LTTE attacked power stations in Sri Lanka.
Strangely, Vijay Nambier (a former Deputy National Security Advisor to the Government of India and later the Head of the National Security Council Secretariat) was appointed to coordinate the surrender of LTTE leaders by the Indian government. Colombo consented. If India eliminated surrendered LTTE leaders to cover up its act, this arrangement made it easy.
The OHCHR report blamed Sri Lanka for not sending a sufficient amount of food to civilians trapped under LTTE control and disrupting relief supplies. Sri Lanka in part relied on Indian intelligence reports that estimated the number of people under LTTE control to be less than 300,000. Food, water and medicine sufficient to that number were sent. LTTE’s claim of 800,000 persons was disregarded and was later found to be false. A relief supply ship sponsored by the LTTE Rump in Europe was sailing with supplies to LTTE controlled regions. MV Captain Ali was intercepted by Indian troops and moored to an Indian port. If it amounts to disrupting relief supplies, India must take the responsibility.
A US Move into India’s Backyard?
With the Diego Garcia lease expiring in 2016 and wide public disgust over the military base, rising sea levels threatening the base (the atol rises a mere 1 metre of sea level and deploys $25 billion worth aircraft) and a huge distance to shipping lanes, USA was desirous of a closer-to-action base. Northern Sri Lanka is the perfect basing for US military if India didn’t object. By using the Indian troop involvement in Sri Lanka as a bargaining tool, did USA get India to toe the US line?
India had to break from the past to vote against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC. Until then India maintained a principled stand of not voting for country specific resolutions.
India Always Evaded War Crimes Charges
India drafted all four UNHRC resolutions against Sri Lanka (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016) and USA sponsored them. India is reacting to the Panel of Expert report (2011) and trying to save its troops from war crimes by pushing them to Lankan troops. Fear and loyalty towards India kept Lankan politicians silent on the matter. However, as the war crimes matter has reached a heightened level of interest, it is time Sri Lanka took a bold step to reveal the Indian involvement in the war on both sides of warring parties.
India committed horrendous war crimes in Sri Lanka directly by own troops (1987 to 1990) and indirectly by financing the LTTE (1977 to 2009); Kashmir (1947 to date), Bangladesh (1971) and elsewhere. It always managed to evade its responsibility by pinning blame on others and using its clout in international bodies.
Should Sri Lankan military and political leaders sacrifice themselves to save India from war crimes charges?
If an independent local and international investigation is launched into the matter, Sri Lankan military leaders must break ranks with politicians and implicate India in horrendous war crimes it has committed in Sri Lanka on three counts (by its own troops 1987-90), through financing the LTTE (1977 to 2009) and by the clandestine troop involvement in the final stages of the war (2009). Sri Lankan politicians better not cover it up as such a move will also implicate them in war crimes.
Truth or otherwise of the Indian involvement of the final stages of the war must be investigated.

14 Responses to “Are the Indians Framing Lankans to Cover Up Indian War Crimes During the Final Stages of the War?”

  1. S.Gonsal Says:

    I believe this story. However this is the first time I am hearing this since March 2009.

    I had a Tamil co-worker from Tamil Nadu. He was always reading is news on the war over the net and via his Tamil networking. He told me “it is not you Sinhalese who are wining the war but it is because Indians are fighting there” . I rejected him.
    However after the war, he was critical of LTTE saying they killed own Tamil people. He was only worried about Tamils.
    I said to my self “Tamils are Tamils”.
    All the war crimes committed by Indians. I believe even air raids may have been carried out by them without knowledge of our forces.


    Thanks for the investigative article. Did you know that RANIL PUNK spent 6 weeks in Los Angeles in 2007 training to use dis information? He said this openly at a public meeting. He used it well in the Parliament yesterday. He said that The relationship he mended after he and the Japanese Foreign minister to be in the internal investigation of war crimes? But the Japanese Minister had a long meeting with MR? So now RANIL PUNK laughs in the Parliament and says he is the one who told the Japanese minister to talk to MR. MR has not replied because he did not have any time in the Parliament. From the grape wine, in 2007 Muslim OBAMA bought (with the funds from Tamils for OBAMA Fund) a news paper in RANIL’S name called NEW INDIA NEWS. It is headquartered in Los Angeles. This where dis-information against Sri Lanka and MR family is distributed world wide. Muslim OBAMA is in real trouble in USA after Stephen Harper’s loss in CANADA. Check it out.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Are the Indians Framing Lankans to Cover Up Indian War Crimes – At last true come out !

