Jack MacLaren statement on Tamil Rememberance Day at Queens Park, Toronto
Posted on November 30th, 2015

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

28 November 2015

Hon. Kathleen Wynne, MPP, Leader of the Liberal Party

Premier of the Province of Ontario

Province Legislature, Queens Park

Toronto. Ontario

cc.Yasir Nqvi, MPP,  Minister of Community Safety

Patrick Brown, MPP, Leader of the Opposition (Conservative Party)

Jack MacLaren, MPP, for Kanata (Conservative Party)

Dear Premier Wynne:

I saw on Television and read the Hansard of 26 November 2015 the statement by Ontario PC Member Jack MacLaren for Kanata, I mean ‘Con-Nut-Ta’ hailing the Tamil Tigers, saying:

We all remember and mourn people who were killed during the war in Sri Lanka.  For the people of Tamil Eelam, and for Tamils living in Canada and many other parts of the world, November 27 is the day on which they remember and mourn over 100,000 people who were killed during the war.  None of the perpetrators of these war crimes have been brought to justice.”

That statement by MacLaren stabbed at my heart that was enjoying my retirement from this file, and that got my goat.  I am livid, my anger is visceral and my cart-wheeling eye balls are spitting dragon breath at this disingenuous ‘humbug’ politician.

If he was alluding to the 100,000 killings during the Eelam War were all Tamils, that is a crock of Codswallop, Premier Wynne.  Over 50% of that number was of innocent Sinhalese and Muslims, killed by the Tamil Tigers for the want of their mono-ethnic, racist, separate Tamil State, Eelam.  And that is a FACT and MacLaren  should make a correction in his mental archival data bank of this War, which he seems to know sweet nothing about.  He is parroting what his Tamil constituents say.  Shish!  That  distortion is brutal and unacceptable in an honest society.

Premier Wynne, where does MacLaren think there is a ‘Tamil Eelam’?  There has never been a mythical ‘Tamil Eelam’, and hopefully there never will be one, unless he thinks it is in his back yard with a sign saying  Welcome to Con-Nut-Ta’s Tamil Eelam.”

With that disingenuous statement read standing at attention in the hallowed chamber of the Ontario’s Legislature, he has abused his privilege as an MPP by distorting Facts in his statement on the Tamils Remembrance Day, and dedicating the Legislature-Chamber as the ‘House of the Con-Nut-Ta Liar’.  This disrespective act of derision should never have been tolerated by the Speaker of the Legislature.

The genocidal onslaught for the Tamils on the island of Sri Lanka is still a reality….” he continued.  Genocidal onslaught…” he says.  This MacLaren is an immoral politician of the first order trying to glorify the most ruthless terrorist serial killers, the Tamil Tigers, who hijacked the ‘right-to-life’ of 21 million peoples of the island Sri Lanka for 27 bloody years, until they were annihilated on the 19th May 2009 on the sandy beach of the Nandikadal lagoon in the east coast of Sri Lanka.

Premier Wynne, perhaps, MacLaren may want to reconcile his words of genocidal onslaught” with the following TAMIL FACTS so that he could re-tool his image as an honest politician, although it seems to be a far cry.

  1. It is the separatist Tamils who terrorized and chased 27,000 of the majority Sinhalese community between 1971 and 1981, who had lived in the North of the island for generations. If MacLaren has an ounce of honesty in his bones, let us see him getting up in the legislature on the 27th November 2016 and apologize to this Sinhalese Sri Lankan-Canadian and the rest of the Sinhalese community in Canada  and around the world with his head hanging down in shame;
  1. It were the separatist Tamils who stoned and chased 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers from the Jaffna University campus in August 1977, while the Tamil students enjoyed being undergraduates at the southern University campuses untouched by a single flying stone-missile thrown at them by a Sinhalese wanting to chase them up north. And that is A FACT.

And when these Sinhalese students and lecturers were transported South in buses escorted by the army and police, they had to lie prostrate on the floor of the buses to dodge the stone-missiles that were storming at them.  And if MacLaren has an ounce of honesty in his bones, let us see whether he would get up in the legislature and apologize to this Sinhalese Sri Lankan-Canadian, other Sinhalese-Canadians  across Canada and others around the world with his head hanging down in shame for deliberately distorting FACTS in the Ontario’s Legislative chamber.

