Tamil Tiger Inspired Islamic State Terror Attack in Paris Condemned
Posted on November 15th, 2015

Dilrook Kannangara

The cowardly attack on civilians in Paris has all the hallmarks of a Tamil Tiger attack. ISIS that carried out the terrorist attack was obviously inspired by Tamil Tigers and used the same template in its attacks. Many would agree that the scourge of terrorism must be rooted out from the world. However, fragmented efforts to rid the world of terrorists don’t work. More cooperation is needed from all established nations to fight these mythical nations (Islamic State or the Caliphate as much as Tamil Eelam) and terrorists.

Unfortunately France hindered Sri Lanka’s attempts to exterminate Tamil terrorists in 2008 and as karma would have it France is at the receiving end now. Despite that, Sri Lanka persisted and within months permanent peace was established. Now it is France’s turn to defeat its enemies as Sri Lanka did. Unlike France, Sri Lanka will not obstruct its moves. Already the French government has vowed ‘merciless retribution’. If it is kosher for France, it is kosher for Sri Lanka too.

The terrorist attack on France didn’t arise suddenly. A number of attempts were made by them in the past months to attack France. One such attempt was foiled by a vigilant soldier on leave on a train. Another attempt was foiled by the police targeting the Eifel Tower. This persistent terror approach is extremely dangerous. As a then terrorist once lamented, you have to be lucky every day (to survive an attack) but we need to be lucky only once”. Tamil terrorists made similar attempts on ethnic Sinhala civilians. Over 50 terrorist attacks including suicide bomb attacks were carried by Tamils in Colombo city alone since 1984 until 2009. Among the eight (8) suicide attackers that attacked Paris was a 15 year old. This is no surprise as Tamils also used children, at times as young as 11 years as suicide bombers.

EU and the US found it very difficult to condemn Tamil terrorist attacks on Sri Lankans but Sri Lanka didn’t hesitate to condemn the cowardly attack on France. As the island nation proved, this problem cannot be resolved by political solutions. It must be fought out in the battlefield with increased determination. We all wish France to prevail over terrorists, unhindered by threats to the liberal values it stands for and national security interests that cannot be compromised. Viva la France! Viva la Sri Lanka! Never a state for Islamic State and never a state for Tamil Tigers. They deserve nothing.

4 Responses to “Tamil Tiger Inspired Islamic State Terror Attack in Paris Condemned”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    What France have to do is to get their former foreign minister bernard klusner and david sillband, the two clowns,
    and talked to these naughty terrorists. I’m sure it is going to work. We sympathise with the French people at this hour of great sorrow.

    Only when it happened to you, then you understand the severity of it. They asked MR not to kill the catholic tigers
    of tamil dreelam since they were doing the job for the catholic west in Sri Lanka. Destroying Buddhism and Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

    MR, a true patriot, stood firm and didn’t listen to the hypocrites. Look at Sri Lanka today. At peace with no bombs going off, no loss of lives since 1909. Who gets the credit for all that? Obviously not MR. The murderous pol pot ponil & co!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said.

    Where is BERNARD?

    SL has released 31 terrorists. Now they will do the same thing.

  3. aravinda Says:

    French should pray for a leader like Mahinda. President Hollende was all at sea during this terrorist attack. ISIS is learning all the tricks of LTTE, including suicide bombing. But these ISIS terrorists are like kindergarten kids compared to LTTE killers.

    Sri Lankan Forces should be very proud, as they wiped out terrorism from face of Sri Lanka. France should hire Sri Lankan Army officers as advisers to deal with terrorism.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Aravinda you are 100% right. SL forces eradicated catholic tiger within 18 months when Unpatriotic party said
    not even American forces can wipe them out. Our hero soldiers made mockery of it and wiped them out in double
    quick time. We are all very proud of them. French should hire them. They are the only forces on this planet, wiped out a ruthless terrorist outfit in no time. Now the peace dividend is reaped by all. But no credit to MR and our brave
    soldiers. Now they’ve been branded by the catholic-run Unpatriotic party as traitors, since their agenda (getting Buddhists killed by the cttd aka catholic tigers of tamil dreelam) didn’t work out.

    They are reversing everything MR and our brave soldiers did. That’s how ungrateful Sri Lankans can be. Not just the
    Sinhalese, tamils and muslims should also be grateful to MR for saving 1000s of lives. Even though it was
    mainly the Sinhalese Buddhists catholic tigers destroyed, tamils and muslims also lost their loved ones as well. For that reason,
    all should be grateful to MR. But not in the banana republic (now) of Sri Lanka.

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