    Abi Sinhala Modayas at least please speck out now !!!

    We All know Indian(North) want VP’s head ,NO concern about We-Tamil kulis life including in TN .

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes. Indians seem to be framing Lanka.

    So also seem the ex-Colonists and their bootlickers ?

    Those who hid in the woodworks when the LTTE ran amok killing off the UNP leadership (we have long memories) and thousands of others from all the communities, they are now back trying to find Sinhala/Buddhist scapegoats.
    Thanks to MR, the Armed Forces of Lanka & the MR govt (with some flawed members, as at present), the LTTE bulk was removed. Where is the gratitude for doing so ?

    Sad to say, Sinhala/Buddhists who have been the maligned group for nearly 500 yrs of colonisation, are again made the ‘fall guys’ even in the era of so called Independence. I must add that Sinhala/Buddhists have not been very savvy about ground realities and minority thinking from their leaders. This is a weak point that has to be addressed by all concerned citizens if we are to have a lasting peace.

    This is a good opportunity to look FOR SOLUTIONS and drop the scapegoat part. Look at the Root Causes of the problems and deal with those. Leave our National Heroes alone !

  6. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Dilrook for this investigative article. India has always evaded UNHRC investigations. At one point the Indian Dalits went to UNHRC regarding the human rights violations against the low caste people in India (about 162 million Dalits in India at present count). There were similar complaints about the killing of Naxalites by the Indian army. No action was taken by the UNHRC. The rule is if you are big and powerful like, USA, Russia, India etc., you can do almost anything and get away with it. The whole point of politics and even the purpose of the UN appears to be to bully smaller countries to do the bidding of larger countries for their geopolitical ends. It is a a very sick world where greed and power has become the major driving force. Where it will end no one knows. Will Sri Lanka ever get justice?

  7. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Dilrook for the hard work of investigating this issue. It is hard to digest that Indians did hit the final nail of the coffin of Liette war machine. I feel it is a fabricated story by Indians to get the credit of killing Velu, the killer of Rajiv.

    If Indian troops were there killing Tamil civilians and also got the heads of LieTTE leaders, why would India draft the resolutions against SL on war crimes knowing their army presence may come to the limelight in the investigating process?? If Indian Army got involved at the final offence, with satellite communications, LieTTE guys could easily inform their overseas cadres in Norway and other places and it could have been the news…

    If this is the bitter truth, It is hard to believe why our leadership allowed Indian troops to come to war front at that stage risking the escape of Velu and the killer team, after labouring all the way from Mawil Aru??

    I can not even dream if Gota allowed this. Even Gonseka was critical with Indians at that time. How could this happen without the approval of those two.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    My Chinhala Sakotharam Hiranthe

    Indian want VP’s head with out blood in their hand (because TN Tamil’s).
    Who has blood in his hand We both know very well .

    Who trained us (Tamil) & armed us agains sinhala Bhuddist forces We both know very well machang.

    Why they drafted the resolution with USA against us ( Mother Lankan) because MR had no intention of implementing 13A after war finished as usual as we both know since 1948 what our head of stated do after every agreements.

    Machang war finished live & let’s live until Eelam war V !

    Let me go back to our last 2000 years dream , nalai pirakkum TE (Tomorrow We will get TN -Not Today) , Velu where are you ….. pulampa vaichchiddan da ( made me to talk like mad man)

  9. Dilrook Says:


    India is the last country to eliminate the LTTE. However, what if Sri Lankan forces captured and interrogated LTTE leaders? That would have revealed India’s hand in terrorism with indisputable evidence. India almost everyday blames Pakistan to be a terrorism sponsoring state.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Earlier breakaway state of Tamil Nadu was a greater real “threat to India” than Sri Lanka ! But that “threat to India” has been now transferred to Sri Lanka when Sri Lanka did/does no real harm to India, except perhaps cause unnecessary and unintended Cold War fears during the JRJ times.

    Is the LTTE used by India and other countries to gain total control over laid back Lanka ?

    Right now, is India using Lanka as a distraction, a bone to throw at the Int Community ?


    We cannot solve the great mystery of the demand for Eelam and the LTTE war going on for so long without going the history of the story.

    Why is the Tamil Dalit Caste problem starting in Tamil Nadu and coming into Lanka, so persistent ? Why is the Sinhala Buddhist community constantly made to feel like the ‘fall guy’, at fault over all that ails the Tamil people ? Why have our people, some 27,000 from the armed forces and around 100,000 others died over this tragedy ?