  1. It were MacLaren’s victimized separatist Tamils who in October 1990, gave 100,000 Muslims who lived in the North and East of Sri Lanka for generations, 48 hours to leave town leaving their gold and other valuables at the nearest mosque or else…..!   So the Muslims did and got away quickly before they would be shot dead by the Tamil Tigers.   This despicable act of ethnic cleansing made Uganda’s Idi Amin look like an angel as he gave the Ugandan Indians three months to get out of Uganda,   This man,  Jack MacLaren  from ‘Con-Nut-Ta’ knows sweet nothing.  And Premier Wynne, I say Boo”, to this disingenuous Conservative politician.
  1. So this MPP Jack MacLaren decides to provide a cloak of respectability to the Tamil Tiger terrorists who detonated 388 suicide bombers, over half of them being young Tamil women who had been kidnapped on their  way to school and brainwashed.  These are the Tamil terrorists who assassinated two heads of states, Rajiv Gandhi of India and President Premadasa of Sri Lanka.   Who assassinated the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, Lakshman Kadiragama who also happened to be a Tamil;  Minster of Defence, Ranjan Wijeratne; Minister of Industrial Development, C.V.Gunaratne; Minister of Highways and Road Development, Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, a Tamil; Leader of the Opposition, A. Amirthalingam, another Tamil killed by Tamil terrorists that MacLaren used the Ontario Legislature to give these killer Tamil terrorists  a cloak of respectability.  This man is insane.
  1. So MacLaren , the MPP for ‘Con-Nut-Ta’ honoured the Tamil Remembrance Day standing at attention in the Ontario Provincial Legislature and solemnly reciting his script like a page from the Bible, from a piece of paper.  You know, Premier Wynne, Jack MacLaren found it difficult to shed even one crocodile tear for the 700 Sinhalese soldiers who surrendered to them having been promised to be sent back south, but blind folded them, kneeling with their wrists tied at their backs,  and shot dead through their skulls on 11 June, 1990, by the despicable Tamil terrorists.   MacLaren nestles a bleeding heart inside a cage of ribs that has been programmed only to remember the Tamils who died during the war, but not the 33 Novice Buddhist monks, who were travelling  in a bus on a pilgrimage, hacked to death with machetes and shot with assault rifles at point blank range by the Tamil Tiger terrorists (2.6.1987), or the 62 Sinhalese settlers in the Dollar and Kent Farms in Vavuniya when they were hacked with machetes and shot dead while they were asleep in their adobe huts (30.11.1984) on an indigo-black morning.  And I am a Sinhalese-Buddhist to boot who has lived in Canada since August 26, 1968.   And I, as a law abiding Canadian, is not prepared to tolerate such political lying poppy-cock that targets to hurt my Motherland, Sri Lanka, by anyone, Canadian politician or not.   Amen!
  1. Premier Wynne, Jack MacLaren talked of ‘genocidal onslaught of the Tamil”.  He is now walking on thin ice, not knowing what the heck he is talking about.  Ha! ‘Genocide’ he says.  I am prepared to stand tall for my Motherland, Sri Lanka, and tell Jack MacLaren, Man…that’s  buckets full of Hog-wash.   If you don’t know your facts about the Sri Lankan Eelam War, it is only sensible that you Shut-Up and not make yourself look a fool.”
  1. Premier Wynne, let me ask MacLaren through you, to show this Sinhala Sri Lankan-Canadian Asoka Weerasinghe of Beaconhill North in Gloucester, the Premier of the Province of Ontario, Honourable Kathleen Wynne; the Speaker of Ontario’s Legislature; and his Colleagues of that pristine Ontario ‘s Provincial Legislature at Queens Park, how he would reconcile his brutal charge of ‘Tamil Genocide’ in Sri Lanka when the Sri Lankan Government soldiers rescued 295,873 Tamils from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers by the 19th May, 2009, who were used as a human shield by the Tamil Tigers for 30 long months and herded like unwashed cattle under the hot tropical sun from the west coast to the east coast, and didn’t snuff out the breath of a single Tamil. ‘Genocide’ my foot, MacLaren.  What the heck are you talking about?  What is this despicable game that you are trying to play?  You bet, I am prepared to challenge you on your own game.  I say, take me on, MacLaren!”
  1. Premier Wynne, this man MacLaren is not aware that the Sri Lankan government having housed these refugees in temporary refugee camps prepared a million meals a day for almost three years, to feed hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day.  A miracle for a puny island nation, the size of New Brunswick, with a population of Quebec and Ontario put together and squeezed into New Brunswick.  And 90 percent of the people who prepared these  million meals  a day were from the majority Sinhalese community.  This is a classic story book example of respecting human life and human rights in action.  No one could challenge that amazing response by the Sri Lankan Government.  My question to Jack MacLaren is to show me,  us, the world, where such  humane acts finds a place in his genocide’ formula.   I will bet my last dollar that Jack MacLaren, will look a blithering fool trying to defend his cussed statement about the Tamil Remembrance day of 100,000 killed, alluding that they were all Tamils, and pointing his finger at the Sri Lankan Government  to be guilty of this cruel act of genocide.   I say, Try it Jack MacLaren….try it!”  And I can assure you that you will fall flat on your face like a 4-year old child trying his first steps on Winter ice on the Rideau Canal with skates on, trying to get up, and fall immediately on his/her face.
  1. Genocide, my foot! Premier Wynne, let me repeat myself and ask Jack MacLaren through you.  If you don’t know your FACTS on Sri Lanka and its 27 year long Eelam War,  then please SHUT UP.  As I am on a Mission to see that no one, absolutely no one is going to hurt my Motherland Sri Lanka, unfairly.  I mean no one, and that includes your leader Patrick Brown of the Conservative Party who has had his daggers drawn to draw blood out of Sri Lanka for many, many moons. I have been watching Patrick Brown and he has heard my sentiments in the past while he was the  Conservative Federal MP for Barrie.  Not pretty!
  1. And finally, Premier Wynne, it would be a worthwhile exercise for all bleeding hearts of the Ontario Legislature who are at sympathy with the Tamil refugees Eelam cause, to ask these simple questions:

Why did you all thumb your noses at your Motherland Tamil Nadu just 18 salt water miles away where 70 million of your Tamil people live when you all decided to fly out of the Koha’s nest  over Tamil Nadu and land on Canadian soil saying that you were running away from discrimination, persecution and genocide claiming to be convention refugees?   And why on earth do all of you have a ‘death-wish’ to return to Sri Lanka on the first plane after you receive your Canadian passport to add one more number to the Tamil Genocide statistics in Sri Lanka, after having run away scared of getting killed by the Sri Lankan soldiers?;

You all ran away from Sri Lanka fearing genocide, but, hey,

40 percent of the population in the capital Colombo are your people, Tamils.  Hey! How come then, in the mile long Main Street in Pettah in the commercial district of Colombo, three shops in every four are owned by your  Tamil people, and some are millionaires, owning jewellery shops, sari emporiums,  curry and thosai huts, you name it and your people have it, and inter-marrying with the Sinhalese.  They don’t seem to have a problem.  It is strange isn’t it?

And 75% of the prime real estate in the suburbs of  the capital Colombo, Wellawatte – Ottawa’s Rothwell Heights of Colombo are owned by your people.  Perhaps you can tell us why this extraordinary phenomena and they are living on the monies spent by the majority Sinhalese, 74 per cent of them, isn’t it?

We love to have an explanation as we feel that you all have taken us down the garden path for fools and suckers!”

Their response will speak volumes, and it is for you all, which includes Conservatives Patrick Brown and Jack MacLaren, to be Judge and Jury, and let us know your verdict.

And you know why Mayor Kathleen Wynne, I who was a card-carrying Conservative since Preston Manning’s Reform days,  and I couldn’t even hold my nose closed-tight enough to drop my ballot with an ‘X’ against the name of the Conservative candidate into the ballot box at the last Federal election.   My conscience will never, ever, let me support the Conservatives from here after.

When candidates like Jack MacLaren wants to run the country!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. I am no sucker!


Asoka Weerasinghe


5 Responses to “Jack MacLaren statement on Tamil Rememberance Day at Queens Park, Toronto”

  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    Well-said Asoka, as always..!

    These ignorant bastards are opportunistic and cunning politicians, who will say anything to grab the attention of the ethnic communities, purely for the purpose of getting votes. Irrespective of the political party spectrum, their ulterior motive is to manipulate the facts and figures to pander to ethnic voters, especially to Tamils who know how to milk the Canadian political system to their advantage.

    I thank you for taking the time off from your well-deserved retirement to confront these ignorant bastard..!

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Mr. Weerasinghe for standing up to these political prostitutes who are willing to sell themselves and their Country for the sake of votes and money. Truth always wins in the end and one day the Canadians will learn the truth about Sri Lanka and the suffering we have undergone for 30 years because of the manufactured grievances of the Tamils. Please see the attached for the truth about Tamils.


  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Hey Asoka !!


  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamil Elam? Where is Tamil Elam?

    I was looking for Tamil Elam inside the commode. Not there. May be I FLUSHED IT!

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    West’s backing for catholic tigers of tamil drealam aka ltte is two fold. Catholic tigers of tamil drealam were destroying
    Buddhism and killing Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Backing them get the tamils’ votes. It is a win win situation for the

    When Quebec wanted independence, it was a no no from these hypocrites. But Sri Lanka is easy meat. They can bully
    the country into submission. MR was a patriot and he didn’t listen to these rascals who were hell bent on making Sri
    Lanka a catholic country and eventually break up to give them tamils’ drealam.

    Now they at it again with the support of catholic-run UNPatriotic party aka Buddhist Killing Party. UNPatriotic party killed
    60,000 jvpers since they were all Buddhists without mercy but were reluctant to kill catholic tigers of tamil drealam.
    Cttd killed more than 100 Buddhist monks and killed scores of people at two of the most sacred places for Buddhists
    (Sri Maha Bodhiya and Sri Dalada Maligawa). Still catholic-run UNPatriotic party was slapping their wrists for obvious reasons. Cttd aka ltte destroyed 0000 churches and killed 0000 priests. Hitler pira(mala)paharan, tamil selvan, anton balasingham, kasippu joseph, emmanure etc. etc. all are(were) catholics. Is there any wonder catholic west and catholic-run UNPatriotic party admiring their work?

    Tragedy is, still a lot of Sinhalese, Sinhalese Buddhists support this murderous party. Can anybody with a drop of Sinhalese blood believe their treachery?

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