    It is because of the Tamil Dalits problems of 3,000 yrs. There are over 15 Million Tamil Dalits in TN. Atrocities against Tamil Dalits have increased greatly in the last few years.

    * For a lasting solution, identify the problem properly, and solve it at the source. Lanka does not issue birth certificates to anyone with the Caste identity included. Tamil Nadu does. That is just a start to solving the problem

    * What cost our cup of Tea ? :

    In addition, Sri Lanka has laid out a welcome mat for Dalits of Tamil Nadu to come in as Cheap Labor for the heavy labor tea sector mainly and other labor needs. This has gone on from the times of the Colonial British occupation of Lanka. SWRD’s
    (a) Prevention of social Disabilities Act (1957) enabling Dalit and low caste Tamils to enter classrooms for education purposes and also enter Temples for purposes of worship, and, (b) SWRD’s Tamil Language Act (Special Provisions) Act of 1964, set the conditions inviting Tamil Dalits of Tamil Nadu to enter Lanka illegally.

    Now the tea prices are not that good. We ought to use the cost effective machines to replace the tea pluckers as done in a number of countries e.g. China, India, S. Africa. For other Labor needs, Local Labor can be used instead of illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu.

    * Also, the Tamil Leaders have been demanding the a Separate State for Tamils from 1930’s. The demand for Eelam turned violent since Tamil Leaders declared the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976).

    * The 1983 Riots were orchestrated to allow Tamils to flee to the west where only REFUGEES were allowed in, especially to Canada (a part of Canadian Law since WW II, made in order to allow Europeans fleeing the European wars enter Canada).

    * Various religious bodies in Lanka encourage Tamil Dalits to come into Lanka and seek protection, jobs, education etc. through the religious bodies, NGOs etc.

    * Cold War players and Empire builders saw opportunities to use the some 15 Tamil Dalits of Tamil Nadu in various ways to suit their purposes.

    * People living in Lanka could not see or grasp the whole situation – it was too complex.

    Now is the time to see the complete picture and protect Sri Lanka on a permanent basis. Make lemon-aid out of all the lemons handed to us. Get together, unite to see an end to strife for all communities of Lanka. Make Lanka shine once more !
    We can do it ! United we Stand – it is not too late !!

    Do not fall into traps in the form of trumped up ‘genocide charges’ or various inimical Resolutions & Reports. Use this chance to see the problem CLEARLY and sort it out peacefully, for lasting Peace & Prosperity for all in Lanka. Set aside Greed and Anger and achieve a lasting peace for the future generations of Lanka. Copy clever ideas from other countries and make the Peace last.

    Last but not least, mostly Honor those who truly deserve it, such as those who eliminated the LTTE menace.

  11. Hiranthe Says:

    I quite agree with Dilrook.

    This is s dirty game of RAW I think.

    Dear SA Kumar, We do not want Ealam war V. Please watch the following video to see how we can bring together the two communities as one nation.

    It is titled “How A Walk Healed A Nation | Nathan Sivagananathan & Sarinda Unamboowe”

    We all should watch this.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    correcting error : read as ” ….. use the some 15 Million Tamil Dalits of tamil Nadu in vairous ….”

  13. NAK Says:

    I doubt it very much that Indian forces fought along side SL forces in Mullaitivu. This must be another disinformation project to confuse the masses by RAW which according to AKD has festered the north.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    USE the various Resolutions & Reports on Human Rights lined up against Sri Lanka to SOLVE the so called ‘Tamil Problem’ once and for all.

    * Recognise that the Tamil Caste/poverty problem is born and nurtured in Tamil Nadu. It is not made in Lanka. Lanka has no jurisdiction over tamil Nadu to alter matters there.

    * Recognise that Sri Lanka can do without Tamil Labor (no longer cheap) for the tea industry etc. Therefore, there is no need to lay the welcome mat out for Tamil illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu, attracting them through the Tamil Language,
    Prevention of Social Disabilities Act, & no caste on birth certificates, FREE education & Health Care etc. Sad to say all this, but it has become a SURVIVAL issue to keep away illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu and elsewhere.

    * Recognise that the LTTE has been removed from Sri Lanka but kept alive by the 1983 trumped up Riot Refugees abroad. Riots in Lanka against Tamils have nurtured and kept alive by Tamil Leaders demanding a Separate State from the 1930s, turning to VIOLENCE to achieve such a State through the Vadukoddai Resolution, 1976, and still not revoked officially.

    * The JVP (Violence & Communism) problem does not exist any more as they have been crushed and killed with about 80,000 cadre killed during Mrs B’s time and Pres Premadasa’s time.

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